Monday, April 30

HOT Coffee, WICKED Scissors!

ooh ahh Glen McGrath!

Congrats to Aussies for winning the World Cup! I waited for 11pm to come around on Sat night, getting all cosy on the couch, planning a long night watching my 2 fav countries playing Cricket, not really knowing who to support (Sri Lanka vs Australia, cmon Cricket God give me a break!) . And the match was delayed due to bad weather, bummer! It was now 1:30am and still no match, but you know like a true fan I kept myself awake with coffee and the next thing I know was it was 8am Sunday morning and I woke upto mum saying 'wake up Keshi SL is playing their last overs now'...duhhh so much for the planning to stay all night, good going Keshi, true fan you are woohoo! Well SL wasn't too bad but lets just say the weather took the game away from them ;-). You Aussies have an unhealthy addiction to sport, take a break man! And farewell to Glen McGrath, an excellent cricketer with true style, skill and sportsmanship!

I Drink HOT Coffee!

Ok do you want to know some real hot gos now? Girls get closer and be prepared to be burnt (have the fire-brigade's number ready if you wish to). A hunky Aussie male-model who flaunts his hot bottoms to some famous Jeans companies here in Aus, is the same guy who makes my morning coffee. Oyeah you heard that right! And nah Keshi isn't lying. This guy is a Hotter by default ((his name must be Harry Hotter) and I'm sure his entire family dating back to the 17th century is smokin hot even though they maybe fossils by now - HOT fossils you see. He's the coffee-shop boy who makes yummy coffee (yummier for other reasons too) every single day. I see him daily at the cafe around 9am and we just pass our Hellos and that's about it. I hardly knew he was also a model and an actor although in my head I used to think he should try it...until one fine sunny day my jaw dropped to the floor after spotting him on a Jeans poster - modelling jeans using his sizzling genes. Well it works doesnt it, cos I walked into that Jeans shop and bought some clothes. Well the heavenly sightings didn't stop there. The other day I was watching Video Hits and I saw him acting in one famous Aussie singer's music video! So I mustered up some courage and asked him something the next morning. I asked him 'Are you the guy who comes in 'XXX's music video?' and he goes 'yeah' with a shy smile. Inside my head I was like WOW, but outside I just pretended like it's no big deal. And then I asked him about the Jeans ads. He goes yeah thats me too. I was like ok boy make me more coffee, and you don't have to make it hot...cos it already is! I drink glam coffee oyeaahhh...will never leave this cafe, I promise.

Chop My Senses!

Have you ever had your hair cut by someone from the opposite sex? Well I had it done once and I walked out the salon crying, but not without telling him off. Cos he cut it too short. What was he thinking, that I'm a bloke? Well that was few years ago. Yesterday I went to my regular hairdresser and she was on leave, but I badly needed a haircut. So I thought it's ok for someone else to cut it just this time and I gave in my name and waited to be called. There were about 5 female hairdressers and one male hairdresser at the time. I was praying I don't get the guy. Well who knows, he could be a good hairdresser but my last experience with a bloke cutting my hair (rather playing let-me-bald-you-girl with his scissors) scared the 'hair' out of me! So I prayed to the Hair God asking him never to give me a guy as my hairdresser. Lo and behold, who called my name was him! I was like 'no ways, what the F is going on, I even prayed to Hair God, this can't be no no!'. But I couldn't run away from the salon cos there were other customers sitting and waiting..they were all watching the horror on my face as my name was called. Maybe they thought I was losing it. So I walked towards him reluctantly and thought of saying that I changed my mind and wanna come back tomorrow. But he looked HOT and I couldn't say no to someone like him you see. TO hell with my hair, I went in! oooo he started 'feeling' my hair and asked what I wanted to do with it. I felt like saying 'why don't you play with it all day long'. Instead I told him I needed a trim and a nice layering at the front - boring convo, I know. He started chopping it from the back (snip snip snip..ah ah ah!) and then started chatting with me...casually you see. He goes 'what you doing today?'...I felt like saying 'spending time with you hunker'...LOL! Instead I just told him I had a function to attend in the evening which was true. He asks me few more silly things and we talked about Cricket...and I told him I'm originally from Sri Lanka. He goes 'the surf is great there'. OMG a HOT surfer was cutting my hair? Keshi nearly fainted but got herself all straightened up and pretended like nothing was happening (while alot was actually happening!). If you didn't already know, I have a thing for blonde surfers - beach boys. And one such hottie was cutting my hair now? This is way better than winning a hair award! Then he tells me how he's been to SL just for surfing and that he loves the beaches there. I was like 'forget about the beaches, don't you love me' my head that is. Anyways he cut my hair really nice, and nah he didn't wreck it. Well when it was all over, I realised I had to leave the salon...I didn't go there to camp did I. So I reluctantly said goodbye to the cute beach boy and went home dreaming Surfers paradise mmmm! And it seems that the Hair God did answer my prayers...well in a different a much better way!

