Tuesday, April 10

Of Rainbows And Waves

Who really missed me? Well I missed you ALL like crazy. You really wouldnt believe it..it's only been 4 days away from blogging and I felt like I was on Death Row. I swear I did feel that way! What's with blogging that it makes you feel like you can't live without it? Must be all of you guys who give me so much loving and a whole lot of smiles everyday. Guess what? I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU GUYS! Goodness me that means I'd have to invite all of you to my wedding ha? That would be bigger than a big fat Greek wedding...perhaps I can call it My Big Fat Blogger Wedding? I was thinking if and when I get married, there would have to be a Blogville wedding too. If my man isn't a blogger then there would be a bit of a problem ha :(. Bummer! Well who cares, I'd still have a Blogville wedding. I'd invite each and everyone of you to the real wedding...would you come? I mean would you really come to Sydney?

Oh btw, I had a relaxing and happy long weekend. What about you? Friday wasn't all that great cos it was gloomy in Sydney so stayed indoors. Saturday we went over to a friends' place for lunch and it was nice. On the way back I took this picture of a Rainbow (pic 1). Isn't it pretty! O
n Sunday we drove to the beach...and I took these photos (pics 2 and 3) from my mobile phone as I was walking along the beach (yes I make sure I take alot of pics for all of you). I think the beach shots are so pretty I just had to share them with ya. Look at the water in the 2nd pic and oh just look at the clouds in the 3rd pic. Just MAGICAL! I think my phone rocks and I'm a good photographer too. Don't you think guys? O cmon don't be jealous, just say it out loud now ;-).

Ok next stop. I took these slut-shots of me just before we went to a BBQ on Sunday...do you like them? Tell me which one is the best out of the last 4 pics here...cos I wanna send just one of these pics to a guy. Nah it aint a marriage proposal...he's just a long-lost friend and I found him back last week. He wants to see how I look now (right now, this week hehe)...I guess the last time I saw him was like 5yrs ago. I wanna send him a nice one..
so which one? Either way he's gonna tell me that I have put on. Yes I have put on some weight since 5yrs ago. I was a size 8 back then, can you believe it! Now I'm a very healthy size 10...sometimes a 12. But I like the way I am right now. Cos 5yrs ago I felt like I didn't have
enough energy and I looked a bit boney, especially in the face. That was when I used to be a gym-junky. Arobics, funk, hip-hop and yoga. It was great but my life was pretty fast back then. Then I realised life is too short to waste time in a gym sweating my ass off. So I gave up gym and took up natural exercising methods such as taking long walks, cleaning around the house, walking to shops instead of driving etc etc. I really feel well now, less-stressed and I'm happier these days. I'm not fat and I aint thin either. I'm just average and I feel great. Love your body no matter what.

Something else now...yesterday I bought one of those sexy Pencil skirts...slate-colored smokin hot item. I'm wearing it today and I feel bootylicious ooh lala! Cos it's tight-fitted and my arse is sticking out real nice hehe. It's showing the curves well and I don't feel uncomfy either. Trust me, it's so hard to get a piece of clothing with that combination of needs in one. Supre did say it's sexy and it sure is! $35 for a skirt is cheap but the look and feel is pretty good. Some retail-therapy there for my broken broken heart. Why is my heart broken? Well it was never unbroken to begin with. That's another post btw.

Now don't forget to vote for one of the 4 pics below. Thanks in advance and hey I'll get back to the comments in the last post and your blogs soon. I'm very busy here at work and I hope to retain my job you see :). Thanks guys and HUGGGGGGGGGZ! It's great to be back with ya. It really feels good. Have a great week ahead guys!

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Globescoper said...

Hi Keshi

I left a comment on your last post.

Nice to be back, and nice to see you back.

Missed you!

I'll have to read this post later.

If you want to have your wedding in a movie, I can come down with a crew and film it.

If I do that, it's a free trip.



Akshay V said...

Hey Keshi, nice photos of the beach. I had a very lazy weekend.. just slept all the time :) caught up with my sleep.. Btw the beach does look awesome.

You look great in all the pics.. it is hard to make a choice of which one is the best. So I will go with all 5 of them.. NIce outfit.. $35 well spent I suppose. Do let us know how many heads didyou turn today.. :P.

Have a good day at work.

Anonymous said...

which one is gud ?
tough question. i like all. send him all. and btw not only ur cellphone rocks mine also rocks, welcome back, it really was a long weekend in AU, I have mail from my Australian client and am expecting her call also.

Margie said...

Of-course you were missed...by me!
Funny girl....you felt like you were on Death Row after being away from blogging for just 4 days.
You really do love it, huh?

I'd love to come to your wedding...

Glad you had a happy weekend! :)

My weekend was very nice, except for the horrible weather....we had ice, snow and it was soooooo COLD!
Oh, to have been at the beach...
No beaches here in CO...
I love the beach!
Lucky you!!!

But, we had a wonderful day on Sunday...went out to a friend's house for a wonderful brunch....
The food was so yummy, and the company divine!

I think I like the last pic of you best...

Sending lots of HUGGGGGGGZ to you Keshi....
Have a great day...
I think I'm going to bed very soon, as I am beat....
I walked Jake 4 times today...
He's tired too...
See you later.


di.di said...

pic #3!!

vinay said...

keshi channnnnnnnn..im backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!! and you are back too!!! the beach is si mply the bestest place on earth...and i love it more during night!!!!!!! which photo is the best....hmmm...the first one!!! by the way...why do u never take a normal pictuyre?your head is either tilted this side or that side..lolz....but then u look good anyways...:-))tadaaaaa

Jay said...

Maybe someday when you get married you can set up live streaming video and audio on your blog. Or have somebody "live blog" the event.

All four pics are great. I will pick #4. Don't know why, just think I like that one best.

