Thursday, April 26

Cleave, Crave and Bleed!

It's a half-nekked-Thursday! I give YOU the opportunity to title this post ;-). I'll select the best title and attach it to this post at the end of all of your entries. Thanks in advance! Now go for it and good luck!

And the winner is Ghee! Thanks all for your clever, witty and wonderful titles. Loved every single one of them! It was very hard to choose one winner, but Ghee's title stood out for an innate reason deep down my soul. Happy Monday and knock yourselves out with JT's music! I'm bringing sexy back... ... ...I'll let you whip me if I misbehaaaaave... ;-).

Current Music: Come Into My World by Kylie Minogue
Current Music Update: Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

182 Cranium Signets:

RamaG said...

"The Heart Within" would be my title on this one.


dharmabum said...

look who's lookin hawt? so u an HNT'er too, keshi!!!

how about (re)veil?

Thumbelina said...

Wow Keshi!!

u look so SEXY!!


Aidan said...

Keeping abreast of the issues?


Rajeev said...

Beauty In Black maybe!
gah! I know that sounds really stupid, but i CAN'T think of a better title! lol!
btw I luuurve Half nekked thursdays! :D
heheheh! *Evil Grin*

Peace & Love

Jewel Rays said...


My title would probably be.."See NO Touch?"


Poo said...

oooo lallalallalao

Keshi U look hot and sexy !!!

WOW !!!! ;))

Poo said...

and spicy

Stace said...

I've got to be careful, checking your blog at work!!!! The wrong impression could easily be given!

Iceman said...

"Once Upon a Crack!"


Anonymous said...

i knew it before i opened your page

that u gonna post it..

i wont suggest any title for ur post.

Vixen said...

*HAWT* Very sexy....

Neihal said...

"You know me, you know me not"

We all can see you and yet there is lots we still dont know about you ;-)

Neihal said...

I dont know what happened to my comment, did it reach you :(

my answer was
"you know me, you know me not"

Ghost Particle said...

The Moral Police: Okay you here missy will be fined 100 bucks for even thinking of doing this, another 100 bucks for putting it up, another 100 bucks for suggesting people to enjoy it, another 100 bucks for putting up a carrot for the best entry. And then the coroner would want to have a word with you for this heart-attack waves we've been having today.

HAHHAHAH Keshi...dis is awsome!

Okay okay...lemme tink...hemm....

"walk through the valley of the shadow of God"...yeh! Okay its from a song.

Or maybe..."Try Me!" :P

Vikas said...


I wan to take a dip ;)

Take Care

Anonymous said...

keshi's theme song!!

Mr. J said...


Mr. J said...

Oopps, now I read the rest of the post. :P But I still stick with the 'Wow'

Kumar Chetan said...

I will give a plain title,
Heat is on
and will put this in post
Staring at cleavage is like staring at sun, u start feeling heat

raghav said...

half nekked thursdays .. hmm .. i cant wait for the quarter nekked fridays to come .. *wicked grin*

"the heat is ON"

Margie said...

Hi Hun
I was just checking my email before going to bed, and I see you popped in for a visit...that was sweet....thank you Keshi!
I miss ya too!
I'm soooo busy these days...planning the graduation party for my son....he'll graduate May 23rd.

I guess I'll title this...
Looking Good....can't come up with anything else!
Nitey nite!
Take good care!


Die Muräne said...

Read my lips

tsduff said...

luscious will do

The Man at the Pub said...

"Lost in Cleaveland"

Poo said...

1) Pain in Veins

2) Dont cross those lines

3) Love n Heart

Hope you like them ;))

Mathi said...

How about..
"Mister, my eyes are up here!"

Geet said...

I say,"Delish".
hee hee. you hot mama.:)

Poo said...

"" Stop staring, they are Mine""

Homo Escapeons said...

'Weapons of Mass Distraction
found in M'Iraq!'

awaiting said...

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but more often found in the chest.

Dang....girl you are rocking!

Yashita said...

how about, "diving not allowed" :D

nice pic :)

Anonymous said...


I think i would give it a title

"Wat u see & wat u dont..."


Nora said...

Hot, hot, HOT!!

deepsat said...

a few from me!!

W = Woman
Center of Attraction
My Walley!
Missed the Color on my Lips?
crevasse or cleavage?
Pink, Black & Pervert
Arrested Development!!


Anonymous said...

shortest title by me: W

'Wild and Wonderful'; if ppl can spot the 'W' ;)

Mr. Evil said...

lol :) Fir the first time in my life i'm seeing so few comments on this post :D lol :) HA ha ha :D Oh well.. lets see.. If it's "Half naked thursday" then you can name the post "The clothed half" That should drive a few ppl crazy :) lol :)

Vest said...

