Tuesday, April 17

Not Enough Love

Yesterday when I heard the news about the Virginia Tech shootings, I was frozen in utter disbelief and grief. Yes I know that right now the world is at the brink of losing all humanity there ever was, but the shock and the pain does not get any smaller. I was disgusted at the zilch respect some people have for human life. Could this really be happening? I value human life no matter what. It could be the life of my greatest enemy or even of a murderer. But I still value human life and in no possible way can violence be justified. Most of you know that I'm a strong opponent of the Death Penalty. If it proves anything at all, it breeds more hatred and the impression of death being a normal and fit act for vengeance. 'If you can kill, then I can too'...that's all it teaches the society. On top of that, we have so-called 'lawful' weapons (what's so lawful about a weapon?), violent shows/games/music, a mad rat-race, alot of hatred and not enough love. Is it any wonder that some people think violence isn't a big deal anymore? Don't get me wrong, I still believe in non-violence and that it is the only way to peace and harmony. But ofcourse there are others who come from dysfunctional families, a loveless background and possess a media-influenced psychology. People who don't even know that if they scratch the surface of their fogged up conscience that there's something called LOVE.

Whatever said and done, no one has the right to take another's life. If you're feeling angry or a little stressed out, it doesn't give you a license to kill. Perhaps go to the gym or buy yourself an icecream or scream real loud...it helps. This life is full of disappointments for all of us but killing people don't change that. It won't solve anything at all.
If you're too deranged to understand that, then obviously you are not fit to be living amongst the 'sane' people. Please turn yourself into the Police or a Mental Hospital before ruining other people's lives and yourself too. We all get only one life each...so don't steal the moments it has in store for each and everyone, and their loved-ones. It's not fair to snatch someone else's Right to live. SAY NO TO HATRED...SAY YES TO LOVE. Hatred is small...love is BIGGER than anything else in this world. Love can do wonders. So for once try to walk the often unchosen path. That is the path of LOVE.

If you're upset and feel violent, here are some tips to calm down and regain your quickly diminsihing cranium (yes I believe violence stems from cranium deficiency) :

1. Go to a mirror, look at yourself and repeat 'I'm not going to end up being a killer. I'm BIGGER than that. I'm gonna work on this'.
2. Call a friend/family-member and try to share your bottled up feelings. Vent it all out in a non-violent manner. TALK to someone.
3. THINK before you ACT.
4. If you have a weapon throw it away. Weapons don't bring solutions, they are made only for HURTING.
5. If someone hurt your feelings, then hurting that person in return is not going to make you a hero. REALISE that.
6. If you don't wanna live, that doesn't mean others don't wanna live too. They still want to LIVE. Think about it.
7. If you think you're angry/upset all the time, get professional HELP before it's too late.

And for people who know someone who's usually violent, don't ignore the warning signs! That was the biggest mistake made by the peers of the Virginia Tech gunman.

Be well, drop the weapons, pick up some love, live and let live!

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WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

I must agree with you about the death penalty.

This event at VT has affected many.

I have friends and co-workers who went to VT. This family is larger than the 25000 students now on campus.

I'm not sure about hate playing a major role in the killings.

I think it is more about power. For those few hours and minutes during the shooting spree, the gunman was in control.

For the first time in his life this coward felt he was somebody. He knew he would die when he was planning the attack. In his mind, he thought he would be remembered for the killings.

Who's to blame for what happened at VT?

We are, and the society in which we live.

My heart goes out to all involved with this event.

Let’s hope there are no copycats within the next few days and weeks.


George said...

Well said Keshi ... being an old fart who grew up in the 60ies ... we had a wonderful saying at the time ... make love not war ... it applies even moreso now than it did back then.
Love is safer than violence and it's a hell of a lot more fun.
Now for the negative side of my comment ... when you suffer from depression or any other mental health issue it is extremely difficult to seek help because you don't really know that there is anything wrong with you. I believe that most people discover that they have an illness because they get checked into a hospital, often against their will.

Otherwise a great post.

Thank you and be well.

Cuckoo said...

Nice post Keshi.

The people who do it are somewhere mentally sick.

And it has become a regular feature in the USA. I don't know how the US govt is going to deal with it (it has failed till now) coz of all the big shots in arms industry fighting against the ban on buying arms just like we go & buy grocery.

May God give these ppl some love to live with.

Vest said...

Keshi: Hope springs eternal sweet pearl, where life is the flower of which love is the honey.

priti said...

Yeah I was shocked when I heard about that news....shocking...what a waste of life...It is hard to see young men behaving like beasts and killing around innocent people....dont know where the world is heading to :(

The Phosgene Kid said...

The whole thing is senseless.

Anonymous said...

well said...
i felt it to be sheer madness when i saw the news yest morning at the university...
can't tell what the killer wanted to accomplish...

nice post...

Rex Venom said...

The world is an ugly, violent place, with everything living doing so by killing something else. But we have to strive for that enlightened position, the one that sees the beauty in the dance of life.
Rock on!

Menchie said...

It is senseless but i have to wonder at the triggers that drive people to commit this kind of crime. If there is a better support system then maybe these kinds of crimes can be prevented.

WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

As far as I know, the ATF has not released the contents of the gunman's note.


Jewel Rays said...

A real good post Keshi. Love the ways much..

***don't ignore the warning signs! That was the biggest mistake made by the peers of the Virginia Tech gunman

A mistake many times. Somehow reminds me of those people who choose to take their lives too. We often look pass all those warning signs..



Lisa Francisco said...

Wow! I didn't think this got out to the world! It's weird that I'm only a couple of hours away from there. Today we were having a debate on whether the university did enough to protect the students. I of course said no! An email is sent 2 hours later that shots have been fired!!!!

Then this guy starts saying that if the RA had a gun, he could have shot the kid down immediately and then 30 others would not have died. I can't believe it. I didn't start debating back cuz i thought it was pointless. he obviously didn't get it.

