Thursday, March 22

A Greek Escape

Can you guess which one is me in this pic? duhh there's enough evidence LOL! I'm one of the 3 girls here and the others are 2 of my dearest and nearest friends (this pic was taken on a Winter's night on my bday) - we 3 have been friends for a very long time. No bitching or no back-biting between us. We are the forever kinda friends. The kind that can pick up from where you left last, even if that means we are meeting after a million years. The kind that grow old together. The kind that value each other for who they are and not for what they have. And we don't even have to put in any extra effort to be that way. I guess that's what true friendship is about. Being naturally connected and staying that way without having to try. I miss S and K right now cos they are both far away from me at the moment - physically only, not mentally. God bless all my friends!

Friday question: If you were to catch a taxi right now and go to the airport, and catch any flight to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

For me it would be a flight to Greece. I wanna just forget everything, everyone, every memory from here atleast for a little while and capture the beauty of Greece's blue blue seas and golden sands...I wanna bask in it's serenity and live a world away from some haunting memories. I wanna get away to a place where I have noone telling me I should live the way they want me to or speak what they prefer to hear. Everyone is a control-freak. Is anyone out there perfect? If you are then just make sure you record yourself in the Guinness Book. Is it really that difficult to leave others alone without having to flaunt your selfishness on them? I wanna just be. Just Greece, the sea and me.

Have a good one guys!

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Azuka said...

If I were to go anywhere, it'd be back home ASAP. Haven't seen my family in over a year, but I'm ashamed to admit the only reason I want to go back home is to enjoy mom's cooking ;-).

Margie said...

Hi Keshi
You are the first blog I have visited this very busy!
Even though I'm taking a break from blogging...I just wanted to say "hi" Sweetie, and wish you a fantastic weekend.
Greece sure sounds good to me...can I come along?
Actually I think I would catch a flight to The Island of Majorca in Spain...I was there once with my hubby, and we had the most amazing was before we were married, and I want to go back there so badly...someday, we will.
It was the most romantic vacation I have ever been on...the beaches were sooooo beautiful!

Well, I'm heading out with Jake to my son's ballgame.
Got to run!
Miss you!

Azuka said...

May I add, first one on the right is Keshi. I won't tell you how I know [if I'm right]...

Shionge said...

Yo Keshi! True friends are so hard to come by and I'm glad I've a few just like you too :)

Yet to visit Greece and would be a great idea to enjoy the blue sky & clear sea :)

Have a great weekend Keshi :)

Priya said...


If I catch the flight to go anywhere in the world -- my home town in India. I miss them coz love them and my heart lives ther and haven't visited for a long time.

Menchie said...

Ok, I have a one track mind these days so I know you won't be surprised at my answer. I would go where Gerard Butler is so I can have dinner with him!

George said...

Hi Keshi ... There are so many places I would love to go but one of the one that is at or near the top of my list is Morocco.

Globescoper said...

Hi Keshi


We have two flights we will be taking in April. After those trips, it will be home to stay for a while.

Have a good weekend!



Jewel Rays said...

***The kind that can pick up from where you left last, even if that means we are meeting after a million years.

:)I have this kinda friends. and its always a blast indeeds!! to catch up!:D

***Is anyone out there perfect? If you are then just make sure you record yourself in the Guinness Book.


***Friday question: If you were to catch a taxi right now and go to the airport, and catch any flight to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would probably go to africa to help the third world countries especially in the area of children . At this moment and point of time, this would be the place i feel like going. I just want to do myself a favour and love somebody. yeah..i think it would be a joy to experience such a jouney...


Jay said...

I would go to England, Scotland, Norhtern Ireland and Ireland. I wander through all the villages. Hang out with the locals at the pubs and listen to them tell their stories and sing their songs and maybe attend a football match.

Then I'd go to the towns in England and Northern Ireland that my great grandparents are from and wander around there. I'd go to the addresses that I know for people and see what's there now.

Steph said...

Oh snap! I'm DYING to go to Greece. It's been on my travel wish list forever!

Kathy said...

** If you were to catch a taxi right now and go to the airport, and catch any flight to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? **

... definitely in India ^_^ and it shud be w/ ya... we will meet our friends there and we'll have a blast! lol!!! ^_^ isn't that cool?? awww....

enjoy weekend sweetie!! muaahh!

luv ya!


Kathy said...

... oops ur question... Can you guess which one is me in this pic? i think the 1st one from right?? (one w/ heart necklace) aww is it? m just lookin' at the big....?? ^_^ sorry if i'm wrong lol! coz the middle one seems havin' the same... hehe! ;)

... sent u mail sweetie and its ok if u reply anytime when ur totally free na... its not that important thing to rush thats why! ;);)
... was just feelin' dumb w/ that Youtube thingy lol!! ^_^

enjoy lunch... muaahh!!

divya said...