Current Music: In Your Eyes by Kylie Minogue

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George said...

Are we going to hair about you wanting your locks to grow faster?

Mumbai Guy said...

First many congrats and beers for Aussie team who proved they are the best. And I love to hear them say they are the best by leaps and bounds. It takes a winner to throw this line and who else can fit this bill perfect.

And I hate my hair cut by female all the time. I dont mind her rolling her hands over my head but as soon as she lets her scissors do the talking, I start to cry inside. All the time. Actually to be honest, I dont like barbers in US. Think indians are best ;) They cut you the way you want :]]

The Phosgene Kid said...

Surfer dudes and Models! Keshi goes park avenue on us!! My hair always looks atrocious. I go to a barbershop on the base, the barbers are bored housewives. One woman who cut my hair was a recovering alcoholic - not a real confidence builder. She didn't cut me, but what little hair I have left looked horrid. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Stace said...

You know, sometimes I think you REALLY need a man!!!

Jay said...

Someday you will have to explain cricket to me. I don't understand it at all.

You're not gonna forget about all us regular people when you're hanging out with models and surfer dudes are you??? ;-)

Aditi said...

ooh lucky keshi..

Anonymous said...

***for the WC
yeah!!! australia won but it is going to cost me a pizza... i lost the best ...

***the jeans guy
go for it... get wild ;)

i have haircut most of the time by someone of opposite sex only... :)
but unfortunately that someone is never a hot blonde :(
always some stouty, spanish lady with a big bottom... sigh!!

Keshi said...

George I just checked my hair this's grown already ;-)


MG yeah they were true champions!

How do Indians cut hair?


Phos yeah seems like I have a high-profile life!

**Sometimes you get what you pay for.



Stace dun we all :) Women do need men and men do need women. Unless ofcourse they swing differently!


oh no Jay I cant forget u guys! THE HOTTEST LOT.

U dun u'stand Cricket? Im sure the US will adopt Cricket soon. Then u will :)


Keshi said...

hey Aditi hows u?


DJ my mum owes me $50 for the WC, but she isnt giving it to me...she says SL lost cos of the weather. LOL talk abt unfortunate betting!

**always some stouty, spanish lady with a big bottom

change salons ;-)


Jim said...

it was a great cricket match to watch

but i prefer football (soccer)
soccer is a team game and the ball movement can be seen on the field (unlike cricket)

it is fantastic to see the strategy in action

and there is soo much skill to see
cricket pales in comparison

Kumar Chetan said...

U kno, y aussies won the cup, I was not ready to join the Indian team with Sachin Tendulkar, I dont like that guy, they wanted to throw him out of the team for me but I said let him play, anyway how r u?

Cazzie!!! said...

What coffee shop is it Keshi..we muct meet up there when I get to Sydney later this year girl,,,phoarrrrr..

Keshi said...

Jim I hate Soccer...not a fan at all. I come from a country where Cricket is big...and now I live in such a country too :). Altho Soccer is bih in Aus too.

For me it wasnt a great match to watch cos of the weather issues. And also cos of the lighting issues at the stadium. Why do they have a WC match at a place like that!


Kumar I know Indians have a very unhealthy addiction to Sport :) I mean they humiliate players if they dun win. I think thats unfair.

**Sachin Tendulkar, I dont like that guy

Well he played real good at one stage...thats what he should be remembered for. After all, Cricket is purely based on LUCK (followed by skill).


Caz I didnt put up the name here for privacy reasons. I'll email it to ya ;-)


tulipspeaks said...

hahahaha.. big time jollu la u! :P

hugsss! muuuaxxxxx....


desperado said...

muaaaahhhhhhhhhhh....smashing monday post....always is fun to open ur blog first thing in the morning cause i aint sure wht i'll get to read and thts wht i love..
Coffee...ummm i desperately need some now...
Keep Being Keshi :)

Nora said...

The guy who makes my coffee at uni is 50 (aaprox), almost bald and missing a front tooth!

