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A Beautiful Rose

''Sparkling'' girl loved helping others

March 29, 2007 10:13 AM
By Amanda Carlin and Deborah Field

Gone too soon: Emma Hansen will be remembered for her smile and her community work. EMMA Hansen told her family she wanted to make every minute of her life count for other people. She had just begun a phone counselling course with Lifeline Sutherland and had volunteered in a Russian orphanage last year. Her parents Lynne and Mark, of Orange, said their daughter was ''altruistic'' and would always say ''I love you''.They did not have a chance to say goodbye to their eldest child, who was hit and killed by a car in Kogarah on Tuesday.The family has nominated LifeLine Sutherland as their chosen charity for people wishing to show their support. Donations can be made online or by calling 9522 7807 (Wednesday to Friday) or LifeLine Sydney on 9951 5577.Emma moved to Kogarah in 2005 and was in her second year of fashion design at St George College of TAFE.She had finished her half-day at TAFE and was walking back to her car around 11am when she was struck.Her parents were informed of the accident at 12.30pm and boarded a 1.30pm flight from Orange to Sydney.Emma died in St George Hospital, before they could arrive.``She was a very creative girl and would not hear a bad word about anybody,'' Mr Hansen said. ``She would always give you hugs and kisses and tell you she loved you.''Emma was about to launch her own fashion label and had begun millinery.Her mother was looking forward to attending popstar Pink's concert on May 1 with her daughter.Emma went to school with her brothers Simon, 18, and Martin, 17, who is still studying at Kinross Wolaroi School, Orange.Simon, an English teacher in China, flew back to Sydney yesterday afternoon to be with his grieving parents. Mr Hansen had last seen his daughter two weeks ago.TAFE friend Georgia Harwood, 20, said ``Emma's sparkling smile was contagious''.``If you'd seen her walk down the street she would have smiled at you,'' she said. ``If you'd been busking she would have emptied her pockets for you.''Pastor Daesop Yoon from the Mountain Hope Church in Orange said the Hansen family were extremely community-minded and giving. He described Emma as a ``beautiful'' and ``pure'' person.Assistant minister of St Luke's Church, Miranda, Graeme Howells said it had been a pleasure and a great privilege to have Emma in the congregation.He said she had a particular interest in working with children, and helped in the church craciêche twice a week.Kinross Wolaroi assistant principal Rodney Hancock said the school had been devastated by the loss of their former school prefect.The Hansen family thanked St George Hospital doctors and nurses for doing all they could.A funeral led by Pastor Yoon will be held in Orange tomorrow.

- Article taken from The Leader paper

20yr old Emma Hansen was struck by an out-of-control L-plater's car on Tuesday that killed her and seriously injured 11 others, including 2 babies. I didn't know her personally but now I know her...after her death. This horror crash happened in a place I shop around often. As the article above reads, Emma was someone who always wanted to help people and the steps she had taken to achieve that is her very short life. Looking at how her life ended in such a shocking way and reading about what her last weeks on Earth were like, I wanted to ask this question from myself and all of you as well:

What were your last 2 weeks like? What did you do, who did you meet, what did you last say to someone you love? Did you kiss and hug enough? Have you patched up? Did you make plans for a getaway? Tell me, what were your last 2 weeks like?

Emma didn't know she was going to die, but her last 2 weeks seems full and peaceful to me. And yes she had many life plans, career plans and also plans to go to a PINK concert with her mum on the 1st of May. Now what were my last 2 weeks like? Alot of tears and alot of hard decisions made. So if I was in Emma's shoes on that fateful Tuesday, I'd have died a heart-broken girl. From today, I wanna make every single day count...every single day positive and happy...gonna kiss my blues away...not gonna make a fuss about things I don't have control of...just gonna be a cheerful presence to whoever I meet....gonna take risks...gonna be there for people. Cos moments on Earth are not forever.

Emma sweetheart I never knew you in life but I now know what a beautiful and rare rose you were to those who were around you. Gone too soon! This song is for your sparkling spirit.

