Tuesday, March 6

Um Ba Ba Bay

Just yakking here about my very tragic life. Guess what happened on Sat guys? Nah I wasn't in some terrible car accident and I'm not blogging from hospital with my whole body bandaged like a Mummy and my feet still wearing those sexy stilettos. Now hang ten till I tell you what happened. Well on Sat some friends came over to spend the whole day at my place. Since I live 10mins away from the beach, after lunch we all drove down to the beach...it was really nice weather and the beach looked sizzling HOT. So we walked along the shore on the water and that was really nice. I enjoyed it like a kid would (but then who said I'm not a kid ha). Now are you thinking some deranged Stingray got my foot or some cranky Crab bit my toe? Not at all, just wait a little bit more to hear what really happened ok. We were hanging out at the beach till about 9pm...cos the weather was awesome. And cos my mum, aunt (from NZ) and sis joined us only around 8pm. Anyways later on we were getting hungry and we headed home. On the way back my friend S brought up a very 'smart' idea - yeah the smartest ever. Since S and I are quite sensitive to Alcohol and won't take more than 2 drinks at a party, S thought that it would be fun to get heavily-drunk and see how we react to alot of alcohol - just for the heck of it you know. I was game for it cos I really wanted to test my alcohol-potential being the crazy dudette that I am. Ok I know it aint a joke but we were gonna do it only just this time and we are both adults and also there was no harm since we were gonna do it in the privacy of our home. So on the way back we bought a big bottle of pure Vodka (Petrovska). We headed home straight and drank glass after glass, 5/6 each, without much of a break in between (with Tonic and lemon ofcourse). What happened after that was an experience in HELL. Nah I didn't die cos if I did die this post should come from a PC in God's Drunk-Girls' Prison Office but this is coming from my office here in Sydney. So chill. I'll soon tell you what happened, just before I nearly died that is.

My mum had no idea we were having 5 glasses each - shhhhh don't tell her now. After the 5th round, S and I started giggling really uncontrollably. My mum and aunt thought we were going a little insane and that we need to be admitted into the nearest mental hospital if possible. But I assured my mum that we were ok...and that we were just laughing at some jokes. And then S went to the kitchen to have her dinner cos she was hungry. I followed her dancing a little bit and then she asked me to have dinner. I wasn't hungry so I didn't have any food (that was a big mistake - not having any food after so much alcohol). S had dinner and we were laughing all the while for no reason. I thought her shorts were funny (when they were not) and kept on pointing at them and laughing. She too laughed non-stop and then it was time for her to go home. So she left with her husband who didn't have any alcohol cos he was driving back that night. What a wonderful husband ha? But he's never seen both of us drunk like this before so he was pretty amused at our dorky behavior. Anyways as soon as they left I hit the bed in those same clothes I was wearing that evening ( I usually don't go to bed without taking a shower and changing). I wanted some real GOOD sleep straight away!

When I went to bed I was still feeling ok though - not sick or anything, just a little tipsy you know. However I woke up in the middle of the night - around 2am feeling like my head has been jig-saw-puzzled and various pieces of it were everywhere on air! Like my brain was near the Dressing-Table styling herself, the skull was floating above my face laughing at me, the grey matter have vanished into thin air, my hair was in some permanent electric shock etc etc. Yes it was that bad. My head was spinning as if it was in some cross country motor-racing competition. I was like WTH is happening to me and where the Hell am I? I was feeling so sick and my head was as heavy as a bus full of Sumo wrestlers and my Eyes seemed to be walking around the corridor singing Sha lala lala - not funny at all Eyes. My body was kind of floating in some distant place perhaps Madagascar. I didn't know what was going on cos I have never gone past 2 drinks before. This was really bad and I thought I'd die that night. I really did wonder if I was dead. Cos it felt like my whole body and mind was in various pieces now, and that I had to catch em all and put em together if I'm to be alive again. Now that would be quite a task ha, I'd rather be dead guys. I felt HORRIBLE. I wanted to vomit but I couldn't and that was even worse. I then wanted to go to the loo - you think I could get up? There was not a chance. For a moment I thought maybe I'll never walk again (I was picturing myself in a purple wheelchair), I was terrified. I somehow had to get my ass off the bed and go to the loo. Cos I could see my Bladder's grave before mine reading 'RIP Keshi's Bladder' - I was busting real bad. But I just couldn't get up! So I reluctantly slept a little bit more and then woke up again after about 20mins. Then I managed to touch the walls and go to the loo...I was swaying between left and right in the corridor as I walked into the toilet (it did feel like a nice dance to do at the next party to the song 'Sway' by Michael Buble). While in the toilet, I was thinking so hard why there was no TV. Bleh!

The next morning was HELL's HELL. I couldn't get out of bed at all...but thank God it was Sunday. Ah ah not so lucky girl...guess what, mum and sis had planned to take my aunt to a far away Buddhist
temple and I had to go too. Damnnnit! It was so hard getting out of bed as I was feeling puking sick and I badly wanted to throw up. But I couldn't even bloody vomit. It was not happening for some reason. I then had black coffee and said a little prayer - something like 'God please let me vomit before I have to call a Help-Me-Vomit doc'. Well God was so mad at me He didn't answer my prayers at all. I had to take a quick shower (hoping I wouldnt' collapse in the shower) and go along with sis, mum and aunt to the temple feeling really sick...yes to the temple, like an alcoholic about to witness God's wrath. Mum blasted me knowing I had 5 drinks that night. I had to somehow tell her that we were on a mission to find out what happens when we are totally trashed and that I dont intend to do it ever again, cos I feel like I've been to HELL and back (though I wasn't so sure if I was back yet). She was like 'you better not do that sort of thing ever again Keshi - it's not a joke, you could have harmed yourself and you look like an idiot now...you bring a bad name to yourself' blah blah blah. I was like ok ok mum I'm not a baby and I know what I'm doing and it was ONLY for fun etc etc. In the car it was another kind of HELL altogether. Cos I was seated at the front while my sis drove. Mum and 2 of her sisters were at the back. And you think it's all a nice cosy lil happy family trip? awwww...you're dead-wrong cos they were yakking like crazy and that was driving me up Hell's thorny walls. I couldn't tell them to be quiet cos that would be rude. But they were some pretty noisy sisters man! All the way to the temple I had my head held low and thinking what a big mistake I made. S thanks for your terrific idea mate I felt like shit for 24 bloody hours, hope you're alive. And I heard S threw up in the car and collapsed in her toilet that night.

Why do some people get addicted to alcohol when it's a sick monster?
Lesson: Keshi and Alcohol can never be consenting mates.
Next Mission: A Man. Any 'limits' that I should know of?