It's never gonna end!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Good post, Kesh. I am still in shock over this massacre!

Thumbelina said...

Hi Keshi,

I wished he would turned himself him soon before more lives are taken..

Guess he was mentally unsound when he did it & now..

Wondered if he regretted doing it..


Jay said...

The guy was mentally unstable. It seem as though a number of people knew this, but they said they couldn't do anything about it. They couldn't force him into counseling.

I have no idea what makes people snap like that.

Mr. J said...

There was some buzz about this guy having an altercation with his gf prior to the incident.

I think when people see something as the end of their world, they pretty much resort to such insane ideas.

and he was all of 23 years old. Sick!!

Kavi said...

I am appalled at what happened at V Tech. I dont know how many more lives need to be taken before guns are taken out of our lives.

We, as a community must spread goodwill and messages of peace and harmony. That is the only way forward.

An eye for an eye will make all of us blind.

Yashita said...

SOmehow I don't think it was a love scorned guy story killing others....he was no doubt a freak...but killing so many people for his gf is insane! am sure there is more to it than that..but yeah, nothing can justify the killings! also, when people realised he was a loner...am sure no one reached out to help him but instead isolated him further! Am NOT justifying the voilence, but I always believe that people who don't deserve love, need it the most. maybe if someone had reached out to him...and tried to help,this violence could be avoided:(

and now there's going to be should guns be made legal or illegal war!sigh...

deepsat said...

nice post keshi!

Its sad the way things happened at VT. Dunno what made a person go on such a rampage! only a sick man or an animal could do such a thing!

May god give solace to those who lost their precious ones!

Kumar Chetan said...

Last time I saw love and peace it was in the end of a movie, that too to cover credits.

Prashant said...

Hey, i even didnt read the blog full. But i disagree on your point of Death Penalty. See, Its given not to destroy the body but its given to distroy the mind, to destroy the thinking and to let people think that their act can cost them their life. And i also agree that it should be given after proper investigation. But, it should be their for some henious crime like this you discussed and several others.

Smiles :)

Aidan said...

Firsty I love Phill Collins:)

My own religion the greatest thing of all is life; the joy, and the connections are the most important. Your actions in my religion, should never impinge on the life of others (unless they truly deserve it).... And taking of life is abhorent.

I too am oposed to the death penalty it does not prevent murder it just creates murderers, not to mention the hypocracy of the situation.... "dont kill people, or we will kill you"

One of my old hobbies was shooting, i really enjoyed it and was good at it... there are legal purposes for weapons... But there needs to be very strict controlls on them. You can not justify a Semi auto for sports shooting, or hunting...

"violent shows/games/music, a mad rat-race, alot of hatred and not enough love" i happen to love violent games, movies and music, but the reason i do is too get the aggression out... I have a bad day, i shoot some pixelated bad guys... but i know pixels dont have parents...

"3. THINK before you ACT." hrmmm thats rules out most people.

ok i have said my piece, thanks for a excellent post keshi:)

Sorry my comment is a bit disjointed, it has been a long day.

ghee said...

hello Keshi dear!!i love the song and the photo of Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus. :)

yeah,you`re right.i think you have nice tips out there to maintain sanity and avoid killing...that incident was really unbelievable,and it happened inside the school...where is the safer place on earth?we no longer know...sigh...

Keshi said...

hey Bev!

**For the first time in his life this coward felt he was somebody

I agree...that's prolly one of the main reasons behind this horror act.

yes we r to be blamed!


Gerorge heyy the old sayings r always GOLD.

no u got me wrong abt the depression bit. I was referring to violent ppl. And there have been such ppl who reported themselves to the Police/Mental Hospital cos they 'realised' that they r a danger to the society. But the extreme ones wont and cant turn themselves in cos they dun realise it. I know.

The VTech killer was apparently identified as a very disturbed student, by his colleagues. Then why didnt anyone send him for real HELP?


Cuckoo ur right...apart from the Security forces, why do other ppl need guns? As if it's a f'n human right to have one!


**where life is the flower of which love is the honey.

beautiful Vest!


Priti it's really shocking indeed.


Yes it is Phos.


DJ I guess he was mentally ill but no one really took much notice of it.


Rex I still believe there's beauty in the world...cos there's us.



hey Menchie!

** If there is a better support system then maybe these kinds of crimes can be prevented.

Definitely! And thats what the authorities should focus on. Not writing GUN LAWS!


yes Amy it's a big mistake we often make.


I agree with u Lisa. They should have cancelled all classes and closed the Uni until the Police traced the gunman after that very first Shooting itself. How slack was the real action (if any at all) taken!


aha Outdoorsy me too.


Thumbee he seem to be a mentally ill person...from whatever reports thats coming on the news now. But the fact that no one saw this BEFORE the tragedy is really sad.


Jay ur right...no one can be forced to b counselled either.

Perhaps the Uni should have taken better action after the first shooting itself.


Johno that doesnt give him the right to kill 32 others. He's a mean and selfish guy. Thats all I can say.


Kavi what u wrote in ur blog today was the BEST writeup regarding this. I hope all will read it.


Yash no one cud have helped him if he didn't wanna be helped in the first place.


Deepz animals r much more compassionate than humans.


Keshi said...

oyeah Kumar thats the way the world is these days ha. Sad.


hey Prashant!

**See, Its given not to destroy the body but its given to distroy the mind, to destroy the thinking and to let people think that their act can cost them their life.

If it's to kill the mind, why do we go and kill the body of the criminal? There r ways to kill a bad mind while the body is still alive.

So then who's gonna kill our body for our bad mind? The mind that supports the death penalty?

U dun have to agree with me. It's just my opinion :)


G'day Aidan Life it is!

ooo so u were a shooter..Keshi runs away.

:) I agree. There r legal reasons for weapons such as for security.

