Tuesday, April 3

It's TRAINning Men Hallelujah!

Ok I'm not a Train-slut (rather a Train-wreck half the time) but I do notice alot of men 'looking' at me while I commute on the train. I myself 'look' at few good-looking men every now and then, but it's rare that we both end up exchanging desperately-seeking-romp looks. Well such a rare, White-Rhino-Sighting kinda event took place this morning. I saw this blue-eyed, dark-haired, lanky guy on the train today. (The 2nd pic here is the closest pic I could find on the net to what he looked like - only his hair was much shorter. I wanted to take a pic from my mobile phone but do you honestly think I could do such things in public places without getting arrested for obscene behavior!). He must have been about 28-32yrs of age and girls let me tell you he was solid SUBSTANCE. Well He wasn't a Johnny Depp look-alike but his ordinary working-guy looks and carefree nature caught my eyes. And you think Keshi looked away from then onwards. Hell nah...I couldn't keep my eyes away from him as much as he couldn't keep his eyes away from me hehe. He was looking at me non-stop - not dirty looks but sweet innocent looks that made me feel like a Strawberry Tart being looked at by a voracious Strawberry Tart lover LOL! We both kept exchanging looks locked in our own little world but to no avail though cos he was seated and I was standing, holding this metal pole for support (thinking of pole dancing around it)...God knew I needed alot of support right then (**cough**). It was pretty obvious he had the hots for me and I had it for him too and I was being a bit of a tart too you know - why not, I'm supposed to be a Strawberry Tart aint I. What happens in such a situation? I mean when the 2 flirts can't go past just looking at each other? What happens next ha? It was a packed train in the morning rush-hour, and it certainly wasn't the time and place to pick up, was it? I mean to say 'hey girl I think I wanna go out with ya', trying hard to get that message past the many annoyed I-dun-wanna-work-today-and-why-am-I-stuck-in-a-stupid-train-right-now-when-I-should-be-dancing kinda faces . Imagine what the other passengers would do then. They'd probably roll their eyes and ask the guy to get a life or board a plane to Madagascar. I knew the guy wanted to talk to me - I could just sense it. But there was this massive barrier between us - like The Great Barrier Reef. There was this girl with a big fat back-pack on and pushing it against my breasts, yes my breasts and no I don't think she was Bi (cos I was standing right behind her facing the cute guy who was seated in front of her on the side) - OUCH you train-hog! I wanted to tap her on her shoulders and ask her to take her 'Norbit' bag off my chest cos now it had become a weapon against my rather romantic communication to an inviting species sitting across both of us. Well she had her nose buried in some book so I just thought I'd let her be and c'mon it was just a back-pack after all, not a dead body - chillax Keshi! But honestly people who wanna travel on the train with their back-packs on should get a private train for themselves called the Backpackers' Hogging Express or something. Having said that, the cutey was still very much 'on' with me and wasn't gonna give it up easily. But he had company...an older lady who was chatting to him. I was pretty sure he wasn't dating her cos she looked much older than him (old enough to be his mum or aunt, or even his dad's new GF, perhaps his neighbor, and I believe such a guy won't date an older woman unless ofcourse he's into older women and that kinda kinky stuff, what say guys?). He was talking to her while sneaking on me and that was kinda cute you know. Did I say he was cute? Well yeah he was, duh! I couldn't resist his blue-grey eyes staring at me, piercing through my eyes and reaching into my very soul. If I was Celine Dion, I'd be writing a song for the dude and would have sold whopping number of records by now. Something in his eyes told me that he knew me. HOW? Nah nah he wasn't my neighbour or my colleague. I mean I have never met this guy before yet he seemed to know me so well. We both seemed to have known each other in the past or in another lifetime. Maybe not at all. But it just seemed like that and it felt magical. Now I know this has happened to me before (I can see some of you rolling your eyes here and saying 'Keshi please get a life or drive to work')...perhaps 3 or 4 times with some strangers on the train or in the mall. Maybe it's something to do with similar genes (or his jeans)...I read somewhere that humans who carry similar genes get attracted to each other instantly and it would seem like they've known each other for yonks.

So the 30mins journey was now nearly coming to an end and I was curious to see where he'd get out at. And I felt he was curious to see where I'd get out at too. His lady friend got off earlier and now that he had no distractions, he kept looking at me just like that and smiled too. I then got a seat (yeah at just one stop before mine - that's how lucky I get with seats in the morning), so I was seated now and he then got up hehe. He had to get off the train now cos it was his stop and if he wanted to keep his job and pay his bills like he probably did before, he had to get out of this train at this stop, right now mate. So he did. Sad but true, his legs did it with very visible reluctance. And I continued to the next stop wondering if I'd ever see him again. Don't ask me why I didn't speak to him, cos I just won't. Yeah call me playing-hard-to-get or old-fashioned, but that's just me guys - I believe that the guy should make the first move (unless ofcourse the guy is George Michael material which is totally understandable). I gotta 'train' some men now don't I! He was mysterious, inviting and intrigueing...so lets just leave it that way then. Somethings are better left just the way they are.