Current Music: The Rose by Bette Midler

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Pallavi said...

and such is life!:(.

Jewel Rays said...


She is breathtaking and really admirable and also very pretty. What an angel...

Love this post ..


deepsat said...

A very nice tribute to Emma. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

awww,what a great girl...
too young to die...
life`s too short huh?
we never know what will happen tomorrow.i just wanna live to the fullest.

btw,i love the song!

Little Miss Muffet said...

that was heartbreaking..why does god always take such ppl away first, ppl who have so much to give and teach others?
I have thought about it-what if tomorrow would be my last day..then i know that no fight/ argument is worth it..pride is not worth the heartbreak of feeling unloved or angry...when i die, I hope the last thing i get to hear is - I Love you..

Cazzie!!! said...

She was an Angel, not meant for this World.
The Rose is my favourite song ever :)

Alex said...


I read in Mitch Albom's Tuesday's with Morrie that, if we live like it is the last day on earth, life will be wonderful.

Enjoying every moment of our 'being' is life. Not keeping anything for later and not regretting anything.

Divian said...

So touching.

My last 2 weeks have been very bad. My husband is moving out of town this weekend for a job, I have to find new residence, I have no job, and my marriage is not good.

I am forced with alot of decisions to be made...but I find a sense of comfort in my children.

Life is so short. It ends for most unexpectedly.


Chamendra Wimalasena said...

May her next life be as wonderful as she has been to others.

lee said...

Hi keshi -you asked on my blog where I was -and you're right -I really haven't been on the computer much over the last few days.

It's good that you are having these thoughts -if all of us fully realised that it could all be over just like THAT we would really LIVE and forget about the niggling and petty things that really don't matter.

Norwegian Wood Girl said...

lady, I will catch up on your posts ina few days,....just been too busy offlate............hugsss, tc

Anonymous said...

It's only when you see or hear of things like this, that you realize that every minute is to be treasured;
that friends and family are indeed the most important things in life and we should spend time with them.

desperado said...

life is not always fair
lovely dedication dear....and beautiful song...may her memory keep sparkling

Life said...

this is not fair :( she is so beautiful person ...

never no what will happen to u next second....

iam giving reply to ur post now and may be u want find me arround afterwards ...
Life is short ...


Take Care

jac said...

I dunno what to say, keshi !!

My prayers are with Emma and I thank you for the goodness in you for sharing it with us.

PrAcHi said...

Ohhh.. keshi.. We can not change the destiny! This is so sad that such nice people have to leave the world so soon :((
My Grand-father-in-law expired yesterday. I just came back from the funeral. This was for the first time I went for any kind of funeral (in hindus, girls don’t attained funeral ceremony). So it was quite different for me after I came back.
I was thinking about ‘The death’ only and meanwhile I just read ur post.
Life is so uncertain. I really don’t want anyone I know to die before me. This might sound selfish but...

Lienumberone said...

ty, tc, hell, it gets confusing searching out for "tt". "WB" I hope that means "Welcome bugger".

I once said that you are the female equiv. of Mick. Your lips! Muah!! I'm getting a hard-on now.

Anonymous said...

very touching...
and awesome philosophy of yours...

my thoughts to it:
"life is like a box of chocolates", but i never know when would the box not have any of them to offer to me... so until then, enjoy each of the assorted flavors... 'coz i know, the day when the box gets empty i would weep to taste even the bitter ones...

Priya said...

Keshi: Your post reminds me of my late friend whose birthday is today.

Life?? We have no answers and sometimes its good to go pretty quick....

wallycrawler said...

"The good , they die young" .

That's the truest statement ever write'n !

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

May Emma rest in peace for eternity

Unknown said...


good tribute to emma.
But such is know.
We keep planning for stuff for the future..apparently the higher power(if any) thinks otherwise...

gotta live each day as if its your last. A tough thing to accomplish daily but, its worth a shot.

and well..since you last two weeks were filled with boredom and thankfully some drawing. I ate pizza and drank gingerale as always..not to mention had good healthy yucky vegetables also..
met a gal..told her I love her..didn't work out..just as well, hardly knew her.
plans for a getaway? how did you know I was going to do that heist..

i know its not nice..but its me..I try to bring the humor in everything.
death is funny in its own way.
its also inevitable.

shnaggy said...

oh keshi,

not very long ago i made a comment of going to afganistan...

yeah we have to live life like it is our last and make our last like it is not the end. in short, just make every moment be the best it can be.

i feel for emma...