**but i know pixels dont have parents...

hehe thats cute. well I agree it helps us vent out frustrations...but there is also a bad side to it...when we kill those pixel-formed characters, we might develop a liking to killing. Some of us that is. Not u and me though cos I too used to play PS n video games all the time. :)

Great comment Aidan! Not disjointed at all.


Ghee ur right...there is no SAFE place on Earth anymore. Anywhere could be a killer's paradise.


WP2007 said...

Have a look at this Keshi

...The threat indicated I believe that 12 students would be killed that day, as well as one teacher...

...disturbing threats, targeted for this coming Friday...

This threat was made at an Ontario, Canada school.


Keshi said...

Bev that eerie! I cant believe that some ppl think this is a cool act to copy.

I hope such an event wont occur this Friday!


Cazzie!!! said...

Sadly, it is the quiet people that we all need to keep an eye on. Usually (loosly used word usually) the loud ones don't amount to anymore than their words. Although, words can be as damaging to live with can't they?
Tighter gun laws ARE workig for us here, they need to be implemented in the states.

priya said...

Keshi: As always said, nobody has the right to take an another persons life. This crazy moron was under depression and made other peoples life hell. He had been asked to go for counselling and I wonder such peole should be admitted inside untill they are ok.

Keshi- if I had been a doc' instead of blogging, will be busy cutting something:))

Akshay said...

Good post Keshi, but how come you decided to post on student killings in VT, while on the same day about 130 people died in Iraq? How come nothing about them? Were their lives not important? Aren't the killers who blow others up the same as this mentally sick and depressed guy? Just a thought. :)

Keshi said...

Caz ur right we need to take note of the quiet isolated loners.

Aus is for sure on the right track after the Port Arthur massacre. I hope n pray something like that will NEVER happen again!


I think ur right Priya...we need to make sure such ppl dun come out until they fully recover or r in a state to function normally in public.

Cutting what? :)


hey Akshay!

**but how come you decided to post on student killings in VT, while on the same day about 130 people died in Iraq?

Maybe cos I didn't hear of that tragedy until u told me. Also maybe cos IRAQ is 24/7 on war and it has become a daily event. Maybe cos even if I read abt it b4 u told me, I can only post abt one thing at a time due to time limitations and work. Maybe cos I can only post abt what touches my heart. Maybe cos I was also a overseas Uni student in one of the major Unis here in Aus and so I can relate to the horror that may have taken place at that lecture hall. Maybe cos I can imagine how much pain the family of Indian student Minal Panchal (originally from Mumbai) must be going through right now cos my mum was also living far away from me when I was a student.

**Were their lives not important?

Did I say that Akshay? Just cos I dun blog abt EVERY tragedy that occurs in this world, that doesnt mean I dun value those vitims' lives, does it? I dun u'stand that conclusion of ur's.

**Aren't the killers who blow others up the same as this mentally sick and depressed guy?

They are as sick as any killer is. Did I say they r not?

If u asked me those Qns cos u think I give more importance to American tragedies than to Iraqi tragedies, well no I dont. To me color, race, religion, age, sex etc etc is irrelevant. Human life is all that matters and I blog abt what I can identify with. And this Uni tragedy is certainly something I can identify with.


Poo said...

I really pity on her. Imagine what she must have gone thru!!! Her state of mind
to take some step like that .... Sometimes whatever we do may be yoga, medication or whatever... our brain stops working at one point and we only listen to the negative side of us.... they are people who are really bad badly stressed ...

2 yrs back .i just thought of ending my life ...i used to be alone, i cunt sleep, so i started taking sleeping pills ... there wr lot more things what i did to find peace with in .... But then i realized for whom we did so much they wr not worth our love at all, and why should i end or even take somebody’s life for my selfish reasons.... and today i am fit and fine . Just a little depressed which is a part of life ;))

Nyways the Life !!!

Take care sweetie and love you

Keshi said...

Poo it was a male student who killed 33 others at V-Tech.

Mental issues r serious and that's why we need to pay attention to such ppl ard us. If we cant help them, then we need to make sure we get them professional help.

U tried to end ur life? WHY? Poo I really think u need to speak to someone who can help u. I dun mean to say that ur losing it, but extreme stress thats left unattended can be very dangerous...for urself. U wanna email me? kajole@hotmail.com

HUGGGGGGGGGZ! Life is still beautiful sweetie.


desperado said...

only if everyone could realise this..and only if we could take time to know our loved ones better...
awesome awesome song...d magical point of this song is when d drums kick in...i dont knw if u watched a show called Rockstar Supernova..in that one contestant called Ryan Star sang this one to ultimate perfection

Jeevan said...

“Whatever said and done, no one has the right to take another's life.” I think even others have no rights to take there life itself. It’s a big cruelty to take others life for our own disappoints. Rumors tell he killed all for his love-broke up.

In this shooting an Indian professor from tamil nadu was killed!

Keshi said...

yeah Desperado...often most ppl dun realise that.

Yep I love this song...it's my top fav from Mr.Collins. Nah I havent heard Ryan singing it. Must be real good then.


Jeevan I agree.

**In this shooting an Indian professor from tamil nadu was killed

yes. Prof.Loganathan.

And also an Indian student from Mumbai...Minal Panchal.

The tragedy claimed ppl from many countries. So sad!


deepsat said...

i cannot disagree with you on that!!! these r sick individuals!

pria said...

Cutting what?? C'mon keshi!!! What else than researching ourselves.

Drama Div@ said...

why people kill people... there are so many "ignorant bastards" on Earth right now. if only we could forget our insignificant differences and misunderstandings, don't you think we can live happily ever after?

The Grunt said...

These are pretty average numbers for Iraq's daily death toll.

The security at VT was terrible.

I am so sad.

I'm glad you are all about treating the cause, Keshi.

Anonymous said...

i was shocked when i read the headlines, couldnt read the whole report..its so sad,everywhere u look into u see violance,killings...dont know,i wonder where the world is headin to.....i feel disturbed of te whole thing....

keeping hopes high,a day would come when everyhthin wud b back to normal in our world....