Romeo Morningwood said...

I am delighted to hear that you had such an Ab FAB weekend. You would need to have a YouTubian Wedding since you are such a BlogStar.
Cyber seduction shot #3 is definitely the winner if you are sending it to a guy...reminds me of an old Louis Armstrong song..

"Jeepers, creepers....where'd ya get them peepers
Jeepers, creepers...where'd ya get those eyes
Gosh oh, git up....how'd they get so lit up
Gosh oh, gee oh....how'd they get that size

Golly gee...when you turn them heaters on
Woe is me...got to put my cheaters on

Jeepers, creepers....where'd ya get them peepers
Oh, those weepers....how they hypnotize"

Junius said...

i didnt miss u at all hehe

dharmabum said...

lotsa questions to answer there, keshi.

one - no, i don't think i'll come all the way to sidney for ur wedding. in fact, i wudn't come even if u got wedded next door. i started feeling weddings were getting a lil too boring and so in the last couple of years, i have consciously missed about a dozen or so weddings :(

the beach - is beautiful. and yes, i am jealous - not coz u r a good photographer, but coz u seem to be in such a lovely place, and whats more u even find the time for urself :)

the snaps - honestly, i didn't like any of em - why aren't u smiling a wee bit?

oh, and mebbe u shud post a snap of err...the...umm..skirt? nah, shall we call it the posterior? *grin*

take care - good to have u back!

Akshay V said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nadim said...

#3 looks grrrrrrrt!!! so does #4! i didnt like #2... i dont know y... may be improper lighting or something else...
now, im just being honest with my opinion...
so if u ask me, i would suggest 3 or 4.

and those pics from ur fone are kool! I thought they were flicked from somewhere on internet... didnt knew till i read your post! ur work looks profesional! especially the 2nd one!

AVIANA said...

Ola Chica!!!!

Como estas? Thanks for stopping by! Oh yeah, pic 4 is the cutest one. :)

Did u ever find that train guy again? Can you copy and paste the html code you used for this video onto my comments section? I finally got a video up on my site but I want it to start playing automatically like yours.

I'll be updating my site tomorrow. it's now 12:03 am in Washington, DC i think you're like 12 hours ahead.

Ok a blogger wedding?! Come on now, es loca tu piensas? translation: it's crazy don't you think? hehehe...

anyhow i'm just talk blabber now...gotta go to bed....
hasta la mañana chica!



Ram said...

Hey there!

Glad you had a nice weekend at the beach! The tranquility of the sea always makes me feel serene and relaxes me.

As far as the pictures...I personally feel #2 is better than the rest because it shows maximum face of all.

To be honest the angle in all the 4 pictures is as if somebody is looking at you from a height. It'd be nice if you could get a picture at your natural height. (Just my honest opinion)


Elina said...

Hi Keshi,

I love the pics u took!

It's so nice.. So beautiful!! I tot u search the pics from elsewhere to put into ur blog... Only until i read further down then i realised u took the pics! WOOW!!

I love those fluffy clouds.. Looks like Candy Floss.. HaHaHa..

The beach looks so "attractive", i'm almost alttracted there... :)

Glad tat u had a nice weekend :)

Take Care!!


Anonymous said...

welcome back welcome back welcome back!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Keshi is dumb
she dont read newspapers

she publishes her own silly stuff

9:20 PM

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh la la
seduction pics

deepsat said...

nice to see you back!!

hate those sad cloudy days!!

all are good pics! close your eyes pick one and send it!!!


J said...

paris,sydney, and switzerland have been on my to-see-before-i-die list. ready to be gatecrashed? :P
wont vote for any of the 4 :D ..vote goes to the 1st pic in your last post

Akshay V said...

I just realized you said one of the 4.. in that case.. I would rate number 4. :)..

Poo said...

I REALLY MISSED YOU SO MUCH !!!! My weekend was great .... wanted to buy gifts for my mom and dad as its there anniversary so went for shopping and movie "Provoked" and Chinese food ... that's it ...Monday was Horrible and you must have read the latest post of mine .... the """Peace post"" dint work for me and instead i have got warnings that if i write anything again or even mention her name ...i am placing my self at risk !!!! so frustrating how can people even talk and think like that ...that shows how immature there thinking is ...nyways this issue has gone till the top management and i think there is no reason for her to even react like this .....

A pencil skirt ...WOW i love to wear skirts ...Girls look so feminine and sweet and cute ...I am sure you look beautiful in that ; )) ..Its is such a nice feeling to meet old friends and see that wonderful smile .

and i like all the pictures of ur NO Doubt ...but don't you think you should send some natural photo ..i mean something more natural wr your smiling

But to rate on those 4 picture ...2 and the 4 picture... you look so beautiful sweetie :))

Take care and have a wonderful day !!

Pri said...

all r nice ...but i'd suggest u send a smiling one :)

Unknown said...

definately the first pic, very sultry

***hubba huba***

Its funny no onw commmented on my blog for 3 days, i felt wirds, like i had upset everyone and felt sort of rejected...

online comunities are weird, you know so much about a person yet have never met them...

Hope you had a good easter


Unknown said...

last snap wub be nice even post is very goood

ghost particle said...

picture number 2222. By the way, u look hot. Wohoo...next time put full shots of u, stop scaring the camera lense wit only ur head shot :P\

The beach is nice, and yesz u are a good photographer.

A blogville wedding, certainly will come to sydney..even if I have to h*jack da damn plane.

Blogs never die, yours will never die.

