Wednesday, January 3

007 Charm

So I ushered him in...he's tall, dark and handsome. I kissed him passionately and so he tells me to slow down cos we had just met. He's new in town and I was dying to bury my past. But hey who said I could do that just like that? He's new alright...but he aint a memory eraser. He isnt a magician either. With him I could make new plans but sticking to those plans is my responsibility. With him I could work hard on those plans but the path that's been given can only be known by my fate. So let me slow down, not get carried away with his 007 charm and take things as they come. Now let me introduce him to all of you. He is none other than the brandnew year 2007. Yeah I have just added 007 into my boyfriend list ;-). I have made few resolutions (bound to be broken by April though) but I'm not gonna go crazy about sticking to them. Let it all unfold as it's supposed to unfold. I can only try to change what I can change and I believe there's a limit to that too. HAPPY NEW YEAR all, let's welcome him and let's just chillax. New years can be demanding...cos people try to tie themselves to new and strict resolutions that can sometimes be daunting. Really, how many of them can be truly followed? I remember I set myself a goal too high at the dawn of 2003. And something totally unexpected happened in March that year that changed me completely. Something I never even imagined would ever happen. So people, let's just have a rough guideline for the New Year but let's not be too hard on ourselves. Cos nothing in life is guaranteed, so we should not let resolutions stop us from being who we really are. Just be yourself and what's gonna happen will happen anyways. Just take it as it comes guys, in true 007 style ;-).

I'm back alright fellas. I had a great break with my family and friends. Too many getaways to squeeze into one post so I'll just jot down a quick update for ya with some random pics (I can't upload em all cos there are too many pics!). So here's the summary of my break:

**Kris Kringle pressie to my cuz was a photo frame with his baby's pic in it, an IL DIVO cd and a Marzipan chocolate. tnxx folks for your great ideas, they really helped and boy o boy he was chuffed at seeing the photo of his baby aaaaaand that CD ofcourse!
**My cousins from NZ arrived in Syd on the 19th of Dec (that's one of them in this pic with me. She arrived with her husband). Took them to so many places around Sydney (Manly Beach is one of em and one of
my fav places), too many pics, too much fun and a whole lot of dancing ooo lala!
**Didn't get to rent a boyfriend for Christmas cos then I'd have been shot before NYE. Wanted to
live a little bit more guys. So I'm sorry for not having any juicy gos to share about that hehehe.
**There were far too many gifts under our Christmas tree that my cousin nearly fainted seeing them! That morning she videoed the tree only cos she wanted to show her folks in NZ how crazy we are about giving gifts LOL! At one point I had a mental breakdown cos of buying gifts for such a large family. And no I didn't forget to donate to the Children's Burns Unit in Sydney.
**Had one huge Christmas and Birthday party (of another cuz) on the 25th that started with lunch and went on till after dinner. And hell na they couldn't stop my dancing. Dun wanna share those pics cos I was over the top with my moves people jeeeez you dun wanna see em!
Drove to Blue Mountains the very next day with a huge gang of family and friends. Too beautiful a trip to describe. Guys I was sticking to the speed limit ok. I hope you all did the same.
**New Year's Eve was spent in the city watching fireworks at the Harbour Bridge. It was absolutely breath-taking! Not enough words to describe it's beauty. Hope you all saw it on the news. Paris Hilton was around there too but who cares LOL! There were about a million dazzling people there that night. What a feeling it was to be at such a huge party - it was the biggest party I have ever been to.

So yeah I had a ball but right now I'm down with a bad cough. I think it's cos
I'm missing my cousins and all the good times we had during this break. Anyways 007 has arrived and what could be better than that ha! Thanks for all the wishes here, emails, txts, phone msgs and YM offliners when I was away. I was stoked to bits to receive so many messages from so many people across the globe. It's just amazing! Uttsy and the gang from Mumbai, TY for that very sweet phone msg on NYE - it was truly heart-warming! Now guys tell me all about your break too. I hope it was much more fun than mine. Will update more later on about my break, more pics etc. For now, I'm so glad to be back with all of you lovely people HUGGGGGGGGGZ, I sure did miss u tonz! Shall be in your blogs soon.

Current Music: I Love It by Sneaky Sound System

more pics from the break (click to enlarge)...

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Jewel Rays said...

hey hey Keshi!!

u rocked it eh babe!! :D

Happy new year!!!! :D:D:D

And its great to know that u had so much fun..and for a minute i thought u hooked someone up when i read how u kissed that

Good expression lady!!

and oh yeah kiss MR 2007 right down to his knees!!


Sujit said...

wowie.. you had a nice time.. great :)..! yup! resolution set to make things organize.. to take a step towards those forgotten dreams..! But usually we make something and something else happens.. so better take them as they are.. but also necessary to put things on!.. my new year was awesome.. sat in the apt watched 8 movies and made some nice food.:D.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, keshi!!!
You can keep your resolutions till April? Wow...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and cousin ans' looking stunning...:)

Anonymous said...

your cousin dat third pic from top does sumting to my ting

she got dat impish gleam in her eyes dat tells me

she will try any ting once (at least)

Blessed said...

