Monday, April 16


Disclaimer: Written with all respect to various disease-sufferers in the world. No offense intended at all. This is about a very disturbed maniac girl and her crazy fears...not about anyone else.

If you ask my mum/sis what kind of person I am, they will for sure tell you that Keshi is a hypochondriac. I won't deny that title cos I am one. I'm scared of the tiniest change that may occur in my body. The slightest rash would make me wanna surf the net and find out what it may be...and then I would worry for the next few days wondering if I'm gonna die of Meningococcal (is that how you spell it?)! If it's a sudden bruising then I'd immediately picture myself being a Leukemia patient and would worry about losing all my hair due to chemotherapy. Yes I'm that bad. Shame on you Keshi, I know. If it's a slight dizziness, OMG I'm about to faint cos I might be suffering from early Diabetes. When I have a bad headache, I'm like 'guess it's a Tumor about to blow, now have I written my Will?'. Last week I was having this stinging ache in my ear...I was picturing myself deaf for life. I swear I thought I was gonna go permanently deaf cos I never experienced that kind of ear-ache before. So I googled about it (yes I did ) and found out it could be Ear-drum failure OMG noooooo! Thank God it's not painful anymore. Once I had this pimple on my face and I was sure it's going to be the pox. It wasn't pheww! Just yesterday I had my left eye twitching again and I asked my mum if my left eye-lid was gonna give up on me for good. Mum rolled her eyes and walked away. No one believes me anymore baaaawaaaa!!I am just a very scared girl you know. But why? Cos I don't wanna be sick. I'm not afraid of dying but I'll admit I'm scared of being sick. Sickness is something we human beings will never be able to avoid but it's something I don't wanna be. I know that if I get terribly sick I'll cope somehow, but it's something I'm terrified of. And I personally don't like visiting doctors/dentists - I hate them with a vengeance. Don't ask me why. Last time I was at my doctor's surgery was ages ago and he had to run behind me to give me a needle.

When I was about 6months old, I was very ill. Apparently my mum had to sign some medical documents declaring that the docs wouldn't have been responsible if I had died. Apparently I was in the hospital with tubes all over me and basically pretty much dead (wish I was a blogger baby back then cos then I'd have enjoyed the hospital stay). Maybe I was much stronger when I wasn't aware of what this world was like. That's probably how I survived the battle back then, as a tiny baby. But right now, even though I'm much more matured and appear to be stronger, I probably am not that strong. I don't know. Maybe it was cos my dad died all of a sudden from a heart attack. Maybe cos one of my close friends is suffering from Thyroid cancer and she's very young. Maybe cos one of my young cousins is permanently deaf. Maybe cos I visited Sydney Childrens' Hospital on Saturday to see this 9yr old girl who had surgery and then I saw alot of sick kids - it broke my heart into pieces. Some kids were suffering alot. Diseases are unavoidable, I know. The Buddha saw an ailing body and left this worldy life for good. This body is deteriorating we may have good health, tomorrow we may not. And until then we hardly realise the value of it.

OMG my heart is beating too fast right now, I better google it real fast - see yous if I don't die!

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deepsat said...

LOL!!! good post keshi!!!

Jay said...

haha .... are you still with us Keshi????

I once had a little medical problem. I got online and looked up my symptoms. I came up with "parkinsons" and "MS" and "symptoms of heart attack" and more. Very scary stuff. Turned out to be bacterial infection from some food. LOL ... Oh well, not all that exciting huh?

Iceman said...

pak pak pak....

u r a chicken!

Jewel Rays said...

Hmm..:) At least you bother to find out. I am too afraid to find out at times..

***This body is deteriorating everyday...

I am seeing a present circumstance with one of my family memebers thats aligning with that statement.


tulipspeaks said...

hi-5 keshi! lolz. i'm scared about diseases as well. belonging to a medical family is no good in this way. i don't hv to surf to check wht the symptoms might mean. i got freaked out right away! :P


Geet said...

you're strong hun. no worries!


chocolteluva said...

hahaha.... i had the medical student syndrome for a while... everything i learned about seemed to fit and if it didnt fit, my paranoia created the symptoms for it to fit.
i even the psychological student thing going on for a while thinking i was all kinds of crazy sometimes.. heheheehe

well its never bad to keep informed, although dont get too focused on it. g'luck with the tachycardia (fast heart beat).

