Friday, April 13

Follow Your Heart

Guys I was watching this rather interesting documentary on ABC last night I just have to share it with you. It was about heart-transplants, and how the acquirer of the new heart seem to get the characteristics of the donor after the transplant! There were some rather interesting case-studies and they were analysed and accepted to be true by some renowned doctors too. There was this story about a 17yr old boy who died from a car accident and he was an organ donor. His heart was transplanted into some 50yr old man later on, and he transformed into a complete sports-lover, bike-rider, mountain-climber and a very active person all of a sudden. Turns out that the donor was exactly that kind of person in life - an avid bike-rider too! There was also another story of a man who turned into a sudden poetry-lover after his heart transplant and he started to write love poems for his very old wife. When he and his family later on found out about the donor, there was a shocking revelation. That the donor of that heart always wrote poems for his loved-ones! I wonder if that's why we say that following our heart is what makes us truly happy, cos we really can't avoid it can we. So even if it's a new heart that you have, it's now our's and we follow it. WOW amazing stuff!

The medical explanation for this was that we as human beings live all our lives transferring electric signals between our brains and hearts. This makes the heart a repository of our thoughts and actions. The heart seems to save all the characteristics and keep it safe. So even after we die, our hearts contain the messages (basically what you were like when you lived). Isnt that amazing! As a result of that, when a new person gets your heart (if you're a donor) there is a high probability of them transforming to be just like you. Now it isn't a sure fact but the case-studies prove so. They are now a proven fact as per to the documentary.
It was a bit difficult for me to watch it without alot of tears...cos they showed how the donors' families wanted to hear the heart-beats of their loved-ones. So they arranged to meet with the person who got the heart transplanted. There was this mother who lost his young son and she so wanted to hear his heart beating in another body. It was a very emotional thing to witness.

Anyways the interesting part was how our hearts contain our traits even after we die. I was
just totally gobsmacked. Now my question to you is if you were a donor and someone else got your heart someday, and they transformed into being somewhat like you, what inherent quailities would they be acquiring from you? Tricky question ha :). Well if someone got my heart some day, they would start being vain, ultra-sensitive, grunge-loving, accident-prone (pity him/her!), total babe and super lovable you know. Now how many are after ripping my heart out and trying to plant it in them, OMG I better hide!

Happy weekend guys ;-)

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Anonymous said...

from me:
5% jealousy
5% lousiness
5% smartness (am i being blunt here?)
5% calvin and hobbes
5% philosophy
5% love for books
5% flirting
5% stupidity
10% ultra-emotions (most dangerous one)
10% my thoughts
20% microprocessor technology :)
20% music

and btw, you forgot to add blogging-habits in your case... ;)

WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

I think I'll remove my name from the donor list. I pity the person who gets my heart.

I'm one of those if-it-can-happen to-anyone-it-will-happen-to-me persons.

What happens if a woman gets a man's heart?

OMG I don't want to think about it.



Neihal said...

I have no idea!

but the person will be damn confused, I am sure of that atleast. :P

I agree with DJ, whoever gets your heart will be blogging without fail. :D

Jewel Rays said...

:) Intersting and freaky. i mean what if u got a serial murderer's heart??? :O

If someone got my heart i would want him/her to acquire

* my love for music
* my stubborness
* Hmmm....My hunger to understand and learn thing

*My need to write my thoughts out

* my heart to write in a flowing manner..

hmmm...i think there are many more but this is it for now..

Iceman said...

#1. They'd get my carefree nature for sure... They'd become a free spirit like me! Or rather Mavericks! LOLz...

#2. A huge dose of Optimism.. I mean a reallllllllly crazy dose... They'll start to believe even the impossible can be done! They'll forget what fear is.. and they wont b afraid of any thing... they wont b afraid of getting hurt! Coz my heart comes with an amour! It protects & heals itself pretty damn fast!

#3. They'd b mad bike lovers... & sports car lovers... love speed a lot... and a lot of adventure sports & adrenaline ! They'll start living life on the edge... coz I always walk through the double edged sword! Not afraid of anything! :D

I live, I die... the way I want to!