Unknown said...

May she Rest In Peace!

Asha said...

She was beautiful inside and out!May her soul rest in peace.

GOD wants all the good people I guess.She lead a worthwhile life.

Hugs to you Keshi:))

Helen said...

What a tribute, Keshi, I (as you know) had a very powerful growing experience last month, and this month has been full of healing, decision-making, and soul-searching. Sprinkled with many laughs and warm times. But I don't think that I've truly helped anyone the way Emma did. She's an inspiring woman.

Jay said...

That's pretty sad. Terrible things happen to good people sometimes. I wish I knew why.

Harmony said...

hey..its u get these cool articles buddy..

Jeevan said...

Its wonderful to know a wonderful heart that was broke last day!! For me she really looks like an angel. Let her soul rest in smiles.

My last two weeks were got in the thoughts that would probably unusual from what is happening and what is going to happen.

Innocent Devil....Yet not so innocent ;) said...

The post was too touching keshi...Well u asked how my past few weeks have been...Do read my blog and you would know it.....

Kay Vee said...

i really loved ur idea of the post keshi! to make us think wat we did in past 336 hours. time we take for granted! im disappointed to say i dont think ive done anything worthwhile except pondering over so many issues and problems that have come up in the past few months. getting cranky, fighhting, being rude...
the only good thing i remember is feeding 5 lil pups in my building compound, 2 of which passed away in a car accident today...
u take care, girl!

AnonymousBlogger said...

A tragedy Keshi, no doubt.

I don't want to sound cold, but at the same time, can we realistically live life as if it was our last day, or last two week, or last month on Earth?

I don't think so. It just isn't practical.

I don't know what my point is. I guess we can just live life and hope we live to see tomorrow, otherwise the mundane life we all have lived up to this point will have been a waste.

Anonymous said...

dont think about death
but live every day as if it were your last

if u always wanted to punch SOUTHY on the jaw
do it now

if u love somebody
tell him/her today

if u wish to elope with your new secretary
do it today

if u want out of a marriage dat has no hope
get out today

it is never too late to start a new life

Anonymous said...

i love the lyrics
esp. the last line

Some say love it is a river that drowns the tender reed
Some say love it is a razer that leaves your soul to blead

Some say love it is a hunger an endless aching need
I say love it is a flower and you it's only seed

It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance
It's the dream afraid of waking
that never takes the chance

It's the one who won't be taken who cannot seem to give and the soul afraid of dying
that never learns to live

When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long and you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong

Just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snows lies the seed
that with the sun's love in the spring becomes the rose

krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
I didn't know her. Very sad. Great tribute. Great post and song.
Thanks Keshi for sharing.

Anonymous said...

cheesemeisters blog has disappeared
i am worried

Dawn said...

A nice tribute to a nice soul indeed
Thanks for sharing dear...!
hugggggggzz dear


George said...

Very touching and heartfelt Keshi. You are right ... we should live every day in happiness and love and to hell with what we cannot change or fix.

She must have been a beautiful woman, through and through.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keshi,
I've realised that life is so ephemereal for comfort and as much as everyday life on its own is difficult to handle, I try to make the effort to do all that which is important, all the time. My prayers go to Emma's family Thanks for sharing Keshi..

K M F said...

nice post

Steph said...

And yet another beautiful, young girl was killed in a freak accident on Sydney harbour just the other day.

You never know when your number is up.

Michelle said...

when i was small, and when my grandmother died, my mom told me, that god always took away the ppl he loved the most...she indeed was a beautiful rose plucked by god from the garden of life...hope shes happy wherever she is :)

Amey said...