"home" and no second doubts about that one..get back to delhi and i will feel like a different person..meeting my family after a year being all tht matters now!!

Divian said...

I'd relish a vacation in Paris or Italy. I have always wanted to take a train across the European countryside. Snapping pictures of the beautiful and historical castles, the wondrous greens of the fields...having Beignets in Paris, shopping for jewelry in Italy...

It would be so fab!

Nadim said...

are you the one on the right? i was tempted to say the middle one...hehe.. for reasons i cant disclose...

i would lovvveee to fly 'neverland' but i am not sure they run flights to neverland!
so i guess i will settle for 'far far away land'! oh wait! i doubt theres any flight service to there either!
hmmm... i hope they have flights to NZ atleast!

Rex Venom said...

For some reason your post just made me really hungry!
Rock on!

Amey said...

Watched "Sisterhood of Travelling Pants"? It has some great Greek scenes...

Junius said...

u r that red gurl arnt u? hehe very easy its was...
i didnt read the post :D!!

Aditi said...

chicago.. hands down would be chicago

Sugarlips said...

Having good friends is a blessing :)
God bless u all :)

Hmmm Keshi I'll go in my sweetheart's embrace ;)

Stay Beautiful...!

Southpaw unplugged said...

The one on the right side is def cuz anu, the one on the left i m def sure its not u so i'll go with the one in the middle.

If you were to catch a taxi right now and go to the airport, and catch any flight to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?***I'll catch a flight to delhi, go to my uncle's place where i hv kept my car, fill up the tank and head towards Laddakh, the weather's gonna be like hell but who cares once u reach there,camp along the pangong lake with the mighty himalayas all ard u, not many ppl ard to fuck ur brains royally and u can just be within urself in peace.

david santos said...

Hi keshi
visited Greek? Greek is fantastic!
I love Greek.
Have a great weekend

fergal said...

hi keshi.
i think u r NOT waering a red top in that pic!? ;-D

i would go to Bhutan.

i lived & worked on a greek island for 6 months (that was 14 years ago ...) - it was great; and i'll gop back someday ... it's been too long!


deepsat said...

out here even if i get a taxi, the traffic is so dense that by the time i reach the airport, all the flights would have left. and then the taxi driver might rob me too as an added caveat!!

so i better stay put till my time comes!! LOL!!

Elina said...

Hi Keshi,

Wow.. U've got 2 great friends! So do i.. One is from my Scondary School.. The other is from my Poly.. :)

**Friday question: If you were to catch a taxi right now and go to the airport, and catch any flight to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

- I wanna go to Gold Coast! I wanna see the lovely beach and the lovely sea.....!!! At the beach, i can really rest & relax 100%! :)

- If the plane could take me somewhere tat is not on the World Map, i wanna go and find my Grandma and tell her how much i missed her!

Btw, i have changed my blog template! HeHe! I love it lots!!


Cuckoo said...

Remember, in one of your posts I told you I would take you to Greece. So thats my fav too. :)

You are 1st one from the right with heart pendant ? Though the middle one is also in competition. ;)

uttara said...

hmm u r the one in red top

btw wats with showing ur boobs there??

**If you were to catch a taxi right now and go to the airport, and catch any flight to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

i have no idea but i have been telling a close friend i want to get away from all this *F***ing* mess


but all alone!!

**God bless all my friends!

u too hun!!

**The kind that can pick up from where you left last, even if that means we are meeting after a million years

hehe i too have such friends :):):)

Sig said...

Ohhh...this couldn't have come at a better time - ok so the loony bin might not have 5-star treatment and may be booked until the summer guess I'd go to Sri Lanka. It's the home of my soon-to-be and I hear it has beautiful beaches and temples as well.

Have a great weekend Keshi :)

Alex said...


If i had the money too, then i would probably take a trip to Amsterdam. ;)

Anonymous said...

the one with the beegest boobs is u

Anonymous said...

Simple, California
my girl lives there

Mr. J said...

Can you guess which one is me in this pic?

What is the evidence Kesh :P

You must be the one in the middle me thinks.

And if I had to catch any flight... i'll perhaps take the first flight that departs.. where ever it may take me.

brute said...

happies weeknds :)

di.di said...


My pick would be one in the middle.. and my answer to your Friday question is............... Prague, the fairy tale city..