SamY said...

lovely track ... its been so long since I listened to it :(

its not just the heart keshi. I saw a program on discovery where they said that the brain is not everything ... in fact they say how we react is programmed all over our body ... esp the nervous system in entirety :) ... in fact human intelligence contrary to what most ppl believe is not restricted to the brain ... enuf of boring facts

** Well if someone got my heart some day, they would start being vain, ultra-sensitive, grunge-loving, accident-prone (pity him/her!), total babe

what if it were a guy :p ... wud he act like a babe too :D

I'd pity the soul who'd get my heart :D ... on the bright side ... he'd be ultra zealous ... a gr8 cleaner :D ... a music enthusiast ... yeh dil maange more kind :) (never satisfied) ... very loving & passionate too :D ... cheerful and glee in company

although hez gt live with the downside of me too ;) ... coz I live and breath on my comp & internet :( ... highly restless mind / heart, whoteva ... 0 concentration ... quite insecure ... I end up hurting myself giving greater importance to others ... yada yada yada

** Now how many are after ripping my heart out and trying to plant it in them, OMG I better hide!

u never cease to think too much of thyself u know :p LOL!

Cazzie!!! said...

Well, I find that interesting. I knbow after I was very very sick I now have a new lease on life, new found energy and love for myself. So I am not sure a heart takes on some part of the soul of the person who donated, more than it makes the person who feared loosing their life, have a life to live.
I am donating everything except for my eyes.
Being a nurse, I know the value of being an organ donor.
BTW, I LOVE this song!!

azuka said...

Interesting. I'm going to find me a good heart!

Aidan said...

I am a registered organ donor, i have been since 18, it is something which is really important to me... If i can enrich one more life on the way out the door, its a nice thought to live the world on.

What they would get from me...
Way too much energy, obsession with various metal acts, and strange urges to take up cycling:)

Keshi said...

DJ I think ur's is a GREAT heart to own hehehe.

My blogging habits...nah they will die with my death :)


Bev hows ya sweetie?

**I'm one of those if-it-can-happen to-anyone-it-will-happen-to-me persons.

well then it's a TERRIFIC heart! A realistic one.

If a man gets a woman's heart, he will commit suicide. LOL! Only cos he wont be able to bear the sudden sweetness in him.


Neihal it seems like the person who gets ur heart is gonna be lost for a while. LOL cute.

Me n blogging? o well the person who gets my heart will die of blogger shock. LOL!


Amy heyy!

**my heart to write in a flowing manner..

Definitely. And that person is gonna be very lucky!


Icedude looks like ur heart is what I need. Cos Im a bit of a scaredy cat :)

**my heart comes with an amour! It protects & heals itself pretty damn fast!

thats great!


Samy heyy!

**the nervous system in entirety

yep they mentioned that too.

**what if it were a guy :p ... wud he act like a babe too

I dun think a guy cud have a girl's heart...cos that wud make em gay.

**on the bright side ... he'd be ultra zealous ... a

definitely. :) And if that person comes to my blog to comment, I'll know it straight away that he's got Samy's heart awwwww.

**never satisfied

I thought ur usually pretty satisifed in any situation. U always tell me to be :)



**u never cease to think too much of thyself u know

LOL u know I was only joking.


Caz u have been very ill? HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ! I hope ur totally recovered now.

** I knbow after I was very very sick I now have a new lease on life, new found energy and love for myself happens. we realise the true value of life only when we fall sick or face a very hard situation in life.

U got a great point there. It cud just be that.

I dunno if I wanna donate my eyes either. But lately I have been thinking abt it. Let someone SEE the world.


hehe Azuka u alwready have a good heart.


Thats a very noble thought Aidan. Good on ya.

**Way too much energy, obsession with various metal acts, and strange urges to take up cycling

I cud think of all that when I thought of ur heart :) Great heart u've got. And what abt being a great human being. U r a genuinely caring person.


Keshi said...

