Monday, August 1

Color of the night

Last Saturday 3 of my cousins and I went for a brief drive in the city. As we drove into the city around 10:30pm we were passing Kings Cross - the red light area of Sydney. I have driven past this area many times before and have seen the ladies all dressed up (red, black, pink, purple oh so colorful!) waiting for someone to pick them up, but this time it struck a cord in me like it never did before. The society looks down upon these girls because they sell their bodies to earn a living and yeah it's disgraceful right? But is it, given the circumstances they may have faced in their lives? Do we even know their experiences or why they have chosen this avenue when there are hundreds of other jobs around? Let's be honest, you don't really KNOW the person inside that body do you? You only see a girl who stands in a street corner wearing thigh-high boots, a short skirt and bright red lipstick - and you only see a woman with no shame, no self-respect and no dignity - she's there to be sold right? I used to think like this before even up until that night when something really bothered me conscience. Later as I was sipping coffee with my cousins, it suddenly dawned to me that it's not these girls who are really there, it's their experiences in life that's standing in that street's the abuse they may have faced as children, wives or girlfriends that's standing right's the unlucky circumstances that lead them to academically and financially destitute situations that's standing in that corner! Have you guys seen the Hindi movie Julie? It may seem too far from reality, but it's very enlightening - it gives a voice to these women. People so readily look down upon these women but each one of them has a girl deep down in them too, wanting to be heard - each one of them carry a different story. It's their very experience, not the girl, that's waiting there to be picked up. The color of the night can be very deceiving. Where there is light there is understanding...where there is darkness there is perplexity.

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Arz000n said...

I remember chasing Chinese and Lebanese pros with my colleague while they used to circle around my hotel in Dubai. Infact once, a Swedish female banged on my door, and the only thing I could do was hide inside my room and wait for her to leave.

Anywa, Itss fun to look at those gorgeous chicks, but when I used to think about them...there kind of kinda used to hurt me. Why they have to sell there bodies? I mean....they were good looking...obviously they had brains too. Anyone could have easily married them...they even would have started a wonderful married life.

Then why this sin??

But are they doing it for fun...maybe some yes.. but rest, naaah..its for a reason. Money. Maybe to feed family waiting at home anxiouly...maybe parents...dont know.

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Yeh I remember paying a visit to Kings Cross while I was in Sydney, its a lovely place(but not according to my dad).

I agree with you Kesh, some of these girls prolly work day n night jus to survive, and just the thot of someone selling their body isn't it obvious how much they would be suffering?

btw DAYUM! I wanted to be the first to comment. Arz000n mate, THE WARS ON!!

Keshi said...

z000nie u chased Chinese n Leb pros? lolllz hmm why wud u chase em?
It's not only for the reason that anyone wud have married em that they shouldn't have ended up like's all becos along with this trade, I'm sure they lose their soul too...what a shame na.

poor NV, z000nie sneaked in b4 ya...aww. lollz ur dad wud like kill ya if u go to Kings Cross na? hahaha! It's a very lively place yes...alot of ppl and lights n action hehehe...but I wudnt get out of my car lolllz...yep...I enjoy just driving past the area but I wudnt enjoy walking there...purely becos I heard there r alot of drug addicts in that area and they can prick with the I'm serious!
Ur so right abt the suffering they may be going through...imagine the guilt these girls may be feeling but burying deep inside for the sake of living??

Thanks z000nie n NV for ur very valuable's good to hear from 2 open-minded guys, especially on this topic.

Arz000n said...

We used to do that just to see wht punk they end up with. Hehehe...
It was the our kinda night life there...but then gave up soon after we saw Good looking pros ending up with stupid people just for money. That was something sick to witness :(

Anonymous said...

Nice post keshi....People who tag them the ones without any dignity are some of the ones who are responsible for those ladies in that situation. In my profession almost every alternate day we come across such double standard people who talk about loads of shit infront of the public and their evenings and nights are something else. But then again this is one face of our society and we got to live with it coz the sort of ladies you have mentioned hardly 40% of them are forced to be like that due to various circumstances but the rest of them get into that for short term gains nothing much....phew!!!i guess i have spoken a lot, but it was hard fact though.

Keshi said...

aww that wud have been heart-breaking z000nie? lol just kidding :)

yep most of these girls r very good-looking...shows that outward beauty doesnt stand for anything...


Keshi said...

