Friday, August 5

Thoughts of you...

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This is a dedication to all my lovely blog mates who are far away from me in Kilometers, yet so very close in Heartbeats...
Without you guys I would be nothing. Because I value my thoughts and beliefs, and to have you all stoppping here daily and enlightening me with your thoughts and beliefs that help me grow in many ways, is a golden blessing I have been showered with. To have you as mates (whether in real or online) in an otherwise boring world, is truly inspirational and makes my life worthwhile living! I truly look forward to reading my blog everyday and indulge in so many precious moments of joy while glancing at every single fingerprint of love, respect and friendship that all of you leave here. It's a priceless feeling!
THANKS and HUGGGGZ to (in no particular order)
Prakash, Wanderer,Psycho, Tree,Deips,RamSaran,
Avik, Stud,RexVenom,Priti and Footsi...
and all the other mates from all over the globe who radiate their wisdom for a precious minute or two at my online home.

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4u2nvau/Rohit said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! me first today.

loll nice post k000kie.

Trée said...

What a lovely image. Mmmm . . .

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

oo damnit. i lost again..
boooo i was bzy writin my own post.
awwwwnn keshii. sucha lovely post. no wonder we love ya. ur such a sweetheart. u stay as u are, and we'll love ya even more.
navu m gonna beat ya, u just watch and see..
Thanx for giving us the credit. it was such thoughtful of you. a really unique post i must say. not many ppl think this way..
rock on babe
peace out

Keshi said...

hey n000nie thanks lol! wut u doing there, have u written a program that notifies u as soon as I update my blog??

Tre thanks mate! I just added u in the list check it out...n thanks!

awww hugggz n thanx for those magical words Icy!

Guys I may have forgotten some ppl w.o my knowledge so plz let me know if I missed anyone...I have a huge group of ppl here so it's hard to rem all of the names...thanks!


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

no thanx needed at all.. i dun belive in thanx from frnds, especially wat you have just written.. nope no thanx at all..
its my job to shower those magical words on ya.. hee hee

peace out

Trée said...

Keshi, what a great edit--lol. It's nice to be thought of, a little thing, but stuff like that makes the world go 'round. :)

Keshi said...

thats so sweet Icy muahh!


Keshi said...

Tre I'm so sorry I missed u in the first go :( I'm sure I have missed many others too - hard to keep up with so many wonderful energies :) Thanks for u'standing mate!


Trée said...

Keshi, no worries. Just thankful I discovered your blog. Many thx for the posting you do.

Jay said...

I feel so loved

Arz000n said...

Gimme hug sweetie.
I was planning to write a similar post after my visitors-count touches 10,000.

To have you as mates (whether in real or online) in an otherwise boring world, is truly inspirational and makes my life worthwhile living!
0000nie family has already made mine. Thanks to you'll. Thanks to you....hugz

reading my blog everyday and indulge in so many precious moments of joy while glancing at every single fingerprint of love, respect and friendship that all of you leave here.
Your blog is awesome K000kie. I told you previously too, you carry a golden heart. Keep on sharing your good thoughts with this world.

Its always an awesome feeling to see you comment back on my blog too.

No wonder Im a regular subscriber of this blog :)
GOD Bless you!!
Take care.

musings (m000nie) said...

oh k00kie this is so so very very sweet... muahhhhhhhhhhh n hugsssssssssssss.... so well put... 'enlightening me with ur thoughts'... so wonderful.... i m always waiting for ur posts... (lol n u dont really keep me waiting)... whoa everyday a new post :)

Keshi said...

Tre ur most WC my friend!

Jay to feel loved is to really experience it...n u have, I'm so glad abt it :)

Hugggggggggggggggggggggz z000nie aww! Thanx for all the breathtaking words abt me n my blog :) dun need any of em actually to prove that u appreciate my presence...u show it anyway by being a supadupa-commentor in my blog always, thanks matey!

muaaaaaaaaaaaaaahz m000nie u wonderful gal! lolz yep I dun keep u waiting much na...hehehe...well I want u to write something new too...cos u write beautifully n soul-touchingly...hugggz babez!


saby said...

heyyyyyy Priti is in yr list too !
wud love to see a lott more of Priti

do u have any nude pics ?

saby said...

, DISCLAIHER , (or shud i say claimer?)
all those incidents posted happened in my bachelor days

i dont visit those ladies no more
never done xtra-marital so far

but dat dumbassed mangy has been making passes for me lately

Keshi said...

Saby aka s000kie WB! We all missed ya... :)


saby said...

reallly ??

if she had only posted her pic earlier
i wudnt have proposed an xtramarital wid dat SHIT face mangy

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

he ehee saby is sooookie..
awwwwww so cute.. saby ur cute.

peace out

Keshi said...

lol icy n ur r000nie?

tough-k000kie :)

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

yup yup.. m r000nie.. oo i just cant belive i came up wid dat nik. its just sooo cute..
u know rite wen i thot of it, i go wait dats way too cute, anyone thinkin of it will take it at once. so i put my dibs on it first and got it..
oo hee hee
peace out

saby said...