AhAh!....Sweet Mountains of Love.

Two Pink Rosebuds on one slender spray
In sweet communion grew,
Together hailed the morning rays
And drank the evening dew.

Kumar Chetan said...


confessing7girl said...

What about ..."Let me tell u a secret" or just "secret"

Dh@v@! said...

Sheer beauty: Concentrate on my lips!!! Huh…

hows that???

desperado said...

im speechles...dumbstruck..wide eyed...jaw dropping kinda state...i am beginning to like thursdays now :)
but u know whts d best part of d pic to me...Lips

Title maybe "Desire"

Asha said...

Booby trap??!!!! HeHe!!!!!

lemonade said...

my pick would have to be..
"peekaboo" :)

St. Dickeybird said...

Just call it "Wow"!

Pecos Blue said...

Mountain of Fire

shnaggy said...

oohhh lah lah keshi,
i should say...

"someone didn't know how to use the camera properly"


Tarun said...


George said...

Keshi ... you have beautiful lips and I agree with everybody else ... WOW

How about "Welcome home George" as a title?

The Grunt said...

"Breathless", well, that's coming from my vantage point.

The Grunt said...

Ok, now that I've got my composure back, here's my entry, "Teaser".

Anonymous said...

Will you post a full-nekked pic if SriLanka wins the World Cup?

Anonymous said...

And will you dance naked if Australia wins?

mommyof2 said...

You are crazy Keshi;-)

Lisa Francisco said...

Tatas on a heart

i know that was corny...

starry nights said...

"I am just too sexy"

Hey keshi that is a cool pic and you do look sexy and beautiful.Mr darcy is going to have more regrets.

priya said...

A kiss between the lines:))

invincible said...

The Two Towers
Crack me up
What lies within
The road to my heart
It's not what you think, it's my broken heart

SeaRabbit said...

You have amazing lips... I just love the photo very much!
Happy HNT!

krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
Beautiful photo and you look very pretty.
My suggestion is conditioned by culture comparison, so be forgiving and choose what is right:
-Come Into My World
-Body Language
-Suggestion and Invitation
-Secretive Keshi
-Simply Magic

WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

I always knew this was a porn site.

Just can't find the links.

However, everything else seems to be in place. LOL

I work with some gentlemen who saw your picture.

All I can say is thanks for nothing. LOL

Once they get there mind on a certain area of the male species, there is no hope of getting them thinking about anything else. LOL




The Phosgene Kid said...

All I can say is when it comes to women, Australia rules!!

Keshi said...

aww Rama thats a very warm one. ty!


hehe Dharma yes I am a HNTer but not too revealing. I like ur title (Re)veil..clever! ty :)


Thumbee ty!

**Wat u see & wat u dont..."

nice one :) Very smart.


Aidan I just love that one mate!

**Keeping abreast of the issues?

haha very clever and tnxx!


Rajeev I know ALL men love any nekked day LOL!

**Beauty In Black

nice one..simple and straightforward. ty!


Amy hey hows u?

**See NO Touch?"

haha cool one girl, ty! I wudnt want anyone touching oyeah!


Poo hey ty sweetie!

**"" Stop staring, they are Mine""

lol so cute. ty Poo!


I can u'stand that worries! :)


Icedude heyy "Once Upon a Crack!" rocks LOL! ty!


Keshi said...

Anony if u knew it b4 u were here, why r u here? I must bother u alot ha hehe.

And no I wudnt expect a title from a u either. No worries!


WC Vixen n ty!

I did see ur HNT too..WOWWWWWWWW!


Very true Neihal.

**"You know me, you know me not"

love it, ty!


Ghosty yeah I did get arrested for looking good ;-)

**walk through the valley of the shadow of God"...

LOL isnt that from some rap song? So my cleavage is a valley of God? good thinking mate! :):)

**Try Me

yeah try n get me ha! :):)

tnxx Ghosty!


Vikas heyy!


LOL very clever, ty!


Niki now ur Sato? :) HUGGGGGGGZ n ty!


Keshi said...

Johno 'WOW' is wow, ty! :):)


Kumar r u badly sun-burnt by now?

**Heat is on

:) cool tnxx!


lol now ur Austin? lovely, ty!


Raghav hey ty!

**i cant wait for the quarter nekked fridays to come

LOL no such Fridays.

btw did u and Kumar discuss the title? Or 'Heat is on' seems to be very popular :) ty Raghav!