I totally agree with ya South...I'm sure that some of these girls (not sure of the %) r doing it for fun n not enthusiastic enough to do something else...but guess even for those ones, there is some deep-rooted personal issues that got them to end up this way...bad childhood, lost times with parents, abuse, psychological issues etc. Otherwise I cant see any girl sacrificing her dignity to this level ever.


Anonymous said...

Well u r right keshi most of them really have a horrible socio-psychological background. But u know we all talk about these issues once in a while, pick up points here and there but whats the outcome at the end of the day, these sort of things are gonna persist as long as human race is gonna be there.

Keshi said...

South true...but there is A point in discussing these things...they r going to be there forever alright, but by discussing these issues openly (like in blogs) people may change their views abt them...ppl may become more open to different kinds of ppl in this world...I know for sure that by reading some of the blogs of u guys, I have learnt alot...and my thinking has's really refreshing and educational.

Thanks mate!

Vinu said...

~~it suddenly dawned to me that it's not these girls who are really there, it's their experiences in life that's standing in that street corner..~~

True Keshi, its their life that they ended up over there selling their flesh. Once i read an autobiography of a prosti. She is now around 45 and still in demand. She says she was married to a wage worker and once to meet some favour her only husband sold her to some politician.Broke off with him, now she finds no other alternative to find a living and feed her children.She says, but none of the prostitutes feel bad in this profession now...the reason she is saying is very touching.. She says atleast they do it for their family and do it wuth all their guts and daring..She pity those women whose husbands shower them with love and at times comes to these so called prosti's for some xtra pleasure...

Lots of interesting things are there in this buk...and one thing ashe does is she educate young men and woman in rural areas how to have sex and educate them...See even prostitutes can do welfare to the society..Something i was impressed iwth that female...

saby said...

its not only bcoz of circumstance dat women enter dis field of work

india has choosen to call dem sex workers
it's true they are workers just like u or me

u become a prostitute only when u do your work for love of money
and u dont love your work

i was inititated into love and sex by a very lovely middle aged lady when i was 23

she took it upon her self to teach me
she charged me for it

but it wasnt for love of money she did it

as all first time experiences go
it was a failure for me

but like a good teacher she made me do it again and again till i got it right
she didnt chrage for those extra lessons

she didnt use a cane but she used love and caring to boost my ego and confidence

and so many years later when i walked into the nuptial bed

i performed well

if she was around i wud lavish her wid gifts
but alas she is no more

after dat first time
i didnt see her again

she had left and
she left no forwarding address

dat is why i love all mature woomen
mebbe i am still trying to find my teacher

i had posted dis secretly in TRUE CONFESSIONS,

but i had to tell it again bcoz i will kill any man who calls these woomen 'prostitutes'

saby said...

u may tink dis is funny
but these ladies will allow u to enter when u choose

but most will not let u kiss her
they say the kiss is for the one they love

this is just a job

i been to many after dat first time
i no

musings (m000nie) said...

hey k00kie... hello... nice post again...

its really unfortunate for these girls to do this... i have never looked down upon them all my life... but i have have heard of episodes where some of them (specially collegians) do this not bcoz they r forced into this or dont have ny other means to support themselves... they do this to live a very luxurious life n make money so that they can buy designer outfits n wat not... now this is what i think is absolutely wrong...

having to do sell their bodies for an existence is one thing but doing it just for materialistic wants is disgusting...

Keshi said...

Vinu thanks for that very informative comment...that seems to be avery intersting book...can u tell me the title of the book plz? thanks. Yep even these workers can be of contribution to the society...yes loads of men go to them and they do it secretly...but these women have to stand in the open for those men to fetch them?? so unfair but that is the harsh truth...

Saby gosh ur big confession there...hmmm...well I'm glad u respect her and not look down upon her.
~~u become a prostitute only when u do your work for love of money
and u dont love your work~~
Some powerful words there for all of us to ponder upon...thanks Saby!


Keshi said...

Eyezzz muah hey wc!
~~having to do sell their bodies for an existence is one thing but doing it just for materialistic wants is disgusting... ~~

So righteously stated m000nie! I agree there r some women who prolly do this just to earn a luxury life...that's just digusting, I mean selling urself for designer outfits n luxury life, ewww! They r the real sluts...pardon my language but that's what they are. The othet poor women who r compelled to do this due to some other reason in life, r truly courageous and need to our compassion.

Thanks hunn!

Keshi said...

>but most will not let u kiss her
>they say the kiss is for the one >they love

Saby I learnt this from watching Pretty Woman :) Julia Roberts said that to Richard Gere...