~~I feel like I've been locked up tight
For a century of lonely nights
Waiting for someone
To release me
You're licking your lips and blowing kisses my way
But that dont mean I'm gonna give it away
Baby, baby, baby... ~~

UPDATE: Me off for few days guys. It's the long weekend so drive safe, take care, enjoy, have fun and most of all think of me ok ;-) See yous soon my darling vegemaites MWAHHHHZZ!

Current Music: Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera

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Jewel Rays said...

*Big Big Smiles...*

hehe..you left me giggling reading ya post..:)

And its like so aWwwww...:)Oooh lala...

hope u see him again. Catch da same train and at the same place and maybe u might catch him again . and probably this time u would have room to breathe and some words exchanged..heheha!!

ok i am jsut suggesting now..:P


v I v E k said...

i had this happened to me once..but too bad she smiled at me after i went down the train..and till now i never met her again..:(

Shiv said...

hey gurl!! by any chance have u heard of this song? God still loves the world! Had learnt it in my school days.. cant find it online though!!

Kalpana said...

So, how r u now? :)

Vikas said...

hey keshi..did u note the timings of train u were ??? try do catch the same again u will find him again

so ur coming back to life :)

Take Care

Shiv said...

atlast u accessed my blog!! ;)

Phoenix said...

hilarious :P

one shdnt wait for such cute guys to amke thefirst move
n if u want to wait, girl get a life n move on...alone.

Poo said...

oollalallala ...i am glad you had a very nice morning !!!

I am so happy for you. just like what Amy says travel tomorrow in the same train, may be even he will be waiting for you, to exchange those spicy and hot looks again and then the silence will be broken .... WOW !!! There was a tunning b/w you both thats why you guys wr looking at each other.

Look at that guy, looking like a thug
Just look at that guy, he looks full of love

Look at that guy, He needs no correction
Look at that guy, do we have any connection
Oh my god, that guy I see Is my own reflection....

Enjoy sweetie.

Aditi said...

ahhh first of all so glad u're ok.. and abt that last song.. i dont even want to imagine what i'd dedicate.. simply because u're gonna live a lot longer and a lotta newer songs are gonna come out by then

Isnt it fun to flirt on the train.. makes the journey so much more bearable.. with my luck though, I'd have the cutest guy sitting next to me on days I was hassled and looking it

Nora said...

Yep, I'm with everyone else... catch the same train tomorrow.

PS: I wouldn't have made the first move either.

Neihal said...

its such lovey dovey post :D

you look great :)
"Backpackers' Hogging Express"
we need lots of those in India. :P

Kumar Chetan said...

this is normal with me, i dont go out just coz of this reason, cute, sweet n charming guys like me get so many looks, its hard to save ur self.
did i tell u am in love?

desperado said...

....hahaha..u go girl
Christina Aguilera..ohh boy...its already hot here n u just raised d temperatures...;)..i like d song too:P

Anonymous said...

your life is interesting rite keshi??May you see someother guy tomorrow in the train :P :P hehe!!! i can see you rolling your eyes, heeeheeee!!!

Anthony Arojojoye said...

For me, I like ladies who are bold and can make the first move. Hell no, it's not necessary for you to ask me out! Just do something to start the conversation. Anything stupid is acceptable. You could borrow my biro or ask of the time. That's how I get to know a lady who knows what she wants.

I think the most appropriate song for this is You're beautiful by James Blunt. Perfect!

The Grunt said...

Those moments are great. I know my eyes would be in your direction.

Menchie said...

Awwwwwww!!!!! well take the same train tomorrow! and the next day and the next....LOL!

Next time you see him and have the same exchange of glances, why don't you smile briefly at him?

seriously, this happened to me before when I used to hear mass everyday before going to work (I hadn't met the hubby yet). There was this guy who passed by me every morning after mass and we would look at each other. this went on for about a month until I finally smiled at him -- just a brief acknowledgement. He was really tall and cute and well built. The next day he went up to me and said hi and the next day he walked me to the office. I went out to lunch with him after about a week but I knew by then he wasn't my type -- he turned out to be younger than me (5 years!) but he was persistent.

I guess my point is, what if he (train guy) is Mr. Right?

Anonymous said...

nice encounter...
good luck for catching that guy sometime again and continue your romance through eyes...

and don't hesitate to make the first move girl... go for it...

KMF said...

hey keshi
u will find him again

deepsat said...

tomorrow he will find you! just be prepared for the right words this time!

"unless ofcourse he's into older women and that kinda kinky stuff," LOL!!!

Shionge said...

Aiyo Keshi....so so romantic...'romancing on board the train' how sweet and I've enjoyed this as if i was standing next to you witnessing this 'communication' between the two of you.

Praying hard that you'll have chapter 2 tomorrow :)

Hmm.....just write your numbers down and pretend to drop it infront of him and see if there is any reaction kekekek....