Anonymous who commented just now.

Which part of FUCK OFF dun u understand?


Dalicia said...

when you lost your heart. it belongs to someone else...i see it more in a scientific way.

such is human bodies! you never know

desperado said...

well d person wuld be shy, rock n metal freak, always doubting his/her abilities, dreamer , lazy and yeah always falling in love with any woman who has dimples (priety zinta efect) or one who shows interest in

Die Muräne said...

For me this story is not amazing but very logical.

I told my family already that if I die I don't want them to give any organs of me to someone else neighter do I want any organs from someone else! Under no circumstances! When I have to go, I go.

I think it's very important to speak with the family about things like this. Because if you have an accident or whatever (and maybe are unconcious) they will have to decide with the doctors what to do and so they really should know already what you think about these things.

Poo said...

hi sweetie are you ? I am fine...what about you?.

I have already decided to donate my eyes and even filled a form for that. But never thought about my heart , i would love to do that.

Acquire my qualities, well, he/she is going be
1) very cute " terribly cute " ;))
2) Ability to make others laugh and make them feel happy.
3) My sincerity toward my family and love.
4) Patience towards life - to handle ups and down.
5) If he will be a man - then his wife and loved ones will be very happy ...bcoz i keep hugging my loved ones kiss them and love them so much. ...Wife will be on top of the world.
6) I love to he will be a foodie (hopefully he/she they are not fat)
7) Good listener
8) I am more of evening person or very early person.
9) I have that passion, love to help people who are in need of basic things of life .(can be anything money, food, books, clothes ) So he must acquire this quality.

Few qualities which i DONT want that person to acquire is ..
1)I can easily get angry,
2)I get frustrated as well,
3)I have too much of negative energy around me,
4)sometimes i feel like ending my life,
5)I trust everybody very easily (we shud never trust anybody very easily).....

Take care sweetie ..and you have a rocking weekend.

and you know what my Salsa classes are starting from tomorrow ..I AM VERY EXCITED and really looking forward too.

Ghost Particle said...

what if a guy gets your heart and he turns into a Babe?! hahaha! Certainly this trait carrying heart is well documented in movies and documentaries. Its amazing to know how much we actually dont know about the secrets of our own body but to discover something so wonderful. It tells us life just goes on and will never die.

If someone gets my heart, the person will turn into a depressed, photography loving, movie loving, food fanatic, travel loving ghost blogger. Muhahahahahhaahahaha

Aidan said...

" what abt being a great human being. U r a genuinely caring person.

AWWWW shucks:)


i just gotta be me:)

priya said...

Keshi: Thaz the beautiful thing ever heard of..
If someone gets my heart:

1. So much love and care
2. Loads of music to share
3. I always stay in my path and never fight/ strugle for the second
4. Flirting
5. Creative and smart
6. Think a lot:)))

Shitrint said...

thats a really interesting post keshi. and i have always wished that miracles like these happen....

im happy reading this...the heart really does mean something after all! :D

the traits mentioned in the case studies stated positive things. im just scared if my heart were to be transplanted, if ever, then maybe the person wud have a lotta negative things... yeah maybe a handful of good things like reading and poem writing! but do these transplants also transfer the negative traits?

touching one kesh! :)
have a great weekend!

Aditi said...

actually my first thought was.. what about the ones that are recieving the heart.. not knowing how they will change .. for the better or worse.. and lose the essence of who they are

Aditi said...

btw who ever gets my heart.. will be prone to always trusting the ones that shouldnt be trusted.. and making a lotta foolish decisions

Jeevan said...

//There was this mother who lost his young son and she so wanted to hear his heart beating in another body.// It’s a touching the heart post.

If some one takes my heart, some of my practice and wishes would be very small for them. I hope they would be craving for lovable people and may be feeling hard to go with some of my habits, that does always follow the rules. Their dreams will be very sweet, and sometimes hot too;) lol..

Happy Weekends dear and Happy Tamil New Year too!!

tulipspeaks said...

hmm.. dont think my heart is fit for a transplant. full of holes!!



ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

I have the heart of a singer and I am told I sound like a mad cow. I'm an optimist nevertheless, and wont quit.
God save the poor soul that'll have to live with my heart.
And maybe I should donate my cameras as well.
you have a great weekend!

St. Dickeybird said...

Lol, i'd like to think that they'd get honesty, reliability, and integrity. Really, they'd probably become a stubborn, musically obsessed flirt!

Steph said...

My sister taped this for me, so hopefully I'll get to watch it sometime over the weekend.

I find it fascinating, and think how wonderful for the donor families to know their loved one, is living on, in someone else.

Rajeev said...

Hey great post.
That was very informative :D
hmmmm..Person who gets mah heart?
uh! he wud surely be the unluckiest person :P lol!
cuz all he would get will be hatred towards life
He wud become A Not So Romantic Person :D
and one good thing wud be that he will be a music freak :D

btw nice song. one of my all time fav by roxette :)

Peace & Love

ishita said...

hi kesh...

long time since i got a comment in here and this was a lovely post. I'd read about this sometime back and it's quite fascinating!

I wld ideally say one of me or one lifetime of me is more than enuff if it's true abt characteristics passin on :P but if it saves a life then I guess that would be the one good thing about me :)...ahem....and i meant that quite seriously :)

Good to c u taking off for the weekend on a positive note :) care and keep smiling!


Pranay said...

Well it really was possible, I think the recipient would get start thinking a hell lot. He'd start dancing and playing sports.
And well...he'd also get an emotional side.;-)

Maddy said...

I read about this - how this fellow who received a heart loved bacon and eggs suddenly and before did not!!!
from me.....

indian food freak
chai lover extraordinaire!


Lisa Francisco said...

Interesting post! thanks for your comments on my post today! I really appreciate your thoughts.

I'm not sure what that person would inherit from me. hmmm....

My love for music is a definite!
My love to dream.
My love of fashion.
My love of creativity.
My neuroses.
My love for John Abraham.
My love of life!


gautami tripathy said...

You do come up interesting posts, keshi girl!


Asha said...

I am already a organ donor!

I guess anybody who gets my heart will be quite happy,err..too happy!:)

See you Monday.Hugs.

Jay said...

Oh dang. If somebody got my heart he/she might wish he/she had just died.

Maybe I need a heart transplant? LOL

Homo Escapeons said...

Very Interesting. What a lovely sentimental view and I was touched by the donor family listening to their child's heart beating in another person.

The skeptical empiricist in me realises that the brain is the single depository and creator of all emotions and that the heart is a merely a muscle that responds to electronic signals...that Sharks can detect and use to find your dangling legs as you tread water in dead of night while your boat sinks beneath the surface and you are left alone and completely vulnerable to bob about in the swells as you await that first violent tug on your limbs...((wakes up from daydream))

Ahem...this brings us back to the days of the Egyptians who eviscerated the brain through the nose when they were mummifying a dead Pharoah because it was deemed fairly useless compared to the invaluable HEART.

However I'll be your Huckleberry and go along with this excercise..
If someone got my heart they would inherit the DNA sequence for congestive failure that both sides of my gene pool have donated and which will no doubt terminate my lease on life.

25% Empathy for non-violent underdogs, innocent children, animals and charming (non-tedious)bloggers.
25% Lust for Life and Discovering the secrets of the Universe and all of it's intricacies
50% Unconditional Love for my Wife, Children and a handful of REAL Friends

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

hmmm nice scientific it really true?

Little Miss Muffet said...

wow..i had no clue abt this..i thought it was a filmy thing...hmm, if my heart was transplanted, i guess one thing for sure would happen- the person would fall in love with books, coz i'm crazy abt them :) i hope they don't get my mood swings :D

tkkerouac said...

Love your beautiful Posts.
from me it would be a mixed bag
and a addiction to blogging
have a great weekend.