Jewel Rays said...

lol..I know what is it like to have a hot male hairstylist. I have one that i stick too. hehe..Cute too!!:P And i have always preferred male hairstylist not because they are men but i find that they just do a great & better job and treat u nice..:)

And wooT! woot! a coffee boy aka model and actor . Wow..U don't get that everyday. He making ya coffee just make it even hotter. Everyday becomes an awesome day.:)

Fun post.


azuka said...

You sure are getting to look your fill, if nothing else... ;-)

Sujit said...

gods do answer in one way or the other :).. nice postie..:).. could not watch the game.. :(.. was out for weekend :)..

azuka said...

I mean, even if you get nothing else, you're getting to look at some hot dudes ;-). I'd love to be in the same position with the er, sexes reversed.

Keshi said...

lolz Ammu!


Desperado MWAHHHHHHH! Happy Monday to ya mate :)

I hope u'll do well in ur exams. And hey take it easy.


My deepest condolences Nora babez. Move to Aus ;-)


Amy I dun need to warm my coffee anymore girl.

**but i find that they just do a great & better job and treat u nice

really? thats interesting. Cos all my life I've had female hairdressers except for that one guy who loved cutting too much hair. Well yeah this guy was very nice actually. Mebbe I'll fire my old hairdresser and make this one my latest. What say Amy?



hey Azuka!

**You sure are getting to look your fill

didnt u'stand that.


Keshi said...

Sujit where did ya go?


Azuka I got ya now tnxx!

Lets just say that some ppl r luckier ;-)


Neihal said...

mummmyyyyy :'(

I want hot coffee guy too to serve my coffee :(

good going girl :)

Princess said...

you make even a saloon visit interesting :)

Being an Indian, I was not in a mood to watch cricket you see...
But, I believe Aussies are too good winning 4 world cups..

much luv,

SaffronSaris said...

Congrats on winning the worldcup!
And you have a group of nice photos there in the middle, except there was one huge redundant piece of green sweater!

Keshi said...

Neihal matey stop by Sydney for coffee ;-)


Princess yeah I know the Indian team got out way b4 semis. Well there's always NEXT time.


Saffy heyy!

** except there was one huge redundant piece of green sweater

LOL I agree 100%!


Poo said...

Keshi ...How are you?

You are so funny sometimes ... You rock sweetie !!! and pictures plss with the new hair cut.

Hair God :)) LOL this is the first time i have ever heard something like this in my entire life. :))

HOT cofeee !!! ollalalla are so lucky ..i dont even get a chance to see some really good HOTTY here :((

Have a nice day sweetie ...

Jewel Rays said...

***Amy I dun need to warm my coffee anymore girl.

His temperature is good enough. lol

***Mebbe I'll fire my old hairdresser and make this one my latest. What say Amy?

Well, ya old hairdresser would be worth a fire only if the male hairdresser does a better job than her. Otherwise i believe she would deserve to be in ya keepings.


Have a gd week.


Aidan said...

If a guy has a look at some eye candy, he is labeled a pervert... Girls do it more than we do.. So much for equality...

Did you get a number, or perchance a second meeting.... Or do you have to wait for your hair to grow out?

lee said...

hey keshi, you probably made the coffee shop guy happy all day that someone recognised him. I guess this means that you're going to become a coffee fiend now and never be out of that place!!! ;). You have made me think of the one time in my life that I had my hair cut my a man -his name was Carlos and he was very cute with dark eyes and dark hair. Oh, and he cut hair well :).

Menchie said...

Most of the people who have cut my hair are males only they're gay. *sigh*

It's been a long long time since I saw a hottie barista!

vishesh said...

two hands,and two hot cups of coffee???if they tell you they have read this what will you do??

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

OMG I WISH I had someone that hot giving me my morning coffee!!! More than the coffee I would just go to chat up the guy lol

The girl who works in our university cafe is the same one I used to go to the gym with ,., she's been losing pounds like anything and keeps asking me why I don't come to the gym now .... I've actually stopped buying coffee from there now LOL

Its super sexy when guys give u a haircut ... i mean the way they actually 'feel' ur hair is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! lol ... last time it was an Indian guy born n brought up in UK .. who gave me a haircut and he said I had a lovely face ;) and also couldnt stop complimenting me ;p ;p

This time was a damn professional bytch types female ... but she was good to me anyway lol .. I was so scared to get it done so short .. but it suits me so well :D :D

Am desperately waiting for ur pics!!! You better post them ASAPPPPP

Kavi said...

Looks like whoever you speak to turns into a hottie !!!!

Well, well, you seem to have some touch ! ;)

Aanoon said...