Prashant said...

Hey Keshi,Let me tell you this thing in scientific manner.
See, our body is like the carrier of our mind, our thinking. Without carrier its not possible to transmit our thoughts and deeds to outer world. So if we destroy the carrier then it wont be possible for the evil thoughts to spread.
Like in transmissions of waves, carrier waves are used to send informative ways to far places.
So, if there is no body then definitely i am sure there will be less chaos and problems if there were any created previously by the same.

And i respect your opinion. I am not here to fight. Just trying to learn how many are different from my simple thinking ;-)

Smiles :)

Die Muräne said...

We just had a big shooting here in a restaurant last week. A guy shot many innocent people eating there with his army gun.

So after many things happened the last few years we have now a big discussion about army guns. Because almost every swiss guy between 20 and 30 MUST have his army gun at home!! With munition and everything. Here it's absolutely normal... but if I tell that to people from abroad they are always freaking.

I think we need a change. Too many suicides and some murders as well are done by army guns here.

iamvisheshur said...

what is life after all??

love love love..where are you..the world is virtue less..

Perspective Inc said...

what happened was just so damn terrible....

Rajeev said...

When i saw the news, I was like WTF man! how can someone take the lives of so many people for no reason!
That is really sick.
and bout the post, i dont think anybody could have written it better :)
Way ta go ;)

Peace & Love

Shitrint said...

hey keshi is it confirmed that this girl from mumbai minal panchal was killed too? coz i read in the papers that she is missing. u know the girl used to live in the same suburb as i do. her parents still live here. sounds so strange, knowing that someone living so close has gone thru somethin like this...

proud of u kesh! i understand the feeling with which u wrote this...

--Sunrise-- said...

Keshi, your post reminds me of a song by the Black Eyed Peas... :) For you..

What's wrong with the world, mama
People livin' like they ain't got no mamas
I think the whole world addicted to the drama
Only attracted to things that'll bring you trauma
Overseas, yeah, we try to stop terrorism
But we still got terrorists here livin'
In the USA, the big CIA
The Bloods and The Crips and the KKK
But if you only have love for your own race
Then you only leave space to discriminate
And to discriminate only generates hate
And when you hate then you're bound to get irate, yeah
Madness is what you demonstrate
And that's exactly how anger works and operates
Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight
Take control of your mind and meditate
Let your soul gravitate to the love, y'all, y'all

People killin', people dyin'
Children hurt and hear them cryin'
Can you practice what you preach
Would you turn the other cheek

Father, Father, Father help us
Send some guidance from above
'Cause people got me, got me questionin'
Where is the love (Love)

Where is the love (The love)
Where is the love (The love)
Where is the love
The love, the love

It just ain't the same, always unchanged
New days are strange, is the world insane
If love and peace is so strong
Why are there pieces of love that don't belong
Nations droppin' bombs
Chemical gasses fillin' lungs of little ones
With ongoin' sufferin' as the youth die young
So ask yourself is the lovin' really gone
So I could ask myself really what is goin' wrong
In this world that we livin' in people keep on givin'
Makin' wrong decisions, only visions of them dividends
Not respectin' each other, deny thy brother
A war is goin' on but the reason's undercover
The truth is kept secret, it's swept under the rug
If you never know truth then you never know love
Where's the love, y'all, come on (I don't know)
Where's the truth, y'all, come on (I don't know)
Where's the love, y'all

People killin', people dyin'
Children hurt and hear them cryin'
Can you practice what you preach
Would you turn the other cheek

Father, Father, Father help us
Send some guidance from above
'Cause people got me, got me questionin'
Where is the love (Love)

Where is the love (The love)
Where is the love (The love)
Where is the love
The love, the love

I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder
As I'm gettin' older, y'all, people gets colder
Most of us only care about money makin'
Selfishness got us followin' the wrong direction
Wrong information always shown by the media
Negative images is the main criteria
Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria
Kids wanna act like what they see in the cinema
Yo', whatever happened to the values of humanity
Whatever happened to the fairness in equality
Instead in spreading love we spreading animosity
Lack of understanding, leading lives away from unity
That's the reason why sometimes I'm feelin' under
That's the reason why sometimes I'm feelin' down
There's no wonder why sometimes I'm feelin' under
Gotta keep my faith alive til love is found
Now ask yourself

Where is the love
Where is the love
Where is the love
Where is the love

Father, Father, Father help us
Send some guidance from above
'Cause people got me, got me questionin'
Where is the love (Love)

Sing with me y'all
(One World, One world)

We only got( one world,one world)
that's all we got( one world,one world)
and somthins wrong with it(yeah)and somthins wrong with it(yeah)
and somthins wrong with the wuh wuh world uhh
We only got( one world,one world)
that's all we got( one world,one world)

Can't get that song out of my head now!

raghav said...

its disgusting that innocent ppl have to suffer because some one else in not in the right frame of mind!

Hope people realise the value of Life and respect that !

hope there are no more repititions of this heinous incident !
agree with George completely : 'make love not war'

confessing7girl said...

.....peace and lots of love to everyone affected......

Sanjay said...

Well said girl! I am opposed to the death penalty as well.

Shionge said...

Total disbelief and saddness :( Well said Keshi when you mentioned that no one spotted the 'warning sign' at all and this easy access to guns is disturbing to say the least.

Margie said...

Dear Keshi
Thank you for this post....

My heart just broke when I heard about this horrible tragedy.
I was with my angels at work all day, and did not know about what happened till I got home.
I just cried!
We had the horrible high school killings here in Colorado a few years back, and I will never forget that awful day either!
So many awful killings have taken place here in the US...it's so distrubing!
When I think about my son going off to college soon, I worry about his safety.

Too many damm guns here in the US, and it seems anyone can get a gun!
Will it ever change?
I'm hoping....but probably not anytime soon.

