Friday, March 9

Keshiology Results

Subject: Keshiology
Professor In Charge: Keshi J Ology, Phd in Flirtology and Hunkology

Institution: University of Bloggerdale, Down Under
Marking Scheme: Thesis Level (no 100% RIGHT answers here except for the car Qn to which the answer was Metallic Silver. Therefore, marks were given based on the highest accuracy value of each answer given. For eg you may have given a completely wrong answer to one question but still got a HD based on the way you have replied to some other questions. And for those who have partially answered/not answered at all, they may have most probably been given a Pass, reason being you still took part in the post).

Re-marking possibilities: Not a chance my distinguished students.








Anonymous (one with the Shark comment)

Anonymous abuse commentor with zilch embroynic nurtrition that has lead to zilch cranium.
You called me an egoistic bitch who wants to be 'humped' by every Indian guy? Well you have done real proud to India just by that self-degrading comment alone. Sending my deepest academic condolences to your parents, family, friends and any further genetic links that you may create for having to put up with the 'cell-dead' YOU. You may start again at Kindy if admission allowed .

ALL of you except those who are in the last 2 categories passed - WELL DONE guys and THANK YOU for taking part. You guys ROCK! I had so much fun reading all of your answers :). Most of you seem to know me well and I should say I'm quite amused at that hehe. Now here are some highlights - meaning some of the very cool/witty/deep/clever lines (not necessarliy correct about Keshi) from some of you smarties out there.

**Leopard, sleek and beautiful, powerful and strong, and you don't change your spots - in other words, you are true to yourself. by Autumn

** Positively ballistic! by Nadim

** Where did you get all those pics of my sexy legs girl? by Caz

** Cyclic...basically ur a DRAMA QUEEN. by Samy

** A complete one. by Srijith

** Walk away and not look back. by Aditi

** Demanding, yet compromising. by Shitrint

** If something happens wrong in the world, u would be the person to give voice. by Jeevan

** I know you and that is everything to me. by Alex

** If it ignites can you stop? by Priya

** I don't know any other man from the celebrity world but me. by Murane

** I kinda have an image of you soaring in the skies. by Geet

** Perfect for your perfect man. by Desperado

** You are a Rock Dolly! by Rick

** Boiling in oil comes to mind together with emasculation not necessarily in that order. by Menchie

** Mainly you are positive and realistic, until it comes to the fact you are very pretty. by Bev

** Someone you cant catch on easily, but everyone is desperate to hold you by your ears. by Eclipsed

** You would be great, both in life and all the other places you mentioned. by Ganesh

** A rabid volverine, because you are marked by extreme enthusiasm for, and intense devotion to a cause or an idea. by Pradeep

** U r generally insane. by Uttara

** Seems like u would get along with his abs. by Chocolte

** The kind your kids would want their friends to meet. by Starry

** Nope, not unless God or parents werent watching. by Aidan

** 10. Can I count? No, you forgot ten. by DNA

** You have favs in this category? by MG

** Well since I'm a gorgeous-lovey-dovey-hunk-with-brains I would hope so. by Jay

**Gotta have a beach there and definitely not that remote coz we'd need to have u put in a blog or two. by Ishita

**Roast me, Bake me, Kill me. by Akshay

**When my undy is on Fire i will run behind you and make sure even ur undy is on fire cos i need company. by Poo

**A nagging but a loving mom, nagging as in scrutinizing those angels for small small things. by Southpaw

**High school???? by KK

** You'd be a good mother because it shows that you are concerned when you ask this question. by Life

** Continue to dream coz dreams do come true. by Shionge

** What it reflects to light. by Shiva

**Kinky and hottie when times call for it and u will be miss sweetie when time calls for it. by Amy

** Since red is for those who are full of zest, energy and who think and talk quickly. by Diva

** Someone who tells them to always listen to their heart. by Niv

** Or if you couldn't do that, like me, you'd shoot him. by Silvara

** In bed domintaing , on sofa teasing , becnhtop wild , shower daam good. by Vikas

** You'll probably be one of thsoe who wants their daughter as their best friend and who your son's friends have crushes on. by Lidia

** Kangaroo - exotic and fun. by LaVida

** I think you can, you counted us all into your lives.. and let us be.. dont ya? by Purnima

** Are u collecting data to re-write/revise The Kama Sutra? by Tarun

** You, him, ocean, skinny dipping. by Rose

** The kind whose one touch can turn the guy on. by Sunrise

** Rock Pole Dancer-chan. by Niki

** Water and Sun. by Cheesy

**Voracious, insatiable, unstoppable. by Dharma

Some brilliant minds there! btw thanks for the ANIMAL answers - so you get to see my many moods in today's post pictures (there are far too many I couldn't include it all!). I did this post in my lunch-break...I'm so very busy today. So what are your plans for the weekend guys? I'm hoping to be sober and alive this weekend! Have a good one yous and TC. MWAH!