PIL in HC on flood situation
, ,

saby said...

dont just on yr asses u ASSES
post dis bills all over Indian bloggers site

its a signature campaign
hey cut it out no parties!
here guys post dis bills all over indian blogger sites

PIL in HC on flood situation
, ,

GOD said...

Go Man GO !
u heard the guy

Zombie said...

Thanks Keshi.

Vinu said...

hey great to see my name on ur blog making me ur blogmate.....

Anyways truly, it was nice meeting u on net thru ur nice blogs...

Keep on writing good stuff..


strawy said...

muahhh keshuuuu , this is a lovely post , awwwww who said v dont get feeling for online ppl , v do na ?? . love ya babes , hugzzzzz

dfg said...

Thanks for dropping by into my blog world....
I am sad u did not mention me in that.....Just kidding...
Yes true this bloging has made me look at the friendship differently...
In a very short time i have met people whom i am slowly getting to know them ....starting to like them ...World is too small and very friendly thru this blogs....

Vivhyd said...

Hey Keshi.. Thats an excellemt picture and even more excellent post.. Well to be true to u.. u just write so well and ur posts are too good.. so have to stop by...

Thnx so much.. Me will be here thgh I will be off blogging but not 4 long.. just have some work and I am 2 addicted.. so will be back with pics and fresh ideas..

Btw U called me vinu in the comment.. seems like u got conphused :) .. Mezz Vivek.. gr8 to see my name in there..

will sure keep visiting.. keshigirl frm dwn under :)

Ashes said...

Thank you are sweet

--pearl-- said...

heyy..muahhhhh very sweet post!!~~+

im sorry i missed ur last post!..jeez i told ya..u change tooo fast :)

lovee yaa..hugzz :)

Dewdrop said...

WOW Keshi, what a wonderful gesture to gratify your blogmates. Its amazing how familiar strangers (an oxymoron that be) like our blog folks create a lasting impression on us and touch our lives in so many ways. Im greatly moved. Thanks fr the mention.

The Gome said...

thank you for appreciating me, you know the feeling is reciprocated

Autumn Storm said...

Hey Keshi.
Right back at ya!
Autumn X

saby said...

GOMEY gentleman ban gaya

Uulu bana raha hai apni behn ko

Invincible said...

i remember reading 'keshi writes from her heart' on m000nie's blog.
n i feel the depth in that comment evrytime i visit this ever-so-popular space. So what if i m coming here from less thn a week.

You put posts with great fervor and with an amazing consistency !!

I m really unsure whether i deserve to be in ur 'priceless list'. is it just bcos i m in 000nie club? I seek an honest answer, if you dont mind, 'straight from heart'.

jkhkhjkh said...

Keshi, what's wrong honey? You need to tell us we are your friends? NEED to tell us we are your friends??
Need to TELL us we are you friens????
YOU DO NOT NEED TO TELL US WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jkhkhjkh said...

Saby, asshole. take a long hike.

Manish said...

Keshi ! ur posts always makes us to think! Thats the beauty of ur writings...

:) said...

awww very sweettt..
u r such a sweetheart keshi.. n yr posts r awesome:)

PuNeEt said...

@ Keshi
Huggggzzzzzz to u too dear…
That’s so sweet of you…
Infact I thought of writing something similar for friendship day… ;-)

And thanks for adding smiles to my day… and a smiling day to my life…


saby said...

, , Hey shit face mangy, may i post your pic?, ,

saby said...

yeaaaaaa !
WINTER IS OVER, its Autumn

saby said...

, , NO not dat one
the one on the beach wid dat itsy bitsy teeny weeniie yellow .......

and u were afraid to come outta the water
, ,

jkhkhjkh said...

Keshi, Why dont you take part in this contest? Of course, on the other hand, why at all? Its the one million dollar prize which really makes it interesting.

tulipspeaks said... is such a lovely post dear..

it is truly a wonderful feeling to know that i am in ur list of buddies..thank you dear..u made a difference in my life too :)

saby said...

saby said...
if there is ny guy in here
who is in the dumps rite now

i recommend GOMEY
he entertains cows and sheep and kangaroos and me

12:16 AM

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

NEED to tell us we are your friends?? by Pithaly.. hee hee ur sooo rite girl.. i just din get umm soo emotional, well i did, but my emotions dint take such a turn.
wat a wonderful way to shower ur love, pithaly..
rock on
peace out

Trée said...