Yes, I'll be gone for quite a while, but you'll still be seeing me here....not every day, but I'll be here!
Well, I'm off to work....taking Jake with me.
You would not believe how big he is now...we all love him so much!


M (tread softly upon) said...

Wonderful post and echoes how i feel about most things. The sad thing is nothing will change. I mean yes right now we have all the media attention focussed on VT but gun laws are not going to change at all here in Virginia. And as far as mentally unstable, sick people go, they probably will continue to exist and cuase damage to themsleves and other lives.

Mr. J said...

Not mean or selfish... if you follow the latest developments.. I guess perhaps it's the way this world is living perhaps? Too fast too competitive to even ignore the warning signs..

Ghost Particle said...

you wont believe what one guy said in my discussion grup..it seems they used to carry guns to schools like no bodys business last time!!!

His motives might never be known, and if its known, then its for the world to watch and read and cry because he will be remembered forver, not the victims.

God Bless.

Little Miss Muffet said...

how horrible it is for your life to be taken away for no fault of yours..by someone who wanted some attention and the only way he thought he could get it was by taking ppl's lives..innocent ppl's lives...what is the world coming to?

Asha said...

3 Indians got killed too! We are devastated and scared for Trisha who will be in college in two yrs!
Gun control laws are pretty bad here,specially in the South.They LOVE their guns and teach 3yr old kids to shoot in the backyards!!
It is sad and that "south Korean" as the media portrayed him was raised in America since the age of 9 and is a permanent resident,nothing to do with South Korea!!!

tkkerouac said...

Live and let Live is a great rule to live by!

The Phoenix said...

Cho was a very sick individual. Just not right. He was filled with hate for so long.

Hopefully, when students and teachers become more aware of the warning signs, tragedies like this one can be avoided.

Shiva said...

That was a tragedy. Keshi, Good suggestions for the violent minds. People should use their mind for thinking for themselves and not for sinking others.

Fated said...

Aww Keshi this blog made me tear up.

I agree with you, don't ignore warning signs.

Love the world by spreading love. There is so much hate in the world, we need to get out there and spread the good. Even if it's just smiling to a stranger or using manners. Sometimes even the smallest thing may brighten someones day.. And you never know how much that may help. Treat everyone as nicely as you'd like to be treated on the worst day of your life.. We are after all, human.

Anirudh Singh said...

Now your blog definitely doesnt make me think you're dumb...;)...well written

Sujit said...

yeah it was horrible to hear that in the morning. No idea when people think before act.. :(

Maddie said...

I don't support the death penalty but...
this is humbly from where i "see" at present..

and i change and learn everyday...

but i think the man who committed this
horrific deed was terribly mentally ill?
And needed help desperately?

It's all so sorrowful ...I get filled with despair
with the state of our beautiful world -

and i can only make a little difference
one step each day -

i love your blog Keshi - you provoke
the "thinking mind" for such a little gal...

Keshi said...

I agree Deepz.


:) Priya.


Diva "ignorant bastards" are the RIGHT words for such cowards!


ty Grnuty!

yeah I believe the security at VT was CRAP. Or else who'd be able to walk in to a Uni with so much ammunition w.o. being caught?

**These are pretty average numbers for Iraq's daily death toll.

yes. But who's fault is it? Religion, race, politics etc etc! Total CRAP.


Shammu I know...the world has gone bonkers. But I doubt that everything will be normal again. We have all screwed it way beyond repair.


Prashant I u'stand what ur saying. But it's like taking the easy way out. ppl r always too lazy to give another person a chance to repent n change. So they go n kill. If a kid does a bad thing...if he's a real naughty kid, what wud u do? Wud u try to correct him or wud u just get rid of him?


Murane we def need CHANGE. The whole world needs it badly. That change has to be LOVE. Cos all these years we have only loved one thing...HATE.

**swiss guy between 20 and 30 MUST have his army gun at home

OMG really? So it's legal to have an Army gun at home in Switzerland? thats bizzare!

Abt the cafe shooting...did anyone die?


Vishesh yes the world is virtue less...cos the new generation doesnt get enough love n guidance. Parents r stuck in some mad rat-race, rising divorces, life is too damn competitive and media adds to this chaos.

A person inherits virtues from his/her childhood days. The parents, family, teachers and friends need to be there for the kids. Thats where the roots begin.


Perspective its awful.


Keshi said...

tnxx Jeevy! Yeah it was shocking as hell.


Shitrint yeah it was confirmed yday that she died. Im sorry!

**u know the girl used to live in the same suburb as i do

thats shocking...so u know the parents? If u do, plz pass my deepest condolences to them. I feel connected to them somehow...not that u said u live close to em. And also cos I was n overseas Uni student at a similar Uni here in Aus. Back then my mum lived in Sri Lanka and I was over here missing her so much. I was putting myself in Minal's position...just imagine how my mum wud have felt! Its just terrible. I have no words.



Sunrise ty I know that song...so true ha. The lyrics says it all.


Raghav thats right...just cos one person is mentally unfit, how unfair is it to lose so many lives? imagine how their families must be feeling!

Cho Seung-Hui even managed to post some horrific pics and letters to NBC just b4 he gunned down the students. He was so disturbed and NO ONE did anything b4 its too late? I just cant believe that!


ty Confessing!

Peace n love is what we all need to live a happy life...and yet it seems that some ppl find it so hard to embrace it.


Samjay anyone with an untroubled conscience wud oppose death penalty.

tnxxx mate!


Shionge he seems to have been a living time-bomb. Did u see what he had posted to the NBC??!!



I was thinking of ya yday...I thought of u cos u said ur son was going to college soon and I was thinking of him! And u mentioned it here today :) Dun worry...nothing will happen to him but yeah I can u'stand ur worrying. School and Uni shootings seem to be the trend for some deranged ppl these days...how sick.