Current Music: Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

85 Cranium Signets:

Ghost Particle said...

its all over....oh man....huhuhuhuh...uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Am I first?

Keshi said...

lol Ghosty yes ur first in this post :) Sorry abt the last one. But let me go read ur answers now. TY!


Jewel Rays said...

Keshi...U just have a way our hearts. U just overwhelmed me HAHA!!

and yeah i got distinction eh..:D

And also i had a feeling u would choose that little portion by me with da mark *amy* lol

U rock on girl and i have to say a big thanks for being such a sweetheart biggies!!

Aditi said...

wohoooo i am outstanding in keshiology...!!!!
finally something i am outstanding in
silver.. i thought it might be but u just seemed like a red kinda gal..
well.. i got no plans for the weekend.. my weekends are shot as i re-adjust to 6 day work weeks so working tomorrow
u enjoy the weekend

RamaG said...

oh moi did this post during your you have a machine that just translates your thoughts into this blog while you nibble away at your salad?

You are one of a kind. Never seen a more passionate blogger.


Cazzie!!! said...

I am working this weekend lovey, hospitals run 24/7 unfortunately :(

Hope you have a wonderful and safe one Keshi, love ya :)

Tarun. said...

I love being the last and not the least.

This is one of the toughest test I ever gave.


I want a personlaised and autographed copy of the latest edition of The KS (revised Kama Sutra or Keshi Sutra or whatever) whenever the latest edition comes out.

Kalpana said...

Have a great week end!

SaffronSaris said...

Heh heh, so I skipped the test...

Jim said...

the results are rigged


Jim said...

like to think of my self as a kid
who loves to talk shit and tease women and men too

i love to rag ppl
and to destroy egos of the pompous folks

i love to destroy old values and build new ones
new ideas of wat is right and wat is not

Anonymous said...

Some guys have King size egos

i magine wasting soo much of cyber space on Keshi-adulation

u guys are a bunch of WUSSIES


musings said...

ohhhhhhhhhh y did i miss this test?????????.. i feel so awfull... now write a new test for all of us who missed it!!!

n do visit my blog.. theres something for u.. ty.. hugsss

PRADEEP K. said...

Oh no! Just Credit! I'm such a loser. :(

I am goin to sulk for a few hours. See ya as soon as I feel better.

Lol, lol... Just kidding!

Rock on, Keshi!

fergal said...

hi keshi,
sorry i've been real buisy & away, but i want to answer your quiz quickly so here goes:

1. maybe a dolphin or perhaps a panther (not dangerous)
2. no
3. flick (get rid of) him
4. red is the first that comes to mind but .... maybe gold?
5. yes sometimes at least
6. bora bora, french polynesia
7. positive
8. i dunno .... ?johnny depp???
9. spanked .... on the a$$ ;-D
10. ?
11. 9 months ago [if ever]
12. sh!t, a$$
13. loving, devoted, committed
14. ROCK [g'n'r etc.]
15. on the whole, very good & loving; beyond that, i don't know

ok there u go. and i didn't read any other replies before answering these! ;-D


the_ego_has_landed said...

Im scared to try the test.. what if i fail misreably since I haven been to regular :(

btw.. I enjoyed the goo goo dolls video. I've loved the song always

hugs.. thanks for sharing it!:)

KK said...

This proves one thing for sure...
If only my lessons in school were in blog, I would have scored well... provided I had teachers as gud as you :)

Akshay said...

Oh man.. so I only get distinction.. btw tell me which ones did I screw up? Have a good weekend Keshi

Anonymous said...

only did well? shucks..thats like a c grade. :p.
and that answer would get highlighted :P.

alex said...


desperado said...


can't seem to find ny oder words im so overwhelmed :P

U ROCK !!!!!

Autumn Storm said...

Happy weekend!

Autumn Storm said...

Ooh, and 'Outstanding', hot dam' I'm good! :-D

sophie said...

hey howz u
long time
i m lost
n where is me in the list gal ??
not even in the fail

Silvara said...

Heheh...oh I'm brilliant!! I knew it...i just KNEW it :P Great minds think alike na?

Have a great weekend babes - have fun and take care :D

PrAcHi said...

Aw aw aw.. I think I was late for the exam. I gave answers after the results were out :((.. ;).
Me loved the second last pic in this post :). It is SO cute!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

I demand a re-evaluation of my someone else other than you... :-)

Life!! said...

wo wo wo wo!!! I get a distinction hey!
Just one correction though. Am spelt as "Life!!" as against a boring "Life".. nah! that's not me.
and yes you can check out my blog too. though am a fledgling and not as passionatt a blogger as you, yet do put in my bits as and when i get time off.

Way to go Keshi. Thanks

Poo said...