Keshi, have a wonderful weekend and thank you for having such a wonderful blog. :)

Michelle said...

hey koookzz!!
the post wuz soo touchin!!!
its very very cool the way u bond wid ppl u havent actually met!
thanx a lot gurl!!!

saby said...

, , NOTICE , ,
We hereby notify the bloggers of INDIA TIMES gang,
that our client Saby- the creep, is deeply pained for the rongful change of name, dat one of your crowd has renamed him as 's00kie',widout his consent.

Saby, the creep dont wish to be identified as s00kie, he will continue to be addressed as Saby, the creep.

We reuest u zoonies and poonies and other weird characters to refrain from dis silly practce.

Fergusson Associates

Austin Powers
August 6, 2005 AD

PS: if dis practice continues
we will see u guys in court.
Subject to Mumbai jurisdiction

Me said...

first time here.....missed the chance..

strawy said...

i m ready with my 99 facts .. hehehe
strawy (st000nie)

Dawn....सेहर said...

hey need of thanx...:) why dont you think that we also gain so much through ur blog & your writing :)

cheer up and be happy always


Keshi said...

aww r000nie muah!

Ur WC Misty :)

Vinu yeyyy for having met each other even tho it's thru the net!

st000nie aka Strawy aww lolz cuttte nic! Yep feelings for online ppl r very real too...I dun believe in not getting ATTACHED to ppl matter how hard u try, u eventually DO get attached. Actually I didnt even try to detach :)

Prakash so well-said! Heyy I will add u too :) I'm sorry for not putting u in the list in the first go itself...but I'm sure there r many I have forgotten - that dus not mean ur presence here didnt mean anything...just my silly memory :) Thanks!

heheh sorry for calling u Vinu, Vivhyd aww....just that urs n Vinu's nics r so close :) Thanks for visiting me, n plz take care n be bak soon!

Ash hugggggggggz! I'm so thrilled to see ya here again - how u been matey? **smilezz at Ash....

Pearly hugggz chweety pie! I luv ya heaps!

Dewdy thanks for that wonderful note of thanks :) Ur very special..

Pithaly oh ok lolllz...but stil sometimes u need to express ur feelings abt ur loved-ones every now n then :) never take anything for granted...

Saby hehe wussup mate?

Amu, Gome n Pari aww thanks! Love u too!

Manish n Pari u awesome mates, thanks!

Awww Puneet that was a terrific line...
***And thanks for adding smiles to my day… and a smiling day to my life…
Thanks n hugggggggggz!

v000nie I truly n truly n truly like ya heapppppppppppppzzzzzzzz! U only been in my blog for a while but u have made a lasting impression within that small period...thank ye mah mate!

Dawn muah u too, thanks!

Wanderer now ur known to way of getting unknown lol check mah updated list ;-)

aww p000nie muahhhh!

Thanks Tre!

Thanks Netr!

Thanks all :) hugggggggggz!

Arz000n said...

Happy Friendship day to my K0000kie.....

Keshi said...

muahhhhhhhhhh z000nie Happy 000nie-Friendship day to u too! Was lovely to see u here just now :)


Keshi said...

ITCC aka IT-Committee-n-Community loserboy who is majorly jealous abt the 000nie club n all of my friends n leaves endless crap commenst here, this is for u:

ITCCshit000nie dun whine doesnt suit any human-being to whine for so long.

Dun cha wish ur GF was hot like me lol!


Arz000n said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Arz000n said...


Dont boil blood on those shitty comments. The more you talk the more they are going to bounce back.

Enjoy da weekend!!
and take care.

Invincible said...

You r such a sweetoo n luvly girl :)
i hope my kisses cross the pacific n reach ya .. mmmmmuaaaaah

- (psenti) inci vinci
For u everyday'z friendship day :)

De.vile said...

Thanks for adding me in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot keshi

strawy said...

Happy Frienships day K000kie ...muahhh babes

Rex Venom said...

That is very sweet.
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Yo keshi, happy friendship day!!!

PuNeEt said...

Happy Friendship Day Keshi...
That terrific line was straight from my heart for u... :-)>

Tk Cr... Cheers

Gaurav said...

thanks a lot girl.

Happy friendship day.

Autumn Storm said...

The dentures was true - the falling down, not all of them. The Hotel burning was true as was the pelting stones etc.

jkhkhjkh said...

"have u written a program that notifies u as soon as I update my blog??"

Yes, at least I have the link in my sidebar. Haloscan trackback does exactly that.

ram_saran said...

keshi bituwa humka tabiyath theek nahi tha. humka woh pet mein daard tha.ek aur baat hum khena hi bhool gaye hai. woh jo videshi chaddi tumne humka janam din pe diya tha na woh humka bhaains ne ghaas samaj ke kha liya. hum pe yeh bhooth sawar utha hai ki bhaains kuch bhi kaise khavath hai?! chalo koi baat nahi chaadi hi na sahi tum to humka aur bhaaison ki dost ho. yahi humka liye kaafi hai. tumko shub din. namaste

Keshi said...

hey z000nie hunkzz :) thank ye I will stick to that good piece of advice...just that I get a kick out of kicking him when he deserves it lol! thanks muahh!

hehe v000nie send those kisses across the Pacific in a yellow submarine :) I'm not too far from ya...thanks matey!

chickkster muah!

st000nie mah sweet sweet gal thank u babezz n same to ya! muahhhhz!