Yes, Aussies are the best, it was Aussies day!!
with gilchrist's century and bad weather which turned in favor of aussies, everything worked out the aussies way n nothing was working out for SL tho, they where one of the best side to beat aussies.

And, McGrath, what a way to Retire, on such a high high note, Perfect! with world cup man of the series title.

Yeah, i never change my hairdresser. i remember i waited for a week for my regular hairdresser to cut my hair.

sahil said...

hmmm..really nice blog..i am reading it for the first time but i loved your style of writing... and i kinda like your attitude too :-)

lemonade said...

kesh..ur taking all the wonder there aren't any left for us,anymore..!!! not fair..! ;)

Anonymous said...

you know as somebody already commented seriously you really need a man. you show off your boobs, tits in your previous post and now u talk of hunky hot men. handsome hunks really turn you on aha. how old are you? you desperately need a ride sweety. you have lascivious boobs, sexy ass, tempeting lips what's the problem babe.come on

Asha said...

Hot coffee!! Slurp!!;D

Aussies won!! Congratulations!! Enjoy the glory Aussie girl:))

I need a haircut badly,it's growing so fast,it's up to my shoulder now and I hate it.I like guys cutting my hair,women are rude most of the time.

Helen said...

Oh yeah, Keshi's got her sexy back... I was worried about you there for a while, I was going through the same thing, that funk where all the world's troubles were weighing down on our sensitive souls, and we were getting entirely too intense and serious.

Ultimately, we contribute best to the world's energy crisis by contributing happiness, goodwill, and love...(I know that sounds cheesy, but it's way too easy for gals like us to get overwhelmed trying to figure out how to solve all the world's problems)

: ) keep smilling, look at all the world that smiles with you, love.

Anonymous said...

>'spending time with you hunker'...LOL!
ROFL!! keshi-chan you are really fun to talk with!!
we are used to male hair stylists and i dont care abt them tho..
if they look like such a surfer dude, im sure i will go up in the air.
wat is hair god? lololol
thanks for great music too!!

Pankaj Gupta said...

ohh thanks Keshi for such a hot coffee..i (oh)we like the coffee..

can we share some Coffee together(than it will def. become HOt)..ha ha..bal is in your court..(jkng..think so??)
well its a good article wt nice cr.bye.

Chillpilgrim - Chennai's Own Thrill Seeker said...

Yes, Ozzies deserved the win, but its getting a bit monotonous now...

When's Bermuda gonna win the Cup? I wanna see that fat guy dancing... yeyyyy

Within Without said...

So how could you not leave him your number, Kesh? And I dunno...are these surfer dudes trustworthy?

And the coffee guy/cum model/cum actor...

You got all this stuff going on, but it's all going on inside of you...let it out to the guy!

raghav said...

u need a guy and fast !!! wait on second thoughts no ... otherwise we dont get to hear all those voices inside ur head .. lol ..

so when are u planning to hit on the coffee maker ??

curryegg said...

Hello Keshi. I finally found out your blogs. yeah... thx for voting me. And hey! You've an interesting blogs.
And good to hear that Aussie team had won! Congratulation to him!
Hope to see you in my blogs.

Little Miss Muffet said...

oooh..ur coffee is hot for sure ;) sounds like ur having a good time with all these hot men around..enjoy it while ur still single...i can't do that anymore (well, not with obvious glee like i used to..heheh)

AnonymousBlogger said...

Whoa whoa whoa. So the jean model also makes coffee at the coffee shop? Do they not pay him enough to model? LOL.

Kudos to Australia for the cricket win. Cricket is one of the few sports that I really don't understand. I have watched it here and there, and I just don't understand the rules. I like how every dresses really well when they play though. That's cool.

Shitrint said...

first things first keshi! that was a damn hot pic, lips, cleavage, black dress et al! ;-)
tho i cudnt think up of a witty title!

abt this post, girl, i think all the interesting things in this world happen to u! i mean its like outta movie or something, drinking some glam coffee! :P and the guys a hunk too! do u live in "hunkville" or something? i mean theres a serious dearth of good looking guys in my city it seems to me! i never bump into some chocolate piece! :(

have a good day!

WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

I had one of those crickets in my house. Damn thing chirped all night!


I know the game.

Hunk Mania Meets Twin Sisters

This is the title for this post and the last post combined.

About the hair, hmmmmmmm

Just be glad he didn't chop off your ears. Hair grows back, but you can't glue your ears back on.

