Thursday, August 25

Sweet little lies...

I have been tagged by one of the sweetest people on Earth and that is Misty (Zombie over here) to play a game and I hope all of you would take part. 1 of the following 7 statements about me is a lie. Can you spot my sweet little lie?

1.I was a popular Tennis player back in school.
2.I love eating the corner-piece of an Iced cake.
3.I have been slapped once in my life.
4.One of my dogs once bit me on my waiste.
5.My house has 2 balconies.
6.I have burst out laughing on the face of a lecturer.

7. I wore the saree for my first Uni graduation.

~~Keshi tags Puneet, z000nie, NV, Pearly, p000nie, Saby,am000nie and Cheesy :)

131 Cranium Signets:

Me said...

me first let me read...

tulipspeaks said... second!!

Autumn Storm said...

3rd :-)

Me said...

I think...hmmmm....#7.....
all the best to me....

Autumn Storm said...

:-) Cute how your readers are always waiting so eagerly for your posts!
Anyway, my guess is number 3.

dfg said...

i am going to say 4 ...dont know y...

tulipspeaks said...

**am000nie closing her eyes and taking a wild guess...

geee..i always lose on this..

hmmmm..num 4?? how can you let your dog to bite your waist??

kekeke..i am tagged by k000kie..alright..i will start to think from this second!!


Me said...

May be #4....

Me said...

Its #5...

Me said...

I'm the WINNER
The answer is #7

Justin Thyme said...

I am going to guess that the title of your post is a clue to the lie - so, I would say #2. I'll bet you like the piece of cake that is right in the middle where it has risen the most and is the moistest.

saby said...

No. 4 is a lie
u were bit on the ass

and the dog is me

Justin Thyme said...

No, Saby... that was my ass you bit, or have you already forgotten that wonderful night we spent together? lol... :-)

Invincible said...

1. ?
2. ? :p :p
3. how dare someone !! (i've been slapped many a times. so +1 wudnt have mattered really )
4. and ur dad was a dog-lover. Dog biting on WAIST !! he must have been a perv in his prev life.
5. can u lease one to me puhleez.
6. lucky tht i wasnt in ur class. Cos i wd hav got motivated by tht.
7. oh wow, can i get the pic ?

i m totally clueless, cudnt pick anything frm ur 99 facts.

is it 4 ?
or 1 but y wud lie on this?
or 7?
ok .. 4 or 5.

NV can u verify no. 5 pls.

Nitika said...

ummmmmmmmmmm hummm ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ummm let me try ...........
the answer might be no-6
coz it's terrible to do that
if it is not lie how did u manage to do that keshi
i love to do as it is soo hard to halt your speed of laughing, many times i had kept pen in my mouth and sometimes finger also only to control laughing.

:) said...

wild guesss.. as me very poor in this... uummm

good luck pari:)


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

lets see here

i wud go wid #4.
but wid #7.wat r u tryin to say. dat u wore a saree for ur uni graduation or first saree. m confussed do make it crystal clear plzzz.
but den i think it cud also be #3. hmmmm lets see. wen is the answer time.
peace out

Dewdrop said...

I am contemplating between 1 and 4
hmm, lets see I'll go with 4

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

I go for no.4

You never talked about having a dog to me.

Keshi said...

lolllz Im having so much fun reading ur answers...n ur some great thinkers there ;-)


Keshi said...

woohoo Autumn is 3rd! I'm happy cos she always gets to comment somewhere in deep yeyyy for ya Autumn :)

n now ur guesses...

Avik :)

Autumn :):)

Prakash :):):)

am000nie lol :):):):)

Avik now which one is it? lol!

awww Justin :):)

lolllz v000nie ur answers cracked me up hahaha, especially the dog being a perv in his lastbirth LOLLLL!
u've been slapped so many times? awww huggggz! :):)

lollllll Saby gosh!! Yep n I agree with Justin...those r the memories of the love affair between u 2 Saby ;-)

hehe Nitika thats cuttte - laughing like that lol! :)

yeah good luck Pari babez ;-)

Icy darling one answer plzzz lol :) which one is it? And regarding number 7...I didnt mean the first saree...I just said "I wore the saree for my first Uni graduation". Which means my first degree. Makes sense dear?