Poo said...

Keshi babu ko kya hua ??? You need some medication ...why dont you try some yoga stuff or some meditation for 10 mts everyday .... thats really helps sweetie...and i know you very strong ;) ....

Drama Div@ said...

m totally the opposite...I will only see doctor or pharmacist if things get worst... after 4-5 days of bad sore throat, then i'll go and see doctor...

Cazzie!!! said...

One of our best friends and fellow blogfriend is currently in hospital receiving treatment for leaukaemia. It is not fun at all. She just lost her hair, all of it, a few days ago.
So, what did my other half do? (He has hair longer than mine) He shaved it off!!! Yes, he did this yesterday. So, for the first time in a long time, I have longer hair than him.
I have posted about my almost dying in hospitl also, it made me stronger to have survived it.
Keshi, you are just fine girl, you are you, and so don' t stop being you..ok :)

iamvisheshur said...

well you will only when you have too..and don't keep thinking about all those painful diseases(the only reason why i used hate sci in junior classes was that,i used think i had all those diseases all at once)..if you keep thinking you may land up with them..

Akshay said...

I also dont like being sick.. but I should tell you this, when you fall sick you get attention from all the people in the world. BUt yes, other than that there is nothing awesome about falling sick.

Anonymous said...

what happened keshi...?
chill out...
life is not yet a goddamn son-of-a-bitch... no one can escape so soon...

keep blogging and everyone's blessing r with u ;) the blogging clause is essential though... LOL...
take care...

Jeevan said...

I am belonging to ur category. i too fear for small pain or symptoms, but i don't want to search what it would be and imagine something on my own and worry.

Don't be scared dear:)

vinay said...

i also have thz hearts beats hands go to my hair....i try to tuck in my shirt then...i try to have a smile...well it happens when i see a beautiful girl!!!

is tat a diesease?

Endevourme said...

never scare cats, they are cho chweet :D

confessing7girl said...

the content of the post is pretty good but the images are just genious!!

Nora said...

Heh, you're a funny girl. Good song - brought back some memories...

PrAcHi said...

Hi keshi, How are you dear? Guess what, I was actually sick in the last week. So couldn’t read your blog for so long and missed many things! I will first go back and read all those :).

Don’t worry.. Lots of people in this world are ‘hypochondriac’. But may be they don’t actually tell that to anyone :D

Take care.. HUGSSSS

Ashes said...

it's funny and wouldn't have offended anyone.I am so glad that u see the laughter in things which aren't all that funny.Thats the way life must be lived and for a person who has such an dont haveta worry about being ill.

visithra said...

ohh everyone has this - coz no one likes being sick - everytime i have some irregularities i google them or ask qs - heck how the hell do we figure it out then - plus i dont wanna be given the wrong med

KMF said...

nice post keshi take care

Lisa Francisco said...

OK Chica!!!

Enough is enough! You need to stop with your locura! (craziness) No esta bien para ti! (It's not good for you). Worrying too much will make us women go crazy and we already are. You don't want to get wrinkles and look like an old prune!

As long as your TaTas are up for the world to see, we mujeres (women) are perfecto! Don't matter if a few neurons in our heads ain't working right! Ok?!!! Ok!



ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

Did you know that the heart beating too fast could mean that you have supra ventricular tachycardia? I remember the whole thing - That is one disease i show off with.
but the doctor says that I may die of it, and that's the only time i'll really need to worry about it. Funny man!

Steph said...

You've read my blog post about this, so you know i hear ya!!

I've been a hypo all my damn life and it's exhausting!!!

Stay away from Google. Even if you kick your toe you'll think you're dying.

Shruti said...

hey dear, just dont take things that seirously...may times its not disease but our mind that kills us...just be relaxed and cool..
Take care...

Silvara said... silly girl. When the time comes for us to go we will. Take life one day at a time- be careful but not paranoid lol.

You're not going to DIE Keshi - repeat after me :P

Shitrint said...

LOL keshi, ur the funniest gal ive ever seen! u might be paranoid abt ur health, but the way u put it down had me smiling and chuckling here reading this post! especially this - "wish I was a blogger baby back then cos then I'd have enjoyed the hospital stay"

dont worry keshi, nothings gonna to u! not at least to happy go lucky ppl like u! ;-)
have a nice day!