Shitrint said...

sexy sexy pics! the look in ur eyes..ooh lala! :P

and the guy sure does look hot, aren't blue eyes so gorgeous? (exception: cold blue mean eyes).

i enjoyed reading ur post so much that i felt it was happening to me. and Keshi, we don't think ur weird or u need to get a life coz similar things do happen to us too. i mean i have travelled to places and i find a weird connection with total strangers.

and i so agree with ya, that guys need to make the first move. if women make the first move, well, most of the times they are seen as desperate, promiscuous or somethin' like that! and hey, its the male specie who loves to pursue. :P

"I believe that the guy should make the first move (unless of course the guy is George Michael material which is totally understandable)."

i cud so eat up George Michael...sigh!

azuka said...

Left to me, I'd say you don't get what you want if you don't go for it!

Lisa Francisco said...

Hey Missy!!

Welcome to my little blog! I'm glad you found it. :) It's always nice to meet people in this blog world. WOW! You're popular!!!1 A hundred plus postings!!! Hmm guess this little girl gotta do some marketing or something to have people notice her little blog.

Yeah I'm kinda with you with the whole guy doing the first move. At times I make the first move but there's something more special when guys make the first move. It means they want you!!!!

Old blue eyes could have missed his stop and gotten off the next stop. It wouldn't be that difficult. Yea he was into you...you're hot chica!!!

Alright this dreaming girl has gotta go and write her new posting while she's bullshitting at her desk job till her sold out arenas come....Bye! :)


Lisa Francisco said...

Hey can you tell me how you got the christina aguilera up on your site? I've been dying to do that but don't know how?


Contented said...

Brought big smile on my face. I think each one of us there in situations like this at least once. I never made a first move though...:P!!I can only say catch the same train again tomorrow and Let us all know if he is bold enough to make the fist move...:)

St. Dickeybird said...

The last time I experienced the 'bothofusarestaring' thing, I had a rare burst of confidence and approached her. I opened my mouth to say 'hi', but burped instead.
And kept on walking...

Make the first move! Too many of us are shy, and there's nothing sexier than a girl with the confidence to approach.

toti said...

Don't ask me why I didn't speak to him, cos I just won't. Yeah call me playing-hard-to-get or old-fashioned, but that's just me guys -

Good for you :)

wallycrawler said...

Wow !

Do all woman have that elaborate of fantasies about strange guys they see ? It sounded like you would have married that guy . You also seem to know what he's thinking , what he does for a living and what type of woman he dates . All without say'n a word to him . Funny stuff .

Guys just see some hawt young thing and dream about having sex in the next train stops washroom .

There's the difference between the sexes . Woman think to much , guys don't think .

priya said...

Thaz cool keshi:)) Just go catch the same one and exchange words. You never know girl!!!! Feeling hot.. hot.. hot is the song which comes to mind now...

Fleiger said...

Hmm... Keshi the flirt ;)

Keep on training...

Jay said...

I'm sure he'll be trying to catch the same train at the same time tomorrow and every day from now on. I would be, if I were him.

Asha said...

Good to see you smiling!:))

GOOD LUCK with training men!!They are like dog's tail,go back to their original place where they came from!;D

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

sweeet post Keshi...

Hope you guys strike a conversation together next time...

Cuckoo said...

Awwww girl..
It happens with me too many times. :((

Anonymous said...

that was romantic. Yep, the guy should be the first to say something.
Boy did he miss out!

Nadim said...

try same train same coach... if it was me n i liked someone so much tht i had trouble taking my eyes off them, i wud definitely get into the same coach n even try lookin around for them!
"He was mysterious, inviting and intrigueing...so lets just leave it that way then. Somethings are better left just the way they are."
wats with girls n leaving things incomplete? wats worst tht cud happen? u date this guy n then u might break up? what abt all the nice stuff that happens in between?
go for it keshi! good luck!

Cuckoo said...

BTW, Reminder !!! ..

You got to do a tag !!

CM-Chap said...

Hi Keshi... I'm glad that you came back to real world....All the best for 2maro anyway..

Homo Escapeons said...

I watched a very interesting program about Sociologists testing their matchmaking predictions based on similar facial features plus IQ & Personality compatability. Well they failed miserably...all of these young people were attracted to opposite looking types and the women all wanted TALL and the men all wanted CURVES (hip to waist ratio).

Initially I couldn't figure out why they thought people wanted somebody that looks like their sibling but later on they said that married people started to look like each other..Oh..isn't that scientific...that's because wives dress their husbands you idiots.

Anyway after speed dating and other tests most of the participants said that they would like to shag some of the others but long term relationships are far more complex. One thing that they didn't test was the secret pheremone (hornymones) that influence us. Oh well.

Next time you see him push aside the beeyotch with the backpack so he can get a better view of your Keshilicious self!
Backpack or Rack hmmm..no brainer.

If you are that intimidating you might have to start pole dancing...who knows you just might help stop global warming by getting more guys to park their cars and start taking the train in the morning!

Kavi said...

Train Train go away
Come again another day !

Another day !?!

Jac said...

How dare you make a pass at a man !!!

LMAO...with an evilgrin.

Mathi said...

hmmph...u sure this is not a dream, inspired after hearing "you are beautiful" by james blunt?

lemonade said...

you know what..?!! if u guys ever did get together..this woulde be a great story to tell ur grandkids..!!! :) :) :)

Aidan said...