Aditi said...

hmm.. u were missed!! welcome back..
yeah i know exactly what u mean abt missing blogging in 4 days.. i felt that too.. glad to know i wasnt the only crazy one!!
aww we'd all feel a part of your wedding neway cuz u'd blog abt it every step of the way wouldnt u?
the rainbow shot is gorgeous.. what a sight..
why dont u smile in any of the shots?
If i had to pick.. would be #1

Kay Vee said...

ill vote for the 4th pic!

awesome pic of the rainbow and the clouds!

u were missed, girl, and yeah i know how it feels to be away from blogging for a long long time! wait, is 4 days long? ;-) im such a net and blogging addict! :P

and whats with ur broken heart kesh?
take care! >:D<

fergal said...

hi keshi - nice to have u back.
i think pic 1 or 4 .... i'll go for number 4. ;-D

Kathy said...

hey welcome back sweetie... muaahh! nice pics. there! luv that rainbow and beach pic. awww... and ur 4 awesome pics... all snaps are nice but i luv the 4th one , d most! ^_~ u look innocent and gorgeous at the same time! *wink*

... i texted u last night,u mean u recieved it that late?? aww... coz i've got confirmation message and ur reply only this morning... quite weird na, some problem maybe on sms messaging! neway, glad to know ur ok and had a good time on weekend!

have a great week ahead!tc..


Anonymous said...

hii Keshi, me did miss you :(, eflt as if something was taken away :O that i came here everyday,only yest i read urupdate, talk of my observation power, hehehe, i lve the rainbow and the cloud pic, i tink i shud hail ur mob cam right? :P..lol,anyways, good photographer too, u are! agreed! :D, wedding in sydney?i hope u wil liveblog it for us :D,or perhaps video blog :D ..my weekend just passed by, nothing much special,
and out of ur pics, i liked 1st and 4th, but if u just incase taking a new pic smile na a lil bit :D..u look beautiful in those anyways :D,
hugs for you :D!!

Keshi said...

Bev WB hun!

yeah come visit me atleast on my wedding day girl :) that wud be AWESOME! ok ok free trip it is ;-)


Akshay dun wanna vote for 1 pic..awwww..its ok :)

Alot of hunky heads turned alright but didnt get any in my pocket hehe.

Good to hear u had a relaxing weekend Akshay.


Kumar heyy tnxx!

btw u cant just say ur phone rocks...prove it by outtin up some pics taken from it :)


awww Margie u had a cold weekend? I was thinking of ya when I saw some snow news the other day. Must be very cold there right now ha.

I knew it that u wud come to visit me here...u r so special Margie! And u said u like the 4th pic...I like it the best too. TY sweetie n huggggggggz and Nitey nite!


Diva u like 3 ha...ty :)


Vinay ty!

**by the way...why do u never take a normal pictuyre

lol do I look abnormal in these?


Jay tnxx I like #4 the best too.

Live wedding on the net...wow sounds cool ha :)


aww HE wut a lovely verse...lol so cute!

**Golly gee...when you turn them heaters on
Woe is me...got to put my cheaters on

haha nice one. Good excuse ha.

btw youTubian wedding is a great idea...but I want u to be here...body and soul. So wud u come? :)


Endevourme heyy!

**i didnt miss u at all

cool...no probs at all. tnxx for being so honest!


Dharma why dun u like weddings? I SIMPLY LOVE EM :)

**the snaps - honestly, i didn't like any of em - why aren't u smiling a wee bit?

awww :*( Ok. tnxx for being honest tho. o well but I can smile u know hehe.

u want arse shots? ur sure u can handle em? LOL!


Anonymous said...

Nice pics KEshi! :)
I like the last one, it's a nice pic to send over. You look sweet:)

Yes, you're missed!
Funny thing you should ask if i'll be there at your wedding, cuz' over the weekend i was just thinking of inviting you when I do get married:) you will come here to sunny s'pore right? *wink*

Anonymous said...

heyyyyyy keshii!!! how've u beeen? i lourrrve photo#4 but u know which foto i think is ur BESTEST? the second one from the its training men post with ur hair to the side, u look a perfect mix of sweet n sexy! ;)
and ur wearing my fave shade of ice blue n white, and pencil skirts are fab!!! i totally endorse.. girl.. ur quite the fashionista! i love u already, muaah! hehe, i get very schcoolgirlishly giddy when i discuss clothes n shoes... and trust me babe.. if u have a blogger wedding, im deftlyyyyyy showing up! :)

have a good one hon!

Keshi said...

Nadim ty! I like 3 and 4 too :) Especially 4...I think Im quite natural in that one.

yeah the beach shots r really nice.


LOL Lisa HUGGGGGGGGGZ! ok then no net wedding...u just be here in Sydney ok? :)

I'll help u with the video code...will put it in ur blog soon.

Nitey nite sweetie!


Rama ty! so like #2...ok :)

**It'd be nice if you could get a picture at your natural height.

well thats cos Im the one who's taking my fotos na...lol! I have to take it that way cos Im holding my fone in front of me. ok let me tell some other person to take some pics of me next time. tnxx for the tip Rama!


Thumbee hey ty!

yep Candy floss indeed...so beautiful ha!


ty Perspective!


Anony heyy!

**Keshi is dumb
she dont read newspapers
she publishes her own silly stuff

I dun read newspapers alrite...that must be why Im NOT dumb?


aww tnxx Deeps :)


Hey Jit ur most WC anytime...I better see the front view of yourself shouldnt I? :)

**vote goes to the 1st pic in your last post

really? thats a cool surprise :) tnxx!


Akshay u voted...aww ty!

I like #4 as well.


Poo hugggggggz babez!

**the """Peace post"" dint work for me and instead i have got warnings that if i write anything again or even mention her name ...i am placing my self at risk

WUTTTTTTT? I dun get it. I mean how does that put u in risk? Is she from work? OMG how pathetic. Im sorry u had to go thru such shit. Just stay away from such crappy ppl. U dun deserve that.

ty for the votes. Natural pics? yeah good idea Poo. I feel so vain now LOL!


Pri Im crippled when it comes to smiling. LOL just kidding. tnxxx!