My dear sweet loving Keshi is back!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
First off, Happy New Year!!!
Love the groovy beat you got going on. I have never heard that song.
Love the pics. They are awesome. You are beautiful!!
So glad you are back to blogland. I have missed your creative posts.
New years for me? Was pretty laid back. Just my honey and me (and puppy and kitty--my children. LOL)
We did not go out and paint the town red. We stayed home and took it easy. We ate appetizers and sipped mimosas.
Back to work tomorrow (Jan 3rd for me). I don't want to go back after having the weekend, Monday and Tuesday. But I will go back.(smile)
Got some quotes I wanted to share with ya about New Year's. Found them very inspiring:
"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man (woman!)"--Benjamin Franklin

"Every man (woman!) should be born again on the first day of Jan. Star with a fresh page. Take up one hole more in the buckle if necessary, or let down one, according to circumstances; but on the first of Jan. let every man (woman!) gird himself (herself!) once more, with his face to the front, and take no interest in the things that were and are past"--Henry Ward Beecher

"We spend Jan. 1 walking thru our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk thru the rooms of our lives...not looking for flaws, but for potential"--Ellen Goodman

"I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's"--Henry Moore

Blessings to you and yours!!!

p.s. I want to move to Austraila. It looks like paradise!!!!

samuru999 said...

Your pictures are so beautiful, Keshi...nothing makes me happier than to see your wonderful smile!

You had a wonderful time too on your break...that is so great!
I am so happy for you!

May this be one of your best years ever...hope so much you will be blessed with many joyful days!

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Keshi and welcome back. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Keshi.. good to knw u had a good break.. wonderful pics..very attractive hehe.. Happy New Year to u too.. and have a gr8 yr ahead

Anonymous said...

hullo...anybody there? are we there yet?...hullo...

Look whose back! Wohoooo! Keshi! i the first?

Si si, you had a great holiday! Yeh I saw d harbour bridge, must b there one day.

The present was cool, who would have thought of the photoframe.

My NY resolution is to loose weight and get a girlfriend. Which probably would mean gaining weight and scaring girls away.

HUgs Keshi, I will get back writing soon, jst have to get this internet back in line.

Anonymous said...

and yes...


Anonymous said...

hey keshi nice to see you back!! bet you rocked in new year!!

from how you started i thought you got him!!! but ur words took us for a ride!! LOL!!

i had a quite one at home!! just slided into 2007!! smooth!!


Anonymous said...

Saby's lost in the grand canyon,

Anonymous said...

YES! Keshi is back! I wasn't going to make it much longer if you didn't come back. I missed you!

You had such an awesome holiday! What fun that must have been. I don't have a big family like that. I bet it was fun to have so many people around.

Love all the pictures. Your beauty and charm show up so wonderfully in your pictures.

Welcome back Keshi!

Happy New Year my friend.

Anonymous said...

heyyyy NUTTY .... HUGGGZZZZ dear ... luks like u had a ball ... me too :) ... I was out to munnar in kerla with 8 of us for 4 days ... had loads of fun ... lots of bloopers

herez WISHING NUTTY A VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR <:-P ... may ur 007 bless you with the best of times and keep this kitten smiling at her best :) ... and of course give you a shot at those hunks u long for LOL!

Cazzie!!! said...

Oh I love Manly beach too, one of my favourite spots of all, apart from Kalbarri W.A.
Looks like you had a ball, keep it up Keshi, and WB girlie :)

luvwannabefree25 said...

Oh my Gosh Keshi.. I'm glad I have a stong heart... I honestly wondered what you looked like.. I never imagined you'd be so beautiful... wow. I'm glad you had a Happy New Year celebration.. hopefully you'll be able to carry it through 07! Thanks for all of the great posts this year.. and for showing us that beautiful smile! Welcome back!

2007 HUGS for you!!

JD ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow,what a way to celebrate the New year,you are looking stunning as ever Keshi girl, keep rocking :)
Happy new year and let there be loads of happiness in your life this year and forever.


tulipspeaks said...

muuuaxxxx.. keshi u r back!!! hugsss.. awesome pics! but whr is sanjee? :/


Anonymous said...

Keshiiiiiii you are back ;)

I missed ur post so much ....I start my day by reading ur post

I want to come to Australia ;)) its looks so beautiful. G8 to know you had so much fun with all ur cuzns ...i din't do anything was at home watching TV and moviesssss don't ask me how many thats it .... Just all alone. You look very cute

I have made few resolutions (bound to be broken by April though)
hehehehehhe ....Resolutions not in my list ...can never stick to them.

Blue mountains ;))) i will come to Australia one day and very soon
Bad cough :( Go to Doctor.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keshi :)
Happy New Year.
I really like your 2nd
pic :)

I spent my new year with my sweetheart was lovely :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

neihal said...

missed ya Keshi
lovely Pics :)
"but I'm not gonna go crazy about sticking to them"
good idea!

Shionge said...

Welcome Back Pal! Welcome Back to our lives :D You've been missed and glad to read about your super fun time.

Yes I can imagine buying gifts for a large family can be fun & daunting.....

You looked so happy to feel that vibes from Downunder and Happy Great Year to you my dear.

Hugs & Kisses!

Aidan said...

HAppy new year.... I am sure you will find a new fella soon enough, and dont worry about new years resolutions, dont try and change yourself because a day tells you too.. only chnage if you believe it will make a positive change to your or someone elses life

Mehak said...

Happy New the way u unfold the 007 turned out to be the new year...:)

& Glad to hear you had such a blast with your have one real big family *touchwood* ..I can imagine buying sooooo many presents...but then RECEVING soo many presents tooo & love toooo

hey Keshi, pls put up a pic of the Chritmas tree with pressies...