Homo Escapeons said...

Don't Do It!
You are completely normal my Dear.
People like us, who have experienced the premature death of Parents or someone close at an early age have a greater fear and appreciation for the finality of Death.
I know a few people who have only lost ancient Grandparents and they haven't spent one minute thinking about dying.
Now scientists are looking at increases levels of Human Growth Hormone and extending life to 200 years! It is all up to the genes and fate
..some people ridiculously abuse their bodies and live well into their 90s and others die jogging home from the gym in their 20s.
You play the odds and stay positive and as long as you live the life that you think is YOU and shared it with a few wonderful people what more can you ask for?
Focus on living,
change the things that you can,
stop worrying about what you cannot change.

shnaggy said...

no worries kesh,

you can blog in heaven now.

and you can comment from hell.

they got hundreds of com sci genius
from india who made wifi very much available.


Helen said...

Same here, girlie, I turned my head yesterday, and it has been stiff and sore (very, very painfully so) ever since. It's meningitus, I know it is. Hope it's not contagious via internet...

Asha said...

Hahahah!!! That was funny post Keshi.Good to see your sense of humor!:))

Arvind has many patients who come to his clinic with the imaginary illnesses and spend lot of money for nothing!:D

Come on!You are healthy as a horse(no pun intended!)! Enjoy this Monday:))

alex said...


No one likes being sick for sure. And prevention is necessary but worry-is up to the person.

desperado said...

hahaha :d

La vida Loca said...

What happened with your dad and your friend probably explain why you may be scared of diseases.
But you do realise thaat every age goup and sex is prone to some disease or the other right?
But when something is really wrong just trust your body to tell you ok?

Ash said...

Interesting post!

WP2007 said...



Hi Keshi

Call the medics!! Keshi has a pimple!!


Meningococcal -- a reniform or spherical bacterium, Neisseria meningitidis, that causes cerebrospinal meningitis

This is a very serious condition. Besides causing death, it can result in brain damage.

I was going write a joke in here, but it is not in good taste.

The joke contains three key words: Keshi, brain and damage.

Type two diabetes

Since when is this disease early?

Keshi says to diabetes: "How come you ‘re early. I have another condition right now. So, please come back."



praveen said...

come on girl..don't freak out.. U know sumthing bout me..I can't stand hospitals..their smell and all..and I cant stand the sight of operations.. If getting sick means going to the hospital, I'm outta here

Ghost Particle said...

man! I'm a hypocondriac? Thats a cool word!!!!

--Sunrise-- said...

Baby blogger!!!!! What an idea woman!! Sigh... :P :)

Kavi said...

good one ! Well, you see being sick in the body is one thing. Being sick in the mind is another. You are neither of the two ! So, enjoy !

Paul said...

It's great that you don't take your health for granted. It's such a platitude - "Well, at least I've got my health." But it's beyond words, the diffence in my life prior to age 37, when I appeared perfectly healthy and was like you about doctors and dentists and what it's like as a housebound, semi bedridden person with a devastated body.

When your body's in bad enough shape it shuts down possibilities for all kinds of experiences - not just sports! Spiritual ones, like a walk in the woods and just about every social one you can think of. Couldn't really have imagined ever having to live this way or that I'd be strong enough to take it.

It must be different for people who are disabled from birth. Not better! It's never good to have that, obviously. But different.

Since I had a perfectly normal life for so long - I was actually a young looking/feeling/acting 37 y.o. - it still doesn't feel like "the real me" even though it's been this bad for about three years and I started having to live like an elderly person nearly 13 years ago. Once in a great while, it even still feels unreal - like, "Can this really be true, can this actually have happened?"

Sorry, don't mean to be depressing! Believe it or not, I'm not depressed - which probably makes me crazy, LOL!

tejbir said...

and i thought the examples u gave will include that one lone hair which stuck to the comb that u ran in ur hair that morning

Nikita said...

People get so in the habit of worry that if you save them from drowning and put them on a bank to dry in the sun with hot chocolate & muffins they wonder whether they are catching cold. -John Jay Chapman

Yes, worry warts everyone. We worry about every little thing there is to worry on this planet. It never ends. Ugh! But you know what, the world outside is really beautiful. If you look enuf and pay close attention there are many interesting things that can reward you immeasurably.