Dewdy good luck darlzz :)

NV lol ok babester :)

Good luck everyone! I'm just waiting for the rest of mah mates to have a go at it...till then u r allowed to change ur ans with proper logic applied n yeah only 1 ans plz :)



4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Will the prize be another photo?? LOL

Keshi said...

NV wud u like that or something else??


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

LOL yeh ok I dun mind, I like looking at photos.

Keshi said...

goshhh NV since when did u become Ted Bundy? btw the Aussie version...


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Autumn Storm seems very confident bout his/her answer...


Maybe I should re-consider my ans.

Keshi said...

lol ok the Winner gets to ask for anything from me...but on one has to be over the net only! :)


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Since I been hanging around Miss. Ted Bundy :)

Btw Miss. Ted Bundy is you if you din know that already.

Keshi said...

lol NV aww sob sob...ok I give u stalking vibes ha...alright deal agreed...but why d u copy me? yday u were playing tigy like me, n then today u became a psychotic have the option to keep away from me :)


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

na Ted Bundy belongs wit Miss. Ted Bundy.

Keshi said...

awwwwwwww HUGGGGZ Teddy! (btw is it coincidence or fate that u carry superTed logo - ooo Im frightened now lol!)


Gaurav said...

Personally I hate ansering to these fib posts ..BUT
the winning prize by Keshi inspired to guess this one ..

my 7

Keshi said...

uh oh...g000nie wut ur gonna ask me if u win? lol Im in trouble now na...the winner is gonna ask me some crazy stuff n boyyy wut am I gonna do hehehe...

guys I will soon post a list of the answers I got so far and also the additional 'conditions' on wut the winner can ask from me lolll yes I have more conditons hehehe...


Gaurav said...

u can't impose any more 'conditions' after i have guessed the answer......anyways I was gonna ask u ur cell number.. he he


Keshi said...

lol Gaurav I havent said u r right wait my dear for the ans n it will be revealed on Mon if all mah mates got a chance to take part by then...

my cell number? lollll aww hugggz so cuttte! hmm let me check the conditions of the stated anythng over the net..damnnn dus cell number fall in that category? ;-)


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

loll ask for a voice chat gaurav :)

Thats over the net innit??

Keshi said...

n000nie ok now wut makes ya think voice chat is such a hottt prize lol? besides who said g000nie was right? hehehe...I was just worried abt wut ppl might ask lol!


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

the answer is #4
i hope i win..
awwn thanx for clearing it out for mee. oo u must have looke ravisin in the saree den..

Keshi said...


Answers so far:

Avik - #4
Autumn - #3
Amu - #4
Prakash - #4
Justin - #4
Saby - #4
v000nie - what is ur ans?? :)
Nitika - #6
Pari - #2
Icy - #4
Dewdy - #4
NV - #4
Gaurav - #7

Guys u can request for anything that's possible over the will stick by that cos that was my initial condition n Gaurav said I cant impose anymore conditions :( btw it cant be a continuous thing - just one off request ok :)

So yeah u may change ur answers at anytime before I post it on Mon (provided everyone has had a chance) 2 answers - 1 only plz! So state cleary which number it is. v000nie I'm waiting for ur final answer :)

Good luck all!

PuNeEt said...

Gosh... Late again...

Hey babez u have tagged me...

Well thats difficult to choose...
Let me guess now...
4 :-)>

I may change my guess...

Chall got to go..


Keshi said...

Puneet :) hehehe...thanks fo taking part!

yep I have tagged ya so start telling the truth now (since u said u know to lie well in ur 99facts lol!).


Arz000n said...

Either its #3 or #6


Can be #4 tooo...


Anyway, me wil go with #3

Whts the result coming out anyway?

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

No. 4 is too popular, I change my answer to No.3

Keshi what if some freak wins the quiz and asks to chat with you for 24hours non-stop??