Guys are generaly more nnervous than girls, there is no ego riding on a rejection not to mention sterotypes (AKA maverick in Top gun) to live up too...

Go for the first move, the guy will be flattered... hey its worth a crack..

Christina Aguilera, respect for musical tastes dropping:)

If you want some very cool love songs... Devils Diary -The caulfields a song about Satan falling in love....

Angel- STabbing Westward... a song about love and those first amazing moments when you release this is something you really want to hold onto:)

Or, She has a Girlfriend Now - Reel Big Fish, boy meets girl, girl meets girl, girl dumps boy... Boy changes teams..

I hope you find your sexy, funny beach boy:)


Marthyan said...

Hi Keshi,

Dropping in after some time.

Still waiting for prince charming ?

Make the first move if you are sure this is what you want

"Ask this heart how many times it has been beaten, ridiculed, emotionally tortured and left for dead, still emerging at the sweet sound of the ideal lover."

Nothing stops and unless you put breaks on

So go on girl, let the world make way for you

fergal said...

hi keshi, interesting. my own opinion is that in australia in 2007, men shouldn't always be expected to make the first move; but i respect your opinion.

anyhow, that kinda situation is one where the first person to get off could give the other person their business card before they leave the train! ;-D [not that i've ever done that, unfortunately ...]

Jaan ki sweetheart Forever said...

Keshi keshi keshi....U r so blunt...i love ur blogs...Well do check my blog now...The one that says the worst day of my life thats the one i meant...Hope u wd find it this time..lol

Margie said...

I do believe you had a good morning....good for you!
Hope you see him again...he must have been real good looking if he looked like the guy in the picture.

I have a suggestion....next time you see him...you should do the moon walk to RS Baby Jane....haha!
That would really get his attention!
I could not help saying that, as I just read your last comment, and it made me laugh! LOL!
Well, time for me to cook dinner, and then I watch Idol to see who leaves tonight.
I really liked this post...you sound happy....you made mw smile!
See you later, Sweetie!


talldarkman said...


Keshi....(here I m tremendously worried)...did you find him more attractive than I?? :(((


PS : If you find him again, ask him out...;)

Jim said...

I believe that the guy should make the first move

he already did

u cud have dropped your purse or something

men fear rejection
unless u reciprocrate the interest he evidenced

he will never talk
like i said we fear rejection

read SEX COUNSELLOR dummy!

Trundling Grunt said...

So you noticed me, eh? ;-p

Actually he should have made the first move and offered you his seat (on the train...). That way he could have struck up a conversation and been a gent too.

Margie said...

Hope you have a great Easter wknd too... enjoy the 4-5 days you have off...take good care...be safe!
Hugggggggz Keshi.

SamY said...

well well ... all I can say is you think too much of urself :p

** let me tell you he was solid SUBSTANCE

how did ya know that ;)

** We both seemed to have known each other in the past or in another lifetime. Maybe not at all. But it just seemed like that and it felt magical.

did ya know lust pretty much has the same effect :D

** I believe that the guy should make the first move

thats soooo unfair nutty :(, yeah I know god made a mistake by making the women beautiful in this species alone ... its actually much cuter if the women makes the move, a man doing it is cliched

:P fuzzbox said...

I am sure that he was looking. Who in their right mind wouldn't? ;)

Aditi said...

aww.. u'll be missed enjoy the break though

RamaG said...

ah!! the art of train flirting...

I've tried it a few times in mumbai buses..

Alas!!! I've never been as lucky as the guy you mentioned in your post...:D


Keshi said...

Amy I looked for him today...no sign. But I caught an earlier train forgetting all abt it LOL!


aww Vivek...why didnt u speak to her? :)


Shiv I did arrive in ur blog ha...cool!

Na I dunno that song at all...it sure must be a good one. I'll have a look for it n let u know.


Kalpana Im very well ty! I have all the reasons to live now ha ;-)


Vikas some guys bring me to life LOL!

I cant rem the train time but yeah I'll look ard for him until I eye another mysterious man :)


heyya Phoenix!

**if u want to wait, girl get a life n move on...alone.

LOL thats a bit rude. ok then!


ty Poo hugggggggggz! Men do make me wanna live LOL!

**Look at that guy, He needs no correction
Look at that guy, do we have any connection
Oh my god, that guy I see Is my own reflection

I love that!


Aditi awww well having a cute guy next to ya should make u forget the hassles na? :)

Im gonna miss u too babes!


Nora ur alot like me darl.


hahaha Neihal!


oyeah Kumar :)

**did i tell u am in love?

heyyy how nice! who's the charming lady?


Desperado lol tho sometimes I can be such a slut.


Shammu I did roll my eyes at that one...yeah. LOL!


Anthony I love that song by the Blunty boy.

**That's how I get to know a lady who knows what she wants.

really? Well so how wud the lady know if she's what he wants, cos he chose to keep quiet right? :)


MWAHHH Grunty I missed ya!

** I know my eyes would be in your direction

really? I mean really? :) arent u into blonde bombshells. Im just a black-haired Sri Lankan chick hehe.

tnxx mate!


heyya Menchie!