Aidan hows u matey?

***hubba huba***

was wondering if Mark Holden was here :):). tnxx Aidan!

**Its funny no onw commmented on my blog for 3 days, i felt wirds, like i had upset everyone and felt sort of rejected...

LOL yes...isnt it strange!

I hope u and Stace had a good one. TC mate.


WC Protege n ty so much for voting!


Ghosty u sound like ur in a marathon LOL! ty anyways

ok I wont put up anymore pics...happy? :)


Aditi ty for voting :)

I must smile often ha...ok I will do next time hehehe.


Shitrint aww ty! I missed u loads.

broken heart...only u noticed that line so far. I will let u know in time. For now I have all of u to keep me going. HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


Fegral I'd take #4 too...and u being a guy with good taste, I believe it's the best shot then :)



yes I like #4 too.

so u sent that txt yday? or last Mon?


Keshi said...

Shammu sweetie I like #4 as well...awww ty so much!

**i hope u wil liveblog it for us :D,or perhaps video blog

hehe that wud be like having 2 weddings na...why dun u come ova for it? :)


ty Geet I like #4 too.

**you will come here to sunny s'pore right?

awwwwwwww I feel honored girl...when is ur wedding btw?



** get very schcoolgirlishly giddy when i discuss clothes n shoes

LOL me too. I love fashion but I always choose what suits me. I just dun buy stuff for the sake of fashion.

I want u to be at my wedding here in Syd...not just in Blogville ok? :)


Autumn Storm said...

Photo number 4 has my vote. :-)

And yes, I would do my very best to attend, if you invited me to your wedding - especially if I get to go to that beach while I am there. ;-) Beautiful shots!

Autumn Storm said...

PS the first photo on the blog below is gorgeous of you - if that's recent, my vote strays to that one.

And that guy, and if there are more of that kind, would be yet another reason to get my butt on a plane to Sydney. Yum. :-D

Anonymous said...

Definitely # 4.

Keshi said...

aww Autumn that means alot to me...HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

Yeah i'd have a beach wedding so all my GFs can ogle at the blue-eyed blonde-haired Aussie surfers ;-)

Autumn when r ya coming down?

ty for all the compliments babez...now I feel like such a show-off LOL!


Kathy said...

Kesh i sent that text yday so last week one was lost na!

the song is titled "YOU"
by: Switchfoot

cool song na? muaahh! luv it!

u take care goin' home babe, drive safe!


Keshi said...

Nora ty sweetie!


teacup said...

hehhe, am so used to seeing ur posts regularly, that yeah, I was wonderng why no updates, missed out on ur last posts...been teribbly busy...my sis's come dwn from LA, so:) some boding hapening with the gifts :D

the second beach pic is Awesome!!! and yeah, I meet a long lost school friend of mine:) will be meeting him too:P same life? lol...our lives are going on parallels:) and ya, the skirt must look HOt, I love pencil skirts and specially smoky grey...but I can't wear any of that to office:( the atmosphere is very casual...everyone comes in jeans:( hehhee, sometimes it;s good tho..and guess wat? lol...this will sound freaky now...my sis got me this sexy hot pants...and wat color? yep:) grey...that smoky grey and yeah...it's hot:)

as for the pic...all are good, but if u had to send just one, I'd vote for the 1st one:)

take care, ciao.:)

Keshi said...

Kath so that must be ur yday's msg...ty so much sweetie!

And the song...Im gonna get it on my iPod. TY!


Yash HUGGGGGGGZ! Sis visiting ya ha? COOL! Say HI to her from me ok :)

**and wat color? yep:) grey...that smoky grey and yeah

whoaaaaaaaaaaa amazing! :):) freaky indeed!

now when do I get to see a pic of Yash :*(

and hey tnxx for voting sweetie!


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

#1 and #4. :-) nice pics of you.
your pics of the beach & rainbow are also great!
and the pics of you in the previous post are very nice too- have you thought of sending those? :)

sorry- i don't know you enough to leave such a long comment- just came here while avoiding work ;)

Keshi said...

WC Girl and ty for voting :)

**have you thought of sending those?

LOL good qn. Mebbe Im in some brain-freeze session here. I should consider those pics to oyeahhh :)

tnxx girl!


Harmony said...

mmm i thnk last pic gts highest marks..wt do u think..

Shionge said...

Yo I wanna be invited if you are planning a wedding sweetie :) Fly downunder? Maybe I will to visit you & my girlfriend June too hehe...

I'll choose photo no 3 - very seductive :D

Neihal said...

wow....that makes me feel so good.... you do know, we miss you here :)))

and I like the fourth pic the best :)

and about that weight and all, I agree with ya...its about feeling good...and staying fit... Hugs :)

Keshi said...

Pankaj ty! :)

I like #4 as well.


Shionge aww I knew it that wud say YES for Syd. I know u've been here b4 n that u like it here too. I'd love to have u over WOW!

u like #3...just like HE did. He loved it.



Keshi said...

Neihal ty!

Alot of ppl voted for #4...I have to tell my friend that I put the pics in my blog and got the votes b4 sending it to him :) I wonder what he wud think. Im sure he'll think Im nute lol!

yes..staying fit n healthy is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

For me, third is the best. It shows and it hides; just below an awesome expression. After that it is 1st, 4th and 2nd in that seq.

But hey, we didn't get to see the skirt.

Sydney. Never been there. But won't be able to deny a wedding invitation. Will your large heart pay for a blog friend's travel expenses.

Alex said...


Will come for the wedding if my budget allows it or if i get a free ticket.

Yeah, 1000s from the blogosphere will be there. cool.

PS: Dont get time as i used to before to blog.