We had 4 days hols here...just chillaxed @ home with hubby dear..went shopping...then did the next best thing..ate ate n ate...hardly cooked :p...But spent the New Year's Eve @ home this time...just Hubby & Me :)

Wishing you lots of Happiness, Love, Joy, Success, Peace & a Wish you find that Special Wonderful Person in 007 !!! take care


Akshay said...

Happy New Year Keshi.. well it is true that New Year does not erase past memories, but it does brighten up our thoughts and gives us another chance to learn from those memories and not make the same mistakes again.

I had an awesome time with my family and friends. I got to spend 10 days with them which is a luxury for me since I rarely get to spend more than 4 days a month with them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keshi!!
Hey Wish you a very Happy New Year!!!
I just saw the pictures... yet to read... looking at the pics seems like you had loads of fun...
BTW Who's that in the picture??? some one with a wide grin??? :D

Anonymous said...

Are you a good person?

Gangadhar said...

Whenevr i visit your blog,i get a golden chance to see your gorgeous pics now a days..You rock,keshi dear..

Wishing you a very happy new year!!

take care

Parag said...

Hey.. You seemed to have had a good time..
I went to to local club with the family.. Danced for 3 hours.. and was dead by the time we moved into 2007 !!
By the way.. Missed you..
Happy 2007

Anonymous said...

It's about time you get back!

Happy 2007 and just so you look absoFREAKINGlutely GORGEOUS in those photos!!

Glad you had a wondrous holiday!

Michelle said...

haha kesh!! u better stop posting such hot pics of urself or i might jus turn lesbian! :P nice to knw that u had a great time!! happy new year!

Anonymous said...

hey! welcome back :) so you had loads of fun:) well now all those pics of beaches made me jealous:( damn! how I wish there was a beach here somewhere:( liked all ur pics, but specially liked ur third pic:) happy new year keshi:) hope 2007 is exciting for all of us:)

Anonymous said...

Hey hey crazy girl!!! I'm glad that Mr. 007 hasn't lost any of his saucy charm and style...sounds like u had an amazing time!!!

It's a new year Keshi - let's see what it has to bring... :D

I love the pics...!!! So sexy!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Looks like you had a great time. Oh I wish I had your weather!!! :)

Jeevan said...

Hi Keshi:) Wish you a Great year ahead!!!

Glad u to know u had a unforgettable fun with Friends and cousins. The Pics are very nice and u looks gorgeous:)

I too watched that wonderful fireworks on the Sydney bridge on TV, ur lucky guys to see it live! I had a little celebration at home with my parents and cousin. Nothing did except watching special programs on television.

Let we all share more this year dear:)

Kalpana said...

Happy new year!!! You had a great time. I too, last month visiting my best friend's wedding and my parents. Njoyed the most out of it. To see what this new year gets me.

desperado said...

welcome back..missed u n ur blog while my stay at home
may u have d best of life i dis yr
u sure had loads of fun :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time and taht in itself is great.

And actually Keshi, you are incorrect. We really do want to see those pics of you dancing.

Vikas said...

hello keshi!! WB..happy to c u after many days.Missed u all these days honey...So u had fun with ur cousins ,,thats sounds gr8...

well even i too had gr8 weekend but not as long as u had..i enjoyed last three days of dec...

hey u looke so sweet in pics....

HAPPY NEWYEAR to u as well baby :)

Lets be together and face together this 2007 with gr8 fun and love.

Take Care

Kumar Chetan said...

Happy New Year.
I know am late, but late is good than never.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too, Keshi!

Arun said...

Hi Keshi,

First of all,

A VERY HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR. May this year bring u lots of happiness, prosperity, success and love for you, your family, your friends and all those who are associated with you.

all these days, i was on Christmas vacation, had a really really great time with my family, relatives and friends.

And those are lovely pictures, pictures till that u too had great christmas time... U are looking sweet and adorable in that White Dress/Gown..
and as usual u look awesome in black shades & black dress


Crazy Me said...

Great pics! Happy New Year!

Priyanka Mahanta said...

Happy New Year to u, beautiful! Seems like u had a great time. I had a great vacation but am now sick with all those food and wine and sun and now again the sudden cold and dull weather back in town. Doesn't look like my New Year will be great fun...wasn't a great beginning as I was bed-ridden the whole day on the 1st without drinking a single drop of booze on the 31st of Dec. But lets hope for the best as I'm trying to get back into shape. Take care. c u around...

Seema said...

ohhhhhhhh laa laaaaaaaaaaa that was one helluvaaaa way of beginning the New Year's post...u almost took me for a ride ;)

Lovely to c u bak n u surely had a ball of a time...the pictures are rocking...u look great Keshi!!!

Hugssssssssssssss n wish u a great fun filled 2007!!!!

U take care...

saby said...

the black Joshua wants my ass too
he called me a fornicator

and a lotta other nasty names too

Anonymous said...

Hi Keshi!
Glad you come back. and glad you had nice time.
Wonderful post, and so beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.
Peace, Love and all blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

New Year Greeting Keshi. :)

Well hopefully U may end the year with 007 for real who know.(my fingers are crossed atleast) :))

Anyways hope u real cherish the memories.


Anonymous said...

Hello Keshiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
Welcome back.....nice to see the most active blogger back in action...

Oh!!! god....for 1 moment i thought that you broke my heart.... LOL...

Ramya said...

Wow ! That's a sparkling beginning to a new year !
Wish u have a great 2007 !