**well take the same train tomorrow! and the next day and the next

haha ty for the great tip babez. But if I do that I'd be a very tired train-wreck indeed. LOL!

wow what a romantic meeting with that guy ha...he was 5yrs younger to ya...awww thats a bit too much. o well, atleast u 2 had some cute cute glances :)


DJ guys say that all the time..abt making the first move. But honestly what wud a guy think abt a girl really making the first move on a train? :)


KMF I dun keep hopes on such things but it was good while it lasted :) tnxx anyways!


Deepz that 'tomorrow' arrived...I didnt find him. LOL!

U seem to know abt KINKY stuff ooh lala...bring it on Deepz ;-)


SaffronSaris said...

What a train journey...oolala!!

Keshi said...

Thats a cool tip Shionge...but the prob with me is when I drop things, I'd prolly drop my whole bag...Im that clumsy.

heyy no more chapters :( This was a story with just 1 chapter. Im happy anyways :)

tnxx hun!


Shitrint sweetie ty!

**if women make the first move, well, most of the times they are seen as desperate, promiscuous or somethin' like that! and hey, its the male specie who loves to pursue

I so agree! I mean guys here wud say 'go make the first move Keshi'...but its only in blogs. Do that in real n see what they think of u!


Azuka I know...but in this instance I cant just go n talk to him on the train. He was the MAN in this r'ship right? LOL!


G'day Lisa!

**At times I make the first move but there's something more special when guys make the first move. It means they want you!!!!

I totally agree. I mean it's easy for guys to say that they like a girl who makes the first move...but in real life it doesnt seem like a very girly thing to do. A man should be a man ha :)

abt music videos..well just get the html code from the youTube video and put it in ur template code area. If u need more help let me know Lisa.


Contented ty :):) but na I dun have hopes of seeing him again. It's too far-fetched an ask hehe.


Dickey lol why did ya burp man!

**Too many of us are shy, and there's nothing sexier than a girl with the confidence to approach.

really? ok if all of u guys r saying this let me ask a guy out next time n see how it goes. If I dun return to Blogville next week, consider me dead (out of embarassment that is) LOL!


Toti ok then :)

and hey WC!


Wally yeah we do think alot abt men we r attracted to. It cud be instant/one-off event like my train experience.

**Guys just see some hawt young thing and dream about having sex in the next train stops washroom .

well thats why they say mean think with their certain body parts.
No offense at all :).

Men r sexual creatures while women r emotional creatures. Hence the difference in thinking. Not that one thinks too much and the other doesnt. Atleast thats what I feel :).

Having said that, if all that train guy wanted was to shag me, then he's outta my head straight away!


hehe Priya thats a cool song...I love dancin to it.


Keshi said...

Fleiger Im a BIG flirt oyeah ;-)


Jay wud u have...awwwwwwww how sweet. Now why r all the real men living in the US of A!



**They are like dog's tail,go back to their original place where they came from

LOL awww...cmon dun scare me now. ok I'll remain single for life!


Ganesh ty! :)


Cuckoo I can see a TAG alert!


ty Chap ;-)


Keshi said...

Rick yeah he's an idiot ha ;-)


Nadim ty :)

**wats with girls n leaving things incomplete? wats worst tht cud happen? u date this guy n then u might break up? what abt all the nice stuff that happens in between?

o I agree..same applies to guys...wuts with guys n leaving things incomplete? ;-)


Chap hi n ty! I think I accidentally replied to u in the earlier comment-reply :)


HE heyy hows u? I loved ur current post LOL!

**Oh..isn't that scientific...that's because wives dress their husbands you idiots.

hahahahaha! I have seen some couples looking so much alike after marriage. Now I know why! :)

ROFL @beyotch!

Pole-dancing wud have done the trick...but I did say Im not a train-slut right. Well mebbe if he asked me out, I'd have done some private pole-dancing just FOR him u know! Boy o boy he missed out ha LOL!


Nice one Kavi :)


Mathi na it aint a dream but whats with that song? Some others mentioned it too :)


Lemonade I have dreamt of that whole picket-fence thing...not anymore tho :)


Jewel Rays said...


Keshi said...

Adian hey how u matey?

**Go for the first move, the guy will be flattered...

u think so...aww.. Well u being a typical Ausse boy, tell me wut wud u do if a girl on the train came upto ya n asked u out? Honest ans plz :)

Aidan lol I knew it that u wudnt much appreciate today's song. But heyyy I like this number by Aguilera. Mellow n steamy ooh lala!

ty for those great love-song recommendations. Im gonna go find em n listen to em this weekend.

** hope you find your sexy, funny beach boy

I can only dream of him right now Aidan. Having said that I mite go down to the beach this long weekend ;-)

Have a good one!


aww ty so much Marthyan! Thats sorta made me feel courageous for next time.

World here I come!



Fergal there u go...u havent done that urself :) I mean this being year 2007 and u being an Aussie hunk, u didnt pass ur business card to a chick u fancied on the train. WHY not mate? :)


hehehe Jaanki ty!

I read it...awww...everything will be ok. Just TC n go on being blunt like me LOL! It really helps.