Nadim said...

thats very interesting!! the explanation makes sense! but why is it that just our heart gets our characteristics? i hav always blvd every tissue in our body is 'us'! somethng similar to the concept of ravana cmin out of every blood drop of his...(an exaggerated case)!

and sperms n eggs have our characteristics! how come just they have it and not all cells in our body?

i wouldnt donate my heart! i will donate my eyes and probably kidneys..! but then, even those part would carry my characteristics!

Jim said...

the guy dat got my heart

wud love football (soccer)
and mature women

porn and erotica
and wud quote from the bible

wud love Jesus
and the devil too

coz Jeus wants us to love all
hate the sin
not the sinner

starry nights said...

interesting facts.I think if someone got my heart they would be looking at the stars, and the moon.enjoying nature in all its glory,love of books,a hopeless romantic and together with some emotions- being ultrasensitive , being stupid ,impatient at times, a simpleton at heart and at the same time a good friend.

AnonymousBlogger said...

For me, probably a lot of sarcasm. I can't imagine what else they might get.

Oh, how about LIFE!!!!

Silvara said...

Heya Keshi!

Hmmm...I have been on the organ donor list ever since I got my licence so who knows :P (not thinking morbid thoughts here lol)

If they got my heart what would they receive?? heart is pretty damaged as it is so don't know how much more they'd survive on it (I have had open heart surgery) lol but whatever time they had with it I'd say they'd get:

- a HUGE amount of random nuttiness
- a tendency to laugh at the stupidest things
- an uncontrollable urge to shop anytime, anywhere
- a good dose of optimism balanced by an equal size dose of pessimism
- be horny 24/7 heheh
- my love for music, art, fashion and history

George said...

If somebody received my heart they would be alive and that's more than I would be.
I am a registered organ donor, everybody should be.

Be well.

The Phosgene Kid said...

What if the donor was a serial killer? We better keep an eye on this - it is a long way from a 50yr old man suddenly developing acne and wanting to chase young teen girls after the 19yr old transplant...

Dawn....सेहर said...

That's a touching post dear! well, the one who gets my heart will be filled with love always and will help others...will love music, travelling and of course a sports person he/she will become ;)
ahhahah there more...
keep rockin and have a gr8 weekend too dear
Cheers n Hugggggz

shnaggy said...

hi keshi,

that is a nice post thanks for sharing.

well, first...if one is a heart donor--he has a big heart to start with. and if i were to, the donor will suddenly be romantic, emotional, and fun. and if a pug annoys him/her prior, he will suddenly have the twist.

i have tried to write being a donor in my driver's liscense but...hmmm...i might be a subject of murder...

Trundling Grunt said...

did you share your organs with Steph then????

I think they'd get a taste for red wine and an odd sense of humour.

Stace said...

Very interesting concept. Although for the few cases in which this happens, I'd be interested to know how many times it doesn't.

If anybody ended up getting my heart... well, god forbid. I have a tendency to avoid anything "fashionable" or "trendy" like the plague, so whoever gets my heart is immediately an outcast! Oh well, good luck to 'em, I hope they enjoy it as much as I do!

Vest said...

Hi sweet delicious damsel. 'My Tick Tock'

It has some good points, but I fear it would require new pistons plus an oil change, Oh I forgot, it would need sex new spark plugs.

iamvisheshur said...

a nut guy who will always be blabbering ,it would be a problem is the acceptor's family kinda not used to thinking about life...and i wonder what it will be for some one else like..they will be more successful i think..

Vikas said...

nice que keshi . i dont like to praise my self :D

keshi i think u know me since last few months..i think u knew what qualities will they get from me :)
so u tell what will be those qualities????????

Take Care

awaiting said...

Hopefully they would be able to inherit my ability to be kindhearted but my ability to take no 'shit'.

It is one wonderful combination when one can not only empathisize with others but stand their own ground when they believe themselves to be right.

Anonymous said...

Hahah... erm..~ I guess he or she will be a real kid. Like anime and manga, movies, music, tennis, gays, handsome and cute guys, beer, books and etc... Hehehe~!!! He or She will forever be young in heart.