Rex dear I wud neva have known the ROCK ON signature if not for ya...huggz thanks!

Thanks South n same to ya!

aww Puneet I can see it coming from the bottom of ur heart...that was so sweet thanks n same to ya! MUAHHH!

Hey g000nie aka Gaurav thanks n same to ya!

lolz Autumn ur a funny gal! :) What a sizzling life u've had so far!

hmm Pithaly is that why u take like weeks to comment after I put up a new post? lol!

Ram thanks but I really wish I could u'stand ya :)

Thanks all n HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY/MONTH/YEAR etc etc to u toooo! :) hugggz all!


Jim said...

i am Jim
i wanna play too

saw u at Caraf's
u look gorgeous

Keshi said...

Hey Jim WC to mah bloggy!


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

just wanted to say hi..

peace out

Jim said...

this princess looks real cool

i hope not as in ice
i like them hott

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

i want newww post. u spoiled me wid new post everyday. grrrr

peace out

Jim said...

Tanks for the warm welcome Keshi,

but i confess dat pic u saw is not me, he is a pal
i can get u an intro though

i fooled a lott of teenagers
who want mature guys with that pic

Jim said...

excuse me again,
for popping in and out like a freaking Jack-in-the box

to answer yr question
i kicked the habit 2 years ago

but i can revert back any time
we are advised never to touch alcohol again

not even beer
we meet evry Sunday after church
our support group

if any of u guys have adrinking prob
u dont need a doc
u need guys support

they know how to get u out of this nasty habit dat destroys homes

will make my teastament some day
but i have gott to remain annonymous

we cant brag

Keshi said...

hang ten Icy new posty is coming :)

aww Jim great to hear ur out of that habit now...yep support groups help u more than docs...u need that motivation n the listening ear that only the support groups can give. Good on ya Jim!


Jim said...

sorry again
i mentioned Church

np Padres in our group
we may admit alcoholic padres too

this is not a christian thing
no religion preferences, no caste, no gender

it is just one big family
the room was given to us by parish priest

we have no funds
no funds raising

and we are not to use our interlationships for influence or business purposes

but its OK to flirt
but nothing serious

its a good feeling btw brothers and sisters

Keshi said...

Great Jim, the way to go!


Arz000n said...

I just reaced my work place after 5hrs of journey from Mumbai. All the way I was I going to be late in commenting on your new post??

Thuoght of taking a short nap after reaching my apt..but then gave up. Now havent even checked my blog yet...came directly here....*poooofff* what an addiction to VIVA FOREVER...hehehe

Hope you had a relaxing weekend K000kiiiiiiiiiieeeeezz

Take care....missed ya loads...*mwwaaahh*

Z0000n Hugzzz K000kiez and leaves the building with a smile

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

m gonna be real real mad, if you post the new post wen m sleeping. grrr grr.. so i warned ya .. beware of the ice cubes. hee heee

m serious. ill be really mad if i miss on bein the first to comment..

peace out

jkhkhjkh said...

Na! Because KeshiMomma may spank me if I come too soon! loll!

jkhkhjkh said...

Loll at Jim! Ha!Ha! Hats off!

Jim said...

Doffs of his cat to the gallery
and kneels before the princess

gently lifts her hand
and kisses her finger tips

Shucks wish i had shaved today

Jim said...

b4 the SPCA guys get here
i didnt harm the cat

the doffing was for my hat

Keshi said...

omgg z000nie ur giving me too much credit :) but that was so sweet...made me feel so appreciated huggggggggz n muaaaaaaahzz mah sweet sweet matey!

@Z0000n Hugzzz K000kiez and leaves the building with a smile ....
lollz so cuttte!

LOL awww Icy I have been bummed with the new project n upto my head with work...hence the delay in a new post...I havent even checked yet if u were the first to comment there lol...let me go n see, I hope u r THE first :)

Pithaly me aint no momma lol! I'm a cute lil babezter :)

hehehe Jim glad to see ur enjoying with all mah friends here...


Justin Thyme said...

hugs right back atcha, keshi!

Keshi said...

~~Catches those hugs from Justin n stores them for a rainy day in her pink Barbie bag ....:)


Hagrid said...

cheez *

for counting me on dah list ;)
have a great day.. like the picture..

Keshi said...

hehe mah pleasure h000gie. thanks!