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping 007 keeps his charm running for you!

ps. Wow, nice pics, Hottie McHothot!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics and hope this year is much better than the last! :)

ashish gupta said...

wishing the same for you & much more


pria said...

Keshi: Good to know you had fun and a nice vacation. Hmm I had a good time with my family and watching movies.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year again.
The pics are great!! Will see you once I get back :)

Kavi said...

happy new year Keshi ! Looks like you had a great time !

May 007 bring you all the luck, prosperity and fulfilment !

How do we know said...

Wow Keshi.. you rock in these pictures!! Way to go Girl!!

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely smashin' keshi!

Happy New Year to you too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Keshi! So good to see you soo happy girl!:)) You have beautiful friends and relatives too.You look great too in pretty dresses.Enjoy.

Happy 2007! and yeah! Kiss as long as you want and be merry!:D

Helen said...

welcome back, keshi! let's see...I know New Year's Eve was too much fun, since I didn't crawl out of bed until two the next day...Christmas was fun, but nieces and nephews are getting so much older they don't do silly things like crawl in boxes anymore : )... But the big news is that I will be on the bahamian island of san salvador in a little over two months! (ok, three, but if I say two months it feels closer) I love your creativity with welcoming in that mysterious gent 007...

Anonymous said...

Hey cool! Thanks for the wishes.

I wish you a very Happy New Year.

You seems rocked over the eve...

Anonymous said...

hey u are back!!! Happy New Year and wow u got a very sexy boyfriend "007" fyi he is mine too hahah!!!

your Christmas and New Year sound so great mine was boring, I stay home all time no party or outing haha!!

nice to see u back my dear, wish u have a wonderful 2007 and thanks for the wishes that u leave on my blog hugss

Nora said...

Great post. Happy New Year to you too. x

ann said...

welcome back... sounds like fun was had by one and all I hope your 007 turns out to be as splendid as you hope

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Aditi said...

Happy new year!!!
that bit in the beginning sure had me going about what was going on... i was like hmm looks like the new year was lucky to u already
007 indeed

niki yokota said...

Happy Prosperous New Year!!!!
we missed uuuuuu,keshi-chan!
and u look sooo sexy in those pics ;)
i wish i were the member of ur gorgeous family too. haha...

Anonymous said...

Hi keshi

You must have had an amazing time.

Great Pics!

Very Busy

Will write later


Within Without said...

Just imagine how many guys out there are at this very moment applying to their governments for an official name change to "2007", especially after you posted those pix...

-Princess Shin- said...

The point is to continue making new determinations even though we may give up halfway. Just making the determination is half the battle won! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Keshi,

Happy New Year to u!

Great to have you back! Missed u & ur blog! HeHe....

Its great to hear tat u have enjoyed urself over Christmas & New Year's Eve!

I had a great time too! Too GREAT until dun wanna return back to Singapore! HaHaHa... Once i have the "free" time, i'll blog up my adventure in Bangkok! :)

I also have a New Year Resolution! HeHe... If u have read my blog, u know.. :)

Nice pics u have taken! I also took LOTS of Pics... Used up my 1st 1GB MMC.. Took pics until my Digicam battery went flat... Almost used up my 2nd 1GB MMC... HaHa.. Crazy gal huh? Took so many pics.. HeHe..


Keshi said...

Amy MWAHHHH! I did hook up with James Bond ;-)



Sujit 8 movies? WHOAAAAAAAAAAA! Ur sure u didnt end up changing ur address to Holly/Bollywood in 2007?



Flieger only those resolutions that dun need much thinking LOL!


Southy ty HUGGGGGGGZ! hehehe that aint cuz Anu..she's Anu's sis :)


No Saby she aint that cheap okkk???


Blessed Im in love with this song too!! HUGGGGGGGGGGZ n ty sweetie!

**We ate appetizers and sipped mimosas.

Sounds GREAT to me!

**"I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's"--Henry Moore

loved that one babe! ty so much for those eye-opening quotes. MWAHHHHHHHH have a nice day!


ty Margie HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! Did u know I missed u so very much?


OMG who's this new hunk in my blog? ooo lala Kesh is drooling on her KB now LOL! Tre u look AWESOME in that new profile pic. This makes me wanna hug u more..lolz...HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ n hey tnxxxx ;-)


ty Viv! I hope u had fun too :)


Keshi said...

Ghosty cud u sort out ur net prob real soon, tnxxx :)

**My NY resolution is to loose weight and get a girlfriend. Which probably would mean gaining weight and scaring girls away.

LOL cmon! Eat whatever u want and go to the gym works :)


Deepz ty and great to hear u had a good NYE :)

U thought I found him right? LOL!


Southy I thought Saby was lost anyways :)


awwww ty Jay HUGGGGGGGGGZ I missed u too! Cant stay away from all of u for too long mate.

I hope u spent ur NYE in grand style ha?


Samy ty n HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! I saw ur pissing pics LOL!

btw I can never run out of hunks...cos my blog is full of em ;-)


tnxxx Caz!

**apart from Kalbarri W.A.

Wanna go there some day. Can u believe it I've never been to WA? not yet :(



And I hope u'll 'stay' in 2007. Duncha disappear suddenly now :)




Anonymous said...

I thought Saby was lost anyways :)***No he found his way out and kicking ass as usual...lolz

luvwannabefree25 said...

Marry Me.. NOW!!! I must write you a poem... yes..


JD ;)

Keshi said...