Um ba ba bay
Um ba ba bay
Dee day duh
Ee day duh... ... ...

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WRYTER said...

Hi Keshi

GOD!! I've drove you to drink.LOL

Will be back

Have to watch a show to see how the jokes are.


The Phosgene Kid said...

Consider that a lesson learned. Drinking too much at one time can kill you. I don't drink so much any more, it is to easy to get to liking it too much.

Take care of yourself!!

San Nakji said...

I had a similar experience in Korea with a lot of whiskey. It is true when they say, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger"!

Glad you're ok now!

Mr. J said...

Hahahaha.. 5/6 shots of vodka.. Interesting. Question: Why do some people get addicted to alcohol when it's a sick monster?

It's all about enjoying your drink, not the other way around.

Jay said...

Well it usually depends on what you drink. I don't drink like I used to. But back in the day it was beer and shots of tequila. Or shots of Bacardi 151.

Now, it's just one little dram of Whisky or Bourbon. Nothing much.

If you hadn't drank it so fast it wouldn't have been so bad. And you have to work your way up to drinking larger amounts. But, that's a bad idea so don't do that.

Also, take tylenol before bed to help with hangover. Not asprin or ibuprofen cause those will hurt your stumoch.

awaiting said...

Some people like that feeling of relaxation that alcohol gives. I mean, right before you pass out and puke, you are feeling pretty mellow and boy does that feel good.

Stresses, life, failure, all those things.

I love a yummy drink at night after the kiddies are in bed. Helps me wind down from a very eventful and stressed day.

I didn't know you drink, girl! Glad you are ok :)

Thumbelina said...

Hi Keshi,

I haven never been drunk before.. I would wanna try FOR THE FUN of it, but after reading ur entry, i think i should consider.. HaHa...

I only drink wine, Vodka mixed with some soft drinks... Once i tried drinking Tiger beer, but i threw everything up after i tried to take a sip.. From then on, i never tried Tiger again.... The most i have ever drank is 3/4 bottle of a bottle of wine cos my bf cants drink wine so i had to sacrifice.. HaHa... After tat, i was feeling so so warm... But slept pretty well though.. :)

**Nah I wasn't in some terrible car accident and I'm not blogging from hospital with my whole body bandaged like a Mummy and my feet

- Thank God u are alright.. Reading those comments in ur previous posts really made me tot tat u met in an accident...

**Since I live 10mins away from the beach

- Actually me too.. HaHa... Gotta drive or take a cab there.. Walking there will take probably take 30-45mins... But i dun always go there as it is a 'hot' spot in Singapore & its always packed with big & little ppl.. Tat was how i ended up in some scratches the last time i went there to cycle, remember?

**After the 5th round, S and I started giggling really uncontrollably. My mum and aunt thought we were going a little insane and that we need to be admitted into the nearest mental hospital if possible.

- I can't imagine how i would react if i see u like tat... LOL!

**I thought her shorts were funny (when they were not) and kept on pointing at them and laughing.

- I suppose tat's why happens when one is deadly drunk.. Everything seems so funny to him/her even though sometimes it is terribly not funny at all.. At times, ppl do offend others when they're drunk... Cos one dun even know wat happened to them after one got drunk... Tats how all the drunk-rapes cases come abt... But lucky thing u were at home.. :)

**Why do some people get addicted to alcohol when it's a sick monster?

- I seriously duno the answer.. I know some ppl rely on alcohol to numb to sort of 'cure' themselves but in actual fact, they're harming themselves....

Abt my blog entry, i think u made a mistake.. see my comments..


Akshay said...

Hahah.. sorry Keshi, can't stop laughing. The first rule of drinking is you always eat while you drink :). I remember I did something equally stupid on my 21st. My roomies decided to take me out for drinks and then all hell broke loose. I ended up drinking from 8:30pm until 3:30am. I was so wasted. I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going. I think I even sleep walked. I did all silly things when I got drunk.. Hell I even asked a pretty girl out that night and I never do that. On yes, the next morning was HELL.. I just slept. So after that I decided I am never drinking so much.. better sober than wasted. :)

WRYTER said...

I'm back.

You know you're drunk when:

you wake up nude in a strange bed and no one is beside you.

you realize the earth does rotate.

you wake up in your own bed and someone is beside you.

you find you have entered the men's washroom.

I remember when the first time I got drunk. Hmmmmmm. Come to think of I can't remember--I was too drunk.

I lost my virginity, and then I got drunk. Or, was I drunk and then lost it???

Just Joking. LOL

I only drink on special occasions. It is surprising how many there are--like everyday.

I am much like you Keshi. I only drink a couple of drinks at a time--I only have two hands.

Walking on the beach!! Must be nice. We had major wind and whiteouts here. Same now--Tuesday 12:10am. It is very cold and windy -50c with wind. If I were to walk to the end of our lane tonight, I would likely no make it back. The blowing snow is blinding, and the cold will kill very quick.

I have to go and hug a cold guy.



Margie said...

I bet you won't be doing that again, huh Keshi!
Oh your poor head...must have been torture!
Me, not a drinking kind of gal!
Except for teas and coffee!

Saira said...

How u doing...dint read the post...working a bit...just saw ur comment so came in to say hello..:D

Sugarlips said...

He-he-he Keshi you and your cute ways of telling the whole scenario makes me giggle so very much :)

I don't drink so I have no idea what ppl go through but so happy to see doing great not collapsing in toilet lol...Hugs!

Stay Beautiful..!

ektaran said...

I like the next Mission !!! :D

btw, if & when u get the answer to this 'Why do some people get addicted to alcohol when it's a sick monster?'...do let me know.

have a nice week :)

Aditi said...

first of all.. u live ten minutes from the beach.. oh my gosh i am so jealous i bet its absolutely fabulous.. the beach around here in mumbai is quite crappy but i am envious..of u..
i totally know what u mean about a low tolerance level.. unlike choco.. i usually stop after one or two drinks at best.. but i do remember this insane idea i had with a friend to try and drink more.. well we figured might as well around each other with a sober friend to look after us rather then in a bad situation with strangers.. lets just say...after that day.. i dont mind staying away from alcohol..at all..
So I do hear ya...

Neihal said...

well we all do it sometime or the other, dont we;)

Neihal said...

Take care Keshi

deepsat said...

that was indeed a stupid thing to do. but glad u did that and realized the repercussions!! now i presume u will never do that again :-))

ppl become alcoholic for the thrill which u experienced in the middle of the night. its a negative nirvana basically!! what follows is a brutal hang over.. which is worse!! some take drugs to counter the hang over part!!

take care!!

alex said...