Ms Keshi Prof...what if i am not happy with the results .... hehehehhe I need revaluation!! Revaluation hahahhaha
Have a great weekend Babes !!

WRYTER said...

Hi Keshi


Should have insulted you more - then I would have been in the last one.

Can't win em all.




WRYTER said...

You always have some jerks in the crowd.

Don't listen to them. You are a nice, pretty, sweet, kind, person.

Wow. Such a liar I am.

Joking, of course.

Those are just some of your great qualities.



What a butter-up job.

Next I'll be licking your toes.--not that far--I still have Mr.Ice.

priya said...

Keshi: You just finished with grades. C'mon girl, I thought u will send loads of love in a box full of gifts from Aus'. Hhehehe So sweet of you;)

Asha said...

Thank you for passing me!!;))
Trisha was home sick with cold Virus,couldn't go thru' all q's last time!!

Shitrint said...

oh i got a DISTINCTION! i got a distinction!!
**jiggy dance**

oh this post was written quite creatively keshi, even tho it was written in ur lunch break!
cool...u got so many frends who know u so well! :D
atta girl!

oh i cant quite believe that some jerk wrote u degrading comments too!that was a nice answer to the anonymous jerk!
take care girl! :)

Jay said...

Hey! I did better here than I did in school. Maybe because the subject matter was so much more interesting here? ;-)

Deepthi said...

Iris goo dolls " I just want you to knw who I am..Me glad I got to knw u thru your blog lady...and will come back for more....

Fleiger said...

Oh... I got so bad grades :(

Come on, no extra credits for being inventive and humorous?

Shionge said...

Oh you, you, made me take my hat off for you, you you :D

I don't know what to say except to say you are certainly one of a kind of a smart lady and do get Keshiology credited under any of the Aussie University, I'll be the first to enrol :D

Have a nice weekend sweetie pie :D

starry nights said...

Thanks for posting the results. I was fun reading it . I cannot believ people wrote bad stuff. it just goes to show what they are made up of because it reflects in how they think. Anyway Keshi.
I think you are cool,caring and cute.

Nora said...

Have a good one Keshi. x

White Forest said...


Anonymous said...

i am soon gonna do a friend post
and i will fail u miserably

u @#$%#!

The Phoenix said...

I'm gone for a few days and I miss so much!

Shiva said...

Never expected such a paritial results. So unfair:((

:) Enjoyed reading the results.

awaiting said...

Darn I missed it! I am so mad at myself! :)

Trundling Grunt said...

Um, I knew the answers, really? Ok, so I spaced on that one but who the hell chose to abuse you? Weird.

Weekend - planning on going outside as the snow is finally clearing and maybe doing a bit of shopping. Oh yeah, and starting my taxes :-(

Jim said...

NEXT POST for Keshi
Corrupt persons should be hanged in public: SC judge
R Balaji in New Delhi

March 07, 2007 20:15 IST
Observing that everyone wants to loot this country, the Supreme Court today said the only panacea to rid the country of corrupt elements was to hang a few of them on the lamp post.
"The only way to rid the country of corruption is to hang a few of you on the lamp post. The law does not permit us to do it but otherwise we would prefer to hang people like you at the lamp post," a Bench of Justices S B Sinha and Markandeya Katju remarked during arguments put forth by counsel for an accused.
As counsel R Singh, tried to make some submission Justice Katju further said, "Everywhere, we have corruption. Nothing is free from corruption. Everybody wants to loot this country. The only solution for this menace is to hang some people in the public so that it acts as a deterrent on others."

Menchie said...

Distinction! Not bad! LOL!

Am working this weekend, as in not planning to sleep -- got two presentations Monday and Tuesday and have a deadline to meet. *@*#&#^!*

--Sunrise-- said...


LOL... Keshiology... man. :D

Actually, I am pleased 'cos I am "outstanding" in knowing you... and that means a lot to me... in its own weird way, Keshi... :) Awww...
I guess my line goes under "cool/deep"... lol.. I love this idea..

Permission to borrow it Ma'am? Although with my own questions...? Please? lol.... :)

And - wow... some other kickass answers... it was a good idea to make a little collection, to save having to scan through the 100 and something comments... :)

I especially like Autumn's one... :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Crap, lost again. Have a great weekend!!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Thanks for passing me! Next time I will be an A+ student in Keshiology! ;)

lee said...

"You called me an egotistic bitch who wants to be 'humped' by every Indian guy? Well you have done real proud to India just by that self-degrading comment alone. Sending my deepest academic condolences to your parents, family, friends and any further genetic links that you may create for having to put up with the 'cell-dead' YOU. You may start again at Kindy if admission allowed ".

keshi -you are SO funny -hahahaha. Sorry I didn't comment on that last post -there were too many questions for this brain to handle!;). Hope you're having a good Saturday night, keshi my dear.

Julia Scissor said...