Ammu darl I will pass the msg to Sanjee today :):)


My_Life heyy staying at home isnt too bad either...I did that last year :)



Suga looks like u had some real romance ;-) Great!

the 2nd pic was taken when we were abt to go on the Blue Mountains's a fun one that goes real fast down the hill and goes through a dark cave as well! I screamed for fun like a maniac LOL!


tnxx Neihal babez!


Shionge ty!

yeah buying so many gifts drove me crazy at one stage LOL!


Aidan mate ty so much for those very wise words. I hope u had a great NYE too!


ty so much for the wonderful wishes Ektaran HUGGGGGGGGZ!

**...But spent the New Year's Eve @ home this time...just Hubby & Me

sounds so very romantic WOW! :)


hey Akshay ty!

**I had an awesome time with my family and friends.

sounds like u had the best NYE. Being with the loved-ones is the best feeling ever!


KK hey ty n hugggggggggz!

**BTW Who's that in the picture??? some one with a wide grin

aha someone's smiling too much now LOL! Must be ur advice ;-)


Josh WC!

yes I think Im a good person even w.o. having to do that survey :)




Keshi said...

hey Parag I missed ya too!

**Danced for 3 hours.. and was dead by the time we moved into 2007 !!

LOL sweet! Im glad u had a great time with ur family :)


Awaiting hey sweetie HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

**you look absoFREAKINGlutely GORGEOUS in those photos!!

Look who's talking ;-)


Michi hey hugggggggz n ty!

**u better stop posting such hot pics of urself or i might jus turn lesbian!

LOL hahaha! Well dun u know I'm already half-way thru becoming les cos of ur very HOT pics in that slide-show? :):)


Yash mwahhhhhhh babez!

u like the 3rd pic ha? Cool :)

heyyy no beach ard ya? OH NO! I mean how can u live w.o. the beach? Hop on a kangaroo and come on over here Yash :)


Silvara ur the SEXY babe!

my fav 007 is Sean Connery followed by Roger Moore. They were HOT. Wuts with Daniel Craig? lol!


Andrew Im sending u some sunshine all the way to the US now :)


Jeevan ty! awww I loved ur NYE pics very warm and cute!


Kalpana hey WB!

** too, last month visiting my best friend's wedding and my parents.

wut cud be better than that girl! Wonderful!


Desperado Im sure u had tonz of fun with ur family n friends too :)

Hugggggggz I missed ya!


AB hey ty!

**And actually Keshi, you are incorrect. We really do want to see those pics of you dancing.

LOL cmon dun risk it mate!


Vikas heyy ty so much!

Even tho u had a shorter break, u still enjoyed it...thats what matters :)

**Lets be together and face together this 2007 with gr8 fun and love.

aww how sweet...I felt so not alone reading that line. TY n hugggggggggz!


Kumar hey ty! Late? No ways :) So wut did ya do on NYE?


Julia ty sweetie! :):)


Arun hey that was so sweet, TY n huggggggggggz!

** was on Christmas vacation, had a really really great time with my family, relatives and friends.

Great to hear that mate.

I love the color black. Btw in the 3rd pic Im wearing a light goldish green satin top :) TY!


Crazy_Me hey ty!



**wasn't a great beginning as I was bed-ridden the whole day on the 1st without drinking a single drop of booze on the 31st of Dec.

awwww thats no good :( I can rem one NYE I had chicken pox! Now thats what I call real shitty :)

Get better soon sweetie!


ty Seema babez! ;-)


Krys heyy HUGGGGGGGGGZ n ty!


Tarun ty for the awesome wishes for me mate HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


ty Sunil!

**Oh!!! god....for 1 moment i thought that you broke my heart.... LOL...

LOL haha so cute! Duncha worry I still live down the Singles Street ;-)


Ramya tnxxx hun!


Keshi said...

heyya Dickeybird ty!

**Hottie McHothot!

love that term LOL!


I so hope too Sanjay TY! :)


Ashish tnxxx matey!


ty Pria!

**Hmm I had a good time with my family and watching movies.

Sounds great to me!


LaVida ty huggggggggz!


ty so very much Kavi!


How_Do_We_Know ty ;-)




Asha hey WB I missed ya HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

ty so much and I wish the same for ya!


Helen heyyy!

** know New Year's Eve was too much fun, since I didn't crawl out of bed until two the next day

LOL it sure must have been great then! Good on ya :)

yeah kids grow real fast and start acting like us duhhh!

wuttttttt ur going to the Bahamas? Did I get that right? OMG take me too :(


Contented ty :)


Vince hey ty!

**mine was boring, I stay home all time no party or outing haha!!

o cmon its not boring as long as u were up for the New Year dawn. :)


Nora WC and ty!


Ann hey tnxxx sweetie :)


Aditi hey tnxxx!

** was like hmm looks like the new year was lucky to u already

hehe not so (un)lucky yet ;-)


Niki HUGGGGGGGGZ I missed u too! So wut did u do on NYE babez?

**i wish i were the member of ur gorgeous family too

U r my sister already! I thought we were sisters for a long time now. MWAHHHHHHHHH sweetie we r family. All of us here r family. Never forget that okk? Have a great day darl!


Bev heyyy busy bod come bakk soon! ;-) I miss ya!



**applying to their governments for an official name change to "2007",

LOL cmon I aint that gorgeous. Neither am I Monica Belluci hehehe.
But tnxx for that very sweet compliment :)


Princess het get better soon ok? HUGGGGGGGGZ!