Well, it is an experience. Taking anything in excess is bad. Most addicts don't enjoy alcohol, they just consume it.

Enjoying something and addiction to it are pretty different.

Know why you want to drink or consume something. Here, your intake is justified as you wanted to try out how it feels to drink heavily. :)

Anonymous said...

jig-saw-puzzle heal? awww lololol
that pic of girl is sexxxy! love it!
thanks for happy music, keshichan!!

Autumn Storm said...

Just imagine, most do this experiment when they are teenagers (I was 13, drank a whole bottle of Barcardi - still cannot be near the stuff, the smell, without feeling ill at those memories). At least, now you know. Know you won't be doing that again anytime soon, if ever. You described it exactly - the loss of control, scary and horrendous.
That giggling phase is fun though. :-)
Hope you are all better.

Anonymous said...

hehehe...nice experience...
i remember once i had 5 glasses of vodka and i was blabbering throughout the night while sleeping...though none could decipher my language :)

and the other time, i had prepared drinks for three of us friends...one glass of pure vodka with a spoonful of orange juice (just for the color)...and one of the friends was a first timer...
he dozed off where he was sitting after taking two sips from the glass... :D
so me and the other friend shared his drink again after finishing ours...
the other guy slept on the floor in the middle of the room while watching a movie...
and i went off and slept comfortably in the bed...
next morning i received the maximum curses i ever received in one go...

another hell experience just entered through a different gate... :D

Poo said...

hahahahhahahaha hehehehheheheh hoohohohooh i cun't stop myself laughing so badly ahhhh my stomach is aching .... how cud yo do this ???
you are too cool babes :))

Ur friend ate atleast something ...i am sure she must have a wild night that day with her husband ;)

Hope you feeling better now ;))

Silvara said...

Welcome to the world of the Hangover Keshi. It's fun just before it happens....but when you wake up in the morning the next day...it's ugh. I remember just recently when it happened to me right after my exams and I had to pack for Japan right after with a horrible hangover and me vomiting all day. Plus I vomited in the car on the way home the night before and got a huge yelling at by my p's. It's an experience, one that everyone will eventually go through. Plus you must have been sick because you drank them one after the other very fast - that'll do your head in. Always have some water in between to lfuch some of it out lol. See I learn :P Lol...you say you don't ever want to see alcohol again in your life...but I'd say give it a month and you'll be fine. Now you know your limit - just ease up on it :P Just don't EVER drink Bacardi 151 - that stuff is LETHAL!!!!

v I v E k said...

haha...u should have taken a picture of urself drunk:) LOL! i never drank alcohol till recently when my frenz offered me to drink while they were into it..As a courtesy i took a small sip and put it down..Thank God im not as "crazy" as you:)lol

SamY said...

u had a severe hangover didn't ya? that what I hate so much about getting drunk ... I had a severe headache once the next day and I never did it again

lemme educate you as to why it happens ... your body is not used to breaking down alcohol ... some say the body reacts as if it were a toxin ... and then when you head to sleep your body uses its water content to heal weary and hurt muscles, organs etc etc.

a person has a hangover because of lack of water in the body to breakdown the alcohol and shove it outa the system. if ur drunk a lot then you should drink a litre or two of water ... that will leave enuf water for your body to break down alcohol

the reason y the next day is miserable is that your body ran out'a water supply to recover from the damage

if you every drink more than usual or even otherwise take a gud amount of water before you head to bed. most ppl r so intoxicated that they can't or just 4get to. so try to remember ... n it wouldn't be soo bad :)

Poo said...

Starkle starkle little twink
who the heck you are I think
I'm not under what you call
the alcofluence of incohol
I'm just a little slort of sheep
I'm not drunk like tinkle peep
I don't know who is me yet
but the drunker I stand here the longer I get
Just give me one more drink to fill me cup
'cuz I got all day sober to Sunday up.

Julia Scissor said...

I don’t drink at all coz I dread not being completely in my senses. Still I do have witnessed a few ‘drink stories’. One of my friends turned up drunk at a communication skills practical, made an impromptu speech and got an A+++ for it. Another one tries to push parked vehicles when he gets high! LOL.

PRADEEP K. said...

**Any 'limits' that I should know of?

As much as you can handle.


CM-Chap said...

Hi Keshi..Stumbled in ur blog thru Princess.. Your way of narration is so nice..

RamaG said...

maybe next time you can take it a wee bit further...say 6...hehehe...just kidding...take care buddy...you dont wanna over-do it...

to be honest with you...i like to update my blog when i'm high...that gives me the kicks...

but there was this one time when i was alone visiting Florence, Italy...stepped out of my hotel and i decided to get sloshed drunk...i think i had couple of Long-Islands, a martini and couple of tequilla shots and ended up forgetting my way back and spent the night sleeping in the waiting room at the train station..

cant ever forget that night...


dharmabum said...

that was funny keshi, and also a tad too long ;o)

i'll give u my opinion as to why people can get addicted - coz its good to be high. far as the hangover is concerned - everytime i have one, i swear not to drink again. but the promise lasts only as long as does the hangover itself!!!

btw, and this is out of my personal experience - the best way to cure a hangover is to down a couple of shots - neat, and u'll be out of it in a jiffy.

would like to have a drink with u someday...

The Grunt said...

I don't drink but I love this song. That counts for something, right?

Tarun. said...

I use to have lots of alochol when I was in colle.

It was fun, i mean being with friends and having one drink after another.


I passed out a couple of times.

Try having a 7 Up or a sprite the very next morning.

Me 2 unable to sleep well if I am heavily drunk. :/

lee said...

keshi -you must be VERY sensitive to have reacted so badly to it. The trick is to get up and take some of that -oh what's it called? I can't remember??? - oh, Gastrolyte -to balance your salt and everything again. It really works.

-Princess Shin- said...

oh.. poor thing. Haha.. i never really got drunk before in my life. Maybe I should try it one day! Haha..

lee said...

p.s.I think the reason people get addicted because for that time the problems just go away.And it feels better.

Jeevan said...

Hai keshi what's going on here hehehe... experience is life na, but taking risk (taking over alcohol) is very bad, i surprise how bravery u to take this test!!

Hope u are doing fine now! got a good scolding from ur mom:D Its funny to hear about S condition, convey my wishes for her to give this great (bad)idea. lol...


Jeevan said...

Hai keshi what's going on here hehehe... experience is life na, but taking risk (taking over alcohol) is very bad, i surprise how bravery u to take this test!!

Hope u are doing fine now! got a good scolding from ur mom:D Its funny to hear about S condition, convey my wishes for her to give this great (bad)idea. lol...