Anonymous said...

yeah,4 days w/o blogging seems like a year to me.I can resist not updating my blog,but i cant resist not visiting the blogosphere :)

well,you should invite us for your wedding,may i suggest that you marry a blogger friend so there wouldnt be any trouble about the big blog wedding,LOL!

the beach looks superb!a nice plate to contemplate :)

i vote for number 1 pic,any of them will do i know.im sure youre gonna capture his heart :)

miss yah,too,Keshi!!muahhh!

Autumn Storm said...

If I could, I'd jump a plane this instant. :-) I have a friend leaving this Sunday, returning home to Australia (near Penrith) and family in Melbourne, Darwin and in Sydney, not to mention you whom I would just love to meet - one of these days, Kesh, that I know, if nothing else. :-D

San Nakji said...

No.1 is nice I think. I am not sure if you should put your image on the site, there are some creepy people out there you know Keshi! I always avoid photos of my family... Just a thought though.

Priya said...


Forget about water pics, lets talk about ur pics always hot. I liked the last one of all 4, coz you feel relaxed, cool and trendy. Its like you say- better watch out:))

desperado said...

welcome back dear
d 4th one is d best
n here i was wating for d shots of d pencil skirt :P..lol

Neers said...

the first one is cool, the third one is better!! and heyy kesh... babe, if the guy in the prev post looked like that pic.... you SHOULD have spoken to him... you! :)

lemon said...

i vote for no 4 too..!!!
and the pics of the beach are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L kesh..!!! the third one looks like the heavens are opening up...!!! :)

Asha said...

Good to see you back my fav girl!:))

Great photos of the beach and you of course!:))

Good that you had 4 days off,now back to blogging!;D

tulipspeaks said...

hey sweetie.. lovely pics of the beach!!! OMG! i love them!!

reading thru the post and i found ravishing pic of keshi darling! awww.. kekekeke.. konjem ice jasthi thaane? :P

pic #4 ;)


Vishnu said...

gud tat u had great time.... rainbow and beach pics are awesome....

and my vote goes to pic 4..... :)


Jeevan said...

I too miss u and happy to see u back with beautiful rainbows, beaches and you lovely photo:) The 2nd pic is very nice keshi, I vote for that (your friend can see ur full face in that). If I really get a chance to see you marriage that will be the most pleasure time for me.

Why not you click a snap of wearing that sexy pencil skirt for us;) hehe… Hugsss.

Anonymous said...

I like #3 the best because it shows off your eyes the best. Like you are looking directly at me..ahhhhhhhhh:)
I have always wanted to visit Australia and New Zealand.
welcome back.
Hey where's the pic of this sexy new skirt you bought?umm um!

shnaggy said...

hi keshi,

i was really like a fool. you look great and bout same in all the pix. but i kept scrolling up and down, slow at first, then fast, and faster. the third one for me stood out the best. not only does it draw the attention up to your lovely/strong beauty but it also says...this woman has got great arse. so that will be a mystery...

Mystic Rose said...

something nice about the first one..and the fourth. :)

good luck! :)

Little Miss Muffet said...

loved the pics of the beach..and liked #3 and #4 of ur pics..so u got a new skirt cheap? wow..lucky girl..makes me want to go out and shop now :)

Gaurav said...

yohoo girl.. welcome back...
even i was away for a 'spiritual' long weekend..
anywas... as far as the pic goes ..i will go for no. 3, the one with maximum cleavage .. LOL..
just kiddin ... No 4's the best...

KK said...

Havent read yet.... just dropped in to say hi :)

Anonymous said...

good that u had a nice weekend...
it sucked for me though...escaped from two accidents in the middle of the night on a ghastly black highway...

pic#4 rocks...

and also...is there going to be free cake on the wedding day? :)

Blessed said...

I was wondering where you were!!!!
Glad you are back! Loved the pics of the water. I don't know how I would act if I lived so close to the ocean. That is my dream. It just calms me, mesmerizes me. I feel when I am at the ocean that I am home.
Now the pics of you are all beautiful but I like #4 the best.

Many blessings pretty girl!

Sig said...

Yay! Keshi is back :D Looks like you had a great holiday. LOOOOOOOOOVE the beach.

Personally I like either #2 or #4 - he'll be speechless when he sees you :P

Keshi said...

Kulz heyy!

so u like #3 :) tnxx!

**Will your large heart pay for a blog friend's travel expenses.

LOL there r so many in that queue right now. If I marry a rich man I will be able to cover each and everyone's travel expenses. I definitely wud :)


Alex :) tnxx!

Dun work too hard.


hiyya Ghee hows u?

** i suggest that you marry a blogger friend so there wouldnt be any trouble about the big blog wedding,LOL!

haha good idea! I think my next post wud be on who (which blogger) wants to marry me...LOL!

awww u like #1...ty Ghee! btw I dunno what Im doin here tryin to get votes from all my blogger mates just to send a pic to a friend..LOL!


Autumn girl I've been to Penrith many many many times :) awww how I wish u were here too. U've got family in Mel and Darwin? WOW! I have never been to Darwin tho.

have u ever been here?


hey Nakji tnxx!

yeah alot of ppl tell me not to put up pics on the net...o well I really dun care much abt creepy ppl. I mean wut can they do with my pic? :)

but tnxx so much for being so concerned mate. I appreciate that.


Priya hey tnxx!

** Its like you say- better watch out

thats exactly what I mean in it ;-)


hey my mate Desperado hows u?

** here i was wating for d shots of d pencil skirt

u really want arse shots mate? LOL ok u asked for it...stay tuned ;-) Boys will be boys ha...rolling eyes here :):)


aww Neers there r so many guys like that walking ard in Syd, I pass out all the time.


Lemonade ty for voting!

yep the beach pics r awesome arent they! Glad u like em :)


Asha aww ty n huggggggggggz!

I missed all the gos over here in Blogville :)


Ammu ty sweetie! I like #4 too.