**The point is to continue making new determinations even though we may give up halfway

Spot on!


Thumbelina hey HUGGGGGGGGZ!

Dun wanna leave yet? LOL great. Put up some pics for us ok?? tnxxx!

**Took pics until my Digicam battery went flat

HAHAHA u sound alot like me....Im such a photo(/drama) queen myself ;-)


Keshi said...

Southy u mean Saby was found only to realise he was lost in some other area again LOL!


JD u wanna marry me? AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! :):)


Anonymous said...

No no, now he has realised that even if he has a beeger and a better one, there r certain deep valleys where he and his beeg one don't stand a chance...hahahahahaha

Keshi said...

haha! U mean he'll be lost in those deeper valleys. So yeah he's LOST again LOL!


Anonymous said...


**Dun wanna leave yet?
- Ya, really feel like staying put in Bangkok for a few more days to relax & shop.. But lucky we left cos on New Year's Eve, a bomb went off near the hotel we were staying... **Phew**

**Put up some pics for us ok??
- Yuppy! I definitely will! Can't wait to share with all of u!

**u sound alot like me....Im such a photo(/drama) queen myself ;-)
- Oh YEAH! I found someone just like me who loves to take pictures of almost EVERYTHING.. HeHeHe..


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We are all same.

Anonymous said...

*clears throat* I have not made a particular comment this time around.

Good to know you had fun.
Happy new year Bond Girl.

Anonymous said...

Kewl pics Keshi...Keep smiling :)
Thans for the fun :D lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Keshi - you are so beautiful and happy! Welcome back, happy new year, and all that jazz! I'm so sorry you can't see my blog any more - waauuugghhhhh! I don't know what the deal is - it looks normal to me. Hmmm - I have no idea. Good luck with 007 - sweet dreams hon :-)

uttara said...


u backkkkkkkkkkkkkk
u know wat me n ishi had called u . .i had a wonderfullllllll new year this time with gr8888 couple ISHI N RAJIV... they r such a sweetheart man i don't have words to describe.. anyway .. afta 12:00am we all went to mala's place n had a blasttt there tooo

MISSED u n raj soooooo much man wish u guys wer here tooo...

u look gogeous!!!

Anonymous said...

keshi dear...well my net connection will b back once they repair the underwater cables somewhere near taiwan. And since im jobless now..i am lazy...very lazy...

Hey...when r we going to c the rest of the snaps of the babes?

Jewel Rays said...

lol...James bond sure is as hot as a sex

Lera said...

Heyy! Happy New year my dear lovely Keshi! May you have a great year with all your wishes coming True :)your pictures are absolutely stunning :)))have a great week ahead!

s0ul said...

heyyy kesh!! wish u a brilliant brand new 2007! this one sure looks hotter by the minute.. am takin off to new york tmo for 10 days to be with a friend and im excited as hell!! loved ur pics.. u look gorgeous! :D and so does ur sis.. looks like u had a blast.. well wht better way to usher in the new yr huh? :)
well take care n hav fun swty.. will ketchup soon!!


Anonymous said...

Keshi said...

hmm Southy there's no such post in ur blog :(


10:36 AM

southpaw said...

Its very much there open my page, its the 4th post from the bottom.

10:48 AM

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey !

great snaps !!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy new yeaaaar!! :D

Ahemmm! Someone's had a blast this season!!

I had a great time wid family and frnds too...didnt wanna get bak to work!! :(

Btw, lookin grrrr8! ;)

Take care sweets, n have a vunderrrphull year ahead!! Cheers!

KaraMia said...

aw, loved the pics on this, you guys look so happy

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Keshi...
n cool picx ya...

azuka said...

Welcome back Keshi, and Happy New Year.

Lol at kissing 007...

PrAcHi said...

Yayyyyyyy.. you are back!! I missed you. I am so happy. :)

Oh my my.. I can imagine what kinda fun you must have had. Seems you had a bash!! Cool pics… Post some more.. Btw, no pics of those hottie cousins this time? :D.

Lol at 007. Just loved you called it 007. I never thought of that. Hope this year will give you everything what you are looking for and will have some more breaks like this in Syd or NZ!

Anonymous said...

seems like you had a gala time over there..hope you have a great year ahead!!

The Grunt said...

I come back to so many lovely pictures of you, Keshi. My 2007 is already off to a ripping start!

Known Stranger said...

hi happy new year. how you been doing

Anonymous said...

Damn this stupid conn.

Welcome back K-Bomb. Nice pics ;) The 007 write sure was something.

Anonymous said...

Thnaks for telling about Anu. Her absence sure is disturbing. MAy she rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

i dont no about u guys
but i tink keshi will look hott in a sari

the type shilpa shetty wears

musings (m000nie) said...

kookieeeeeeeee... ohhh happy new year...... y rnt u in mumbai??... the other day i was thinking how much more fun we'd have had if u were here too... girl.. we rocked this place.. hehe

nice to hear u had so much fun.. will ask z00nie to send u the pics..

hes here.. do u know that?.. dad is kinda ill.. had 2 heart attacks :(((.. hes fine now though.. do pray for him...

ohh n nice pic.. i loved the white dress... whoaaa hot..

Analia said...

WoW!! hey here, can you see me? I'm under the other 90 something messages LOL
I hope you can find me!!
Thanks for visiting my page :)
I see you have many friends here girl, you must be a great person!! I'll come back xoxoxo

trinitystar said...