That is a nice profile... Such things happen only to good people, don't they?

Expression ! said...

A very sad news.Did not know about her before reading your post.It seems good people have early demise.

Anonymous said...

Keshi, It's a Lovely tribute to a woman who is so beautiful . missed out on so many of your Interesting previous posts. Have a great weekend:)

Blessed said...

What a touching and beautiful tribute to this sweet soul!!!!
And the song you chose---perfect.
I like to sing that song karoke but I usually don't since it does make people sad and karoking is supposed to be a happy occasion.
But anyway,
that is so wild that you blogged about this girl and this terrible tragedy. This week I almost blogged about this man that I never met, he was 47 years old and he this past week, one morning it was raining really heavily, thundering, lightning, and he saw this car go off the interstate 64 here in KY and over an embankment. He stopped to help. When he got out of his truck another car lost control, hydro-planing, hitting him, killing him.
He stopped to help and was killed.
It brought tears to my eyes, this man I never met stopping to help someone he didn't know and lost his life.

Blessings to you Miss Keshi!!!!
I don't go to the beach until May.

Kuan Gung said...

This is son very sorry to hear about wishes

Anonymous said...

Stories like this always serve as reminders to live our lives to the fullest, to do the best we can and give to others.
So sad this beautiful young woman's life was taken so suddenly.
thank you keshi

WithinWithout said...

Tragic, Keshigirl...what else is there to say?

Except she was a rose and so are you for picking up on it and taking it to your heart like this...

Sorry I never sent you that postcard from Mars, but I returned to earth...for a while, anyway.

Margie said...

A Beautiful Rose...she truly was.
Life can be taken away from a split second.
I'm feeling so very sad for Emma's family and friends.
How very heartbreaking to lose such a beautiful and lovely person.
She was too young to die.
I pray her memory will always be a blessing to them!

I treasure each and every moment I have...and try my best to share my love of life with all.
Thanks for this post Keshi.
It's very touching!

Have a beautiful weekend, Keshi dear...

Unknown said...

Beautifully writen, human and compassionate, such a shame to see a young life taken...

i went to a funeral for a friend at the age of 15 he was 13 killed while raising money for charity....

What struck me about that service was how everything was worded, it wasnt everything that he had done, but everything left unaccomplished, the life that might of been....

fighting tears at work think about it..

life is so precious...

live like its your last day

love like you have never been hurt before

and dance like no one is watching

thanks for the thoughts:)


Raghav said...

what a waste!
four high school kids ran over a motorcyclist here in delhi, india. they were out celebrating after their exams got over. all four of them were drunk.
some years back a similar incident had happened (referred to as the BMW Hit and Run case) in which some high school kids ran over and killed six people.
parents give too many luxuries and too much of freedom to their kids nowadays

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute Keshi.

Anonymous said...

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Posted by Jim at 9:14 AM 3 comments

Sig said...

That's heartbreaking...I hate these kind of senseless things....Beautiful song :)

Anonymous said...

i had flu last 2 weeks.
no hug and kisses to anybody last 2 months(=_=)
she is really pretty and admirable!!
may prayers are with u...

Sujit said...

thats a beautiful life and even when it ended its complete!.. thats nice you are trying to live a life that is full :).. all the best :)

Kavi said...

Lovely dedication! It is in moments like these one wonders how short life can be and how meaningless our mundane and irrelevant our 'day to day' battles are.

lemon said...

m always too intimidated by the number of comments u i usually never leave one...but this time i jus felt like i had to...

wat u said about living each day and cherishing each moment seriously had an impact on me..i've heard the saying many times before..but never actually paid any attention to it..thanks for sharing..may emma rest in peace...

Anonymous said...

hellu Keshi~!! :D
i hope u havent forgoten me ;)!i reached back today morning,and i had lots of ur blogs to read :)!

Emma was and is really an Angel,in the true sense of the word,lifes too short,but we tend to forget it alwys i gues!!may her beautiful sprakling heart keep beating for ever....
my last 2 weeks have been beautiful and calm and happy,lots of things i did,lots of peopl i met,and ws just happy and cheerful....

thank you for writing about Emma!