Keshi said...

z0000nieeeeeeeeee hugggggggggz! I missed ya mate! U ok? And where r ya now Delhi or Mumbai or where in India? :(

So ur going with 3? cool :) noted n thanks! Answer will come on Mon most prolly provided everyone's got a chance to take part...n that cud be before Mon too...:)


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

When you say slap, is a slap on the face or does it include butt slaps too??

Keshi said...

NV then I have my techniques of escape lol shhhhh!


Keshi said...

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL NV can u stop it Im giggling like a maniac right now!! JEEEEZ n Im at work n my tummy is hurting mannnn!!!!!



PuNeEt said...


I'm changing my guess to 6


i've time till monday...

he heheheh


Anonymous said...

I am so pathetic in guessing, but i would say no.4

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Invi do you want to pair up?/

If I choose no.4 and you choose no.5 and we can share the prize??

Keshi said...

lol Puneet ok 6 for now :)

hehehe South so 4 for ya na.

omgggg NV ur such a teamy guy! U cant do such a thing LOL! And how can u share the prize n WUT is ur prize-request btw? lol!


Arz000n said...

Me in Delhi...hehehe
Work has started from today...instead of from mon...just got done with client meeting and thought lemme check out when results r gonna out here..

Cant wait till mon now :(

Me know, Im poor in guessing..hehehe

Happy weekend ahead K000kie

Keshi said...

z000nie thats great :) well ans will be posted anytime depending on all friends getting a chance to take part...n then the winner (if there is one :) can request for the net prize - woohoo!

btw that was a brilliant piece z000nie - ur latest post - goshhh excellent thinking!

Boldnbeautiful said...

1****.I was a popular Tennis player back in school. ***** This is true
2.****I love eating the corner-piece of an Iced cake.**** May be true
3.-----I have been slapped once in my life.------ This may be Lie
4.*****One of my dogs once bit me on my waiste****** may be true.
5.****My house has 2 balconies.**** this also can be true
6.****I have burst out laughing on the face of a lecturer.**** Even I have done this many times, so I take it to be true
7. ****I wore the saree for my first Uni graduation.**** May be true

3 is lie

Me said...


strawy said...

keshuuuuuuuuuuuu ... i go forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ummmmmmm.... no = 3

....... st000nie .......

Keshi said...

B&B pretty good logic there babezz but lets see...hehehe noted down, thanks!

Avik dun let this eat u up lol...take it easy matey....btw as I said there is only 1 lie :) huggggggz!

~~here comes the hot stepper...
hehehe...the pretty gal is here...

#3? oh ok noted down :) thanks hunnz!!


strawy said...

not fair .. i just posted my answere ...where the hell its gone .... grrrrrrrrr ... ok ok let me post it again....
ok i gooooooooooo forrrrrrrrrrrrr nooooooooo = 3 :).... slapzzzzzzz keshuuuu ( pyaar se ) u cant say u have been slapped once ... heheheh

....... st000nie .......

strawy said...

oopzzzz now the comment is there ... damnnn my lappy suckzz or net ... dunno!!!! but something suckzz for sure .. hehehehe

Keshi said...

lollll st000nie bubba ur ans is up there - u ok ? or did u just wake up? lol!

***slapzzzzzzz keshuuuu ( pyaar se ) u cant say u have been slapped once...

ouchhhhhhhhh! LOL! well this sexy slap is after the quiz nothing will change above :)


strawy said...

no no no no ,.... everything is fair in love n war (quizz) ... u have been slapped now ... .uahh babezz

strawy said...


Pallavi said...

I am going to stay away from guessing and see who gets wat right..since everyone is a participant..i'll be the spectator =) this is a fun post :)

Keshi said...

ok st000nie with that slap of ur's, Im turning les lolllllllllll! dun melt me with ur boootiful hands girl :)

now if u slap NV he'll suffer from a mini heart attack just becos its by U - the very pretty lass, hai na NV?

ok gtg folks...will catch up soon from home...tata! n muahhhhh st000nie!


Keshi said...

Sure Pallavi ur most wc to be mah guest n join me in the fun :)

Have a great weekend girl..n hey u have just been tagged by u have to come up with ur quiz now Pallavi :)


Jim said...