Invincible said...

u've seen 'pretty woman' ?
how @ 'streaptease' ?

Every1 has profession and life separate. In fact here, ppl dont belittle professions, even a janitor is looked up with respect.

There r lots of girls who do it for fun, mostly in covert ways, not standing at the street corner at night. Normally they r called 'bitch'.

and not just prostitution, we have even child labor, or juvenile crimes that one is forced to do under circumstances.

Talk @ prostitution n see how they do it.. so coldly .. their emotions r calcified..

I never look down on those people.

May b we r lucky... lucky so far !!

Keshi said...

thanks Invincible ur absolutely right there...may b we r lucky... lucky so far...boy we sure r!

n hey wc to mah blog!


Invincible said...

Hey Keshi,
My pleasure :)

- v000nie :)

n if i can request u something, pls stop crying for t000nie :-) :-)
'n' times more on nth day than the first day .. thats touching :)
(1<=n<= the day t00nie comes online)

tulipspeaks said...

hmm..i still remember going to the red light area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..Its called Chow Kit and its a heaven for drug addicts too..(ah..don't ask me what i was doing there..kind of long story)..

I saw women of all ages..teens to mid-age, and yea..some men..i guess their are the sent shivers through my shine...

after the small 'tour', my collegues and i were given a talk about these pros and their reveals why they were doing this etc..

i learnt that day, most of these women had no other choice of surviving..some of them were even sold to these pimps by people who are suppose to protect, whom to be blamed for their predicament?

Autumn Storm said...

Every prostitute is an individual, and I would therefore have to say, each has there own reason for ending up in that situation. Top marks for the subject and content once again, and I love the conclusion!

Autumn Storm said...

Thank you most kindly for all your comments, Keshi. You are very kind.

Caraf said...

Yea I remember Kings Cross too. Some of my classmates from Uni went there to lose their virginity ;) Unfortunately for the most eager guy of them all, none of the girls was interested in sleeping with him- even for money hahhaha ROFL

ANYWAYS, Kesh, powerful words

"it suddenly dawned to me that it's not these girls who are really there, it's their experiences in life that's standing in that street corner..."

You know, in Oz prostitution is legalized to a large extent (and yet many of the girls get exploited!). In many other countries (India included) prostitution is illegal and the women have nowhere to turn when they've been exploited.


saby said...

phewww !
breathes a huge sigh of relief

i tot she wud go eeeeeeeeewwww !
i tot i had just lost a friend

saby said...

u just made dis old man very happy
moments like these are few and far btw
the last one was Willie

Caraf said...

I mean, that MOVIE 'Julie' (i love the soundtrack too! 'My heart is beating'... heheheh )

Keshi said...

v000nie awww ur in the 000nie club too lolllz! I miss t000nie no matter how tempting all of u r in her absence :( besides she is a longtime friend from IT as yep I kinda got addcited to t000nie...sniff sniff. lolz @ 1<=n<=the day t000nie comes online...aww that was mathematically touching :)

Amu yep most of these women r put in that trade by their loved-ones, as disgusting as it may sound...but once a child is mislead, it's hard to come out of ruins the the entire sense of self...she may come out clean some day, but with a big dent in her sense of worth and can never be replaced.

Hey thanks Autumn, u just made my day by giving all those compliments :) I just think it's really not my content, it's brilliant minds like ur's who can understand what I am saying and who keep visiting my blog that gives me the inspiration...hugggz!

Caraf oyeah I forgot u were in u been to Kings Cross too...wasnt it freaky tho? lolz ur Uni mates hahaha! I know in India this trade is everywhere, but I'm sure the majority of the general public spit on these women. Even catholics in Aus consider it's the biggest sin for women, n u know some even kill these women...
I luv the songs in Julie...mannnn they r so beautiful...especially 'aye dil ye bata...' that song is so sensual! Recently I also saw the old Julie movie...'bhool gaya sab kuch' is my fav from that....what a beautiful song!

hehe no probs Saby...I was being honest with ya there...I do compliment when u deserve it, and I do blast ya when u so deserve it too dun I? lol!

Thanks all for being such a bright and informative audience!

saby said...

my heart is beating ??

Caraf dat was not from Julie
u only see Richard Gere movies it seems

Caraf said...

Yo Saby!!!
'My heart is beating
keeps on repeating
I'm waiting for you'

is from JULIE!!!!!!!!!!

Keshi said...