Kay Vee said...

its strange actually but the first name that came to my mind was Greece. athens to be precise. but that cud be becoz i had a glance at ur post title first!

but if i take a plane right now or ever, id like to go home... dunno where that is. that doesnt mean im living away from home. hav been born and brought up here in mumbai.

now i wudnt mind going to a place like barcelona, germany or france! :D
oh u are the one in red right? at the extreme right?

lee said...

It would be to Canada to see a dear friend of mine who was left wheelchair-bound in an horrific car accident years ago. I would like the chance to tell him I still love him.

Unknown said...

Extreme right...

BTW.. nice boobs!

Poo said...

Hi bebooo ...howz you ? I know its so nice to have such friends... i dont have many actaully its just S and J and J is happily married and settled in chicago which is very far from India ... so we are always in touch with mails.

and S yes you must have read the latest post. Its him. He is very close friend !!! and i really dnt know how long will this friendship be , every body becomes so busy with family and wife and children ...thats nature i think !!! Glad you have close buddies with whom you can share anything.

If you were to catch a taxi right now and go to the airport, and catch any flight to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Well i would prefer to go to Bora Bora Island( If i want to realx) I have heard that this place is the most beautiful place, with blue water, beaches, i would love to watch the sunset. I will go all alone no body with me i will not even take my tensions along with me...... eat, drink and sleep as much as i can..... pamper myself with SPA and pedicure and body massage or Los Vegas (If i want to have fun) will just blow out all the money i will party all night the casinos , the dance, the drive on the high ways ...will watch live shows of ballads and will eat the most expensive Ice creams.

I would live my life to the fullest as if this wr the last days of my life ;))

Poo said...

and in the picture you are the middle one ..... ;))

Take care sweetie and keep glowing.. Enjoy ur weekend

Anonymous said...

if everybody's going by assets, i pick the one in the middle.

a place where i'd like to fly to? umm nowhere at the moment. i'm happy where i am.

Dh@v@! said...

i think u r the one in White....
tell me if i m wrong...

n i would like to go to France

deepthi vinod said...

hmmm thinkin hard,one flight?? only!! man too diffcult Keshi..anways for this year the flight to turkey....

Poo said...

actually keshi list is too long .... catch a flight!!! then that flight should take me everywr

1) Bora Bora Islands
2) Australia
3) Singapore
4) Los Vegas
5) Malaysia
6) Dubai
7) Punjab
8) Newzealand
9) Italy
10) Turkey ... the list is too long
Will that flight take me everywr ??

Akshay V said...

I think you are wearing white in the picture. If I had one ticket to go anywhere in the world, I would choose home. Cant miss such an awesome opportunity now, can I? Also I hope it is a one way ticket :). Have a good weekend Keshi

jac said...

See you in Greece, keshigirl

Anonymous said...

who can it be
the one with mouth watering BIG boobs - white top of course

Jeevan said...

I guess you are the one in Red shirt. right?... Nice to know you practice with your 2 friends for long times. my best wishes for your friendship:)

If you were to catch a taxi right now and go to the airport, and catch any flight to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

If I won’t be flying in the flight it would be the Kodaikanal hill station. If it was to catch a flight and go some were sure it would be there (Australia) to see my lovely Friends Keshi and Thooya who is also from Sydney. It’s my dream to see the Great Ocean side of Melbourne… what a wonder it is!!

desperado said...

where will i go....hmm maybe flow down to Australia to meet you :)

have a grt weekend

Die Muräne said...

Greece is relly very nice. Unfortunately it's full of Greeks ;)

Has to be me said...

Obviously the one in the middle is ya! And it is obvious from what is prominently evident!!! ;)))

If I cld take a flight it wld be to a place where I cn relax n chill & it has to be where there is a lotta natural beauty. Any place that can fit this is fine!

dharmabum said...

u r indeed very lucky to have such friends.

i'd probably go to tasmania? not sure, coz in the interval that i take a taxi and catch a flight, i might just change my mind :)

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

Its not one on the left.....the right seems to have curly hair, i am not sure though....I think its you in the middle..

I would love to catch a flight to andaman islands and spend a whole month in peaceful solitude...

Ekta said...

wld go to hrishikesh and do white water rafting....relive those moments again!

Autumn Storm said...

A million places I would love to go, but it's people I would love to see more than places.

I wanna get away to a place where I have noone telling me I should live the way they want me to or speak what they prefer to hear. Here, here! Amazes me how even people who aren't more than remotely connected to us still seem to would love to have a say in what goes on in not only our lives but our minds. Greece is yet another place, I haven't been. Nice choice - hope you make it there one day in the not to distant future.

Cazzie!!! said...