Yeah , Rohit,,
the prize will be another foto

dis time it will be a foto
again cot off guard

b4 she enters the shower

Jim said...

heyyyyy Kesh!
u didnt tell me yr friend , Justine , is gay

musings (m000nie) said...

no 4 i think... darn say i m right!!! i never won nywhere...... grrrrrrrrrrr

Divya said...

4 ?? lol

Michelle said...

yikesss ive been tagged lol

umm id say numberrrr 3 :)

Caraf said...

I go for #2

(the corner of the icing of the cake)

Manish said...

I will go for no. 2 too :) Why go for the corner afterall!

Euphoric Dreamer said...

Hmmmmmmm ! nice info abt ur life !

and u have so many ppl to comment


Jim said...

, Euphoric, cant count
its 75 and going for 100

heyyyy, i forgot to contest

but i dont really care for the above info

wat i want to no is
does Gerard still have her heart ?

i so
we guys are wasting our time

we giving her too much bhav
suggest we go to , TANVI,, she is hotte and noy yet hooked

if u dont count the affair
she is having wid dat oldie Saby, the creep

PS: i heard she auditioned for bar girl in mumbai

and wid dat the Mumbai Govt Banned "bar girls in Mumbai'

Tarun said...

I am just one post old in ur world so don't know much about u. I am not good in guessing but still for fun sake will give a shot..

1.I was a popular Tennis player back in school - could be true, popular could be by any means in Tennis (like Anna kornikova or whatever her name)
2.I love eating the corner-piece of an Iced cake - could be true, every one starts with corner hard to start with middle or center
3.I have been slapped once in my life - hard to guess bluntly but will say could true
4.One of my dogs once bit me on my waiste. - This could be Lie unless u lay down in the ground it's hard for dog to bit on waiste in the standing position
5.My house has 2 balconies. - could be true
6.I have burst out laughing on the face of a lecturer. - Girls do this frequently so no wonder could be true
7. I wore the saree for my first Uni graduation. - it's un-usual but could be true

So my guess #4

Oh boy! I can't believe I gave answers for such a silly questions ;)

Zombie said...

That doggie statement is a lieeeeee, methinks....never heard doggies biting in the waist..they bite in leg or arm ...hehe

Vivhyd said...

3, 4 or 6 could be the possibilities.. I will go with 4.. doggie thing.. :)

Invincible said...

i will go with No. 5.
and 3 wud be back up.

You know wot, i m kinda getting worked up by the guess games. I know even i opened one myself, and it wud b unfair if i say, 'enough'. But i am spending hrs n hrs reading the fact posts of everyone (lol) than anything else.

Whereas I m chiselled and hammered with work.
Please forgive me if i dont comment on anyone's Guess Games. Or may be i wud only 'guess'.

Thanks everyone !!
Take care ..

- IV (v000nie)

PuNeEt said...

HI Babez....
Again chagning my guess...

My final guess is on #1
"I was a popular Tennis player back in school"

Lock it...


Pallavi said...

Oh Boy..i have been tagged! ah! but i am not popular enough in "blogvilla" for ppl to come visit and put their answers..but i will not let your sweet tag down....and here i go ....

Paul said...

Just guessing no. one. Really no basis other than you seem like you could have been that, so maybe that's why you made it up...

Dawn....सेहर said... just taking a wild guess ...;)

4 ......lets hear from the horses mouth now :)


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Hiyo babezzz!!!

Thanx for taggin me!

I think 7th!! Tiz false!

83 comments...freaks me out!!


Wanderer said...

damn am soooooooooooooooooo late

is 4th the lie rufff

Keshi said...

Jim no such 'revealing' fotos of me lol! The most revealing one was that one I put up in that post - me in a backless dress hehe - so u can forget abt that prize...
Justin is gay or not, do I have to tell ya Jim? :)

lolz m000nie didnt win in anyone's except one mate - now I cant even rem who that was :( so ok u say #4 na...:):) thanks!