Im glad u'll still be ard when u can. or else I dun wanna be in Blogville till Sept. Give my kisses to all-grown-up Jake awwww :) MWAHHHHHHHH! Jake reminded me of Judy...a cute dog. She was my dog at ine stage and she got fatter by the day since she was brought home LOL...she was so damn cute and used to smile all the time...yes SMILE :)

U tc and have a good day hun!


Keshi said...

Tread_Softly WC n tnxx!

**gun laws are not going to change at all here in Virginia

thats sad. why is it so difficult for USA to change a law that helps cause massacres?

We had the Port Arthur massacre happening 11yrs ago...after that Aus changed gun laws and since then there hasnt been so much violence here in Aus. Govts need to co-operate and let ppl LIVE. Why do some ppl give so much imp to lesuire/sport when Life can be at stake?


Johno ur right. Too fast indeed. No one STOPS to say Hello...some dun even respond to 'How r u?'...few others dun care what Love is, they just wanna earn money...and some others r too engrossed in botox - no time for family.

This world is totally screwed.


Ghosty he had mailed a package to NBC on the day he killed so many ppl. There are videos of him and letters written tothe world. OMG its just plain HORROR. It seems like he was so disturbed and Im shocked that no one really noticed it and did anything abt it!


heyy Miss.Muffet!

**how horrible it is for your life to be taken away for no fault of yours

true...it's the biggest price to pay!


Asha yes it's so scary..I mean US school/Uni shootings r on the rise. I can understand why ur worried abt ur kids.

**nothing to do with South Korea!!!

I agree. This has nothing to do with RACE. Its an individual matter. ppl of all races and have done similar acts. So yeah...no venom should be spewed on any particular race. Cho Seung-Hui was a sick individual and he clearly needed help.


TK thats right. Alot of ppl dun seem to get that.


Phoenix I still cant u'stand why no one did anything abt him B4 the massacre. Did u read what he sent to the NBC?


Bibi said...

Interesting post Keshi ... I think this was about more than hating humanity ... the guy was obviously very, very mentally ill or strung out on pyschotic drugs (I'm not excusing his behavior) because no one with any kind of logic or humanity would go on this kind of rampage. It's soooo depressing ... so sad for those families involved.

Keshi said...

Shiva thats right. TY!


Fated I simply loved ur comment! The best.

**Sometimes even the smallest thing may brighten someones day.. And you never know how much that may help.

thats so true! Alot of ppl forget that. Some dun even stop to say Hello or even answer to a 'How r u?'. We r all caught up in this fast n competitive rat-race, humanity seem to be lost in the dumps. A small gesture of kindness and love can go a very long way. May be the VT gunman was never loved or appreciated the way he should have been.


:) ty Anirudh!


hey Sujit its so sad. U r in the US where gun laws r still not restricted. TC of yourself mate.



Keshi said...

G'day Maddie!

**And needed help desperately?

true. The saddest fact is that no one cud really give him that help b4 his very final act. We humans need love n compassion to feel worthy of life. to be heard, to feel respected. Obviously he didnt get that.

ty Maddie!


Bibi yeah he was seriously disturbed.

I just cant believe that he cud walk ard the Uni with so much ammunition. Where's the security?


Margie said...

Hi Keshi
I hope you are having a good day so far.
When I was out walking Jake a little while ago, I came upon an elderly couple that were out walking there dog too.
We walked and together for a little while, and the subject of the Va Tech killigs came up.
They told me that they never forget to call their grown kids every day and tell them how much they love them.
We all said that we hoped the loved ones of those who were killed left this earth knowing they were loved.
We just never know when it might be our last day on earth....
We need to show love to all on this earth!
Nothing else really matters except

Luv you!


The Phosgene Kid said...

The real question is how did a nutjob like that purchase a gun in the first place. You'd think his previous misbehavior would have precluded him from buying arms.

Margie said...

Well, it's been a long day, and I can't seem to get my words right.
You probably know what I meant though....
Meant to say...the loved ones who were killed...(not of those who were killed)

Time for tea and biscuits here...
sure wish you could join us...
I made the biscuits myself.

Oh, I gave Jake those kisses from you...
Your dog Judy must have been so adorable...she smiled...how sweet!

See you Sweetie!


lee said...

keshi - I hope this means that you have made peace with your relatives? No, I'm not stirring you up. What I mean is -in a very real way we need to make sure that we all do our bit to make all of those around us feel secure and happy.

SamY said...

** I was disgusted at the zilch respect some people have for human life. Could this really be happening? I value human life no matter what.

not everyone shares the same value u know :)

** People who don't even know that if they scratch the surface of their fogged up conscience that there's something called LOVE.

depraved people do it all ... u just can't reason em

really shocking stuff ... I feel education would be a great place to help people remain same ... they have sex education is schools don't they ... y don't they have meditation or whatever it is they believe would help people keep their composure no matter what?? I feel education is where you can get maximum penetration ... in todays society people burn out so much out of competetion that their cranium gets dysfunctional

I feel so sorry for those who lost their lives :( ... so unfair that their dreams are gone along with em ... I don't think any of em deserved such a departure

and as for all those point u listed keshi ... those would enter same ears ... I don't think we can reason out to someone dysfuntional :D ... they r out of their minds ... incapable of rational / reason ... but had they been loved, it is very unlikely they'd have ended up like this :)

my prayers for those sweet souls lost [-O<

Keshi said...

Margie yeah she used to smile :) Judy was a very special doggy.

**We just never know when it might be our last day on earth....

I know...thats why these days I just dun care much when someone tries to hurt my feelings. It's not worth the hassle of fighting n argueing. Life is way too short.

ty Margie I wish I cud share some tean bikkies with ya. Sounds yummy - home made n all. Enjoy ur tea!

tc n have a wonderful evening with Jake darling!


Phos ur right...how did he get the arms? Who let him? Is it so easy to buy arms in the US?


Lee ur absolutely right.

**I hope this means that you have made peace with your relatives?

:) yes I did. But they didnt respond. I forgot to tell u all it was one of those cousins' bday on the 21st of March. I txted him just this:

'Happy bday and PEACE!'