Does Caraf mean Aye Dil ye English?

Good nite folks...have it solved tomorrow for me :)

Trée said...


Very thoughtful post and very insightful. Easy to judge others when we have not walked in their shoes. The work they do is hard and dangerous and most will tell you, not all, but most that it's a life they would rather not live.

We all live in glass houses don't we. Thanks again for a fabulous post and thanks for stopping by my blog. ;)

saby said...

really enjoyed dat fite
like i said i just love to kick ass
and i dont discriminte by gender

i won,
Caraf just slipped out b4 i cud land the next one ...

strawy said...

when i was student i met a gal,i talked to her , she was a prostitute, i asked her y she is into this , she just started sobbing n told me.- she has been brought here by a whiteman, he married her n brought her here from Thailand, n all she was doing is entertaining him n his friends, n at last she refused n the guy kicked her out of his house, poor gal ,she had nowhere to go, strange country,different language .This is how she ended into this life.
but there r some chicks who do it just for fun too .If i start telling u storied bout other galz u all will go crazy ..lolzzz, even i was depressed for a short
but this is life n it goes on.
muahhh keshi nice topic

Justin Thyme said...

As always, Keshi, extremely insightful, well-written and poignant.

I agree with Autumn in her comment that each one is unique in the circumstances that lead them to where they are. For example, I know someone who is incredibly handsome, well-built, extremely intelligent and articulate with a Master's in psychology - and he makes his living as a high-class male escort. He comes from a good family who is quite well off, and yet he chooses this and enjoys it. Why? Because he works just a few hours a week and makes close to $100,000 a year (nontaxable).

However, what is NOT unique to them is that ultimately it comes down to this: for whatever the reason, each one of them CHOOSES to do this. We all make choices in our own lives that others may or may not understand. What we have to remember when looking at circumstances such as these is that there will always be those who criticize or look down on us for those choices we make.

PuNeEt said...

Another food for thought Keshi…
Ya a lot of them are doing it becoz of the sick situations they face in their life…
But the history of India states, since old age era this profession had an existence…
“Vaishya” (Prostitutes) are as old as the history…

There are many other Hindi movies, which have conveyed the same message…
Julie was pretty straight and raw

A lot of News channel here have covered this flesh business in a detailed manner,
Unfortunately a lot of girls from good family and background are into this because of easy and big money…
It’s a big and huge racket and I don’t have any respect for such people…

Nice Post Keshi :-)>…

Vivhyd said...

Nice post !! Yup theres more to it than meets the eye for sure.. well lots of circumstances drive them to this.. no doubt abt that.. but sometimes looking the west.. they don't seem to really make it look like a big deal.. u know.. so am not sure.. In India ofcourse.. thts terrible etc.. but seems like many in the west have accepted it as a means of living.. the sad part wud be some indulging in this willingly letting go of other good opporunities.. but ya.. we need to look into wht each one is thinking be4 we conclude..

jkhkhjkh said...

Keshi, a little late!Had a flooding problem.

Relationships: Surely, should be the phobia of the century.

Pulling the plug: Clearly, depends on the circumstances.

This post: No comments! a little sleazy for my liking! (Gawd! What's happened to my sense of humour!)

Invincible said...

i wanted to make it mathematically funny .. n it became touching !! (reminds me of Jaspal bhatti's comedy-tragedy episode).

@ t00nie - hmm .. quite a strong bond of friendship :) n shez such a sweetoo too ..
no news from her yet ? YM/call ?

too many comments 2 read. So it might b repitition.

Some ppl like to make luv. Some r even addicted. Now, if one can make a huge money out of their hobby or addiction, or something they r good at, wudnt they choose tht option.

if u write blog just for ur own sake but some agrees to pay u $100 per post, wudnt u take that option ?
(u is generic .. not u = keshi)

Wrong for us may not b wrong in someone else's pt of view.

Chick said...

Where there is light...unfortunately...there isn't always understanding either...but at least in the light...more can be seen...but it's what you do with what you see...that matters, right?

Paul said...

I imagine the particulars of how a woman ends up doing this can vary a lot. For some, economic desperation. For others, other reasons. I think it would be wrong for anyone to put them all in the same boat, even those who would judge.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Keshi...there was a time I also used to believe the I often say that...this is not the only option to survive...but you are right..its not that this is the option they choose ..its the circumstances...and there upbringing which has a huge history...!!

But I always would love to have a rehab center for such ppl...

nice thought society!


saby said...