**konjem ice jasthi thaane?

LOL ur so cute! Enna pannirai cute ponnu? :):)


Vishnu u like #4 as well...wow so many ppl voted for that one :) ty!


Jeevan ty for voting mate. #2 is very clear, I agree.

**If I really get a chance to see you marriage that will be the most pleasure time for me.

awww how sweet of ya to say that. I feel honored. TY!

Jeevan u too want arse shots ha? LOL! talk abt men! ;-)


G'day Rick! Yeah Im looking straight at ya ;-)

**Hey where's the pic of this sexy new skirt you bought?

ok...it shall be here soon :) I promise!


Shanggy ty! :)

**this woman has got great arse.

LOL did I show my arse in that pic??


Rose WB! How have u been?

ty for voting sweetie.


heyy Miss.Muffet hows u?

yep...I got 2 skirts...this one and anothet box-pleated black office skirt. Im wearing that today LOL! Keshi is sooo vain :):)


aww Gaurav tnxx for being so honest :)

** will go for no. 3, the one with maximum cleavage


I like #4 as well.


KK u cant just drop in here w.o. reading it..LOL come back immediately!


DJ heyy thank god ur ok! Were u driving?

ofcourse it'll be free cake, lunch, drinks etc etc..and even free hugs :)

Just TC mate.


Blesses sweetie ty! heyy u dun live near a beach?

I like #4 as well :)


Silvara huggggggz! How was ur break?

yep I like #2 and #4 as well...hmmm I dunno if he'd b speechless but yeah he'd say I've put on. cos I was very thin 5yrs ago.

Missed u sweetie!


SaffronSaris said...

Read the 1st paragraph and I was all "Keshi's getting married! Keshi's getting married!"
Now I'm wondering why this post is titled "of rainbows and waves"....didn't read the rest of the post before commenting ;)

There are 2 primates in the photo. You are close!

Sig said...

LOL - you've put on? Pfft....you're beautiful and how do u know he won't be thinking "OMG Keshi is just as HOT as I remembered her!". Sweetie, you are gorgeous and I really should be taking the same advice I am giving to you but whatever weight/size YOU feel happy in is the way to go. No point in being a tiny skinny stick thing if ur always worrying about eating and looking good - I'm a "small" size but I'm curvy and that comes with many issues on its own. But I'd rather have curves than a concave chest and no booty :P You and me rock! (u might have noticed that rock is my new word :P)

tulipspeaks said...

Enna pannirai cute ponnu? :):)

cute ponnu is sitting in her office, enduring terrible cold weather bcoz of the office aircond & rain since yesterday evening. wearing an extra large wind breaker which don't seem to protect her much. *sighhh..


Keshi said...

Saffy I can get married even today...w.o. a groom ofcourse LOL!

**2 primates

didnt get that :)


Silvara I think u have a GREAT body...I mean u look sizzling in all ur pics. Im a bit too fleshy for some HOT items like the clothes u wear...seriously. Only certain clothes suit me.

U ROCK sweetie ;-)

Chadthi jawani mere chaal mastani...hehehe...


awww Ammu ponnu is cold? well turn the heater on.

btw I have only got 3 votes in that award thingy LOL! ur sooo sweet! tnxx for that very sweet gesture. U r someone who truly loves me for who I am.


Menchie said...

I like the 4th one but since you're sending it to a guy, maybe the guys will have to have the say on what looks best. You look great in all of them anyway!

Great pics of the beach, btw! I went to the beach too during the holiday but there were a lot of people. I prefer a quiet beach.

I wanna see the skirt!

AVIANA said...

Hey Chica!!

Thanks for putting Hindi Pop on here. the only Indian music i've heard and absolutely love are Bollywood tunes and bhangra. I'm always looking for new sounds. This sounds like the bollywood stuff which I already love. Now I can start search for hindi artists! Thanks so much! I know it's random!!! If you know more please tell me..... :)


Mumbai Guy said...

I missed you. Its like no keshi, no blogworld. :)

Good to see ya back. As regards to voting, 3rd is good one. One wid your trademark style.

Anonymous said...

yeah... i was driving alone in the night from san jose to los angeles...

lucky to be alive now...

jac said...

Wecome back Keshi !

I see that picture of the rainbow. Did you wish anything when you saw it ?

You look stunning in all the pics as usual specially thet hird one.

Hmmm !!!
I think that you just need to pluck your eyebrows a bit. LOL

Keshi said...

Menchie tnxx :)

yeah I love a beach with less crowd. It's kinda soothing to the soul.

U wanna see the skirt ha...well I gotta get a friend to click me in it..I'll try to do that soon ;-)

And the boys just wanna see my ass LOL!


Lisa u've got great taste in Indian men....John is one of my favs ;-)

U like Hindi music? Great. I love some of the latest pop and also some of the very old Hindi songs...there r some beautiful numbers.


MG w.o. me there's no blog worls? awww :) LOL I sound like Blogville's Cleopatra!

yep ur right..thats my trademark ha...:) My mum says I look scary LOL!

how was ur weekend?


DJ u gotta be very careful when u drive on the highways in long weekends. Deadly combination!

TC mate.


Keshi said...

Jac do I have to wish for something...I didnt know. awww next time ok tnxx :)

Eyebrows...lol...well my cuzns tell me too..but I have never done it n dun wanna do it. I wanna be natural as I can be. Even if that means looking like a Racoon LOL!


Outdoorsy Girl said...

A blogville wedding! How cool! I can't wait until you get married, then! ;) Of course, it would be even more cool to make the trip down under and see it in real life!

Keshi said...

Outdoorsy I'd love to have u ova! MWAHHHHH!


The Phosgene Kid said...

Don't know which is more breath taking you or the seascapes

Ram said...