Aidan said...

Good that you can laugh about yourself.

In the words of " a family member"

"Hypochondria is the only disease I dont have..."

COngrats you are a product of a system that promotes fear and doubt.. Everyday we are pumped with images of apocolyptic diseases, killer bees, physco neighbours, and terrorism... When you are surrounded by it, and its on your thoughts it is only natural to start to notice "symptons" or correlations.

I am weird when i get sick.... I just get really hungry, and restless... I cam out of an operation and all i wanted to do was eat, it freaksed the nurses out... 5 plates of sandwhiches.. i dont mind hospital food..

Stay well


Keshi said...

heyy Deepz!


Im still alive Jay :)

LOL @symptoms surfing. Sounds very familiar.

I have a relative who's got MS. Its a devastating experience.


Icedue not really a bad chicken hehe...cos I dun go to the doc when Im sick :) I just let my body heal naturally.

And I have told my mum that if I ever become so sick that I was on life-support, to switch it off.


awww Amy I hope ur relative gets better there a chance?


Ammu Im glad my mum/dad/sis isnt a doc. I'd freak out everyday then LOL!


Geet I think I am strong...cos I know that even tho Im so scared of it, I'll cope somehow. :) tnxx for having faith n me!


heyy Chocolte hows ya?

**if it didnt fit, my paranoia created the symptoms for it to fit.

Sounds alot like this girl I know...her name is Keshi.


OMG I swear I have it lol!


Poo awww ty sweetie!

My doc once told me to try meditation for 10mins per day...I cudnt sit in one place for even 2mins. Im such a hyper chick. U should see me at home LOL!

** yoga

Used to do it b4 at the gym...then I realised I wasnt made for it and switched to Funk and Hip-Hop hehe.


Diva Im like ya...I mean tho Im scared of being sick, I dun go to the doc when Im sick. I just let my body heal naturally. I havent been to the doc in ages!

btw I cant see ur blog thru ur ID link anymore :( thats why i cudnt visit ya. Cud u give me ur blog addy? Leave it here in the comment section. tnxx!


Caz my dear do I know that blogger friend of ur's? Im so sorry to hear that. It's really sad. I have a friend who's suffering from Cancer as well. Luckily she didn't lose her hair during therapy. I hope ur friend gets better real soon, I'll pray for her.

Ur hubby is a very dear man.

**I have posted about my almost dying in hospitl

OMG Caz I hope its not in u anymore. I really hope so. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ God bless!


Vishes hows ya?

**if you keep thinking you may land up with them.. mum says that all the time. :)


Keshi said...

Akshay I never get such attention...apart from my mum ofcourse. Well I wish all the hunks in the world gave me attention LOL!


DJ lol yeas gotta blog even if Im in a coffin.

**life is not yet a goddamn son-of-a-bitch

LOL okkkk :) tnxxx!


hehe Jeevan join the club :)


Vinay heyy!

**is tat a diesease?

lol's called a Lustitis.


Endevour oyeah :)


WC Confessing n ty!


:) ty Nora!

yeah I love the movie Flashdance too.


hey Prachi why r ya sick? Wuts wrong? Hope ur better now.

**But may be they don’t actually tell that to anyone

hehe true. Hard to admit it isnt it :)


aww tnxxx Ash HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ! How r ya?


Keshi said...

WB Visithra I've been missin ya! How r u? R u bak for good? I hope so. So nice to see u again.

**heck how the hell do we figure it out then - plus i dont wanna be given the wrong med

true...and like u, I dun like taking medicines unnecessarily and I dun even go to the doc unless Im dying :)


KMF ty!


hehe Lisa ty...ok I wont worry too much. Im crazy already...dun wanna be too crazy LOL!



Toothless ur like me...I dun go to the doc or take medicines unless Im abt to die hehehehe.

** supra ventricular tachycardia?

OMG that wud be my nightmare for the next 6 months. gee tnxx for letting me know!


Steph its ur post that got me writing abt my mental state.

** Even if you kick your toe you'll think you're dying.

LOL yeah.

And how can I avoid Google? It's impossible Steph :(


Shruti ur mind is a killer.