Divya thanks for the #4 - noted :)

p000nie lol get on with it hunny....#3 ok :)

Caraf sweetzz thanks #2 noted :)

Manish #2? ok :)

Thanks Euphoric lol but half of em r my comments lollllllz! WC to mah blog btw :)

Tarun some sensible logic there but let's see na :) #4 noted.

Mistyyyy muahhhh the tigy babezz :)
#4 noted gurl :)

Vivhyd whoaa so many possiblities hehehe :) #4 noted mate.

v000nie awww ur stressed out from all these games? hehehe I know even I am :) but it's fun na. Let me give u a big HUGGGGGG. Ok #5 noted n THANKSSS sweety for takin part amidst ur busy busy busy sched :)

Puneet lol have u been thinking abt this all day now? hehehehe...ok #1 noted :)

hehe Pallavi u r indeed tagged - I'm Tigy Queen na lol :) Cant wait to see ur post..hehehe...

Paul :) ok #1 noted...hehehe thanks mate!

Dawnnn huggggggz missed ya here! #4 noted gurl thanks!

Anna muahhh babester! #7 noted :) heheh hey dun worry abt the no. of comments here - majority of it is from me lol!

wand000nie aww I really like ur 000nie nic :)) Ok #4 noted n thanks!

Hey All thanks soooo much for participating amidst ur busy schedules...I know some of u may be bored by this post lol but it's kinda fun to get out of the routine serious posts na...hope I didnt drive u all up the walls :) And a big HUGGG to all!!

Answer will be posted soon...cos I think a few more ppl to take part still...

Thanks guys!

:) said...

k000kie... result plzz...

hows ya gorgeous.. me damn bored today:( hving fever..

hv a nice weekend:)


Keshi said...

hey Pari muahhh! Guess wut we went out last nite with mah sis' office mates...goshhh wut a nite it was! Danced till my bak fell off lol! Im so bored this morning n sipping coffee so came here...:) so good to see ya! I guess a few more ppl need to ans...then I'll post it soon girl lol! It cud be tonite or tomorrow morning...hehehehe.

And Pari I know u have already been to Pallavi's blog but heyy guys just play the game for or sweet Pallavi here at:

if u guys have time that wud be great...cos she has some cool facts there n yeah 1 rotten lie :)

ok catch u soon Pari n everyone!

:) said...

woww i love dancing too.. good that u had gr88 time yesterday nite.. hehe u likes coffee a lot..
i like cold coffee..

hugggzzz.. tc..


Me said...

#2... he he....

Keshi said...

aww Pari we shud go dancing abt we have an e-dance party :):) I;m a warm coffe person...luvvvv the aroma n the taste of gooood coffee :)

Avik lol ur damn cute changing ur ans all the time it's #2 now na.. :) noted sweety.


Keshi said...


Avik - #2
Autumn - #3
Amu - #4
Prakash - #4
Justin - #4
Saby - #4
v000nie - #5
Nitika - #6
Pari - #2
Icy - #4
Dewdy - #4
NV - #4
Gaurav - #7
Puneet- #1
z000nie - #3
South - #4
B&B - #3
st000nie - #3
m000nie - #4
Divya - #4
p000nie - #3
Caraf - #2
Manish - #2
Tarun - #4
Misty - #4
Vivhyd - #4
Paul - #1
Dawn - #4
Cheesy - #7
wand000nie - #4

Ok I think I got all the names there hopefully.


Keshi said...

Pithaly n Fira sweeties I gave u guys like 24hrs to join in but looks like ur way too lets just miss out on this one ok - Im sure u dun even care lol!


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

ooo we gonna get the answers wooohoooooo

Keshi said...


Working my way from the last one up...:)

7. I wore the saree for my first Uni graduation.

Yes I did...cos mum wanted me to and I was like WTF! but all in all it turned out well n most of mah Uni buddies were so in love with the saree..I'm glad I wore it :)

6.I have burst out laughing on the face of a lecturer.

Yes I have. Cos there was this girl in my class and she used to whisper really funny things abt this lecturer n I couldnt help but burst out on his face once! I felt awful later on but Im sure he didnt mind cos he wud have thought Im nuttts anyways.