It’s my first blogversary! You are invited.

ღ lil_kath ღ said...

awww sorry i've missed many post Kesh ;(;( will catch up soon ok? hows u? thanx for the txt message last Holi ^_^

.... enjoy weekend and take care muahhh!

luv ya loads!


Neihal said...

what happens to the regular reader of Keshi who bunked the exams ;)
Pls pls dont fail me!

Princess said...

hi keshi,

How r u?
Thanks for giving me a suggestion.

Yeah! It'll be for sure, 'Work first, Hobby next.' basis.

I could'nt come early to give your exam :(

Anyways, quite interesting...

Vikas said...

Yooooooooooooooooooooo i passed the exams with distinction....wishe me keshi ......

and here is treat for u on behalf of me :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

have gr8 weekend

Take Care

Lera said...

Keshiology is very Interesting!!!!!! wonderful post with cute pics,love this more than Biology..:))Good day to you.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


*Pulls her collar*

Am sorry I just did that in a hurry ... but there was some tension going on ... u HAVE TO go and read my blog for that :(

Have a great time Keshurr !!

Ash said...

I did well...Yay!!!
Have a great weekend Keshi :-)

RandomThoughts said...

Seems like i missed a wonderful test! Either way It was fun reading the questions & answers.

U sure rock Keshi!


Jeevan said...

Cool results keshi. I really enjoyed to answer the questions:)

I have been watching Paruthi Veeran Tamil film this weekend!

Happy Sunday!

Mumbai Guy said...

No distinction for me? Oh well...there is always a first time for everything ;)

Anonymous said...

haha:D :D!! i paassed eh??heheh!!1
hope u have a lovely weekend!

Within Without said...

I guess makeup tests for those of us who were absent aren't allowed, right?

Aidan said...

All right High distinction:) High fives all round...
I even got quoted... hoo rah. i feel privilaged.

I actually enjoyed the "test", it has been a pleasure getting to know you, even if it is just an electronic version of yourself.


The Phosgene Kid said...

Hmm, she is gone again...

Anonymous said...

>u dont have to attend the graduation ceremony? ROFL!!!
this post was hilarious keshichan!!
and thanks for adding my comment there. yaaay :D

Kavi said...

Wonder where you come wup with such ideas !
Wow !!

Michelle said...

awww i missed it! :(

Anonymous said...

surprised to see my name in that section!!!

Arz000n said...

Glad that I was not part of the test, else I would have failed for sure :P

Hehehe..had been so busy all week :(

Margie said...

Hi Keshi
Glad you gave me a passing grade!
Hey, that little doggy looks a lot like my sweet Jake!
I have a picture of him up!
I am quite exhausted...been such a busy weekend with him, but it has been so wonderful too!

Hope your weekend was great!
Did you do anything exciting?

Monday morning at work there now...
have a good day at work!

I send a hug to you and Jake wants to send you some puppy kisses!

AnonymousBlogger said...

Well I guess I fail too since I showed up late for that class :(

I like Iris by Goo Goo Dolls though, so despite knowing that I fail, I'm still glad I came to this class.

Keshi said...

ty all :) Im happy that ur happy abt ur results except for few who weren't happy with a C or a P. Cmon u still passed WOOHOO!

Well-done all of u!

Anonymous (faceless gunk) hows kindy going?awww did they fail u just at ABC..? Im not surprised mate. Time for being re-born.


chocolteluva said...

damn it.. i had silver on the car, but then i thought -- hmm may be black b/c its traditional and safe and u did seem like a red kinda gal.

have a good weekend
i baked and cooked this weekend, so it was kinda low key.

Keshi said...

AB its ok mate.Those who couldnt take part...its ok n ty for being here!

Fergal u scored a HD woohoo! ;-)


Keshi said...

Chocolte u had a very pleasane weekend then ha? COOL!


PrAcHi said...

Yayyyy.. I got D.. :)).
Thanks Keshi for considering my late entry. :D

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

noooooo....I am going to hold my breath and throw a tantrum till you upgrade my grade....LOL

ishi said...

not bad at all...:P! :)!

Keshi said...

Prachi :)


Ganesh LOL chillax this aint a Harvard degree.


:) Ishi.


Saira said...

u forgot my degree.. :(
i know ive been away since long...but..:(

s0ul said...

yayyyyyy!!!! i graduated with honors!! :D.. haha.. i was gone a couple of days and now i have of reading to catch up with.. oh hun, i had the most amazing weekend and the next two days with a couple of my girlfriends.. did NOTHING at all.. just sat around n watched movies and caught up with each others' lives.. and now im back at work! :( all good things have to come to an end na?

vinay said...

wow i am outstanding here as well!!!hehehe!!!thank you keshi channnn...muahhhhhhh...hugsssssssssssssssssss!!!i gradutaed with top honors!!!!!!!