I didnt get any reply or a call. Usually he used to call me all the time. So Lee I did my best. They dun wanna make peace. There's nothing more I can do.



Samy thats right. Ur comment made good sense.

** I feel education is where you can get maximum penetration ... in todays society people burn out so much out of competetion that their cranium gets dysfunctional

Spot on! Alot of ppl and institutes forget that. We all dun come from homes where we get the right guidance. So atleast in schools and unis, they should make spiritual healing lessons mandatory. It doesnt have to be religious...but perhaps on a self-control level. Like u said, meditation, open-discussions on self etc.

yep I feel really bad for the families. It's indescribable.


Poo said...

Hi sweetie how are you ? thank you so much sweetie ...I am fit and fine and ending life was !!! 2yrs back ...i will never ever think of all that now ;))

Have loads of work in offc ;(((
U have a nice day :) and take care of urself ...will mail you surely sweetie ...


Silvara said...

Hey Kesh,

I nearly started crying when I saw the news and the articles in the paper....It's huge question mark (ironically he was called the 'Question Mark Kid') and the question is WHY?

It's horrible....great post and I hope anyone who is out there and has these thoughts takes those steps :)

Keshi said...

Im glad ur doin OK Poo. Just tc of urself.


awaiting said...

Shame what happened, what is happening. So many people with so many problems, yet they are being ignored, laughed at. People joke about others, calling them weird, saying they'd be the one who'd shoot up a school, murder,rape, yet they make no effort to prevent it.

I know if I ever encounter someone who I am uneasy about, I WILL report it.

Excellent post, keshi!

Autumn Storm said...

Standard message, but it's just too tragic for words. :-(

Prashant said...

Below 18 years of age there is no Death Penalty.....
So no question of getting rid of kid......
See, these rules came into existence after thorough study and by some highly intellectual group of people. I agree that they may seems to be not fair to some of us but to maintain the integrity, they are necessary.
In the end.
If you are guilty, you have to pay the cost.

Smiles :)

Keshi said...

Silvara yes cos apparently he hardly spoke to anyone. WHY is the big question! Maybe he wasnt loved enough.

Im at a loss for words.


Tash yes alot of ppl can talk and make fun of such ppl...but they dun DO anything until its too late.

Ur right...even I'd report if I suspect anyone to be this disturbed.


yes Autumn...Im at a loss for words too. Everyone is.


Keshi said...

Prashant often law-makers can be very 'intelligent' but not intelligent enough to know that they got blood in their hands too.



San Nakji said...

Hey Keshi,

Smart words from a smart woman! I am against the death penalty too. What a waste of life this has been. Still is it fair that world attention be on the US when over 170 people died in Iraq yesterday? I think things are messed up on the value of life.

Helen said...

Hey love, I'm working late, so thought I'd bop-bop over to comment and say hello.

This massacre at Virginia Tech is an atrocity. I cannot believe it has happened, but there really is no one to blame. Not even society. Sometimes, for whatever reason, people just don't assimilate or adapt and tragedy results.

We can only be grateful for the clarity that comes with proper mental balance, and be alert to help those that cry for help (especially when that cry is a snarl).

I wish for peace, but am aware that it must be balanced.

Keshi said...

ty Nakji!

Im glad that u too r an opponent of slaughtering.

**Still is it fair that world attention be on the US when over 170 people died in Iraq yesterday?

I know. Akshay asked me the same Qn yday. Why more ppl give more attention to the V-tech incident is cos it was 'unexpected' compared to what's happening in Iraq. Iraq is 24/7 on war isnt it? I dun mean to say that therefore their lives r less imp than of the students' killed at V-Tech. Every Life is PRECIOUS. But if I choose Iraq's tragedy just cos US is responsible for that, then I'd be devalueing the lives of the students that got killed. I cant take sides. My attention goes to whatever incident that I can identify with. Cos I was also an overseas Uni student and studied in a Uni like that.

**I think things are messed up on the value of life.

So true! It's really too tragic to even talk abt. Im at a loss for words Nakji.

ty n TC!


G'day Helen hows ya?

yes I agree...sometimes the society cant do anything at all..some ppl just dun wanna be helped. It was a tragedy waiting to happen and most prolly cud not have been avoided. Sad as it is.

TC hun!


Geet said...

I hear someone daying making love not war, and that was one of the things that I thought when I first heard about the shootings (when we didn't know who the gunman was).

I was quite upset when one of the rationalisation for this horrific act was depression, esp when I see such people more often than the man on the street. Depression isn't a reason.

It's something that we are all hit with at some point or the other, and we need to find appropriate ways to deal with it. I really liked your get help guide Keshi.

You're right, one should not be afraid to get help. You're doing yourself, and others around you, good.

Tk care dear.

Keshi said...

yes Geet. Depression isnt a reason to kill others. The kind of depression that Im aware of is the one that makes ppl wanna kill themselves. But this guy killed 32 others. I guess he was more angry than being depressed. He prolly didn't mingle with happy ppl. I dun think he was loved by his family either. I dunno if Im entitled to say it but if a child is brought up with love and guidance, he/she can never be this angry.

ty Geet!


lee said...

Good on you, keshi -at least your conscience can be clear knowing that you've done what you can to make up with them :). (actually, maybe I should post this reply over at my blog as well).

Princess Banter said...

So very true... the guy was clearly disturbed and in dire need of help. If only we take the time to pay attention to more people, no matter how busy we are, we never know whose life we may touch... or may even save from themselves.

Anonymous said...

im soo sad to see those photos of korean boy and victims.
ur post heals our pains in heart...
thank u so very much!!!

Prashant said...