Shionge said...

How interesting sweetie, if someone received my heart, I bet they would be like be 'ultra-sensitive' for being compassionate towards others :D

priti said...

A very interesting post Keshi...I actually started googling about this when i read your blog..:)..How intricate and complex the system is!!! Anyways..answer to your question..hmmm lets c..the person to whom my heart goes out to...will be hmmm passionate about to do everything...chattering away all the time like crazy..would love to do anything for his/her loved ones..and go cranky at times..:)..

vinay said...

well..the person would get a million friends....poor money for and formula one freak....flirting...creative riding...walking in the rain....hmmm..cant think morwe...

Anonymous said...

awww im sooo sorry to hear abt that donor's mother *tear*
never thought of it!
if someone got my heart in japan, she wud be suddenly an indian lover and eat curry so very often.
oh my sister's firend had got liver transplant in germany.
i wonder if he has changed like a german?? lol

Deepthi said...


that was an intresting thing to read.i truly believe it can happen.If someone gets my heart I would be blessed to live longer and would ensure they'd have fun....

krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
Good that you write about transplantation. I was watching it too and it was really emotional sytuation. Heart is a special organ.
So if we are donor we "live again".
From me I think somebody get my
honest and shy. Shy is not good, so little therapy will be helpful.
Have a lovely weekend!

SamY said...

** I dun think a guy cud have a girl's heart...cos that wud make em gay.

yeah! Imagine the guy with ur heart not taking his eyes off every hunky guy he notices on the train :D. he might even end up thinking he's got an impressive bust and booty :D LOL

** I'll know it straight away that he's got Samy's heart awwwww

I am the one who is supposed to say the awwwww. anyway ur the nutty one so its fine :).

** I thought ur usually pretty satisifed in any situation. U always tell me to be :)

personal, yes. professional, never :).

** really?

I need to keep doing something, otherwise I end up sleeping :D ... my minds highly restless and wandering always ... its a highly multithreaded app with loads of synchronization problems :D

** LOL u know I was only joking.

likewise :) ... barking dogs seldom bite :D ... now dun take that too seriously

Tarun. said...

I think the person who will get my heart will need to check his/her brains off.

Serious Note, I havent thought of that much but I truly belive following ones heart is a tough ting to do, if u do then kudos.

U know the worst thing about people is that they think u r naieve.

I always have a feeling that people do understand what other are trying to say.

ann said...

my heart has been too broken to be of any value to anyone

Fleiger said...

OK, so now I am very afraid to donate my heart to anybody...

Michelle said...

wow! this is really cool information! and i guess if my heart was transplanted, that person wud be a total music freak and wud love new languages!!

Sugarlips said...

This is a lovely post keshi :) I remember watching a movie they made on this topic but can't recall the name rightnow...If someone gets my heart then he/she will get stuck with all these qualities *giggles*

I'm Passionate.
I'm an incurable romantic.
I love music.
Poetry make me smile.
My ove for books.
So much love and care..I like to make ppl laugh.
I love to learn new things...meeting people.
I'm a neat freak.
Love to help needy people.
Walking on the beach with my sweetheart holding hands I love the most :)
I'm creative :)
I love gardening.

Heheheh...I'm sure after that he/she will refuse to get the donation from me :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Kavi said...

Its all in the haeart..aint it ? Well, well well, the beats keep us going i guess.

Anonymous said...

if someone got my heart,the person would turn a lil (only a lil??) crazy,weird,sensitive,who doess things on an impulse and based on her reflex,would love biotech to the core,and would be able to live wihtout movies and music ;) and a chatterbox..and an extremely absent minded person that if she is walkin down the corridor,she laughs out suddenly that everyone around her asks "for what you laughed now"? and she would say."did i???"..what if its a guy who gets my heart?he wud start actin like a girl?? yeah?

jokes apart, anyways, that was a great post Keshi, i would definitely read more about it, and about seriously donating my heart, i think, i wouldnt, its just that,once am gone, am gone forever..dont know whats makin me think like that!!