Yikes!!! @ the song update.
Sorry to be so crass, but the earlier song was much much better.

Just my opinion!


Cazzie!!! said...

Yes, a blogger wedding would make the news me thinks.

Cazzie!!! said...

Love that music, what is it called?

Keshi said...

gee tnxx Phos :)


Rama ok changed it :) tell me if u like it.


Caz ty sweetie!

The Hindi music was a song called Chadthi Jawani...it's Hindi pop. But now I changed it to The Eagles...the greatest band ever ha.


Divian said...

Dang, girl, you make sexy look ugly...you are so beautiful!

I love them all, heck I can't decide!!

Keshi said...

ty Tash! MWAHHHHHHH :)


Poo said...

hi sweets ...I m totally fine thx .... what about you ? so finally which picture did you send him .... You know what i am not very photogenic ... i love to take my picture but when i see the outcome of each picture its so bad :(

You dont have to be sorry sweetie ..its just that she cant understand and i tried my best ...But i think i have had enough, she will realise it one for what she has done. Let her be happy in whatever way she wants ....

Take care and keep smiling always ;)) i really want to see your smiling picture ...

Unknown said...

Keshi for breakfast...
Keshi for Lunch...
Keshi for dinner...
Keshi after dinner :P...

Unknown said...


Princess Banter said...

I could never for the life of me ever take a proper photo of a rainbow! Nice shots :)

jac said...

hmmmm... Then I need that racoon badly !!lol

See you after a month.

Keshi said...

Poo aww is that S who's involved in this drama? OMG she needs a good vacation. I mean who wudnt wanna make PEACE with someone like u?

I dun get it.


Icedude u wanna make Keshi fried-rice? LOL!


hey Princess WC n tnxx!

Yep even I was surprised that that rainbow shot came out real good. I was in the car and I quickly snapped it.


Jac u need my brows or me? LOL!

where r u off for a month???


Ganesh Ranganathan said...

If I am anywhere near Australia, would love to come to your wedding....

And All the pics are great... :-)

Poo said...


and i really dont why she even reacted like that ..... I wrote about her in my blog ..that pissed her off!!! she says who am i write about anybody ??? and i had written nothing that shud have offended her or she shud have felt bad of it .

Keshi said...

aww Ganesh tnxx!


Poo u know wut that means...she's just not worth ur time and efforts. Just chuck her outta ur mind. She's not Peace-material...she's all for war. Forget such ppl.


Ram said...

posting this comment again because my internet connection is playing havoc today...dunno why. Delete this one if the earlier comment was already registered.


Hey Keshi,

Thanks for changing the music. This one's much much much better...


K M F said...

Hi Keshi,

I love the pics u took!

Alex said...


Im working (hard) for my masters entrance. :)

Jewel Rays said...

Hello Keshi..:)

Nice pics u took there..Love the one with the sea and the rainbow. Remembered taking something like the first one before..:)

And i like the fourth pic of urs. I think that looked the best.


Jewel Rays said...

and yeah before i forget..the skirt sounds good. like the fact tht it wraps tightly around the arse. its a totally ouch infact!! hot basically..:)

Anonymous said...

whom are you trying to impress aha? why are you post your pictures aha? you look so awful in those pictures, particularly in the side pose photo. ;-)

Unknown said...

I like the last pic a lot..! Have a fun time Keshi..!

Take Care and God BLess..!

With Best Regards,

Autumn Storm said...

Never even been to Australia. And I made a mistake, family living in Perth not Darwin, Darwin came from the fact that my cousin (from Denmark) spent 6 months studying there last year.
Like I said, one of these days. :-D
Oh, and of course, goes without saying, if you are ever over this way, I would be extremely upset, if you didn't make time to see me. ;-)
Happy day ahead, Kesh, x

Himavan said...

Fourth one!!

Good luck!! :)

AVIANA said...

Thanks Chica! After some adjustments, it worked! Hopefully I'll remember the adjustments when I change videos.... thanks!


Kalpana said...

First photo of your's looks good. Beach ones, liked 2nd one. Hey, I too came after a week today to my place. As soon as I came, I opened my sys to c my blog friends.

La vida Loca said...

would I come to Sydney???
I should hope so :) especially if u sent the tix :P

diyadear said...

hey keshi gal,
u really made me j showing the pic of the beach.. On sat we too planned to go n the weather spoilt it all for us :(
As for choosing ur pic.. I am not able too.. u look gud in all.. just kidding he he

Amey said...

You want to send "slut-shots" to your long-lost friend? Curious...

When's the wedding?

Take a pick between the four, or send all... all are nice.

Life said...

hello :)

first keshi i will be in ur wedding :) just write my name in ur guest list from now....jsut let me know atleast befor month..so that i can cope up with all my business wrk and be right there with out any miss .....

and regarding pics..i think third one is good one...ur eyes will kill him :D

Take Care

tkkerouac said...

I like the first one and the last one and its nice that you are showing a bit of cleavage.
You are right, the blogging is like an addiction, and it calls out to you!

Impressionist said...

Hey nice post.
and bout the pics, u look great in all the pics.

Peace & love

Dawn said...

Hey dear good to see u back! Actually I missed u too badly as I was going back n forth with your blog :)
Am glad u had a relaxing weekend. About the pic dear all are good and can't say which is the best as u haven't given much choice :D...next time at least put the pictures in different costumes ;) but the second one is cool, your face can be seen ...the cloudy hair is not hiding it ;)
I liked the beach and the rainbow pictures!
Have a good week ahead and dont work too hard ;)

Jim said...

, why was she born so beautiful
oh why was she born at all !

i hardly get 5 comments these days

Jim said...

Pssstttt !
i posted hotter pics on my blog

not of me
dont be silly

WithinWithout said...

Pic No. 1, Keshamarinkeedinkeedoo. Gorgeous.

Keshi said...