Silvara sweetie Im not scared to die at all...but I dun wanna be sick. U know wut I mean na. :) I have witnessed some loved-ones being very ill n suffering for years only to die at the end of it. I dun see any point in life if Im too unwell to enjoy it. But thats just me.

tnxx so much n HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


hehe Shitrint ty sweetie n hugggggggggggz!


ur spot on HE n ty for that!

**some people ridiculously abuse their bodies and live well into their 90s and others die jogging home from the gym in their 20s

So true. My mum says that all the time. And this friend of mine who's terminally ill was a very healthy person b4 she came down with Cancer. SO I think we get whatever disease we r meant to get, no matter what.


Hey Shnagg I hope there r fast computers in Heaven.

**they got hundreds of com sci genius
from india who made wifi very much available.

LOL good one.


Helen r u serious?

**It's meningitus, I know it is

Is it really?


Keshi said...

neighhhh Asha ;-)

**with the imaginary illnesses and spend lot of money for nothing

o I know such ppl too. But Im different. Tho Im a hopeless hypo, I dun go to the doc. I avoid it as much as I can. :)


Alex wut can I do...worry is in my nature :(


lolz Desperado!


LaVida u know my dad died from his very first heart attack at the age of 44.

And my friend who is in her early 30s has thyroid cancer and have been given just another 10yrs of life.


ty Ash!



**The joke contains three key words: Keshi, brain and damage.

May I solve it? LOL!

**Type two diabetes
Since when is this disease early?

HAHAHAHA! I mean me getting it wud be early..but I know there's Juvenile Diabetes too.

**Keshi says to diabetes: "How come you ‘re early. I have another condition right now. So, please come back."

haha yes wish I cud say that to all the ppl who r suffering from it. I have quite alot of Diabetics in my family!

o let me go check what Im suffering from today. ;-)


hey Praveen!

**I can't stand hospitals..their smell and all..

I dun mind a hospital-stay w.o. any treatement LOL!


hehe Ghosty r ya?


:) Sunrise.


ty Kavi!


Paul tnxx for sharing that with us. It was really enlightening.

**When your body's in bad enough shape it shuts down possibilities for all kinds of experiences - not just sports!

So true. When ur sick u cant really concentrate. Thats the biggest disadvantage.

ppl who disabled from birth...I dun have words to express how sad I feel for em.

** I started having to live like an elderly person nearly 13 years ago.

Im sorry Im not very well aware of what ur goin thru Paul. Whatever it is I hope u recover soon. And with ur positive spirit and great intellect, u'll never feel alone. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


LOL Tejbir!


Niki hey hows u?

I love that quote cos its so true. WORRY is inherent to every human being. And ur right...the world is much more beautiful than that. Tnxx hun!


hiyya Aidan!

ur family member is pretty lucky :)

**Everyday we are pumped with images of apocolyptic diseases, killer bees, physco neighbours, and terrorism

I agree. It's an epidemic!

haha u like hospital food? cool. I dun mind some food either..but no therapy/needles plz!


SaffronSaris said...

Yoohoo! Still here with us poppy-doll pearl?
U're a brave and strong baby, a brave and strong adult now. Hugzzzzzzz!!

Thumbelina said...

Hi Keshi,

Stay happy!!! Dun think of the unhappy things too much.. Not healthy :)

Currently i'm having this backache.. But i've been "treated with ointment" by DearDear for the past 2 nights.. It's getting better too.. :)

The cat pic is so cute! LOL!!


Keshi said...

ty Saffy Im alive HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! :)


hehe Thumbee yeah the cat is cute isnt she! thats me in fear btw.

Get better soon hun.


Within Without said...


That's one of the best and sexiest songs of all time...

Can I say this without offence are very strong. Why even think about how strong you might NOT be?

You are beautiful, you are vibrant...why would you think for a moment about your own demise?

Aren't you just looking at the event that has the smallest percent chance of happening, and blowing it into something it doesn't need to be?

Instead, why not be a maniac about life and dance just like she did in that vid and the movie...

And if you have a heart attack and die, then hey, you did it havin' fun. Really! Hugs to you, Kesh.


SamY said...