Cazzie!!! said...

Stick to water Keshi, you know fish fugg in it...so it has to be better than alcohol right?? LOL

Shitrint said...

*S thanks for your terrific idea mate I felt like shit for 24 bloody hours, hope you're alive. And I heard S threw up in the car and collapsed in her toilet that night.*

LOL i know i shudnt be laughing at this but ur crazy decription abt how u felt at 2 am in the night really amused me! this was one crazy post man, tho im glad u guys did this stunt at ur home... i hav never really drunk a lot. always tasted alcohol (different kinds) by the measure of 1-2 spoons or 1/4th of a glass! tho id like to wat happens to me if i get stoned! i know i wont be able to stand for sure...
but wasnt it fun in some way for u till the head-reeling started?
take care girl!

Shitrint said...

yeah still remains a mystery to me...
how can people get addicted to alcohol?!?!?
i for one never really liked the taste of the alcohol i ever had!
tho fosters wasnt bad... ;-)

V N said...

Hmmm... Hic!
;) :)

priya said...


We all do it just for the rhythm.

Homo Escapeons said...

First of all, Under Pressure is one of my favorite songs ever, thank you.
Now people who have a genetic predilection for addictive behavior are at risk of getting hooked on everything from gambling to drinking...they lack the code for stopping themselves from taking risks and it is usually compounded by environmental conditions and low self esteem that further aggravates the situation and creates the perfect storm for self destruction.

So now you know how it feels...are you ready to try tequila!? HA!
Most of us discovered the aftereffects of binge drinking in Grade 7 and build up a tolerance by the time that we're in College/Uni that borders on the absurd.

Two things: Drink Water & Eat if you're planning on having a few drinks...but since you like having your wits about you this probably won't be neccessary.

Australians are world reknown for drinking and I am surprised that you made as long as you did. If you hang around fun people who don't NEED to drink to enjoy themselves that is 99% of the solution.

Atleast you didn't need stitches?
I managed (somehow) to pass out standing up in front of about 500 people and cut my head open on a concrete floor when I was 18. My unconscious body was hoisted on the shoulders of my mates (who thought that it was the funniest thing ever)and off to the Hospital we went. I blame the entire thing on metabolisation rates..I was trying to outdo another classmate in 'shooters' who was twice my weight...size matters..to a point anyway.
Obviously you are not 'cut out for it' so consider yourself lucky.

Asha said...

Once in a while it's okay to get wasted but don't make it a habit lovely Keshi.
First pic:for a second I thought it was your legs there!!;D

Anonymous said...

to kill the hangover u need an UTTARA

drink some more of the stuff u had last night

Anonymous said...

Drinking like dat occasionally is great funn

but once it becomes a dependency
its bad

dont depend on any ting

not booze, not ciggies
not LOVE

dont ever get so dependent on LOVE
where u tell the loved one

if u dont love me
i will die

dats pathetic
if she loves u then
it wont be LOVE but PITY

Contented said...

Awww mayte! what an experience you having. First of all house near beach!!! I am jealous...:)))

Second with getting drunk! I too tried once like that, good thing is I live away from my folks so there was no daunting...LOL!

Good or Bad, I have given up alcohol now...:))))

Anonymous said...

dis goes out to the one i lost my heart to (dont be silly- its not TASHA)


I'll never let you see
The way my broken heart is hurting me

I've got my pride and I know how to hide
All the sorrow and pain
I'll do my crying in the rain

If I wait for cloudy skies
You won't know the rain from the tears in my eyes

You'll never know that I still love you
So though the heartaches remain
I'll do my crying in the rain

Raindrops falling from heaven
Will never wash away my misery

But since we're not together
I'll wait for stormy weather
To hide these tears I hope you'll never see

Someday when my crying's done
I'm gonna wear a smile and walk in the sun
I may be a fool

But till then, darling, you'll never see me complain

I'll do my crying in the rain
I'll do my crying in the rain

and then when my tears are done
i am sure i will find another one to love me

and i will give her all the love
i saved for u

Iceman said...


nice experience...

once my buds played a prank on me and accedentally i got drunk heavily...

had 5 flat-liners on the trot...

everything felt like burning...

had one heck of a day.. the following day...

krystyna said...

Woow Keshi!
This story is sooo" funny" ( I know - for me, not for you).Thanks!!
Today I read one more similiar title "Alcoholism" from Azer Mantessa blog. It was interesting too.
Bible said:
"Put everything to the test. Hold on to what is good" - 1Thess.5:21

Take good care!

KK said...

Thats a different experience... not much fun though....

krystyna said...

Great pics and video music for this post!
um ba ba bay...

WRYTER said...

Hi Keshi

I's okay, I thinks.

Yesterday was a down day.

That time of the month combined with sad memories and the thought of Sarah in that condition.

Better now though.




starry nights said...

Keshi I really don't know why people would want to do that to themselves. I got really drunk at a party after drinking too many cosmopolitans. I threw up all over the place and my friends had to drive me home.Thank God "J" was visiting his family in India.My friends told the kids that I had a tummy upset. I learned a valuable lesson.I felt just like you did and the day after was worse.I think I stayed home from work for a couple of days. Ever after that it is only one drink for me.I don't think I can handle it.

Lera said...

Keshi,that was quite funny but stupid thing to try;)Anyways, you've gained an experience to share it with us.:) cheers!

FreeCyprus said...

lol...wow you really had some time!

Well everything in moderation.
Thanks for taking the time to comment on my site


Anonymous said...

Lol KEshi!!!! i was imagining al that u said,ur head floating somehwer,eur mind somewhere else....:D :D...i dont drink,and so i wouldnt know how it is to be drunk :D :D ...am glad u r feeling okie now!takecare & hugs for you!

tinypopcorn said...

I rarely drink. Wonder what it feels like.

Thanks for sharing.

tkkerouac said...

Sounds like you had a nice buzz for awhile with all the laughter, its the aftermath of too much alcohol that teaches the lesson, my lesson was learned on red wine, to this day, I can't touch the stuff.

Menchie said...

LOL! Remember when I wrote about having 5 drinks while in Shanghai? I can identify with the laughing and the giggling. Good thing I didn't go through what you went through. I was just a bit unsteady on my feet but after crashing at my friend's place (I managed to brush my teeth, change clothes and wash my face) I slept like the dead.

But it was fun. :D

St. Dickeybird said...

Haha, glad you made it through!

I probably get that drunk annually. It's a good reminder why I don't like to drink too much anymore.

Then again, I think I'm having a boozy Saturday this weekend. Must be that time of year again.

--Sunrise-- said...