I would go to Italy, because I have always wanted to go there :)

Asha said...

I think you are in the white!

I would fly to Egypt and wander around Pyramids!!:))

shnaggy said...

hi there keshi,

1.right and then second guess is middle, definitely not the one on the left?
yeah friends are forever, our girlfriends will always be there--mum, granma, sis, aunts,all are girlfriends...

2.i'm tempted to say paris...but for now i'd love to go to afganistan and help the women and children who have been war torn for many many years...then have a side trip to india...

shnaggy said...

and oh, have you seen "sisterhood of the traveling pants"? it's about girlfriends and also a bit of greece.

btw, i love sultans of swing!!!

St. Dickeybird said...

3-part comment...
1. Put your beautiful face back into that pic! I'm guessing you're in the middle.

2. Friends like that are a reason to live. You have room to grow, and for them to grow with you.

3. I'd be headed to the south coast of Spain, where my godmother has offered me her condo to reset myself after this horrible marriage break-up. If I didn't need to work, I'd be there hibernating for a few weeks.

St. Dickeybird said...

... or I'd be off to Australia to hit on an extremely pretty blogger.

ghost particle said...

dang! I wont guess that! And just to pretend are not in the picture...nye nye nye....

Superbestfriends are hard to come by. And if you have a few, its hard to let go. Hearbreaking. :(

I will take d flight and fly of to never never land. Okay, Ill go to Guyana in South America and just hop from one table top mountain to another. Wait for the fog to cover the area, lite up a bonfire and dance around naked. Wohooo... must carry some mosquito repelent.

Little Miss Muffet said...

the forever kinda friends?? aww..ur so lucky :)

Anonymous said...

***Can you guess which one is me in this pic?
- can't make out... all three are equally beautiful ;)
but i think u r first one from the right...

***If you were to catch a taxi right now and go to the airport, and catch any flight to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
- it would be to my home in india. been more than three years since i visited my parents :(

karmic said...

Enjoy your weekend. I would probably go to Spain... Madrid :)

AnonymousBlogger said...

I'm going to guess you are the one in the middle.

Anywhere in the world? Australia. And I'm not saying that because you are there. Well, maybe that is one reason. ;)

I've just always wanted to go to Australia. I will some day.

diyadear said...

i think ur the one in white..(cos ur the b'day gal..
N if i had to gomygr8 escape wud love to be to switzerland!!!!But pl do send me some cash too along with the air tickets :)

GuNs said...

Hey Kesh....

How you doin? I'm on your blog after quite some time now. From that photo, its kinda difficult to guess who you are even with the "hint" that you talk about but looking at the postures in that photo, I must say I'd put my money on the one on extreme right in deep red.

As for the second question, I'd probably go to my native place - a tranquil little village in coastal Karnataka with my loved one and spend a rocking vacation there !!

Hey and dont you forget MY blog Kesh.


Anonymous said...


i hate Keshi

Trundling Grunt said...

The beach would be a good place to be. Sun, sand, sand, sun....
St Lucia or somesuch.

Have a good weekend k.

Anthony Arojojoye said...

Whoa. Since it's identification by boobs, you are definitely the one with the greatest boobs. That should be the one with the chain.

Mumbai Guy said...

Anyone out there perfect? Course yes. Me!!


Helen said...

Hey Keshi,

Not even hesitating... Fatu Hiva, just south of the earth's navel. And I'm guessing you are first on the right (red shirt, heart pendant). Take care!!

Neihal said...

I sooooo want to get on some flight.....take me anywhere

on second thoughts I dont want to go alone....and I want to go to South Africa
Beautiful place.

Life said...

well i would like to go to dream place..heaven on earth..mountain covered with ice and green grass showing the way...i would like to land straight their and live rest of my life there any chance keshi ;)

have good weekend

Take Care

krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
You feel blessed.You know what true friendship is about.
I think you are between your two fantastic friends (white blouse).
My dream is to go to Poland even for moment.
Have a magical weekend!

Anonymous said...

hi keshi-chan!!
i missed uuuuu!! i think u are in that white tops. right?? ^^
The pic of Greece is looking awesome!! but im afraid of language barrier.
i would go to AUS and meet u and ur lovely frens kangaroo-chan and wombat-chan!!
have a happyw weekend!

krystyna said...

Thanks for
Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits

gautami tripathy said...

Cherish those friends of yours. I have one very dear friend from last 24 years. We just pick up from nowhere. We are apart but that does not mattter at all.

priti said...