You could use a needle and thread to stitch them on, but what if you put them on the wrong side of your head. Can you see what I'm getting at here?


Because I can't.



Anonymous said...

Hi Keshiii!!!!

how are you?
i dont watch criket you too restles to sit and watch...:D
hair God??? haha...tat was coool!!i havent heard abt such a God before :D!!

I enjoyed the post :D heeh! Tc!

mathew said...

hehehe..i had a hair cut out here by a lady..well i actually thought she was running a mower over my head..For me the best haisrstylist are indians who will cut they way you want..
by the way good luck with coffee guy!! ;-P

jitendra said...

ifyou were to write a caption for your coffe-guy what would you write? "abs, brave and heat"? ;)

Anonymous said...

The Hair Gods smiled on you that day keshi.:)

Keshi said...

hey Poo hugggggggz!

**and pictures plss with the new hair cut.

sure...Im still in the middle of a mega glam photo shoot. Stay'll come in the next post ;-)


Amy ur right...I wont fire the girl. She's too good to be sacked for a blonde surfer. I mean I aint that blonde ;-)


Aidan heyy hows u matey?

**Girls do it more than we do.. So much for equality...

I agree. Its cos MOST girls dun like to admit they perve. Im different...I say what I feel. What's there to hide ha.

I dun even have to wait for my hair to grow cos the salon is very close to where I live. But nah I aint going after him. Im not in's just lust mate and GAWWWWWWD it happens all the time.


Lee can u tell me where Carlos is?

yeah the coffee bloke is a good friend already. btw Im thinking ur Butcher guy..what happened to him? gawwd we seem to fall in love with the whole supermarket ha!


Menchie I agree..most male hairdressers r gay. One guy once blow-dried my hair straight when I was on holz in PNG. He was gay and he did it really well!


Silvara said...


ur a lucky girl Kesh :P

KK said...

Hurray Aussies won!!!

i dont mind who cuts my hair as long as they cut the way I want it :)

Vivhyd said...

The way the finals ended was a big Shame!.. Crappy WC really.. But hats off to Glen.. He is just great!!

Hey wow, tht must have been some feeling to find out tht ur barista(??) is a model.. Well now u wud doubly enjoy ur coffee in the morning.. :)..

The barber thing.. hmm.. in the US ppl cut their hair so short but it doesnt suit all of us.. but they just dont get it!.. I used to love going for haircut without bothering if the barber wud mess up my hair now I have to really be awake!.. (in the US) - 2 reasons.. so they dont mess my hair and foremost its mostly a babe cuttign my hair :p.. hehe

Keshi said...

Vishesh if they read this I'd be happy...he'd be happy too :):)


Cheesy lolz I saw him this morning too and I was thinking of my blog post and LMAO in my head :):)

**.... I've actually stopped buying coffee from there now

lol u should have told her that we have only life and we shouldnt be sweating our asses off in the gym half of it. Also I dun think u need to go to the gym..u look fine to me.

**who gave me a haircut and he said I had a lovely face

wow nice :) u do have a very beautiful face and that new haircut suits u perfect!

**This time was a damn professional bytch types female

LOL I know wut u mean. The female hairdressers at posh salons look like bytches. My hairdresser looked like one too when I first saw her. Then she became real good friends with me.

**Am desperately waiting for ur pics

Like I said to Poo, Im in the middle of a glam photo shoot right hang ten, they'll come up in the next post ;-)

huggggggggz Cheesy u look so beautiful!


Kavi heyy!

**Looks like whoever you speak to turns into a hottie

nah not really. Its just that I dun write abt the not-so-hot guys I meet. If I did this blog will run out of space :). Next time I will write few posts abt em too so that ppl wont think Im surrounded by hunks. :)


hey Arun tnxx!

Yep the Aus team was too good.

**with world cup man of the series title.

Indeedz. He's a great player and a cricketer that's great to watch.

I know..once ur used to a hairdresser u dun wanna try anyone else.


Sahil WC n tnxxx!


Lemonade LOL na I aint takin em hun...they r still single.


Keshi said...

Anonymous hi there!

**you know as somebody already commented seriously you really need a man.

If I NEED a man (as u put it), I should have a partner by now (just anyone). I don't NEED a man cos Im surviving quite comfortably w.o. one. Get ur words right. Just cos I write a post abt hunks, ur pea-brain comes to a dumb conclusion. Not surprised here hehe.

**you show off your boobs, tits in your previous post and now u talk of hunky hot men. handsome hunks really turn you on aha.

nah ugly men turn me on. duhhh! btw Im not a lesbian. Men do turn me on. And nah I aint showing off my boobs. Its called a halter-neck dress. Havent u seen girls wearing them? u poor thing.