U R one certified NUTTY :P ... the BEST DRAMA QUEEN around ;) LOL

** OMG my heart is beating too fast right now

doesn't it when you met Mr.Blue Eyes in the train ;) ... hmm /:) ... doesn't it?

I really think u'd do really well in bollywood :p

so this is what u meant by being in a block ... WOW ... am having a hard time imagining how u'd post when ur not in block ... he he

Margie said...

You Silly girl!!!!1
Now are you really all that?
I'm gonna pop in and give you a needle...if you don't stop it...haha!
I was almost a nurse once, so I know how to give good needles...haha!

You know something!
I'm sure gonna miss you Sweetie!
I'll be saying goodbye in a few days...till about September.
I just don't have any time to attend to my blog...*sigh*
Nor do I hve time to visit blogger friends....*sigh*
I'll be posting a poem in a few days....I'll try and make it a good one!

Don't forget me!



awaiting said...

Sometimes we all think of things like this. I mean, unavoidable really...especially considering the fact that no one will live forever.

Sometimes, I think I am going to die over the slightest things. Toothache...yeah, I am going to die from infection. Headache, my brain is about to explode. LOL!

Great post, Keshi.

Sugarlips said...

ROFL...Keshi you are hilarious :)
Keshicoccalkemia lol it made me laugh so much :)

Hugssss !

Stay Beautiful..!

dharmabum said...

keshi girl needs some medication. i suggest a shot of whiskey. neat. just down it, and everything will look and feel better.

wait a minute..., double that, will ya? :)

Keshi said...

aww ty WW Huggggggggggggz!

**Instead, why not be a maniac about life and dance just like she did in that vid and the movie...

I always dance...thats my only consolation in life. :)


OMG Samy u wudnt believe it Im heading for a major block. Im serious!


Margie wutttttttttt u wont be ard till Sept? OMG! Keshi faints!!!


LOL Tash ur like me then yeyyyyy to all Hypos!


Good on ya Suga ;-)


Double it Dharma long as u can take me to the hospital later on. :)


La vida Loca said...

I am soo very sorry Keshi :(
Did not mean to sound insensitive. Was actually trying to get you not to worry :) but I guess it came out all worng :(
Forgive me ? :(

AnonymousBlogger said...

LOL poor Keshi. I think we're all like that *to a degree*. We all worry about our health a little bit, and I think that's probably a good thing.

Maybe eventually, you'll realize that each little ache or pain isn't a sign of imminent death, and just your body living life. Or maybe not, and you'll just keep worrying lol.

Keshi said...

LaVida hey I didnt see any offense in ur comment at all. Relax :) HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


ooooo AB I think Im!


Jewel Rays said...

Hmm..I am not too sure if there is a chance. Juz hoping for the best.:)

Neihal said...


S - Currently a cynic said...

poor keshi.. Well, I live with 2 hypochondriacs -- mom and sis! Man, I know how your mom and sis must be feeling!

Prashant said...

Hey , i like your thinking of extremes......Matches with mine sometimes

Smiles :)

Vikas said...

keshi ppl like us are different :)

u know i was born premature and 3 times i was back from deaths mouth..thats what my mom says....but u know ur weakness turn ur strength..and thats what we are now u know.........

now a days ur on hibernating mode i guess :)

dont worry anu u wiil have long life :)

take Care

raghav said...

great post .. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL keshi,i loved that post :D!hehe!!

i wil come al the way from doha n give u a good injection :D then u wilb fit and fine :D!!!
i think i m exctly the opposite of you,i hate to even think that am having some disease (which,infact i have) and avoid it,avoid it,cos i hate doctors,i hate doctors,and al those pillls ugggggghhhh, and what happens finally? am ladden with all thos huge pilllls, cos the doctors say "u shud have come in here when this whol thing started,now its realy serious!!"" and i hate it,and i never learn.......:Dnow what wud u cal such a person??

takecare Keshii!!!!!!!
hugs for u all te way from doha..........

Shionge said...

Yo Pal! In fact I think you are doing the right thing to find out the cause of your infection/illness etc.

Today I hear that a friend of mine passed on due to a sudden heart-attack and he is only 45 years old.

I say it's good that you go through the effort to find out more.

lee said...

If you actually get quite sick you wouldn't have the energy to be googling stuff! :). If you are sick you will know it :).