Sujit said...

it will be a nature and sports freak, always have time for friends and keep on postponing work to spend few moments with friends. To love everyone and everything :) .. with certain uncertainty, unpredictability and craziness :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

I am waiting for head transplants. the doctors already managed a face, so I think we're close. I want a noggin with hair on it once the medics work the bugs out.

lee said...

The person would inherent a love of george harrison and kettle chips. They would become very emotional and sooky. And they would find themselves attracted to michael palin!

Mumbai Guy said...

I am not going to die so no point in donating my heart. Its all mine, all-ways, always.

And I am really selfish. Just believe in taking...


Gaurav said...

Very Interstig post Keshi.
If someone gets my heart then I guess that person will always be organising things around him 'coz that what i do the most.. haha.
I wud defnitely need your heart to be able to write all these wonderful blog entries .. u watch out babe.. lol

Anali said...

If someone got my heart, they would love sweets and love to bake!

anup.777 said...

hey, i thought this kinda stuff only happened in the movies ... guess soon enough one would start background checks on donors ... dont want any surprises later on ... :)

tsduff said...

wow, that sounds like the twilight zone with the recipient gaining the characteristics of the giver of the heart.... ewwwww - I think that is strange.

Princess Banter said...

You're right -- that's quite interesting. I never knew about it and admittedly, never really thought of it. I would expect it from one's brain but not really a heart. We were all taught that the heart is for feeling... not exactly a little treasure chest of our traits :) Thanks, I guess we do learn something everyday!

Anonymous said...

that is truly amazing keshi.
So many things we don't know about but it's nice this was verified by science.
In my State they have a special place on our Driver's License where you can check to be a body parts donor and I've done that.

tkkerouac said...

you posted a while back about problems you have with relatives in your family, I made a post this morning about a family fight I had, can you give your insights on this please?

La vida Loca said...

if somebody got my tell me..what would they get? :)

Keshi said...

Some very interesting thoughts there. And ur qualities r some of what I I might be after ur heart now :):)

tnxx all!

Keshi said...

LaVida it wud be a good gain for sure :)


Drama Div@ said...

sorry im not an organ donor...(i dont think i'll ever changed my mind) and I don't have any real good reason why I am not.

maybe im just super-scared of being a donor...

--Sunrise-- said...


And your blogging obsession, madame? lol.. :D

As for me... hmmm. Not a clue. My sweetness (most of my friends say that, so...), I guess? :S

Keshi said...

Diva it's soully ur decision. Its ok hun. HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


hehe ur sweet Sunrise.

my blogging obsession wud be a hassle for the there such a word? LOL!


Sadiq M. Alam said...

oh my God!

with kind permission and credit to your blog, can i share this pls in my space?

many thanks Keshi.

Keshi said...

Sadiq WC n ty!


Menchie said...

Whoever gets my heart will instantly transform to a crazy tease who loves books and high heeled wedge shoes! It better not be a male one then! LOL!

diyadear said...

wow thats a cute post.. thats new info to me.. thanks for that..

Keshi said...

lolz Menchie poor male then!


Diya thats an interesting thought. Just like what Shitrint raised. I wonder if they get the negatives qualities too.

I think it's mainly the Drive in ya that may get inherited. And yeah it cud be negative too...hmmm interesting thought.


Blessed said...

Tear jerker and yet amazing thing to watch. I wish I had seen this. I'm sure I would have cried, too.
I wonder what someone would get from my heart?
love of frogs, Elvis, writing, mermaids, the ocean & beach, God, Jesus, animals, music? Would they get my passion & my sensitivity?
Would they get my mischeviousness, or some of the heartache I have endured and my sometimes lack of trust? Would they get my love of a good red wine, sushi, any seafood, and love of playing in a pool?
What a wild thing to ponder!!!

Keshi said...

aww Blessed u wud have cried for sure. It was too heart-breaking.

Anyone who gets ur heart wud be so very lucky. Cos u have one of the rarest, purest and the sweetest hearts there ever is.