You seem to be back on form.
You are very beutiful ... have fun ... love and joy to you.
Great photographs ... amazing place Oz land.
hugs for you.

Neers said...

heyyy Kesh... have great fun! and have great year! and i loved the fun of ths post!! :)

Anonymous said...

hi keshi
the pics in the post show it all..that u had a rocking time.
and u look great.
saw those firework at sydney harbour in the news and it was indeed breathtaking.
have a great year ahead

Anonymous said...

hey..came to wish u a happy new year keshi!! hugs!!

starry nights said...

Good to see you back Keshi.looks like you had a blast.Nice pictures and you are so pretty.Love the one near the water. Your right about not makeing new year resolutions because nobody ever keeps them. I just take each day as it comes and try to live it the best I can.cannot take things for granted. Happy new year to you and your family.

Sush said...

Happy New year to you Keshi... the pics are cool.. it looks you have enjoyed to the core..

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Keshi, you were truly missed during your Christmas break.
I missed your wonderful posts full of life and positive thoughts.

Thank you for posting these pics.
I know if I saw Paris Hilton and you in the same room I would go straight to the prettiest girl in the room and that would be you.

Let's hear if for 007, wishing you love, peace and happiness.

Anonymous said...

So you had a lot of fun huh? I envy you..I was stuck in my exams..
Happy new year!!!

P.S. What happened in 2003?

--Sunrise-- said...

Happy New Year to you too!

And hey, fab pics...

but... what kind of a Christmas is it down under??!! Sunny?? aaahhh I'm so jealous... it neither rained nor 'sunned' here... ahhh man... :(

BTW, do you watch Neighbours? LOL...

Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like a great start to 007. :-) Especially midnight by harbour bridge! Good to have you back though.
Happy Thursday, hugs, x

The Phoenix said...

Great pics! Looks like you had such fun.

Keshi said...

Thumbelina sweetie Im waiting for all ur lovely pics :)


hehe Southy :):)


Soj why no comments? awww :(


KK all those smiles r especially for ya cos u said I dun smile much. I really did think of ya when we took some of those pics :)



I so wanna come to ur blog but each time I do, it freezes my PC. I had the same issue with Southy's blog and then he later found out that the cause was his shoutbox. D u have any additional/new plug-ins like that on ur page?


Uttsy HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ my swt hrt! I knew it that u guys were having loads of fun that nite cos I cud hear more voices at the back of that msg LOL! There was a male voice saying 'its the New Year already in Aus'...who was that? :)

awww how lucky u r to meet Ish and Rajiv!!! Im so J :( I so wanna visit all of u soon!


Ghosty thats good.

More pics will follow dude...hang ten :) Hey and what abt ur pics???



** sure is as hot as a sex pistol

mebbe even hotter than a sex grenade LOL!


Lera ty my dear and same to ya HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


Purnima awww ur leaving :( I'll miss ya...but NY WOW! I wish I was there with ya. Have a blast and be bakk soon babez.


Southy I got it ty! :)


Deepz ty!


Mirage thats good to hear u had a great time. I know I didnt wanna go to work either LOL!

U have a terrific year too babez HUGGGGGGZ!


Karamia tnxxx hun!


Dh@v@ TY! :)


LOL Azuka ty!



hehe the hottest cuz didnt come to Syd this time. Did u mean Anu? Or did u mean my male cousins? :):)


Matty tnxxx!


Grunty heyy ty!

**. My 2007 is already off to a ripping start!

Really? WOW thats great to hear :)


KS hey ty! I've been well and u?


John now Im a bomb? LOL tnxxx! Hows ur holiday going mate? Im sure ur having good fun.


B WC! Yes I feel so sad for Anu too. I didnt know her b4 my friend Vikas told me abt her. Then I went and read her blog and got to know all her friends. She was an angel on Earth who touched so many hearts.


Saby-in-burkha heyy!

**but i tink keshi will look hott in a sari

I luv the saree too. I wore a red chiffon saree last week for a friends' Haldi ceremony. I'l put up some pics later on. :)

Wut kinda saris does Shilpa wear?


m000nie HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! I missed u all so very much! I know the whole blogger gang is in Mumbai right now. How wonderful!

**we rocked this place.. hehe

Definitely! I mean imagine all of these bright, caring, loving, smart and sexy bloggers getting together on NYE? What can be more ROCKING than that!! I want to see pics ok?? Im dying to see all of u together.

Yeah I know z000nie's dad is not well. I saw his blog post only 2 days ago and I emailed him. I hope his dad is keeping well now. I prayed for him at my prayer centre last night.

ty m000nie u have a beautiful day! And dun forget the pics plz :)


WC to the jungle Analia! I sure can see u darl :)

LOL my blog sure looks like a jungle many ppl and they all seem like so many trees, flowers, wonderful animals, rocks, rivers and wutnots. Im very happy when Im in my blog and I thank God for all u lovely ppl here.

tnxxx and we catch up soon ha HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


ty Trinity HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! Hope u had a wonderful NYE too.


Neers babe MWAHHHHHHHH and TY!


Kavya ty! :) I hope u had a blast too.


ty Ego ur so sweet!


Starry Huggggggggggz!

**Love the one near the water.

me too...I love Water so much.

I know...a day is hard enough to get a whole year's resolutions can be unrealistic. I have learned to live one day at a time too.

ty hun!


Sush ty! And I hope u had fun too :)


aww Top_Cat I missed ya too! Nothing like being with all of u here. I hope u had a good break too.