Keshi...good that you have such good friends...blessed are those who have such can have only 1 or 2 like them in a lifetime...and are you the one with red turtle neck with heart-shaped pendant?? :P dream destination Venice...:) a very romantic getaway...a place completely different from all the other places...known for its mode of transportation...and for the very beauty of the place

Neers said...

keshi... ummm... lets say...venice!!
but greece equals it, so...:)

Anonymous said...

i would take the flight homeeeeee sweetie.. :( but no since we're talking fantastical trips. i would take one out to the cayman islands or bali.. heyyyy ur saying greece reminds me of my answer to one of ur questions on the how-much-do-you-know-me quiz.. and i had answered greece.. hehehe.. ;)
have a good weekend hun, my friday was adventurous.. am going to blog abt it now!

Unknown said...

Taxi anywhere in the world, right now would be st petersburg... in Russia..... beautiful city and the cultural capital of Russia...that an i could practice my Russian:)

Not sure which of the three you are.. ill take a stab at the middle one:)

Dire straits are awesome....

Pecos Blue said...

Okay --calm blue seas--I am in--just a place to be without the CF around. I am with you.

Blessed said...

Ahhhhhhhh Greece! How spectactular that would be. Especially Athens. Something about the beauty, the culture, the history, the beginning of civilization. I want to see the Acropolis.
I love Greek food. I went to a Greek Festival once and I enjoyed it so much. The dancing, the music, did I mention the food? Ha Ha!
I bet it would be beautiful. My aunt's husband's brother married a woman from Greece. I love how she cooks, the way she decorated her home. She has lived in the US longer than she lived in Greece and she still has her Greek accent (I think she has tried hard not to lose it!).
What a fabulous place to dream of going.
That, too, is on my list.
But first, as I'm sure you can remember, I want to go to Rome!
And you know what, I know I will one day. This is not just simply a dream. I will make it happen.

Sree said...

i think the one in red :).. and given a chance, would come to Auartalia, 2 see two of my fav things.. of course, Australia and you :)

alice said...

i knew the middle one's u...and i wd go to varanasi in india ..that's where my Nan an granddad used to live an its been over 12 yrs since i went there..they died 12 yrs ago.. :(

Kavi said...

My mind rushes to a quiet place with greenery, and sea side. Nice people who will let you be yourself !

Let me know where i can go ! ;-)

Tarun said...

Nonoe of these?


Nope second question forst.

I think, provided she is with me, I wish to see Moscow, I don't know the exact reason for it, but love to go to Moscow.

Now the first question, from the look of it, one in the center.

Answer awaited along with the "whole" pic.


Take care Gal.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd like to go to New Zealand. The land looks so beautiful at least it did on TV watching Xena:warrior princess.:)
Scotland,Ireland and Italy because of there beautiful countryside, culture and I love Italian food.

Michelle said...

umm ur on the extreme right!

n i know what u mean by the two best glad i have those two best frnds too that i can trust given what my other 'friends' have done to me :)

n it wudn matter where i went...ill do the same thing i do wen i need to 'get away' from everything.The arms of that one person i love :)

Anonymous said...

Greece sounds lovely...Could I go to the Maldives, South of France, Brisbane to meet the Bestie, New York to shop...
Gosh Keshi, I wanna go so many places!!

Anonymous said...

i guess i will go to Tibet.

Expression ! said...

I think u are in the middle.
I would definitely take a flight to India.

Shikha said...

i always wanted to go to greece..but i'll most probably catch a flight to egypt first:)..actually i would like to go to kerala right now..there are more than enuf places i havent seen yet

Harry said...

Hey Keshi...

Hope u r doin well.

If I were to go anywhere, I would prefer to go back to my home asap. Its that since last 9 months thatI havn't met my parents.

Take Care..


Ram said...

**Can you guess which one is me in this pic?

Hmm...after having looked at pics from your earlier posts...i think you are the one in the middle...dunno if i'm right...

**Friday question:

My first choice would be home..Bombay

if I'm at home (Bombay) then it would be Iceland...would be fascinating to just visit the geysers..and the country with second highest human development index.

Keshi said...

Azuka and ur home is?

ur wrong..Im the one in the middle :)


Margie HUGGGGGGGGGZ! I'd love to take ya with me! U'd be the BEST companion ever...if only Im that lucky to have that chance!

Majorca sounds terrific WOW!

My hugs to Jake awwww...

TC and enjoy ur break hun.


ty Shionge!


awww Priya...homeis where ur heart is ha.


Menchi LOL ur hynotised by him now!


George wow Morocco is in my list too!


Bev ur wrong sweetie...Im in the middle :)

2 flights in April, lucky ya!