Margie MWAHHHHHHHHH! Hows ur 'hot legs' doing? :)

Its a RS frenzy in here LOL1

**....next time you see him...you should do the moon walk to RS Baby Jane

HAHAHAHA! Not to mention that I'd be chucked outta the train by the guard.

u have lovely long weekend sweetie!


Tally heyy!

**)...did you find him more attractive than I??

well I cant ans that cos I havent seen u at all, have I now! LOL!

Send me the pic man ;-)


Jim the mighty sex counsellor hows u?

**men fear rejection

o really? Wut abt women then? Shouldnt they fear rejection and the subsequent 'slut' labelling?

I dun get it.


Trundz so was that u? OMG I should have known ha. Cos then I'd sit on ur lap ;-)

No harm in friends sitting on top of each other ha LOL!


Samy heyy!

**well well ... all I can say is you think too much of urself

huh? U mean Im an egoistic girl. Hell nah. What makes u think so? :(

Substance as in looks. I dunno what sorta person he is.

**did ya know lust pretty much has the same effect

I know duh! :) But this was far beyond lust. Cos LUST is in me 24/7 LOL and this feeling isnt that familiar.


aww Fuzzy tnxx ;-)


Mwahhhhhh Aditi gonna miss ya too sweetie!


Rama :) tnxx!


Keshi said...

hehe Saffy. I adore trains u know.


hey Amy :)


Iceman said...

Well.. y wait for him 2 ask...

u could have asked him right?

Keshi said...

Iceman thats right...but why did he wait? :)


Poo said...

hi sweetie , how was ur morning ?;)

Dalicia said...

who wouldn't look at you? :) c'mon...yeah, it's nice to be noticed :D nowadays, it's the very young guys or the very old men that looks at me...not in between...ahahaha

better than nothing right? :D

ghee said...

im sorry to what have happened to your car,Keshi,but im glad that you are safe :)

Trains have thrills huh!and thats funny when you said:
you felt like a strawberry tart when he watched you,LOL!

hope you find a good train rider,just enjoy the attention!

btw,your pic is on my blog,hope you dont mind :)for my blog anniv entry.thanx!!

a warm hug!!

deepsat said...

maybe he was there.. hiding and observing you!!! me & kinky!! LOL!! if i get into that you will laugh your heads off!!! so dont get me started!!!


AnonymousBlogger said...

Damnit Kesh. Damnit!

You totally should have talked to him.

Promise us all now that next time you see him, you will ask him out. You must!

Geet said...

Aww KEshi, you should have just dropped your number. Lol.

On a related note, I just showed Krishna your blog and he was like "Woah! Hot mama."

Tee hee hee!

Cazzie!!! said...

We go away Saturday til Tuesday so you will see my entry full of surprises on Wednesday :) Stay safe

Ra.Ge said...

linked ya! :)

Die Muräne said...

** my darling vegemaites

How can you dare, Keshi!! LOLZ

I don't want do be VEGEMITE haha

but happy easter holidays anyways

St. Dickeybird said...

Keshi, i didn't MEAN to burp! Really, i'd rather have ruptured my spleen trying to hold it in, if I'd known it was coming. I just went to say 'hi', and there it was!
I wanted to cry.

Envy said...

Reminded me of school days....

Nice feel anytime, anyday...any age.

Sanjay said...

Err you could have tried to just say "hi" and go from there no?
Maybe I am missing something..enjoy your long weekend. :)

--Sunrise-- said...

LOL... Keshi.. I have had similar experiences, but never with CUTE guys... sigh! Not that they were ugly, but just not guys that I felt I would have been "interested" in... :| don't ask me why lol.. I just... knew? One guy was so eager to give me his number (he was a waiter at a restaurant), he asked his colleague to give it to me.. and his colleague left it on the sofa next to mine and kept trying to drop hints to me to pick up the number, WHEN I WAS WITH MY FAMILY...! Groannnnn... why?? Why can't an amazing guy just come up to me and ask me out for hot chocolate or something?? A guy did do that - only I refused cos he kept staring at me and being persistent and freaking me out!!

Sigh.. these moments are fun though, aren't they... they give us a little buzz... :)

Anonymous said...

wooow ur lucky keshi-chan!!
such a cute guy never look at me on the train :D
sure he will talk to u next time.
wish u all the best!! muahhh

Ghost Particle said...

what was the train num again? what time does it leave, which station is it? wats you phone num...


Have a great weekend KeshiZ!

jitendra said...

well if some girls can "grope likea tigress on the 1st date" why cant they start the non-raunchy-non-seducing conversation with a random guy with "substance"? i can see seom self-contradiction there :)

Helen said...

Some appropriate songs (er slightly changed for the context)

From South Pacific--
Some enchanted morning...you may see a stranger across a crowded train...

Grateful Dead--
Ridin' my train, high cuz I'm slain
Keshi girl you better watch your speed...

Smokey Blues lounge singer--
I'm lusting on the morning train thru Melbourne

the Monkees--
Take the last train to hotsville, and I'll meet you at the station...

Ok, those are a little lame : ) but fun.

What fun, keep the eyes roaming, girlie, you'll lock and love one of these days!

Anonymous said...

dont we have similar genes with apes? :D


mommyof2 said...