Rama tnxx mate!


KMF ty so much!


Alex ALL THE BEST mate! I did my Masters a few years ago. Was very difficult to do it while working...but I did it somehow.


Amy u wud love the skirt...it's ur kind.

ty for voting sweetie! I knew it that u wud like that one :)


Anony heyy!

**whom are you trying to impress aha?

Obviously not u. btw I dun post pics to impress ANYONE. It's for myself anbd ppl who wanna see my pics. If u dun like it, and if u have nothing good to say, then it's really not my problem is it? Bet ur jealous ha :)

**why are you post your pictures aha?

Do I have to get ur permission to post MY pics in MY blog? How is it ur business? U prolly come from a place where ppl dun respect freedom of expression and individuality. Ur a lost soul.

**you look so awful in those pictures, particularly in the side pose photo. ;-)

So green ay? aww I can u'stand that. :) btw did I steal ur BF? ooh lala!


ty Srijith I like it too :)


Autumn sweetie Perth is supposed to be sooo beautiful. I havent been there at all. Im planning a trip there next year.

ofcourse I'd visit ya if Im ever there. How can I not meet up with this beautiful girl I met in Blogviile...the one with the BIGGEST heart!


Contented ty I like it too :)


Lisa good on ya!


Kalpana ty!

yeah it happens na...we r family now. HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


LaVida ty sweetie!


Keshi said...

Diya ty sweetie!

Well go to the beach this weekend. :)


Fleiger heyy hows u?

**You want to send "slut-shots" to your long-lost friend? Curious...

LOL! yeah even I was thinking abt that. Im just crazy. or just call me VAIN ;-)


Vikas ur soooo sweet. ty so much for that HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

if my eyes r gonna kill him I might as well not send #3 ha..lol!


TK hey ty! yeah cleavage it is. Im addicted to blogging as well as my cleavage LOL!


Rajeev hey ty!


Dawny aww I missed u too HUGGGGGGGGZ!

yeah I like #2 as well but it didnt get many votes. #4 got the most votes :)


Jim a person is beautiful if they have a beautiful heart. The face/body doesnt do anything for too long.

And u dun get many comments cos u have 18900 blogs. Who has the time to go thru all of ur posts? LOL!


WW #1 ha..ty! :)

** Keshamarinkeedinkeedoo

LOL thats a cute name for me. Love it!


Anonymous said...

Keshamarinkeedinkeedoo ?

u no wat dat means in konkani (the lang of Goa)?


Trundling Grunt said...

I'd vote for 1 or 3 - maybe 3 has an edge. I'm not wild about 2 as you have wonderful hair and it looks sumptuous and sexy loose. All just imo of course..

Keshi said...

Get over it Saby.


awww tnxx Trundz ;-)

I like #3 as well. But most of the ppl here voted for #4.


AnonymousBlogger said...

I vote for Pic 4. Pic 1 gets my second vote.

Please please don't go with either the 2nd or 3rd. 1 and 4 are so much better!

Your first couple pics are lovely as well ;)

Keshi said...

AB tnxx :) I like #4 as well.


SamY said...

luks like u had a wonderful weekend ... I liked the rainbow pic a lot ... and those clouds too although they luk a bit fiery :) ... like balls of fire and ash comming down :D

pic #4 is gr8 ... the rest nah ... definitely not the 1st ... eyes of a person say a lot ... a photo which hides em ain't gud for catchin up with old friend ... it wud be as if u were hiding something :) ... so its the 4th

ghost particle said...

keshi u playtipus! u look gorgeous...i mean u should out more full shots...:p dont stop...till u get enough...wohooo

Keshi said...

ty Samy :)

eyes eyes baby hehe.


Ghosty I want someone to take my full shots LOL!


Vest said...

Oh goddess of all that is wholesome beautiful and true. As soon as your big fat blogger wedding is announced, I can arrange to get to Sydney CBD within 75 minutes. All of your pics reflect your true self. "Ah such joy to behold"
"There is a garden in your face Where beautiful lillies and roses grow". Vest.

Die Muräne said...

Very cool shots Keshi. I like the beaches you have down in Sydney.

I think No 4 is perfect to send to your friend

Keshi said...

Vest matey thats such a sweet thing to say...u live only 75mins away from me? WOW!

**"There is a garden in your face Where beautiful lillies and roses grow". Vest.

OMG is that ur original? Such a BEAUTIFUL quote! ty Vest!


Murane yeah u should come ova n we can go to the beach together :)


--Sunrise-- said...


You are right, madame.. IMPOSSIBLE to find a skirt that looks hot, and doesn't make you want to pull down on it every now and then... and not to mention, one that does not *SHOCK* the Desi community.. not that it is ANY of their business what I wear (and even if it is - it is none of their business to enforce upon me their ideas).. but jeez!! Crazy... all desis are crazy, I tell you!

PS: Why only one? Why not all four of them? Hehe! Or even better, invite him round and give him a surprise (with your skirt, I should imagine..)! :> LOL... kidding!

Tarun said...

Dont send those snaps to him ur hot eyes will make a hole thru his heart.
Sexy Eyes Keshi.

*m wearing it today and I feel bootylicious ooh lala! Cos it's tight-fitted and my arse is sticking out real nice hehe.*

Is that cryptographic?Are we suppose to decipher something? U know Angles and Demons and Da'Vinci code etc etc.

Can we sharpen the pencil skirts using a sharpner?

Snaps all were great, this is what digital camera helps in doing... experiment.

Just a recommendation next time wear a necklace or something around ur neck.... it really looks cool and the woman wearing it definetly seemers "Hotter"

No offences just suggestions.

Keshi said...

LOL Sunrise @with ur skirt!


:):) tnxx Tarun!

**U know Angles and Demons and Da'Vinci code etc etc.

plz explain :)