Amy thats so generous of ya...u wudnt believe it AFRICA was my FIRST ans...I even wrote that down and the reasons were the same as ur's! I was shocked at reading ur reply :)

What changed that to Greece was something else that happened last week..I felt I needed a big BREAK from ppl so it wud have to be Greece...cos if I still went to Africa with that mood last week, then I wudnt be a very cheerful person!

lovely ans from u sweetie, ty!


Jay ur very English roots beckons it ha ;-)



Steph I'd take u along hun.


Kath Im in the middle :) U were close but not quite right hehehe.

India? Cool. Im not sure if I'll come along tho. Cos alot of my friends there seem to have trouble with me and seem to always point fingers at me for some reason for no fault of mine. Im rather sick of that attitude.


Divya home is where ur heart is!


Tasha thats a great choice of places to go to...I'd love to go see Paris and Venice...2 of my fav cities.

btw I cant get to ur blog :(


Nadim Im in the middle :)

Neverland ha...hehehe. NZ is next door to me...I go there all the time.


SaffronSaris said...

Haha, great minds think alike, eh?
I vote Greece too, Athens more specifically. I need to start somewhere, and Athens is the logical choice.
I'm still soooooo regretting why I didn't insist we extend our trip to Athens. It's probably like a hour's flight away from Istanbul!

Keshi said...

Rex lol!


Fleiger yeah i've seen it :)


Endevourme na Im in the middle :)


Aditi u love Chicago ha? wow muct be a cool place.


hehe Suga ur so sweet!


South yeah im the one in the middle. Cuzn Anu isnt in that pic. These r my best friends.

Himalayas is a great choice.


Kalimera Dave ;-)


fergal u got that right...Im the one in Beige :)

Bhutan is a great choice!


LOL Deepz good one!


hey Thumbee!

I've been to Gold Coast...lovelt beaches and sunshine all day long!

** wanna go and find my Grandma and tell her how much i missed her!



Cuckoo u did say that too :)

Im in the middle yes hehehe.


Uttara Im in the middle.

Getting away from the mess involves alot of work from within outselves too.


Silvara I had no idea Evs was from SL. He comes from my birth country then ha cool!

SL is a beautiful beaches and exotics resorts for a romantic getaway...the country side and central SL are the best places to be. Colombo is just too busy and chaotic! Traffic sucks big time.

btw dun go there yet...there r alot of terrorists issues in SL right now. They even bombed the Colombo airport base this morning. SO its not safe at all right now.


Alex Amsterdam is a great choice!


Anony and that is?

California is cool!


Johno r spot on...Im in the middle hehehe.

Just anywhere? wow!


Brute ty!


Diva yeah Im in the middle :)

Prague wud be in my list too. Great choice!


Keshi said...

Shitrint heyy hows u sweetie?

** barcelona, germany or france

Some HOT choices there.

Im not the one in red...alot of ppl thought so too. But Im the one in the middle :)


Lee heyy!

**I would like the chance to tell him I still love him.

awww thats so special Lee! Im sure he knows that anyways.


Icedude na Im the one in the middle LOL!



Im glad u have someone like S with ya.

**Bora Bora islands

yes I've seen a doucmentary on Bora Bora Islands on TV..its absolutely HEAVEN! Clear blue waters and pure white sands...just WOW!

**pamper myself with SPA and pedicure and body massage or Los Vegas

hehe cute.

and yes Im the one in the spot on!

WOW u have a very long list there LOL! I'd say just take around-the-world flight hunny :).

ty sweetie!


Pravin by assets ha LOL! ur spot on...Im in the middle.

u dun wanna go anywhere? WOW then I should be where u r cos it sounds like the happiest place to be. HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


heyy Dh@v@ yes Im in the middle :)

France is a superb place to go on a break!


Deepthi I'd wanna go there too...cos thats where my best friend S is right now.


Akshay u miss home that much ha...awww..

yes Im the one in the middle :)


Keshi said...

Jac see ya then ;-)


Anony ur right Im in the middle hehe.


Jeevan Kodaikanal hill station wud be lovely!

U wanna see Syd too...awww. And the Great Ocean Drive of Mel is just awesome! I hope some day u get to see all of these places.


Desperado wow that wud be just great! :)


Murane u cheeky boi hehehe.


LOL Has_to_be_me yes Im the one in the middle.

yeah that sounds like an awesome place to be. ty!


Dharma Tassy is an awesome choice.

ok say u changed ur mind..then where wud it be? :)


Ganesh ur logic is pretty perfect...Im the one in the middle :)

**andaman islands

thats where I wanna be too right now...away from PEOPLE!


Ekta hey hows u sweetie?


heard alot abt this place. Must be a lovely experience.