**how old are you?

120 and still single. Im happy :)

**u desperately need a ride sweety.

Nah I have my own car. LOL!

**u have lascivious boobs, sexy ass, tempeting lips what's the problem babe.come on

u r the problem.

Now go get a brain.


Keshi said...

Asha I agree...women r jealous and rude with one another. the pea-brained ones that is :)


heyya Helen!

**that funk where all the world's troubles were weighing down on our sensitive souls, and we were getting entirely too intense and serious.

I totally agree. ppl like to be a whinge most of the time. Most ppl forget to be light-hearted and take things easy.

And when I post something funny and try to make ppl laugh, even then I have some ppl who like to mock the contents of the post. Just cos they r green and moody :)

U always see the FUN in my posts... I like that and THANKS sweetie!


Niki the Japanese girls have the most beautiful black hair ever. My recent cut is close to a Japanese cut ;-)

**wat is hair god?

Hair God...the one who manages all hair issues on Earth :)


Pankaj I'd love to have coffee with ya mate awwww....


Keshi said...

WC Chillpill!

I agree...Aussies should give us all a break :)


WW heyyy long time! hows ya?

**are these surfer dudes trustworthy?

dunno...well nah Im not in LOVE :) Its all just flirty fun.


Raghav heyy!

**u need a guy and fast !!!

nope :) u got me wrong. If I NEED a guy I have plenty of em ard me that I cud go out with.

There's something called FUN...this is that :)


Curryegg WC n tnxx!

I voted for ya? When, where, for what? :)


Miss.Muffet u can always have some fun w.o. taking it too far. Im having the same kind of fun :)


AB heyy!

**Do they not pay him enough to model?

prolly not hehe.

here in Aus ppl do alot of jobs all at once...u wudnt believe it my carpet cleaner was also a p/t programmer!

U Canucks need to crack into Cricket. :)


hey Shitrint ty sweetie!

**girl, i think all the interesting things in this world happen to u

LOL na no ways! U wudnt believe some of the shit that happens to me. I write only the interesting ones...thats why u think so :)


G'day Bev!

**I had one of those crickets in my house. Damn thing chirped all night!

LOL okkkkkkk!!!

nah he wudnt chop my ears off...cos I was hiding em :)


Keshi said...

ty Shammu! :)


Matty someone else told me that Indians cut hair pretty good.

btw I aint gonna date the coffee guy. He's just another hunk who crossed paths with me u see. I aint that shallow to go out with each guy I meet :)


heyya Jit!

**abs, brave and heat"



Rick he sure did ;-)


Keshi said...

ty Silvara! u too :)


KK :) hows u? Good to have u back.


heyya Viv!

**The way the finals ended was a big Shame

I agree. Wuts with having such a big cricket match in a poorly lit stadium and in such bad weather? I didnt get that. Anyways Aussies did pretty good.

Babes cutting men's must feel real happy to go the salon ha.


San Nakji said...

Haircuts from a member of the opposite sex? Every time I get my hair cut!

Australia winning the world cup? Yeccchhh! I was supporting Sri Lanka all the way!

curryegg said...

Thx foe leaving a comment in my blogs. If i'm not wrong,you voted for me in blogger's choice award. I saw the now of keshi there.'s ok anyway. Happy to see you in my blogs. Hope that we can be friend.

Helen said...

hey-a keshi, yes, gals like us can think and get really deep, but then can loosen up and know when to let it go and be happy and make others happy.

That's most important!!!!!

I think it's an insult to the less fortunate in the world that we can't even be happy with all that we have (fresh water, our health, shelter, etc. )

Blessed said...

You funny girl you!! You crack me up. Just another story about how no one really knows what's going on in our minds!!! LOL!

I have never had my hair cut by a guy. And I have a ton of hair stylists do my hair.
Why I haven't ever had a guy do it is beyond me.

Most of the guy hairdresser/stylist that I have seen are gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that....just sayin...and most weren't hot like guy you were talkin' about.

I couldn't imagine what it would be like for some hot guy to cut my hair. I bet I wouldn't be able to speak. I probably would just sit there and stutter and blush.
I would be so obvious as in his hotness factor. I probably couldn't handle him touching me.
I know he's human but still I would just be uncomfortable and so not feeling hot myself.

Funny post Kesh!

Crazy Me said...

I love having men cut my hair. Love it!