Oh dear Keshi... sigh! :D

One day, I bet, you will look back on this experience and roar with laughter... till then, keep cursing alcohol!!

Hehe... MAN. I am SO jealous of you... living in Sydney huh? SO close to the beach... gorgeous frikking weather... getting hammered... :D Sigh sigh sigh... and I am stuck in bloody England. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I want to run away. :'(

BTW... LOVED your narrating style hun!! HILARIOUS... :D

Hope the rest of your time with your aunt is a lil more fun............ :)

Within Without said...

I hope you don't mind if I chuckle just a little bit, Kesh...this happened to me when I was about 16, I think, much the same...

The thing about alcohol is that it's an inanimate object that you're totally responsible for.

You drank too much.

The thing about a man is he isn't inanimate and while he's responsible for himself, or should be, you still need to be responsible for you.

But I think, in the best of worlds, that the man shouldn't cause you as much pain as the vodka.

Just have to make the right selection and don't over-indulge with the wrong man...

AnonymousBlogger said...

LOL, ah yes, the spinning around feeling. Isn't it great? ;)

So the next mission is a man, eh Kesh? Here is a tip. Don't mix your search for a man with that much alcohol. It won't go well.

Also, you might enjoy the vodka more if you mix it. Orange juice is good. As is vodka and Sprite.

Cazzie!!! said...

Keshi, can you please email me? I don't have your email addy and I want to ask you something? Cheers Cazzie

Keshi said...

Gidday Bev :) How r we todai? I hope ur all smiles todai girl. ***Hugs***

haha those lines were so funny! But hey no one was in bed with me that nite...how come ha?

**I lost my virginity, and then I got drunk. Or, was I drunk and then lost it???

Or was it that u r still too drunk to know? LOL!

I dun drink past 2 or maximum 3 drinks at a time. This was a first and it was terrible. I dun think I'll ever do that kinda dorky thing again. My body cant handle it Bev.

Hope Sarah gets better soon.


Phos I've learnt my lesson. Wont do it again.

**Drinking too much at one time can kill you.

REALLY? I mean cud that have killed me?

Considering the dorky things I do sometimes, I better appoint an assistant blog-owner for my blog to let u all know when Im dead.


Kiora San_Nakji!

hehe u too and in Korea? whoaaa u'd have been totally lost ha? :)


heyya Johno!

I didnt have any Jack Daniels yet ;-)

**It's all about enjoying your drink, not the other way around.

Agree...cos I did feel really relaxed and great while drinking. I felt so happy and forgot all my rotten probs for a while.


Jay heyy, I dun like Bacardi...I dunno why, I dun like the taste of it.

**Also, take tylenol before bed to help with hangover

LOL someone seems to know alot of remedies for hangovers. tnxx matey ;-)


Tasha babezz usually I dun drink like that hehe. I only drink at parties and that too abt 2 drinks only.

**you are feeling pretty mellow and boy does that feel good.

yeah I know..it did feel real good B4 the hangover hehe.



Dun eva try it girl. Not worth it. The hangover is deadly. U neva know how ur body will re-act to excessive alcohol so just dun do it. Someone else told me that some ppl die. I think I did a very risky thing.

**Tiger Beer

never tried it.

LOL yeah I rem ur cycling incident.

I say NO to alcohol. Cos it's not a way to solve probs in life and also it harms ur body.

ty sweetie!


LOL Akshay I wud love to see u drunk like that.

**Hell I even asked a pretty girl out that night and I never do that

so wut did she say?



Margie me neither...Im not a drinking girl. Never. I only take like 2 drinks at a party. That too sometimes I dun even take. So thats why i wanted to see what happens to me hehe. I know, it was stupid.

ty n huggggggggggz!


Saira hey Im good ta n urself?


George said...

Too funny ... love the way you described the events.

Jim said...


LOVE is sometimes sweet sorrow.
the sweetest songs are those dat tell of saddest thought

Keshi said...

Suga Im glad too...cos I fall far too many times and I'd love it if the drinking kept me in one piece for a change ;-)


Ektaran :)

o alot of ppl said that drinking makes em forget their stresses in life..so they dun really care abt the hangover. So yeah that was the answer.


Aditi yeah Im so lucky...u know I love the Ocean...cant live too far away from it.

**lets just say...after that day.. i dont mind staying away from alcohol..at all..

LOL I can imagine wut happened to ya Aditi.


Neihal na I wont do it eva again!


Deeps it was indeed a very stupid thing to do. Cos thenext day my cuz got a shock to see the way I was. Cos she has never seen me like that b4. I looked like I was struck by lightening LOL! She said that I cud have died cos some bodies cant take that much alcohol, especially if they r not used to drinking.

**. its a negative nirvana basically

I say it was that and a whole lot more. It was like I was being operated all over my body while I was very conscious!


Alex I will neva do that again!

**Enjoying something and addiction to it are pretty different.

I agree.


ty Niki MWAH!


Autumn yeah and at 13 I didnt stand a chance...with a very strict dad LOL!

**You described it exactly - the loss of control, scary and horrendous.

OMG yes. It was scary as hell!


LOL DJ u spiked ur mates? :):)


haha Poo that song was sooo funny. It was a lot like how I was blabbering that nite.

**Starkle starkle little twink

HAHAHAHA! um ba ba bay...dee day duh...ee day duh...hehehe.

**i am sure she must have a wild night that day with her husband

Im not sure abt that cos all I heard was that she was a total tragedy in the toilet all nite long.


Silvara u went to Japan like that? LOL I'd have turned into a Japanese with that much of drinking anyways.

**that'll do your head in. Always have some water in between to lfuch some of it out

oooo someone knows all the tricks ha? :):)

ty sweetie and I dun think I'll drink like that eva again. But I'll keep all the tips in my head incase I have to be drunk for some valid reason.



Vivek heyy!

** should have taken a picture of urself drunk

u think I cud hold my mobile fone properly that nite? I wud have just taken a pic of my bedroom floor LOL!


Samy wow u know alot abt alcohol and it's effects :) TY!

**the reason y the next day is miserable is that your body ran out'a water supply to recover from the damage

oh ok..so thats why I went up to the fridge the next morning and drank water like I just returned from a trip to the Sahara desert.


Julia ur a wise girl.

**Another one tries to push parked vehicles when he gets high

LOL haha!


Praddy heyy!