, , where there is demand
there will be supply
, ,

there is sumting basically rong in Indian society particularly

hence we need Vaishyas
if not there wud be more cases of rape and other sick deviant behaviour

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

very good post kesh..
only u can come up wid sumthin like this.. mm besides navu he sumtime gets really creative wid his words.
i din see the new julie.. but i think the song "my heart is beating" if from the old movie JULIE. and m sure m rite. so Caraf said it rite. hmmm i dunno wat to say on the post. cuz after reading it all. sumtimes after hearin bout such ppl, i wud get disgusted, but then there's also the thought of why are they doing it. so in the end i wasnt really disgusted at all.
peace out

strawy said...

hey check my blog too, i m new but i wanna share my experiences too with u all. thnx n love u all

Keshi said...

Tree...thanks u made a very valid point there when u said that the work they do is dangerous...also imagine the guilt for those who r doing cos of no choice? I really feel for those women.

lol Saby u n Caraf!

hey muahhh Strawy aww I really like ur nic, so cute! Yep these r the women I'm talking abt...the women who have been stolen, abused n mistreated by their men/family so they end up in the streets...isn't it a tragedy!

thanks for those lovely compliments Justin :) wow the male escort u know earns that much, that's rad! But I wonder if he's happy abt that kind of money at the end of the day? I mean as long as he's happy abt HOW he earns his money then he shouldn't be bothered abt what others think. U made a great point when u said that ultimately whatever choices we make, there will always be people to criticise em...well and so realistically stated mate, thanks!

Puneet yep even in Sinhalese we say the same word but a lil bit different...Vesha (Sinhalese is part Devangri script). Also its supposed to be the oldest trade...yep I have no respect for women who do it when they have other choices...but I do feel for women who were forced into it becos of ineveitable circumstances.

vivhyd heyy hows ya :) So in India it is a huge racket is it? In the West it's not considered a way of life...I know that they dun make a big deal abt it but still it's considered a very low and shameful job to have. People just drive pat Kings Cross (people like me lol) to look at em n go oh goshhh! So yep it's not accepted even here.

Pithaly wut happened? I thought u went away with teh rain lol...n was worried :( Good to have ya bak! I think the rain washed away ur sleaziness...lolz WB!

Invincible hey :) Yep t000nie is mah fav there...she's so kind n sweet n everything actually hehehe.
ok when u said:
"Now, if one can make a huge money out of their hobby or addiction, or something they r good at, wudnt they choose tht option"..
I wud say NO :) Becos u may have a talent in something socially immoral and wud u use it still to make money? Personally i wudnt but I u'stand that some people r forced to use it due to the circumstances they face in life...n yep that's exactly wut I'm talking abt :) thanks for ur valuable points.

Chikc yep there's always no total u'standing where there is light...but what I meant is, isnt light more enlightening than total darkness...hehe. WC to mah bloggy n thanks for that insightful comment. It really is what u do with what u see that matters! thanks!

Thanks Paul it certainly isn't the right to generalise one's opinion on all of em...

Dawn knowing ur kind soul, I know u wud even really have a rehab center someday for em...good on ya gurl!

Saby true...Indian culture is rich and a very tough one too. pre-marital sex is taboo plus boys n girls have so many restrictions before they marry...n if not for the huge brothel industry there, I think there wud be more rape n sick behavior than there is right now - good point Saby!

Hey Icy muahhhhh! ohh that was some hissy fit of Saby's against Caraf lol! I think they sorted it out :) Yep even I used to get disgusted with such women, now I think Justin stated, we all make choices n there is a good reason why we choose some things in life, n ofcourse there will always be someone to criticise those choices...

Thanks all, I'm impressed by all of ur view points, just amazing!

saby said...

kesh my friend,
(i wanted to say my love, but these guys wud have killed me)

its not enuff to blogg
join polly tics

the nation needs u
more than i

Vivhyd said...

keshi.. ya it is indeed shameful.. I never said no .. but wht I was telling is that circumstances are usually different in India and the west...well. i am not sure how to explain..

Keshi said...

yep got ya vivhyd :) true, atleast in the West its no considered horrible as they do in the East...thanks!


Vinu said...

hey keshi,

i dnt remember the title..but i dnt think it got any English version also...because the one i read was in my mothertongue...But let me check and will let u know...

Keshi said...

thanks Vinu ur too kind.


PuNeEt said...

Me 2 Keshi... No intention to disrepute those who are forced into this profession :-))