SamY said...

cricket is such a bore #-o ... when India is outa the tournament :D

WOW HAWT coffee everyday :) ... no wonder u'v got a bit of that in u too :p

** went home dreaming Surfers paradise

nutty is such a dream gal :) ... live ur dreams keshi ... u shud have asked him for a massage too :D

Keshi said...

aww tnxx for supporting SL Nakji!


Curryegg once u know me u can never 'un-know' me :) Friend for sure!


Definitely Helen! U said it the best.

**fresh water, our health, shelter,

I often wonder why some ppl in blogville too leave nasty comments. I mean how bad can they have it if they can atleast get to to a computer and reach this wonderful blog world. Imagine the poor and hungry kids in Africa!


lolz Blessed!

** I bet I wouldn't be able to speak.

ur so sweet hahaha!

I know...even I was a bit uncomfy when he called my name...but later on it was all OK...well more than just OK LOL!


Crazy I so know wut u mean hehe.


Samy I know...when ur country's team isnt there it's no fun.

**u shud have asked him for a massage

ewwwww LOL I aint that desperate Samy! :)


Aditi said...

ohh hey.. i am doin good jsut got my hair cut and the woman totally butchered it.. =/

Keshi said...

Aditi u should go to a man next time.


Aditi said...

ahh there were no hot surfers around!!

Jim said...

Men shudnt be concerned for their looks

what attracts woman to man?
read all about in SEX COUNSELLOR

Keshi said...

lolz Aditi u never know until u go :)


Jim Im tired of ur sex counselling. Cud u do some other counselling?


Ajay said...

hey m back in this blog world afeter a long long time.....

yar i had lots of hopes on India..
but they the proved to b hopeless chreaks!!!!
i just din watch any matches after that

Keshi said...

WB Ajay!

**they the proved to b hopeless chreaks

o dun say that. They did have their good times too.


Shitrint said...

hey keshi, i read that anonymous comment and the reply u gave and i must say i had fun! great one!

and i must also say that the pic u posted was quite a daring feat. i mean i fear even to put a pic of my face!

tchao! :)

Keshi said...

ty Shitrint.

Most ppl think a halter-neck or a boob-tube wearing girl is a whore. These ppl r knowledge-deprived. I do feel sorry for em.


krystyna said...

Thanks, well-written.
Best to you Keshi!
I can't imagine you in short hair.

Rajeev said...

Yeah baby!! AUSSIES RULE!! B-)
I've always been a die har fan of the australian team! :)
I was sure they were gonna win this one also! ;)

btw didn't u ask any of those 2 guys out for a date!! *wink wink*

Peace & Love

Princess Banter said...


I never really understand cricket... though I like baseball ;) Totally unrelated, I know haha, except for the bat bit!

Vest said...

All the old guys were having haircuts at the two barber shops in prep for Anzac day, so at the lady hairdressers I paid extra for my haircut where I could have anything from a list of services for a set charge, "Anything " I asked the sweet looking chick, "yes" she replied "anything but not the Bikini Wax"

Anonymous said...

ewww thank u keshi-chan!!
i think black hair is very rare now in jp.
u have such beautiful hair!!

shnaggy said...

oooh lah lah keshi...can i hire him to make coffee in my

i want if blaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

KK said...

I am good hows u? not back yet... just took a peek during one of my breaks :)

Shionge said...

I'll have coffee everyday too Keshi kekekek...

Yah...I was 'mesmerised' once by this cool stylist and regretted it coz not what I wanted when my long hair was 'chopped' off by him *sob*

The Grunt said...

Pffft, those guys pecs are totally fake.

Michelle said...

oh my that the hot coffee guy?

gautami tripathy said...

The world cup final was a farce.

-Princess Shin- said...

I actually prefer a guy to cut my hair. Hmm.. Never really gave this much thought tho!

starry nights said...

Congrats on the Aussie team winning the world cup.I think men make good interior designers and hair dressers.I know how good it feels when someone plays with your hair.I am surprised you did not fall asleep.I am sure you will be going more often to have your hair cut.

--Sunrise-- said...

"u r the problem.

Now go get a brain."

ROFL... :D :D


Damnnnnnn I am jealous...

and - Sri Lanka vs Aussie... ahhhhh poor you, Kesh! :( ;)

Nadim said...

your world is getting hot hunh?
mine too! only weather wise though! 83 tday and was 81 yesterday!

Autumn Storm said...

Oooh, lots of eye candy here today, just what I was in need of. Thanks Kesh. ;-)

Keshi said...

hehe Krys me neither!