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

hehe Keshi...I suffer from the same problem, I have imagined myself to be suffering from some exotic incurabl diseases when it is nothing more than a cold...the good thing is, I am too lazy to google that stuff and also to go to a I end up doing nothing :-)

adi said...

i really really hope you will be replying to this comment...

Menchie said...

the hubby is a bit of a hypochondriac. I'm not cause I rarely get sick but am deathly afraid of needles. Ugh!

mommyof2 said...

LOL!! Write a similar post when you get pregnant and tell us what do you think cuz every minute of those months you experience some kind of change;-)

prithz said...

I can completely relate to wat u r sayin! I am such a maniac too. I google n try to find out if i observe the slighest change in my body. Apparently, its all the more scary since i am staying alone n away from home.

BTW, long time since i dropped by. Hope u are doing good. Take care!

TLW said...

Hypochodriacs are rampant everywhere !!! Holy cow and ppl think they are probably the one?

my life.... said...

*Hugz* don t worry Keshi... i am sure that everything will be safe for u... actually i also have my own set of fears but i fear ppl... yes i have phobia for ppl as in wat if they move away from me... i guess everyone have their own fear...

Parag said...

I am pretty similar to you.. After reading the rest of the comments I think everyone is as scared !!
But look at it this way.. (and I copy this from some hindi film) should be big not long !!

Helen said...

Hey Keshi (disclaimer: it's probably not meningitis, I happen to have a touch of hypochondromania myself) it's still sore today, but at least turning my head is a reality and not just a fantasy...: ) Take care, hope your maladies disappear, too!

punjabi~car~freak! said...

hehe Nice post

laughed a lot at ur expense...

Kumar Chetan said...

are you alive?

diyadear said...

LOL keshi gal,
hey know wat i have a vengence towards docs too.. i simply hate hospitals, n the smell n clinics labs.. uuuhhhh..
anyways, dont worry honey, may god always keep u hale n hearty!!!wishing u lots od gud health..

priya said...

Keshi: If u believe I am a doctor, come for a chekup'.. Just kidding girl..

KK said...

Hey Kesh howdy?
Tied up with work, so missing action in blogs..... Will be back soon... once things are in place again...
Well I thought only I am like that... glad to know you are also like me :)
Most of my severe head aches I have thot as brain tumor, heart burns are heart attacks, pain in the lower back or abs region I think as kidney stones... so long so gud... hope it remains like this for ever :)

White Forest said...

lolz....hypochondria is a very serious disease... get it cured fast! :P

how are you dear? i know its been long time

tkkerouac said...

I'm sure we can all get like that sometimes
more often then not, its anxiety.

Anonymous said...

here I always thought you were perfect and now you reveal this.:)
Well you are pretty and a very sweet young lady so I guess I can overlook this and give you a big hug.(( ))

Dawn....सेहर said...

LOL! I am like this too...but now not much but as a school going kid I used to always think for a headache it has to do something with brain tumor and my mom used to get wild at me :D
But I am like you...what they say long live Google search :D
Cheers n Huggggzzzz

Keshi said...

Amy Hope is better than nothing.


:) Neihal


WC Cynic!

lol I can u'stand ur mum n sis.


Prashant tnxx!



heyyy Vikas hows u? yes I was like u too when I was a baby...very ill. Now Im just too much LOL!

Hybernating cos Im soooo busy at work :(


Raghav ty!


Shammu heyy ty sweetie :)

**which,infact i have

r u sick now?

yep I hate it when docs say that. LOL!


Shionge u've got a good point there. Yes it's good to find out symptoms of certain serious diseases. Then we can even warn others b4 things get worse.

Im so sorry abt ur friend!! Thats shocking. Guess he's like my dad then. He too died at 44....first heart attack.


Lee I know..I wudnt be able to be near the PC then.



hehe Ganesh ur sooo like me.


Adi ofcourse I will reply to ur comment :) Hows u? Long time ha.


Menchi ur hubby is sooo normal u know. ;-)


Mommy o noooooo Im so scared of being pregs. I'd b a walking Phobia list then LOL!


Keshi said...

LOL Prithz I have another accomplice then :)


lolz TLW! hows u?


My_Life ty!