5.My house has 2 balconies.

Yes one in my room and one adjoining the living room.

4.One of my dogs once bit me on my waiste.

LOL most of u thought this is a lie - well na it's TRUE! Trust me to be the one bitten in weird places hehehe. We had this German Shepherd once and he was big, black furry n soooo night he was pissed off from some injection we gave him I think n I went n stroked it's head as usual...I didnt know he was so angry but suddenly he jumped on me n I was seated on the floor so he floored me...:( n one of his teeth sunk into mah waiste n one on mah left hand...bloody small scar in the waist still there...eeeks!

3.I have been slapped once in my life.

Hell yes...:( This is TRUE too. I dont wont to tell u the details tho but I was slapped just once n it wasnt even my fault...

2.I love eating the corner-piece of an Iced cake.

Yes I do. Corner in the sense in square shaped iced cakes...the corner piece always has more icing then :) I luvvv it. So this is TRUE.

1.I was a popular Tennis player back in school.

So this ofcourse is the LIE :) I did not play Tennis in school tho I always wanted to...I luvved it n yes wanted to be a popular player like Sharapova lol...but neva got ard doing it. In Uni I played tennis as a lesuire activity but hell na I neva was popular :(

Thanks all for trying - dun be disappointed that u didnt get the right answer...this is only a silly game of the silly quiz queen :)

NOW THE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 2 people got this right and that's PAUL and PUNEET omgg :)
DEWDY u nearly got it but u opted for 4 later on :(
CONGRATTTS u two and Dewdy for nearly getting it!!!

Paul ur logic was superb and Puneet mannnn how d u get all these quizes right?? I cant believe u got this one right too and when I saw ur 2nd answer today I was like W-T-F no wayzzz!!!st000nie we r doomed babezzz!

THE PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!

Ok Paul and Puneet as I said before the prize is that u can ask from me for something over the no cyber s#x ewwww and I dun believe in that hehehe...any other thing that can be sent, talked, exchanged, done on the net and it shud be a one-off request only :)
Go for it now....please have ur requests here for me...I will come and check whenever I get a chance ok. Thanks!

THANKS ALL! U guys spent ur time and effort to answer this and I really appreciate that - putting up with my boring quizes:)

Well done and Im ever so grateful to u all for having fun with me!


Keshi said...

btw the request better be decent - crossing my fingers on that!!

:) bye for now...

:) said...

:( oooo me chad..

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Will I ever win??


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

bhaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i lost again. truthfully i had a feelin dat was lie, but i thot why not she cud have been one..
oh well.
peace out

tulipspeaks said...

i lost?? at least i got the 100th place in your comment!!

musings (m000nie) said...

awww cant i ever win??? darn... lets have a prize for the one who had not won even once... i'll b the first contender :)

Arz000n said...

When r the results be declared K000kie piez...

I came online today coz I thouhgt u r declearing it today...n I never wanted to miss the polllllll

K000kie-piez...Z000nie missing ya :(

Keshi said...

aww cutey Pari no need to be chaad...ur a winner for takin part n having fun huggggz!

NV lol join the club - I have been losing in many many many ppl's quizes...I even scored 0 in Manish's first quiz...jeeeeez!

Icy hehe aww dun cry babezz - why didnt u stay at 1 then...well guess it's fate :(

am000nie yeyyyyyy 100th commentor!!! :)

m000nie lolllllllz I too will be walking ard with ya on stage for that title n prize :)

uhhh z000nie the ANSWER was just posted above lol! 95th comment - LOOK JUST ABOVE Pari's latest comment :)


Keshi said...

Hi All!

ANSWER is the 95th comment here...please read that for the quiz results and winners.


Arz000n said...

Oh boy...I lost

But flirt guru won the contest


See he understands you more than me now :D

I can see K00kie-piez blushing loads right now...hehehe

Wanderer said...

awww I dont seem to win

PuNeEt said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PuNeEt said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PuNeEt said...


kidding... ha ha ahahha

Yet flyin High...