Now I am back and everybody else is taking break;-)


Anonymous said...

hey gurl
so when so many guys say it, why don't you believe it to be true :)

btw, did u find him today on the train? ;P

Stace said...

Speak to him next time you see him!!! Good luck :) Have a good Easter, stay safe.

KK said...

Hehehehe you getting younger man... falling for every man you see in the train :)
Wonder what you will do if I happen to come in the same train as yours ;) LOL!! :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Wow! thats seems like cool! so try to catch the same train...after couple of times he will make the move ;) as per u ... the guy will propose :D
good luck n enjoy ur long weekend dear
Cheers n hugggggggggggggggggzzzz

Trundling Grunt said...

No harm in friends sitting on top of each other ha LOL!

Absolutely not. All very platonic I'm sure. Actually I got my comment confused with The Grunt's as we both SWMBO and LSWMBO are blondes. All very confusing

v I v E k said...

when she was sitting in front of me, she acted as if nothing..when i got down the train only, she was looking at me..cant blame me lorr :p

Gaurav said...

wohooo ... exchange of those desirable looks ... it is such am amazin thing... and dating him would have a been a passionate experience for u .. lol .. just that the place was not right.. but then on the other hand such kinda meeting wud not have taken place anywhere else ... I think the guy shud have made a move .. better luck next time babe ... hehe .. take care and have a safe weekend.

SamY said...

know what ... u really think too much of urself :p ... LOL

** let me tell you he was solid SUBSTANCE

ahmm ahmm ... how did ya know that ;)

** I mean I have never met this guy before yet he seemed to know me so well. We both seemed to have known each other in the past or in another lifetime.

when lust / harmones kick over, that how things seems. world is faar from magical u know. I hate to bring an anticlimax here, but remember Mr.Darcy :D?

** I believe that the guy should make the first move

thats is ABSOLUTELY UNFAIR ... I think we should set up a MEN's RIGHT's COMMISSION or something to questions womens abuse of men ... he he ... u pp talk of equality, dress like us (much less than us :p), and yet u expect the guy to make a move :D

c'mon keshi, its so cliched and boring ... dyu know how much interesting things would be if a gal went up and bombed a guy heart ;)) ... he he ... u luv doing things in a wacky way nah? like ur wedding oath n stuff ;) ... actually it wud be way too sweet for a gal to come up n say that ... next time get into grips n make ur move ... its much more romantic when a gal does it over her staunch feeling to not come up

gautami tripathy said...

Have a great weekend, Keshi sweetie!

tulipspeaks said...


holding this metal pole for support (thinking of pole dancing around it).

seriyana abecheram la u. hahahaha.. really hope u'll c him again.. ;) ;)

keeping fingers crossed.



fergal said...

hi keshi. a related question for u: say the guy gets off before you, and hands u his card before leaving the train (and u don't leave at the same station). so now u have his number, but he doesn't have yours and has no way of cantacting u. would u then call him, or i guess what i'm asking is: now that he's taken that action, do u consider that the "first move" & would u consider later calling him? ;-D

Lera said...

Keshi, that was fun reading all the way...hope you enjoy your weekend! :)With More of TRAINning Men hehe

Cazzie!!! said...

Have a wonderful time away Keshi

Lera said...

Have a Fun weekend ,perhaps,TRAINning The same guy....

shnaggy said...

haha keshi...

am so having big lips at your story. catch the train at that exact time. yeah he should do the first move. if he is holding his cellphone switch on your bluetooth he might be searching for yah!!!

havanice long weekend...

Steph said...

Don't you just love that innocent flirtation!
So delicious.

Jeevan said...

Sad that the eyes were locked for only 30 mins:( If u met him sometime again go and have a cool chat dear:)

Have wonderful times on the weekend!!

SM said...

You should take a ride in the same train at the same time.And keep your fingers crossed.May be you will meet him again.
Good luck!

Blessed said...

that sounded so intense!
Imagine the day when the one you have your eye on and he on you actually has the nerve to speak!

diyadear said...

keshi gal,
my policy too abt men taking the first step.. n hey u beetr stop drooling now!!he he

Nadim said...

lol! poor girl! the guy you have been with might have left things incomplete but not all men do tht!
im not so selfish! i ALWAYS complete things one way or the other! ;)

Brood Mode said...

If it was bollywood, he would be waiting for you at your stop the next morning. Balls to bills and taxes!

Ashley said...

Oh my, Keshi! I have to say that you are just dangerous, you know that??! In a good way, of course. :)

This is why you have over 70 comments. Every guy who comments on your blog WISHES he could lock eyes with you on a train!!

Take care and have a great weekend!

Fleiger said...

And still you didn't want to talk to him. Not fair...

Fleiger said...

Do girls prefer boys making the first move to give us a false sense of security that we are "in control"?

Sugarlips said...

Sounds mornings are pretty good in Australia ;) If its in your fate you will see him again and if not then someoneelse 10 times hotter than him :)
Sorry couldn't catch up on your blog I was on vacations with my sweeto :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Pankaj Gupta said...

hey Keshi,
yaar i think u must hv noticed the train timings..ummmmmmmmmm i think i ws trvllng by the same train..oh am i said tht?ha ha..""intelligent needs a way only""

:: The Protector :: said...

hey dear.....


catch d same train and at the same place and maybe u might catch him again .

keep fingers crossed.....