**As much as you can handle.

Thats some very wise advice :)


Anonymous said...

i remember my bachelor days,
had a party at my pad

2 girls who had set their eyes on me (not me really just my pad and i was a good catch. An IIT graduate with a bright future (that never happened)

well the only way out was to disappear, i got pissed drunk and passed out for the night before the party really started

the next day Kersi the parsi bhawa told me wat happened dat night

seems i puked on the floor and i was bodily lifted and thrown on my bed to sleep it off

Kersi had a real nice time with one of my girls

the other girl was dejected, she didnt enjoy the party and sat by my side the whole time as i dozed off

Frankie got a call girl as his date for the night

and made paisa vasool on the steps and was cot in the act by my neighbors wife

it was a wild party that i slept through


Keshi said...

hey CM-Chap WC n tnxx!


RamaG heyy!

I wudnt mind being drunk n lost in Florence tho :)


G'day Dharma!

I know..I did feel great while I was drinking. High and o so relaxed.

**would like to have a drink with u someday...

wud luv to. Only if u stop me at 3? ;-)


Grunty ur a good man.

btw who wudnt like this song? If they dun like it, that means theres something seriously wrong with em LOL!


Tarun heyy all boys drink up a bit in College ha.

**Try having a 7 Up or a sprite the very next morning.

ok only if I do that ever again :)


heyya Lee yeah Im quite a sensitive woman in every way. U know that dun ya :)


neva heard of it b4 - tnxx Lee!

yeah and I did forget my rotten stresses for a while. Thats so true.


Hey Princess!

Nah I dun recommend it sweetie, not at all.


Jeevan matey it wasnt such a clever idea but Im doing ok, thank God.

**Its funny to hear about S condition, convey my wishes for her to give this great (bad)idea.

LOL she's ok. She just rang me the next day sounding like she's in a coma.


Caz LOL I love water!

**fish fugg


Email me. I left my addy in ur blog.


Shitrint heyy!

**(different kinds) by the measure of 1-2 spoons or 1/4th of a glass

huh wuts that? LOL @1/4! Is alcohol one of ur Phobias sweetie? :):)


WC Vn!

Hic ;-)


Priya yes :)


HE matey duncha worry I wont be addicted to it. Cos I hated the way I felt the next day. I'd neva wanna be in that state eva again, I swear mate.

**My unconscious body was hoisted on the shoulders of my mates

LOL hahaha soooo funny! Im sorry I shouldnt be laughing but heyy it's as funny as hell :):)



Asha no ways I wont eva drink again like that.

My legs r better than those sweetie. LOL!


Anony hey is UTTARA a medication? :)

**dont depend on any ting
not booze, not ciggies
not LOVE

true...but as humans we need some of em to keep us (in)sane. dun u think? ;-)


Contented thats good u dun drink anymore.

**First of all house near beach!!! I am jealous.

dun be J...just move closer to a beach, its that easy :)


LOL Icedude!


Krys ty!

**"Put everything to the test. Hold on to what is good

I like that. Its so true.


KK it certainly was fun while drinking...but not after!


Keshi said...

Starry heyy u too? LOL I neva imagined u'd drink that much Starry haha!

** threw up all over the place and my friends had to drive me home.

awww :):)

yep I too can neva go thru that shit again.


Lera ;-)


Cyprus hey!

**Well everything in moderation.

so true.


Shammu ty :):)


Popcorn WC n ty!


TK heyy!

**lesson, my lesson was learned on red wine, to this day, I can't touch the stuff.

lol dija go red all ova?


Menchie yeah I rem that LOL!

** I slept like the dead.

haha! I slept like a dead body wanting to be alive again.


Dickeybird make sure u have a pair of skates next to ur bed - to go to the toilet that is.



Sunrise hey dun be J...just move closer to the beach hun :)

**and I am stuck in bloody England.

Im not sure if I wanna live there LOL! Only cos of the lack of beaches hehehe.


WW u can ROFL i u want mate cos I am :):)

**The thing about a man is he isn't inanimate and while he's responsible for himself, or should be, you still need to be responsible for you.

how true. And with the man, I cant drink plenty of water to wash him down ha? ;-)


AB Im spining ard...move outta my way..lol!

**Don't mix your search for a man with that much alcohol. It won't go well.

duhh some great advice there indeedz :):)

btw I always take Vodka with orange juice. Only this time we changed that hehe.


heyyy George ty!


Jim wuts that abt?


Shionge said...

Hiya Keshi, you never tried you never know isn't it :D Now you know kekekeke......

I was drunk once, not deliberately to get that ommp ba ba feeling :) but because I had a quarrel with my D many many years ago. Luckily I was with my girlfriends and they took me back drunk :( My D was at the door panicky....yep, next day I went to 'hell' and back :D

After that, just like you, me not gonna drink excessively too.

Thank you for sharing this Um Ba Ba Babe :D

Hugggzzzzz, we'll have a drink together pal but with limits ya?

Keshi said...

Shionge heyy..ee do bay bup
ee do bay ba bup
ee do bup
bay bup


Who's D btw? Im glad u decided not to do it again. Me neither but we shall drink together some day ok.


Keshi said...

Anony heyy!

**Kersi had a real nice time with one of my girls

and u missed out big time. :)


Akshay said...

Keshi, what do you think she would have said?? Obviously a big NO.. I think she wasnt drunk enuf :P. Ohh and chances of me getting that wasted are not so high.. I learnt my lesson that night.

Keshi said...

aww Akshay she's not much of a sport ha...u cud have told her that ur glad u were drunk cos if u were not u wud neva have asked her out. LOL!


Akshay said...

Keshi, yes she wasnt..ohh and btw that would have been very mean. I cant be mean to pretty girls.. yea I think she was pretty LOL!

Blessed said...

Oh my Keshi!!!!!!!!!!!
What an 'experience' you had there!!!
I could have NEVER gotten into the car and went ANYWHERE the next day!!

People become addicted to alcohol becuz they build up a tolerance over time and then too sometimes genetics can have something to do with it too.

For example, today I am going to drink two beers, then tomorrow I will drink two beers and then Thursday I will drink three beers and then Friday I will drink three beers and a shot..........
your body start to get use to the alcohol and can handle more....well, to an extent.
It starts to take more and more for the body to become drunk.

I use to have a pretty high tolerance for alcohol. I use to drink a bit. Not everyday but atleast an occasional drink during the week and then come the weekend....party time!!!!!!!
I also was one who was lucky, I never really got bad hang overs.
I always ate before and I am not a tiny girl plus alot of times I would go out dancing and sweat out the alcohol. Anyway, I usually was not one who was the throwing up, I usually just felt really, really, really fatigued the next day and then sometimes a very bad headache.