Takecare &i hope u are doing well and fine and all 'blueness' gone!

Unknown said...

whats wrong? fell off the planet?
or just very busy....

Autumn Storm said...

(Sigh) So very sad.
Seems as though she was and will continue to be an inspiration even to those who did not know her, such as yourself. Wonderful tribute post, Kesh. Hugs to you.

david santos said...

Hello, Keshi! Thank you for text and for very nices roses.
have a good week

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is one amazing story. What a beautiful young girl she was. She has th emost amazing smile too and that picture is absolutely beautiful. It's such a shame that such wonderful people who care so much, such as Emma and also belinda Emmett, have their lives taken away from them at such an early time. It should mean something to all of us and that is exactly what you have said. That we should all aim and aspire to be a happy positive creature. To enjoy every moment life brings us and to generally just make every moment something to be proud of.

Since my depart from my 5 year relationship a year ago I have aspired to be this way everyday. I may have been bruised in the past or even currently but I aspire to not hold grudges. I aspire to help and care about every person, whether they treat me right or wrong because you never know. You just never know, maybe I won't be here tomorrow either...

Nadim said...

hope your thoughts/words dont just remain words...!
All the best! :)

sittingnut said...

heyyy mate! :-)

great to be back !

sad story and one that makes us rethink how we spend our days, as you have done.

What were your last 2 weeks like? ...

had on the whole satisfying 2 weeks. had some great conversations with my siblings even though one is far away . not much hugging or kissing (must do more :-)) . should make plans for a getaway, though enjoyed cricket with friends. and last but not least decided to visit here more often.

you are a cheerful presence to whoever you meet. as i always say an angel.
by your mere visit to my blog you reminded me of something very important i have been foolishly neglecting for no real reason.


fergal said...

hi keshi, good resolutions that u have made! all the best with following them.

my past 2 weeks have been very busy at work with a number of things going on. also i've just had several days away camping with my family and another family. it was nice until my wife & then my son caught this nasty vomitting & diarrhoea bug off the other family - and all on the day that we had to pach up & drive home! plus it was raining, and then our car battery was flat! but all worked ok in the ned; we got home & today is better.

really, i can't complain though - altho' i get stressed & forget this, i've got it pretty good compared to some other folks!


tulipspeaks said...

hmm.. if i ask myself, was i happy for the last 2 weeks? am i satisfied with my life?

the answer would be a big fat NO :|

if i ask myself, was the last 2 weeks full of misery, confusion and disappointments?


but then again, we r not blessed to choose when we wanna die nah? we'll never no. and yes, we hv to live one day at a time - but its easier said than done.

my condolences to Emma's family. a truly wonderful being she was. May God bless her soul.



Menchie said...

this is so tragic. it always makes me sad to hear or read about death.

my last two weeks have been ordinary -- extremely busy at work but ordinary nonetheless.

diyadear said...

no wonder ppl say god needs loving ppl near him too.. wat a loss for parents n friends.. sigh..

Lisa Johnson said...

This is wonderful post and tribute to Emma Hansen. What a shame, but I'm glad that she lived her life well and that her family knew she loved them.

Pretty interesting question about my past two weeks. It's been a bit bumpy, but I've been trying to look at the bright side and appreciate what I have.

Kathy said...

... soo touching!! she did worth things in her short life... and she's with God now... may her soul rest in peace!!

... hows u babe?? seems ur not around today... u take care muaah!


PrAcHi said...

hayyy... how r u girl?No update nothing! Hope everything is fine with you :S

Margie said...

Hi Keshi
It's early Monday morning here, and I'm heading off to work.
It's not like you to not be here, after the weekend.
Hope everything is ok Sweetie.
I'm going to a Rod Stewart concert tonight in Denver, and staying overnight in Denver, so won't be home till tomorrow.
I'll be thinking about you!


david santos said...