The Logic :
Keshi, I went thru ur 99 facts nd found hard to corelate nething...

The point where u said ur afraid of needles...made me guess that #4 is a truth...

Ur one fact said u were never a sport freak but went to watch olympics for the hec of it...
had u been a tennis player u wouldnt have made that statement...

Plus my intution said u r the type of girl who will keep wrong answer 1 or Last...

Ur online quiz had a question which said u prefer wearing sari on certain ocassions...

So my guess was final at #1....
(the first two guesses done by me were just TP)

WOOPS... ;-)



Jim said...

Ok , Paul and Puneet ,
u no wat to ask dont ya?

a nude pic

Zombie said...


Sonia said...


Jim said...

Pssstt !
ask for 2 pics

mail me one
will give u a million for dat pic

a million kisses

Jim said...

Some are just born to loose
these guys then rite sad poetry
and make millions

hope dat will cheer up , Rohit,

The Gome said...

I wish I would've caught this 1 in time, I just finished reading 99 things so the little lie was obvious. Saw that picture, you're pretty :) (if that really is you! lol)

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...
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Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Damn!! Once a loser alwez a loser!!

Keshi...u try ur luck on ma blog now!

Am too sad i lost :( postieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

:) said...

pari... thinking.. did punnu steal her magic wand.. which she is not using these days.. or he is really so damn smart winning most of the quizes:)
congrats punnu..


Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Ahhh whats with the lie post???
Ok, I can't guess which one is a lie :-P

Keshi said...

z000nie n wand000nie dun be disappointed - this is only a silly quiz na - n how on Earth can anyone guess right abt a blog-mates life, except a lady-killer like Puneet lol? so cheer up :)

Goshhh Puneet ur too good in Gynaecology lollll! Gosh I hope ur gonna request is gonna be humble - keeping mah fingers crossed :(:(

lol Jim...shhhhh can u just let em ash for wut THEY want...dun give em any ideas plz plzzz :)

Sorry Misty lol!

Sonia and Kroopzz the game is ova...Answer was posted in comment 95 :) But thanks for taking part...hehehe Sonia #7 wasnt the lie :( It was #1.

Gomes thanks n thats me :) Well as for being pretty, I really dunno but Im average. Besides why I didnt show mah pic for a long time is becos looks is not wut it takes to win's the personality n character. I think I'm lucky that I already had heaps pf net friends b4 I posted half of me :) By then ppl loved me anyways n thats all I cared abt...
Anyways can u send me ur pic too matey now that u've seen me? lol! email is thanks!

Anna babez dun u dare cry...dun make me sad :( ur a winner always cos I LUV YA :) Hey I tried ur quiz - hopefully Im right :):)

Pari I saw Puneet running ard with a magic wand - must be ur's...goshhh he's too good na!! Can u get that wand bak b4 he kills me with his answers in all teh quizes lol!


Trée said...

121 comments. Only in my dreams. ;-)

Me said...

This is not fair Keshi ....... This is not fair ......

strawy said...

omg , he won again , not fair ... grrrrrrr ...
aawwwwwww i lost ..criesssss


PuNeEt said...

Hey girls... Stop envying me...
specially Pari n Strawy :-)>

Haven't I killed u already ;-)
I mean not literally :-))))

Coming to Prize...
I'm putting it back on u...
as I dont know what would be humble ;-)
Take a call...


Michelle said...


Sonia said...

thanx for saying what the answer was. i was all set and going to count my way from backwards from 125 when i saw ure comment!

Divya said...

huh????? noooooo

Keshi said...

lol sonia...

hey guys chill this is only a silly quizz na...hushh now n be happy :)

Puneet...ahemm so wut is ur request boy? U cant put it bak to me...the Prize conditions were that the winner request for something over the net...go for it now ;-)


Keshi said...

Avik n st000nie lol see wut a lady-killer Puneet is na?

goshhh I fainted when I saw his answer!!


Dewdrop said...

hey since I nearly got it, can I also get a consolation prize|?

Keshi said...

lol Dewdy oh ok then - only to this sweet gal only :)