I don't drink alot anymore. I do like alcohol but sometimes I go weeks without a cocktail, beer, glass of wine.
I hadn't been drunk in FOREVER when I got drunk the eve of Christmas eve.
I drank too many Christmas Cosmo's and then some people I was with wanted to go out (we were at my sister's house having a girls party). I should have never left!!!
As soon as I entered the bar, the music was some sad country tune and I think ALL the cosmos I drank kicked in all at once! Well, I wanted to leave! That's how I am when I am drinking I must be entertained, things must be lively or I go down like the Titantic!!!
I then go up to my drunk sister and tell her I am going to walk the mile to your house. She drunkenly (is that a word?) gave me the keys!!!!!! And I with no coat, and by myself at 1:00 in the morning in a neighborhood I really didn't know, with $200 hundred dollars cash in my purse, in high heels started walking!!!!!!! Call me stupid!!!
Better yet call me stupid drunk!!!
Somehow I took off weaving along the sidewalk and started walking in the direction of her townhome and then some how I got turned around and was about to knock on some strangers door to use their phone to call for a cab. Now that would have gotten me arrested! Or locked in some mental hospital! Ha!
So somehow I just kept walking and got turned around to where I was walking back to the bar!!!!!!!!
I don't know how that happened except by the grace of GOD!
I walked back into the bar and there my sister and another friend were dancing. I thought to myself they haven't even missed me!
So I walked down to the convenient store and called my husband to come and get me! He said no!
Which I would have said they same to him. (Isn't that awful?)(Also the next day when I was driving home I realized my husband couldn't have came and got me becuz his keys were in my car!!!!Ha!) At this point it was 2 a.m. so I called a cab. Then I walked my butt back up to the bar and then they seemed a bit worried to where I disappeared! They were ready to go so we piled up in our friend's two seater car--a corvette and drove back to my sisters. From there up the stairs I went, shed my clothes and passed out!!!!!!!!!
And my dear Keshi, that is just ONE of my stupid drunk stories!!!

fergal said...

hi keshi, sorry to hear about your bad experience, but i must say [from experience] that you should have had a full meal first, and perhaps drank your 5-6 drinks a little more slowly; and then your experience would have been different & probably more enjoyable. food & water in the right quantities can balance the effects of alcohol.

many kids [australian kids at least] have this kind of experience at age 13-15! ;-D i guess u couldn't expect to have more than double the amount of drinks u've ever had at one time before, and not suffer some kinda consequences.

anyhow - glad u survived [and without even puking!] ... and u live 10mins from the beach? lucky u!!


Keshi said...

She maybe pretty but she aint a sport...I CAN be mean to such ppl LOL! Beauty doesnt cut it.


OMG Blessed hunny ROFL! I mean I shouldnt be laffing but I was picturing u doin all that and it was so funny...lol ur a crazy girl! U walked alone that late at nite? That was scary.

ur hubby said no to ya? LOL great. Anyways wud he have picked u up if his keys were with him?

That was just ONE story? LOL haha!

D u still drink like that? Hope not hunny.


Fergal hey tnxx!

**many kids [australian kids at least] have this kind of experience at age 13-15!

LOL and hey Im not 13 ok? :):) With my very strict dad and upbringing I cud neva have had alcohol that early anyways.

yep just abt 10mins away from a very beautiful beach. Wut abt u?


WRYTER said...

Hi Keshi

I'm okay.

I'm a very positive person.

And, a wee bit insane. LOL

The joke on my blog about my guy's penis frozen to the ground did not happen, but it was based on a true event.

When I was in about grade 3, a kid got his penis stuck to a metal object. It was very cold. Why he had his penis out, I do not know.

However, he froze the end so bad that he injured himself for life.

This is a little off topic for this post.

I don't drink too much. But, I do joke about doing so.

I like to be in control of my life and keep my wits about me.

I once drank too much, and I felt as though I was letting down my guard, and that feeling scared me.

You tried it. You didn't like it.




Anonymous said...

u shudn't hv slept empty stomach...

Keshi said...

heyya Bev great to hear ur doin good t'dai.

**When I was in about grade 3, a kid got his penis stuck to a metal object. It was very cold. Why he had his penis out, I do not know.

hmm I wonder why he had his lil mate out. Bev u were not THIS good-looking bakk then too, were ya? LOL!

**You tried it. You didn't like it.

thats right. Im a bit of a risk-taker. u know u gotta try to know. :)

tnxx n huggggggggz!


Keshi said...

G'day Southy!

Why d u sound like 'imnotallthatgreattodayandnotinamoodtobecheeryok'?


Anonymous said...

coz i m hurt and in lot of pain, anyway, hv a nice day...

Aidan said...

No sympathy:) At least you can say you have experienced it. Alcohol has a lot to answer for in my life, Stace being one of the better, 5 bottles of wine before we could make a move:)

Heaps of crazy nights, with my friends, and a few regrets... Since i got a bit older and a lot more mature, i am very much over alcohol for the sake of drinking, now its just a something social, a quiet beer with a friend, or wine to celebrate an achievement.

Queen and David Bowie a good recovery combination... Even beter when playing together:)

Keshi said...

Southy wut d u mean hurt n in pain???? WUT HAPPENED? Email me ok!


Aidan hellooo :)

**5 bottles of wine before we could make a move

whoaaaaaaa thats pretty heavy!

I hardly drink. Im not made for alcohol. When I go out I have max 2 drinks n thats it. So yeah I was just follin myself the other day hehe.

**Queen and David Bowie a good recovery combination... Even beter when playing together

Definitely! Knew it that u'd like this one.


Keshi said...



Shikha said...

this is a funny post:))
"my whole body bandaged like a Mummy and my feet still wearing those sexy stilettos"..and purple wheelchair..and bladders grave..lol
actually i want to try it out too..to know what it feels like to be drunk..but i'll come back and read ur experiences once more before i try it out:)

WRYTER said...

Hi Keshi

'hmm I wonder why he had his lil mate out. Bev u were not THIS good-looking bakk then too, were ya? LOL!'

You broke me up with this line.

Haha LOL!!!!

I was an ugly lookin' kid. Kinda look like somethin' out of the "Munsters".

Wow!! that was a good one!! Keshi

Very nice comeback


Keshi said...

Shikha nooooooooooo stop dun do it!!!

I should have put a WARNING on this post. Something like 'Do not try this at home'...:(


Bev heyyy!

I dun think u were ugly bakk then...I really dun. Not after that. ROFL!


deepsat said...

of course, too much alcohol would ruin your body. sometimes permanent damages r done to the liver.

in fact the negative nirvana which u experienced is 1/10th of what ppl go thru when they take heavy drugs like LSD. they see colors and hear voices! it is disastrous!!!

keep away from it!

Keshi said...

nah I aint that kinda girl Deeps..duncha worry.