One question for you:
What you would do, if i keep on killing one person everyday in your locality and even after so many processes to change my mind , i am still the same.
See for this, the simple solution is to keep me behind the bars.Because the intensity is not that much large and police will catch me after 2-3 incident and i am for sure that time is best teacher. So i will be a different man after spending 14-15 years in prison. But if one one fine day, i killed 100 people. Then in that case you kant put me in Jails. Because there is no question in cultivating such sick minds. Better send them to adobe of GOD to make a sentense for others to think before taking the lives of innocent ones.

Its simple......

And one last word:
You will never stain your hands by curbing the crime. Its just you are trying hard to make sure that innocent blood should remain safe.

Smiles :)

Sharad Mathur said...

live and let live, says it all!


lemonade said...

such cruelty in this world...glad u've taken a stand kesh..

krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
You always know what to write about very difficult situation.
"Not Enough Love".
As great post as about "depression".
Good luck to you!

Steph said...

Two things need to happen in the US to make sure this doesn't happen again.

1. Free health care, especially in the mental health arena.

2. Stricter gun laws.

They had many warning signs that all was not right with this boy, but they didn't act.
It's too sad for words.

AnonymousBlogger said...

The shooter must have lived a terrible life.

Clearly he had nothing to live for, and that is sad in itself. It be no means justifies his actions of course, but he obviously lived a very sad life. That, I think, means this whole thing was probably preventable.

Keshi said...

ty Lee!

tnxx to u actually cos ur the one who put that 'peace' word into my head quite thoroughly. :)


ur spot on Princess! We need to tune into ppl ard us...


Niki yes its very sad. And it's nothing to do with a particular race. It's an individual act.

RIP all victims and the gunman too! Cos he's a victim of himself.


Prashant I have no comments. Not cos ur right but lets not argue over something that we both wont and cant agree on :)



Sharad WC n ty!


Lemonade ty!


Keshi said...



Steph thats right.

**1. Free health care, especially in the mental health arena.

For sure. Then more ppl will help themselves.

**2. Stricter gun laws.

thats just gotta be done. I hope they realise it.



AB yes this whole thing was very much preventable! thats the saddest revelation.


Homo Escapeons said...

Keshi, I was playing this David Usher song called Love Will Save The Day while I wrote about VT...if you haven't heard it you should try and give it a listen...

"Come on sell me more of your religion
'cause it's sure to make a change
Last night god was on the tv screen
Taking dollars for their pain
Come on talk about that evolution
It's been poisoning my mind
I've been looking for a saviour
I've been waiting for a sign
And i said,

Love will save the day (repeat)

I am walking
I am breathing
I can't feel you
I can't set you free

Love will save the day
If love will save the day
If love will save today

Maybe Tomorrow! (repeat)

Keshi said...

Love sure will HE ty! I will check it out. Beautiful lyrics.


mathew said...

This incident inspite of happening so far away from home deeply impacted me..at the fragile nature of our emotions...pray for the victims..and pray for the killer's family who gonna be stigmatised by the public!!

Blessed said...

You know there isn't enough love in this world. I agree.
But there is alot of mental disorders that love cannot fix.
There is alot of anger and hatred that has wrecked someones psyche.
I also feel that there is evil in this world. The devil is abound. Somehow the devil possesses a being, a soul.
Look at all the violence one is inundated with from the time they leave the womb. TV, video games, movies, news, unhappy families, abuse,etc/ I think all this shapes ones mind and violence breeds violence. Anger breed anger. I think we love someone but if they are inundated with evil and such sometimes that love is lost.
Which is definitely unfortunate.

chocolteluva said...

hey keshi,
to be honest with you this stuff works only on some low level demented patients. patients with severe dementia and confusion, aggression and all - they work best with rehab in a hospital. i've been working closely with some of these patients for the past couple of months and boy, nothing you do will stop them from throwing things at you.
the virginia tech shooting kid, he had had councelling, he sought professional help. he even had a hearing in court. it was a let down from the officials - they deamed him "harm to himself" but didnt think he would "harm others".

THIS IS WHY ITS SOO IMPORTNANT as medical professionals to treat each patient that its the only patient of the day. SLIP UPS LIKE THESE cost 33 lives.. its not fair. the college had 2 hours to get the word out, and yet they send out an email. there coulda been police at each door - steps coulda been taken to prevent further damage.. instead of 33, 2 lives woulda been taken. 2 TOO MANY, but still less than 33.

definitely helps to call someone and talk about it, throw away weapons you bought. but if you have made up your mind to do something - there's almost nothing someone can do but you in a hospital where you recieve rehab. sadly, for everyone, this kid was a slip through the system.

sorry for the LONGGGGG COMMENT.

Shitrint said...

aah no keshi, i dont know the girl's parents personally or anything. i just know that she lived in the same suburb. also the news reported that she lost her father around 3 years back...

u were a student in australia first? oh, i assumed ud been living in Aus since childhood!

Keshi said...

heyy Matty!

**pray for the killer's family who gonna be stigmatised by the public!!

true...I do feel for that family. Imagine what they must be going thru!


Blessed ur spot on!

**But there is alot of mental disorders that love cannot fix

thats so true. I didnt think of that b4. There r mental disorders that cant be fixed by LOVE.

Yes there is so much evil in this world. How did we arrive here???


Chocolte I totally agree with ya.

**THIS IS WHY ITS SOO IMPORTNANT as medical professionals to treat each patient that its the only patient of the day

thats so true. It's a huge mistake that we made. One slip-up can cause so much damage. Hope the authorities realise that atleast now!

ty for ur great comment.


Keshi said...

oh ok Shitrint. Its really sad.

tnxxx n huggggggz!


Dalicia said...

we can all love each other. anyways,
i think people don't realized that this has always been a problem.

the problem is not only in college but also at work. in general, the world is not safe anymore.

ektaran said...

Hey Kesh...Hope you remember me :)

How are you doing?? Have not been regular here ....have to read sooo many posts....

Keshi said...

Hi Five Dalicia!


hey Ektaran ofcourse I can rem ya :) I was at ur blog the other day.

How u doin?