**yes i have phobia for ppl as in wat if they move away from me

o well I have that kind of fear what if something bad happens to a loved-one. Sometimes it freaks me out real bad!


Hey Parag hows u? Long time.

**life should be big not long !!

Thats sooo true. TY!


Keshi said...

LOL Helen I got ya now sweetie. Thank God! Be well.


gee tnxx Punjabi ;-)


o Im very much alive Kumar...that was my heart just racing cos of a hunk I saw at work. Google told me that too ;-)


hehe Diya ty sweetie!

yes I hate the smell in hospitals. but if there r some hunky docs ard I wudnt mind the stay.


Keshi said...

Priya r u really a doc? If so u'd better be a shrink...cos I need one right now. LOL!


KK dun worry...I'll visit u when u have a kidney transplant. Im sure that pain is related to ur kidneys oooooo!



Forest I know...I better find a shrink soon ha.

Im good ty and urself? :)


aww tnxx for the assurance TK! I was thinking Im the only one but after reading all the comments I realised I have amillion accomplices LOL!


Keshi said...

aww Rick Im a perfectly imperfect girl u know ;-)



lolz Dawny ur a cutie. Ur brain tumor wud be Keshi...nothing else.



Drama Div@ said...

Trundling Grunt said...

See - you are channeling Steph the hypo.

Get well soon....

Keshi said...

ty Diva!


Trundz I think Steph n I r long-lost sisters.


Jewel Rays said...

:) Indeeds.

Thanks Keshi.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

How funny! The "I told you I was sick" marker for B.P. Roberts was in the Key West cemetery that I visited on my vacation!

Keshi said...

Really? WOW Outdoorsy!


Keshi said...

good on ya Amy!


Andrew The Asshole said...

great post it so true though people's power is in the words they speak.

Keshi said...

WC Andrew n ty!


Blessed said...

You funny girl! You crack me up.
I have to admit I find myself a bit of a hypochondriac as well.
Headache = Brain tumor
boob hurts = breast cancer
gas pain = heart attack
acid reflux = heart attack
I could go on and on.
I have to admit, too, that I use to be afraid of doctors. I guess maybe I still am a little but since I work for 4 of'em. I have gotten over alot of the fear.
I feared most was that something would be wrong and they would mis-diagnose me or couldn't figure it out at all OR that nothing would be wrong and they would tell me something was.

I get where you are coming from.
I am not afraid of needles tho.
I have been a guinea pig (so to speak) for a student practicing
how to hit a vein.

I think as I get older, I know somthing will go wrong eventually after all we are born to die.
Just don't know how I will go.
So I appreciate the time I have.
Hope I don't suffer.
Hope I find the right doctors.
Hope I am always blessed.

Keshi said...

LOL Blessed glad to know that Im not alone. Come to think of it I have BIG compnay :):) 90% of my commentors here admitted to it haha!

**boob hurts = breast cancer

OMG thats sooo me. And I always feel my boobs to test em.

yeah eventually we all age and come down with some sort of illness and hell I hope I get a funny doc to keep me laughing :)


Enigma said...

Haha.. Err.. I'm sorry.. It isn't a joke.. but seriously cudn't stop myself from tht.. There r many ppl of ur kind..don worry... Once a friend of mine met with an accident and the guy had few scratches on his chest.. He ran to the chamber of the chief doc and questioned him of it was a "LUNG PUNCTURE"... LOL.. CUD u bliv.. and the doc got pissed at his foolishness n threw him out.. Hmm.. so kiddie.. don u worry...

And hey all ur blogs are very nice.. saw that u've been blogging for a long time..

Wud love it if u take a look at my blog n comment. Thank U!!!

Enigma said...

Haha.. Err.. I'm sorry.. It isn't a joke.. but seriously cudn't stop myself from tht.. There r many ppl of ur kind..don worry... Once a friend of mine met with an accident and the guy had few scratches on his chest.. He ran to the chamber of the chief doc and questioned him of it was a "LUNG PUNCTURE"... LOL.. CUD u bliv.. and the doc got pissed at his foolishness n threw him out.. Hmm.. so kiddie.. don u worry...

And hey all ur blogs are very nice.. saw that u've been blogging for a long time..

Wud love it if u take a look at my blog n comment. Thank U!!!

Keshi said...


Sounds like my dramas.