Autumn hey hows u?

**it's people I would love to see more than places.

true...I wanna meet new ppl and new faces..ppl who dunno nothing abt me and ppl who wudnt try and make me their clown.

tnxx sweetie!


Caz Buon giorno principessa! ;-)


Asha ur spot on Im the one in the middle.

Egypt n the Pyramids wud be a magical experience!


Shnaggy ur 2nd guess was correct :)


what a noble choice.


Dickeybird hey take me to Spain with ya..cos I just adore that place.

**Put your beautiful face back into that pic

hehe. well ur right...Im in the middle. Amazing how u figured that out considering the fact that u havent been on my blog for too long. Cos some ppl who have been here longer than u and have seen my many pics cudnt guess it right.

hit on me anytime mate...I dun have to be near ya right ;-)


Ghosty heyy ur wrong...I am infact in the pic and Im in the middle :)

**Guyana in South America

sounds cool!

Dance ard naked? LOL!


Miss.Muffet WC n tnxx!


DJ Im in the middle :)

u havent seen ur parents in more than 3yrs? WHOAAAAAAAAAA! Catch a flight during ur next break and plz go see em. Work/studies really dun matter all that much when it comes to parents/family.


Sanjay Spain is one other favs of mine...I'd love to go see Seville.


AB ur spot on mate, Im in the middle :)

**Well, maybe that is one reason

awwwwwwwwwww I'd love it if u came ova. HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

And then we can talk abt Shawna all day long :):)


Diya ur guess was perfect...Im in the middle :)


Lovely choice!


Gunz aww nah I havent forgotten u at all...


wow nice choice. I'd love to visit there too.

And ur guess was wrong..hehe Im in the middle ;-)


Anony lol my deepest condolences!


Trundz heyy!

**St Lucia

Sounds very relaxing!


Keshi said...

Anthony heyy!

**you are definitely the one with the greatest boobs. That should be the one with the chain.

LOL Im the one in the middle mate. So does that mean my boobs r less attractive...awwwwwww SOBBBBBBBBBBZ!


MG ur perfect...alright then :):)


Helen hey hows u hun?

**Fatu Hiva

wow sounds like heaven!

nah sweetie Im the one in the middle :)


hello Neihal!

**South Africa

wud be great. I'd love to go on a safari too.


Vikas thats an awesome choice!


Krys ur right Im in the middle...WELL DONE!

Poland wud be lovely!

And Im glad u like the song.



**kangaroo-chan and wombat-chan!!

LOL aww so cute! How abt Koala-chan and wallaby-chan? :)

yessss u guessed it right too...Im the one in the middle :)


Gautami thats great to know.


Priti Venice is on my list too!

And Im the one in the middle :)


Neers heyy!

Venice is just LOVELY.


Purnima hugggggggz!

**cayman islands or bali..

wow nice choice babez. I'm not sure abt Bali tho only cos of the recent terrorism and drug issues they have.

ok tell me abt ur Friday...cant wait to hear! :)


Zdravstvuite Aidan! WB :) I missed ya. How did it all go?

**St Petersberg

wud be lovely! My best friend from Uni was a Russian chick - Natalia. She's back there now. Some day I'd go visit her.

And ur spot on...Im in the middle :)


Pecos ty!


Blessed u know Italy is in my list too...boy o boy I think I have too many places to visit now LOL!

**She has lived in the US longer than she lived in Greece and she still has her Greek accent (I think she has tried hard not to lose it!).

LOL awww cute. Greek ppl r so very interesting. The culture is rich and oyeah the food is YUMMY! The sweets OMG!


Sush Im in the middle :)

awwwwww I'd love to see u too!


Alice how nice to see u here after a along time. HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

U guessed it right...Im in the middle hehe.


read alot abt Varanasi (sometimes pronounced as Baranasi) in Buddhism books. I'd love to visit India for that purpose...the purpose of seeing places where Lord Buddha influenced. Im so sorry abt ur grandparents...HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Kavi I'd suggest u come along to Greece with me :)


Tarun ur wrong...Im in the pic and Im in the middle :)

Moscos wud be lovely. One of good friends is there.


Rick NZ is just green and fresh and gorgeous!

Ireland, Sctoland and Italy r a great choice too!


Michi Im in the middle :)

wow nice way to go on a quick getaway!


Geet yeah even I have an unbelievably long list of places lol!


KAP Tibet wud be an awesome spiritual journey.


SM yes Im in the middle :)

India wud be great.


Shikha heyy!

Egypt is one of my favs too. Kerala is also in the list :)


Harry hey hows u? Long time.