Vikas said...

hey keshi :) where ru buddy ??? its too long three days gap :)

waiting for u

Take Care

chocolteluva said...

hey you... its been a while since i visited here. sorry abt that..
but first things first. I LOVE little romantic encounters like the one you had. they make like soo much more interesting...
secondly.. sometimes i dont mind making the first move. nothing as bold as a guy would do or is expected to do or something. id do something simple like somehow brush up against him, so i could say "excuse me" and may be start up a conversation from there. drop something.. so may be he'd pick it up. something subtle, although once i did slip my # to a guy. i did it ONLY ONCE and then happened my first "real" relationship in highschool. hehehe..
try something cute/flirty/subtle like that sometimes. guys do like a bold women who thinks she's confident in her self to approach someone like that.

ANAHiTA said...

Wow and I thought I was the only one who saw cute guys on trains but anyways I think since u were standing and he was sitting he shud have totally offered u his seat like a true gentleman..anyways hope u see him again and maybe this time ull exchange a few words ;]

awaiting said...

Oh keshi, you are so beautiful!

Happy weekend, hun!

Pranay said...

Nice one.
Hey even I can't go upto women at first sight. May be sometimes girls should give some concrete signals for us like start a conversation for example.... ;-)

Michelle said...

omg keshi!!! u shudve said sumtin!!! never wait like tht trust me ive had from experience lol(altho i wudn have made the first move if it wasn for a frnd) but thts not the point! pls make the first move the next time if he dusn!

Shitrint said...

u beez tagged girl!
check my blog! :D

Pankaj Gupta said...

hi Keshi hw r u?
what u eat to hv such 'Nice and Exo'tic Thoughts..''koi tips hume bhe de do yaar..

SamY said...

** huh? U mean Im an egoistic girl. Hell nah. What makes u think so? :(

NO. I just mentioned that on a jolly note :) ... but u do think too much of urself :p

** Substance as in looks. I dunno what sorta person he is.

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder u know ... not everyone luks for a gr8 cleavage :D

** I know duh! :) But this was far beyond lust. Cos LUST is in me 24/7 LOL and this feeling isnt that familiar.

yeah sure. an overdose :D. btw did ya read this - http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2007/04/01/. ur brain proly got short-circuit after seein him ... overriding all ur thinking abilities :D LOL!

Ashish said...

Keshi, so disappointing. Why can't you make the first move ?
It may have made you even more impressive to him !!
Next time you see him, if you travel on the same train, the least you can do is say a Hi, and then see where that takes you ?

Sujit said...

yup.. some things should be left just like that... :).. cool time in the train..

david santos said...

Thanks for you work and have a good weekend. Happy Easter.

Silvara said...

Don't you just love random strangers?? My best friend had an AMAZING encounter with one when we were in year 12 - it was truly the stuff of fairytales. So don't give up hope - next time :P

BTW - these days the girl has every right to make the first move - so if he is hunky and looking u way - go get get 'em tiger :P Rrrow!

SaffronSaris said...

then you must LOVE long train journeys! Try taking trains or buses or whatever in Istanbul with lotsa young chaps on board. Swoon-time!

Jim said...

, Happy easter all,

anup.777 said...

hmmmmm .... :)

hope u hv better luck next time dear ...

hope u enjoyed ur weekend!!!

Jac said...

Cherry, merry Easter wishes !!!

Pankaj Gupta said...

good and nice thoughts expressed by u honey..like ur way of writing ur thoughts.gd dy.

Anonymous said...

The photo leaves no doubt why it happens that way in the train.

The second pic somehow reads a little hazy in my comp.

Great going anyway...

Rex Venom said...

Shoulda Woulda Coulda. Take the chance! Give 'er! Good luck, sexy!
Rock on.

The Phoenix said...

Sounds like something from a soap opera.

I bet he'll be looking for you next time.

Little Miss Muffet said...

ooohh...that sounds so flirta-licious ;) no, i can't do that anymore but sure got back some really nice memories :)

San Nakji said...

Ha ha. If it is meant to be you will see him on another train. Then... go for it!

Shionge said...

Yo Keshi sweetie...are you still on that express train ride ;) Missing you and hope you're doing fine.

WRYTER/WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

Missed you!

How's it going?

Trains are great for romance and murders.

And, then there's Uncle Joe
he's moving kind of slow at the junction. (Lyrics may be wrong.)

TV theme for 70's TV show Petticoat Junction.

Don't ask me why this pop into my head.

Can't you tell I'm back.



Thumbelina said...

Hi Keshi!

Hmm.. The guy's eyes are charming! HeHeHe.. So nice!

Did u "catch" him again these 2 days?

Or u already "caught" him so no entries yet.. :)

Ayyway, take care!


Keshi said...

Thanks to each and everyone who commented here. Read all ur comments and took all the advice.

And hey Fergal I will call him yeah..why not? :)