And tnxx alot for being so concerned!


tulipspeaks said...

lolz. ithe thevaiya?

but at times u just hv to push urself to the limit.. just to know whats ur limit.

hugssss & lots of muuuaxxiee


WRYTER said...


It is almost time here to go to bed.

How do I explain my insane laughing to my man if he wants to do it tonight.

How can I look at him and not laugh?!! LOL

Wow!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!


Fleiger said...

Hey, it's not called Hangover just for the fun of it, you know ;)

So, hope you are alright now... Next time, you know your limit and you know to eat something after drinking. So experience counts, right?

Keshi said...

Ammu thevai..lol!

ty babez and how r we?


Bev happy sleeping n ice-breaking woman. ROFLZZZ!


Fleiger there wont be a next time like that, no ways!



mystic rose said...


haha! funny!!

Keshi said...

Rose hey hows u? :)


Akshay said...

ok.. so would you have said yes, if some drunk strange dude asked you out? Lets assume just for the sake of being sporting, then how would you like say end it?

fergal said...

about 30mins from some quite ordinary beahces [with no surf and not stunning], and about 1 hour or os from some better ones [with surf & nice]

so which beach do u live near?

Keshi said...

Akshay I wudnt say YES...but if I knew him or was at a party where he was, I'd just laugh n not take it so seriously. :)


Fergal thats not too bad...I mean 30mins.


geet said...

Hi Keshi!
Hope you're feeling much better after the mission. Lol.

Akshay said...

hmm interesting.. I should get to where you are as soon as possible (could try my luck again :P).. oh and btw i think she was smiling when she said NO

Keshi said...

:) If she was smiling thats ok. I thought she snobbed at ya.


Ganesh Ranganathan said...

I have never gone farther than four shots of Vodka, and that too gave me a terrible headache..

Actually the hangover is not due to alcohol but due to the production of acetaldehyde...there are tablets availible to counter the hangover...why don't you use them the next time you get an urge to binge....

Mystic Rose said...


am doing well! i guess we are both bloggin' right now!!

Keshi said...

Ganesh there wont be a next time I swear!

tnxx anwyays! :)


Rose oyeah we r!


uttara said...


this is fun but if u really wanted to vomit.. have one whole bottle ( 1 ltr) of water and then u will automatically puke..

and have lemon and soda .. u will feel much better :)

and hey its fun experiencing this .. so enjoy.. but u MUST eat something as well :)

*who else would know better what u mean, who had had 2 vodka's 1 beer 2 shots tequilla .. went beserk after all this.. "


congrats for graduating:p

Keshi said...

Uttsy u should have joined us then LOL!

nah I'll neva do that again.


Ashley said...

oh, you lush!! :)

Shiva said...

Lessons Learnt -

1. Not everyone are compatible to alcohol

2. Hang-over doesn't spare even if it's Keshi

3. Never diet when you drink

4. Know your limits and never compete.

Let me stop.. my drink is waiting.

Keshi said...

Ashley me lush lush :):)


Shiva some good points there hehe.

LOL @drink waiting.

Enjoy it!


dharmabum said...

its a deal then. and sure, wil remind u, but can't possibly stop u, can i? i only stop when i feel gud inuf, which can be different at different times ;o)

Aditi said...

Actually i got lucky nothing bad happened on that day .. except the memory of my friend throwing up all over the place and my sober friend claims i was yelling but i am less drunk then she is.. hmm that one i dont remember for obvious reasons
nooo... the one that made me leave alcohol is the half glass of white wine on new years eve.. i got was quite tipsy (dnt ask y...) and the guy with me was such a swtheart and a gentleman

Shitrint said...

alcohols no phobia for me keshi...
just never seemed to like the taste!
dunno why!! and i dun understand how some of my guy frends can gulp down glasses of beer in a matter of 20 minutes!

also back here in india, there are certain perceptions abt alcohol and cigarettes and people indulging in them. we are told that it aint good for middle class girls to smoke or drink or hang out in such company. i had a big mental block abt drinks and also abt people who drank...only wen i decided to try some myself was i able to break away a bit from that perception...

Middle Child said...

Sorta sorts out the fools from the complete eejuts....s'okay to be a little foolish...makes you understand what the complete eejuts feel like all the time

diyadear said...

Hi keshi,
I came here from mr J's link and when i started reading ur post i thought "this is a gud blog" n when i reached the comments link i know im not the only one saying that!! never seen so many comments for a single post.. cool lady!! congrats!!

Keshi said...

Dharma ;-)


Aditi white wine is nasty if u drink too much. One of my friends passed out in front of a LIVE band at a party recently lol! Only after 4 glasses.

**my sober friend claims i was yelling but i am less drunk then she is.. h

LOl I cracked up imagining u yelling Aditi!


Shitrint I know our culture looks down upon chicks who drink. I so know that.

We have to do something only if we r comfortable doin it. Dun be pressured by anyone and at the same time dun care much abt what the society says. Do it only if u want to.


WC Middle_Child!

**...makes you understand what the complete eejuts feel like all the time

LOL u got that right hun!


WC Diya!

**never seen so many comments for a single post

:) my secret - you guys.


Aditi said...

ohh i am quite hyper.. most ppl that meet me from the blog world are quite surprised

Anonymous said...

hemm...many updates...but i really got no time to read it Keshi. Will be back dear...


TLW said...

we humans have a certain affinity towards sick monsters of all kind - u see the Forbidden things !!!
:-) Lol am back !!!! but this time from a different country :-) !
How are you doing...well from ur posts seems u r doing well for urself :-p , willing to double the number sometime? Lol !

Nora said...

Aaaah well, a lesson learned... x

tkkerouac said...

Thanks for stopping by Keshi, I'm even with my daughter now, we are a couple of free spirits, come take a look!

Keshi said...

Aditi u sound really interesting n fun to hang ard with. :)


Ghosty take ur time..no probs at all :)


TLW WB! So where r u living now?

** willing to double the number sometime?

how d u mean? :)


Nora thats true hehehe.


TK hey!

alrite then I'll be there soon.


Ghost Particle said...

wait da minute...all this and there is no sex involved? Where is the hanky panky part?!

Ok d next time u get super drunk of kiddy drinks...u wake up drink some tea...plain tea...minimal sugar coz sugar makes the alcohol go in faster and throw a kesirootantrum. Or lime juice with minimal sugar.

The last time i got this drunk i slept in da bathroom...and there wasnt a second time.

Keshi said...

Ghosty SEX? that wud be the day my mum shoots me in my own bed.


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


How come i missed this¬! :O

Keshi said...

:) Cheesy.