Hello, Keshi!
beautiful song. thank you
have a good week

Pecos Blue said...

sad it seems like you never here how a serial killer got bowled over by a car or somthing. Always the good ones.

my life.... said...

hey gal, can u pls send yr email address to so that i can add u in my selected readers list... otherwise u will not be able to read my blog... thanks alot gal!

Paul said...

There truly is a postive, non "morbid" sense in which we can bear out mortality in mind and you really get at that here.

Gaurav said...

bad things always happen to good people. life is always not fair..

Cie Cheesemeister said...

How sad when it's a person like this who is taken too soon, and in such a tragic way.

Innocent Devil....Yet not so innocent ;) said...

Check my post to know how my 2 weeks have been....And dear this blog of urs is a very touchy blog.

Anonymous said...

where are u?
have u quit blogging?

is this your signature tune?

Anonymous said...

get your ass in here NOW
we need u !

Anonymous said...

some things we just cant do without
a morning cup of coffee

u shooting off your mouth

Anonymous said...

r u pregnant with a new post?
i can feel it

a block buster post coming out any moment now

Anonymous said...

did u sell your FERRARI ?

KK said...

RIP Emma...

Keshi said...

Pallavi tnxx!


Amy tnxx sweetie...its so sad na.


ty Deepz!


yes Ghee ty!


awww Miss.Muffet...d ya know I love u?

**..pride is not worth the heartbreak of feeling unloved or angry

very true!




Keshi said...

True Alex.

**if we live like it is the last day on earth, life will be wonderful

thats when ppl wud REALLY live. O.W. we r all just existing.


Tash I'll pray for u...u deserve better and Im sure ur big break is ard the corner. TC n luv ya babez!


I hope so too Evil.


Lee thats right...ppl need to wake up.


ty Mala!


Ashish thats right....friends n family r very imp.


ty Desperado!


ty Vikas!


Keshi said...

ty Jac!


Im so sorry Prachi HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!



Bugger indeed TT :)

LOL @hard-on!


WOW nice comparison there DJ, tnxx!


Priya Im sorry abt ur friend...what happened?

**sometimes its good to go pretty quick....

SO true! I dun wanna live till Im very old. I wanna go quick n while Im young.


Wally well-said mate!


Ganesh ty!


Keshi said...

Hershey ur comment made me smile :) tnxx mate!

**met a gal..told her I love her..didn't work out..just as well, hardly knew her.

thats ok..u still did it.

well-done for those 2 weeks!


True Shnaggy!


Iceman ty!


Asha tnxx hun!


Helen I know wut u have been thru...and it's amazing how u dealt with it so positively. Well-done babez n HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

Jay ty!


Pankaj tnxx!


Jeevan awww I hope ur ok...


JaanKi I cudnt get to that post :(


Shitrint sweetie Im so sorry abt the dogs...HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Thats such an awful thing!

U did something worthwhile girl...u poured some love and caring into some destitute animals that no one else bothered abt. I think u did something BIG in the last 2 weeks and Im so proud of u!


hey AB!

**I don't want to sound cold, but at the same time, can we realistically live life as if it was our last day, or last two week, or last month on Earth?

I agree...but what is really REALSITIC in life?


Anony I think abt Death cos it's the only certainity of life.


ty Krys!


ty Dawny!


Keshi said...

yeah George ty!


Geet thats the way to be...ty!


KMF WC n ty!


Steph yeah I heard abt Morgan Innes...its too heart-breaking!

**You never know when your number is up.



awww Michi Im so sorry HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Fleiger yeah and dun ask me why...


SM ty!


Lera tnxx!


Blessed thats so very sad! U witnssed it? OMG!

ur a very kind soul...thats why u feel for someone u didnt even know. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ babez!


Kuan ty!


Rick yeah..its so unfair isnt it.


Keshi said...

WW why didnt ya take me with u on ur trip to Mars?



I guess the best die young. Thats what it is.

I hope ur having a great break.



** he was 13 killed while raising money for charity....

Im so sorry to hear that...its shocking! He died doing such a noble act.