**I know if I saw Paris Hilton and you in the same room I would go straight to the prettiest girl in the room and that would be you.

U telling me the truth? :) Im sooo lucky to hear something like this from a guy. Cos so many guys r so crazy abt Paris Hilton hehehe. Tnxxx mate ur so sweet!


Pranay hey ty and WB after exams :) Im sure u did em well.

What happened in 2003? Something Im unable to speak abt here :( Im so sorry. But I know someday I'll get the strength to share it with all of u too. Im sure that day will come.


Sunrise hey ty!

yeah I used to watch Neighbors LOL! But now Im a 'Home and Away' fan hehehe.

Down Under Christmas is warm and sunny and in Barbie style :) We even have own Aussie version of Jingle Bells. Check it out:

Dashing through the bush,
in a rusty Holden Ute,
Kicking up the dust,
esky in the boot,
Kelpie by my side,
singing Christmas songs,
It's Summer time and I am in
my singlet, shorts and thongs

Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,
Christmas in Australia
on a scorching summers day, Hey!
Jingle bells, jingle bells, Christmas time is beaut!,
Oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty Holden Ute.

Engine's getting hot;
we dodge the kangaroos,
The swaggie climbs aboard,
he is welcome too.
All the family's there,
sitting by the pool,
Christmas Day the Aussie way,
by the barbecue.

Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,
Christmas in Australia
on a scorching summers day, Hey!
Jingle bells, jingle bells, Christmas time is beaut!,
Oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty Holden Ute.

Come the afternoon,
Grandpa has a doze,
The kids and Uncle Bruce,
are swimming in their clothes .
The time comes 'round to go,
we take the family snap,
Pack the car and all shoot through,
before the washing up.

Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,
Christmas in Australia
on a scorching summers day, Hey!
Jingle bells, jingle bells, Christmas time is beaut!,
Oh what fun it is to ride in a rusty Holden Ute.



Keshi said...

Mwahhh Autumn ty! I hope u had a gran NYE too :)

oh and I missed ya!


ty Phoenix! :)


The Phosgene Kid said...

Wow,look at all the beautiful women! Aim higher on your resolutions, shoot for at least the end of May!!

Glad you had a great New Years and thanks for sharing the pictures, looks like a good time was had by all!!!

Dawn....सेहर said...

Hey dear...A very Happy and Healthy New Year 007 ;)
I was glad to see all the pics and yes the fun you had with your family and friends!
I had a getaway too with some friends and got really good pampering treatment ;)

May the year be more fun and frolic...
Muuaaaah to my dear sis...HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS
cheers always

sharda said...

happy new year Keshi!
You look amazingly great.And what a witty way to write about your new Mr 2007.I liked it

Keshi said...

TY Phos :) Hope u had a good one too.



**I had a getaway too with some friends and got really good pampering treatment

thats great to hear. Share some pics na :)

Have a FANTASTIC NY Dawny!


Sharda hey ty sweetie HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! :)


Anonymous said...

wowwww!!! Happy New Year Kesh muaaahh!! ^_~

... seems u really had a blast huh?!! :) coooool!! am simply luvin' the pics. dear.... what a gorgeous family u have awwwwwww!!

Wishin' u all the best in life and loads loads of happiness!

luv ya here always!!


Anonymous said...

Shilpas saris show complete middle
with navel the focus of attention

Anthony Arojojoye said...

Definitely mine wasn't as eventful as yours.

You disappointed me with the post as it continued. I thought you were gonna talk about this hot guy........

amitsinha said...

Hey beautiful pics and beautiful cousins . heheh .. god bless u and ur cousins..heheh sorry for praising ur cousins so much , but they r really attractive like u. and hey that smart boy missed something in life , coz u didnt rented him..he is still w8ing for u ..j go and grab him...wish u a long and happy life dear buddy.

Keshi said...

tnxx Kath HUGGGGGGGGGZ! I wanna see ur pics too :)


Saby my naval aint as sexy as Shilpa's btw LOL! I have a wobbly tummy :)


Anthony no such luck :(


Amit awww ty! ;-)

yeah that guy is a real loser LOL!


Anonymous said...

lol...hop on a kangaroo? hehhe, we only have cows here:p but would sure love to come to OZ world once:)

Keshi said...

LOL Yash ok then hop on a cow until u cross the Indian ocean and then hop on a roo from Perth and come to Syd :):)


Twisted DNA said...

Oh boy, where do I start!

" He is none other than the brandnew year 2007"
Phew! For a minute there you broke hundreds of hearts :D

"they couldn't stop my dancing. Dun wanna share those pics cos I was over the top with my moves people jeeeez you dun wanna see em!"
Of course everybody wants to see them ;)

The pics are wonderful as usual. Your pic in white dress is the best. The hair, the dress, the lighting ... everything is perfect.

Keshi said...

DNA heyy! :)

**For a minute there you broke hundreds of hearts

How d u know abt other hearts? Did I break ur's? ;-)

no ways ur not gonna see me boogying LOL!

**pic in white dress is the best.

ty :) My mum didnt like that top...she thought I was revealing too much hehe.


ghee said...

nice pics as usual,Keshi!
I love the pose near the sea. ;)

its really nice to have some getaways,right?

Keshi said...

sure is Ghee, tnxxx! :)


T.Irshad said...


It's Irshad here. I was just googling about Yvonne Johansson and found your site. Very well maintained blog and one of the best blogs I've come across.


Keshi said...

WC Irshad n ty!