Rajeev Aussies r a very strong team.

nah I dun ask guys for dates...they should ask me. If not I just let it pass by :)


Banter it's strange how so many ppl dunno much abt Cricket.

btw I have no idea abt baseball :)


G'day Vesty!

**anything but not the Bikini Wax"

LOL hahaha!


Niki japanese ppl have features made for black hair. What color have u colored ur's with?


heyya Shnaggy!


lol u can!


KK nice of u to drop in :) Im good ta!


Shionge I think boys like short hair so they cut it too short too :)


Keshi said...

Grunty u think so..awwww Im devastated!


Michi he's close to these guys...I didnt put up his poster cos that wont be right :)


I think so too Gautami :(


hehe Shin.


Keshi said...

Starry I should make him my official hairdresser but I do feel sorry for the old one. So I'll keep her :)


Sunrise yeah some anony gutless ppl pretend to be gusty LOL!


hehe Nadim try n make it cooler then.

Good to see u back.


I knew it that the girls wud love this post Autumn ;-)


Thumbelina said...

Hi Keshi,

I think i would also cry if the stylist actually snip off too much of my hair...

So far, i got a few too short snips but tat didnt make me cry in front of them.. I only sobbed my way home..

Hmm.. toking abt hair... i think i need to do a little something to my hair.. HaHa


Lisa Francisco said...


You have so much to say and I am so late to comment! :( Shame on me!

Que paso? why didn't you ask the model for a date?!!! You are disappointing me BIG TIME MAMA!!!! You got tatas for a reason!!!!!

Now you got this other man cutting your hair?! I guess he cut off your female cojones too!!! Ask him out!!

Go do a cheer, pretend your little red riding hood and you lost the ability to feel like a woman and he's the only one to save you from a life of no orgasms or something...i don't know whatever, go do something to make him know who you are...whatever you do make me proud MAMA!!!!


Keshi said...

Thumbee do something new n fresh to ur hair girl. It makes u feel good too.


Lisa LOL @ from a life of no orgasms!

Some guys do give me brain-orgies n thats the best kind.


Sugarlips said...

Congrats to Aussie's they truly deserved BUT I love Sri Lankan team and so much wanted them to win :)
Thanks to rain which messed up everything :)

Stay Beautiful...!

curryegg said...

Hello keshi. I think I've made a mistake.'s not u who voted for me. Sorry sorry. haha...
Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blogs. Nice to know you. And do you mind if I add you into my blogroll? Hope you don't mind.

Happy blogging... :D

Keshi said...

yes Sugar the rain messed it up.


Curregg it's ok :) Somehow we met..thats what matters.


Thumbelina said...


**Thumbee do something new n fresh to ur hair girl. It makes u feel good too.

- I wish i could make myself do it, but..everytime i get uncomfortable with a new hairdo, i end up just bundle it up in a pont tail..

Tats why before i plan to do something new to my hair, i always ask myself, will i keep it the way it is or tie them all up in a pony tail again..

Weird fellow huh.. HaHa..

Well, tats me..


Enigma said...

Woow.. I'm a guy and u made me feel i desperately need a haircut by a gal.. woow.. lucky u.. didn't u feel like dating the guy?? hmmm... if i were u.. wud have asked him out. Nice post..

I'm lovin ur posts.. I'm gonna add u in my fav's list.. Thank u in advance..;-)

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

"glam photoshoot"


Keshi said...

hehe be bold n go for it Thumbee. Life is abt changed, taking risks and moving on. U wudnt believe it, I had very long hair...never cut bangs before...and recently I tried it and now everytime I go to the hair-dresser, I make sure I get the layers again.

U gotta try to know how u'd feel :) Besides if u dun like it, ur hair will always grow back. So have fun with it.


Enigma ty n WC!

nah I dun ask guys out for dates just cos they r good-looking. Then I should be 24/7 on a date LOL!

I'll check out ur blog soon :)


LOL Cheesy I was just being a tart.


Enigma said...

haha.. so as u've mentioned, ur hair has grown.. did u try goin to the guy again?? Hmm... I love surfin too..

And hey thnks for visitin my blog.. :).

Keshi said...

Enigma na Im not that cheap :)


diyadear said...

keshi, ur coffee sure has to me steaming hot!!! even if u uy cold cofe,. he he
n hey guess ur latest post has pics of u in ur new haircut.. its nice.. i used to have that hair style during my school days.. :)

Keshi said...

yeah I feel so very young with this haircut Diya :)