Home wud be lovely.


Rama yes ur right Im in the middle...good guess! :)

Bombay wud be nice to visit.

**and the country with second highest human development index.

wut does that really mean? Plz explain. tnxx!


Keshi said...

Saffy I guess God left it for u to travel with me to Athens ;-) and the Crete Islands.


Stace said...

God, where would I start?! Very high on the list right now is anywhere in Russia - Vladivostock, Moscow, or St Petersburg for starters. There is too much in the world to narrow down my big list, though!!! I guess I'll get everywhere eventually :)

Akshay V said...

Keshi.. yea even you would miss home that much if you have been living alone for more than 6 byears.. :(

Jewel Rays said...

:) Hello Keshi

Great minds think alike eh..;)


Mr. J said...

Oohh.. seems like my eyes are still good... at the 'evidence' :P

San Nakji said...

Looking good there Keshi! :D

Greece is one of my most favourite countries in the world. Not the islands though. The Peloponese is where to go. It's amazing there.

Aditi said...

nope .. its not that i love chicago but i do love chicago..
chicago is home.. tis where my family is

Keshi said...

Stace heyy!

**Vladivostock, Moscow, or St Petersburg

wow cool. I Aidan wants to go there too. U 2 can learn more Russian and come bakk here n boast ha? :)


awww Akshay...I did live away from home and away from my mum for more than 6yrs.


aha Amy :)


LOL Johno ur quite analytical!


Nakji heyy!


sounds quite exotic.


o yeah how cud I forget Aditi :)


Akshay V said...

So why did you have to be away from your mom for more than 6 years?

Anonymous said...

yippie! thank u keshi-chan
yeahh i thought the middle one is sexy!!
and that white is image of u :D
oh koala-chan will be the first thing i want to see lol

Nadim said...

damn me! i underestimated you!

Keshi said...

Akshay that was when I was studying at Uni...




LOL Nadim its ok :)


Dawn said...

am late...but I think u r in white in the center......what say dear???


Keshi said...

ur spot on Dawny! U know me well..both in n out :)


madelyn said...

i loved Santorini and would love to go back -
but India has stolen my heart truly now -
and every chance i get -

that is where is will go:)

lovely pix of Greece - is it in Santorini?

Keshi said...

Sophie yeah that's Santorini!

HUGGGGGGGGGZ I missed ya...will be in ur blog soon.


Ram said...

****and the country with second highest human development index.

**wut does that really mean? Plz explain. tnxx

It is used to qualify the quality of human life in a particular country. A measure of how developed a country is, and the standard of living. etc.

Check out this wikipedia link.

Anonymous said...

oh no nothing happened to Paul - his work got a tribute

Dalicia said...

it will be awesome to go there! hope you'll make it there soon!!!!

Shiva said...

Keshi, just reminds me of how Taj Mahal's marble domes were designed.

Keshi said...

oh ok RamaG ty!


Nasra tnxx :)


heyy Dalicia :)


Shiva ty!

**Keshi, just reminds me of how Taj Mahal's marble domes were designed.

what made u think of that?


Shiva said...

May be the chief architect of the Taj knows it better. It took a real great effort for him to bring out the designed as specified by Shajahan.

Keshi said...

aha :)


Keshi said...

Anonymous I got ur comment saying that Im so full of myself...I accidentally rejected it..LOL Sorry...mebbe God knew where that comment should be - in the trash.

Bet ur jealous ha? :) U get over your sad self mate. Then everyone will be happy with each other.


--Sunrise-- said...

Uh, the one on the right? Not sure at all... :S

And - Italy. I miss sunshine, and culture... bloody England.

Keshi said...

Im in the middle Sunrise :)

Italy wud be just LOVELY!


S m i t h a said...

LOL! first u put a pic with two girls trying to grope something behind your back & then u say u want to go to Greece!! very funny indeed.
just in case u didn't intend the subtle connection: Greeks are known to accept gays.
and i guessing u r the one in the middle.. cleavage.. also ladies try to look like angels on their b'day and red does not do the trick!

Keshi said...

**Greeks are known to accept gays.

LOL cmon not only Greeks. The whole world acceps em now dun we :)

Im the bday girl here and I aint wearing red am I? :)


S m i t h a said...

everyone accepts gays now.. but Greeks were the first to do so. from Achilles to Alexander & Aphrodite to Irene Skliva are all known for their bisexuality. hence the connection.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

i wud go bck to italy lol

u the third one?? in maroon?

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

my right it is

Keshi said...

k Mathi but I aint bisexual neither am I les.

:) Im pretty straight.


nah Cheesy Im in the middle :)