**but everything left unaccomplished, the life that might of been....

thats beautiful...he'd have been just a truly beautiful presence on this Earth.



Hey Raghav tnxx for sharing that. Thats so sad.

**parents give too many luxuries and too much of freedom to their kids nowadays

yeah I agree.


Nora tnxx!


Anony heyy thats all dopey news.


ty Silvara!


Keshi said...

aww Niki get better soon.....HUGGGGGGGGGZ n MWAHHHHHHHHZ from me!


ty Sujit!


hey Kavi!

**how meaningless our mundane and irrelevant our 'day to day' battles are.

So true!


aww its my pleasure Lemonade!


Shammu dear WB!

How was ur break?


Hershey Im still alive :) tnxx for checking on me.


Autumn yes...she was, is and will continue to be a beautiful spirit.


David ty!


Keshi said...

Cattie WC sweetie!

**I aspire to help and care about every person, whether they treat me right or wrong because you never know

Im so glad that there's one more sensitive and caring soul out there who doesnt calculate when helping others.

ur right...tomorrow we may not be lets just be there for each other today.



Nadim I hope so too.


Sittingnut hey I missed ya...WB!

I think u had a great 2 weeks sounds terrific.

Good on ya Sittingnut!


Fergal ur a very positive spirit. I like that.

Im sorry abt ur camping horror...hehe but we become stronger by such experiences. I think that was hell of a good 2 weeks for ya...what say mate?


Ammuu sound like me :)

**but then again, we r not blessed to choose when we wanna die nah?

true...I totally agree.


Menchie an ordinary 2 weeks is better than a bitter 2 weeks. Ur doing good girl.


Diya ty!


Anali heyy!

**but I've been trying to look at the bright side and appreciate what I have.

well thats an achievement itself. Good on ya!


Kathy ty n hugggggggggz!

Yeah I was away yday...

Hows u?


aww Im ok Prachi...ty for checking on me. I wasnt here yday....

hows u?


Margie Im ok - ty n hugggggggggz! Just wasnt feeling too well and I was very busy too.

btw take me to that RS concert! I love his music. u lucky thing! or lets just say

Some CHICKS have all the luck ;-)


Dave ty n u too!


Keshi said...

Pecos ty!

** seems like you never here how a serial killer got bowled over by a car or somthing

isnt that true!


My_Life will do, tnxxx!


aww tnxx Paul Im honored to hear that from someone like u.


True Gaurav and I just dun u'stand that...


Meister yes...its so sad!


JaanKi that page dun load :(


Anony Im here...I aint dead yet.

:) hows u?


KK tnxx!


Blessed said...

Hey Keishi---thank goodness I did not witness that accident I mentioned to wouldn't have been able to pick me up off the floor if I witnessed something as awful and tragic as that!!

Margie said...

Hope you are feeling much better today....
**Some CHICKS have all the luck.**
Haha....the RS concert was so fab...
I had you there with me in spirit.
I was thinking of you, and hoping you were ok!



Keshi said...

Blessed Im so glad u didnt witness it. I'd be just like u. I'd never be the same again. HUGGGGGGGGZ darl!


Margie awww u thought of me? I knew it :) MWAHHHHHHHHHHH n ty!


Margie said...

Yep, I was thinking of you, and even told my daughter about you.
She said that you sound so special.
I told her you sure are!



Keshi said...

aww how sweet...ur daughter knows me now :)


Meiche said...

It's a good question, what if you were in Emma's shoes?
I still remember the night as I watched the news seeing Emma's black shoes lying by the road without her in them.

I knew Emma, she was my friend. I still cry when I think of her, but you would be surprised how many schools, churches and local charities keep a photo of her on their premises as a symbol that she directly impacted their lives.

You ask some good questions... about the lives of us who are still living. I really think that is exactly what Emma would have desired from her life. SHe always watned to inspire others.

Although I still cry for Emma, feel sad for her family and their thoughts of what she might have been, I know that she is now complete.
There is no use blaming God because we have learnt a lot and she has left much behind. I can say, we are all very, very rich from knowing Emma, our beautiful flower.