Margie heyy HUGGGGGGGGZ!

May 23rd ha...great! Wish him well for me ok?

**Looking Good

is a great title too, tnxx hun!


Murane thats a nice one, ty!

**Read my lips

so did u read em? ;-)


hey Terry!


awww thats lovely ty!


Man_at_the_pub WB n ty!

I gather ur an Aussie. COOL!

**"Lost in Cleaveland"

Very clever and witty at the same time :) ty!

btw I used to catch my Uni bus at Cleaveland street in Syd LOL!


Keshi said...

WC I mean :)


Keshi said...

Poo hi again!

**1) Pain in Veins

wow nice...

**2) Dont cross those lines


**3) Love n Heart

aww so sweet.

ty so much they r all well thought of Poo.


Mathi heyy!

**"Mister, my eyes are up here!"

I'd have to record that and play it everytime I go out of the door. ur soo right :)



Geet ty!


I like it!


HE heyy!

**'Weapons of Mass Distraction
found in M'Iraq!'

lol hahaha so funny!! tnxx matey :):)


Tash hows u sweetie?

**Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but more often found in the chest

thats the ONLY truth there ever was! :)


Yash heyy!

**diving not allowed

lol just when u said that Vikas needed a dip! Boys wiil be boys ha.


Nora :) tnxx!


Deeps ur getting too competitive here ha :):) ty!

**W = Woman

ooooooo Im all wooooman ha ;-)

**Center of Attraction

really? where's the 'center'? :)

**My Walley!

d u see mah walley?

**Missed the Color on my Lips?

I didnt get that one...

**crevasse or cleavage?

wow Crevasse is nice! very clever.

**Pink, Black & Pervert

baaaaaaaawaaaaaaaa u called me a pervert! it should be mega pervert LOL!

**Arrested Development!!

thats a nice one ;-)

Deepz tnxx for all the cool titles...I know ur an expert in Boobocology.


Keshi said...

DJ u love the letter W ha ;-)

**'Wild and Wonderful'

ty! I can see a W in me WOW what a revelation :)


heyy Evil hows it going?

**The clothed half

:):) good one!!


Vesty the romantic ty!

**!....Sweet Mountains of Love

ahemm r ya calling my boobies mountains? :)


hey Confessing!

**Let me tell u a secret" or just "secret"

wow thats abt change it to 'Confession' ;-)


heyy Dh@v@!

**Sheer beauty: Concentrate on my lips

aww ty thats so sweet!


Desperado r ya out of the shock now? :)


Thats a neat one. ty!

btw those lips sing alot of grunge...cud u believe it?


Asha hey!

**Booby trap

lol thats one of my own favs! ty sweetie.


heyy Lemonade!


thats a very cute one :):)


Dickey WOW is another fav, ty!


Keshi said...

hey Pecos!

**Mountain of Fire

aha very hot ha :):) ty!

btw once my niece called my boobs The Andes mountains, so u got that right Pecos lol!


heyy Shnaggy tnxx!

**someone didn't know how to use the camera properly

how d u mean? Cos I cropped this pic deliberately. :)


Tarun heyy!


so u find this pic immoral? :) Interesting how different ppl see it differently. tnxx!


Hiya Geroge WC home ;-)

**Welcome home George

ooooo HOT title! tnxxx!


hey Grunty!


so u got ur breath back? :)


ooh lala ;-)

cool ones...tnxx Grunty!


hey Anonymous!

**Will you post a full-nekked pic if SriLanka wins the World Cup?

No :)

**And will you dance naked if Australia wins?

No :)

Actually i dunno who to support :( Both SL and AUS r my countries.


Mommy I have been crazy for so long now that it's very normal to me and ppl ard!


LOL Lisa tnxx for trying!



Starry u know I saw Mr.Darcy last night...driving down our street. I so havent missed much u know :)

**"I am just too sexy"

Nice one ty sweetie!


Keshi said...

Priya heyy!

**A kiss between the lines

hey thats neat, ty!


yeyyy v000nie is here!

**The Two Towers

U mean the WTC?

**Crack me up


**What lies within

aha what?

**The road to my heart

Its a highway btw!

**It's not what you think, it's my broken heart



de-parted? :):)

tnxx very nice ones there v000nie!


Searbbit WC n ty!

I will drop in at ur place soon.


Krys ty!

**Come Into My World


**-Body Language


**-Suggestion and Invitation

thats a neat one!



**-Secretive Keshi

me a big secretive woman u know...:)

**-Simply Magic


ty Krys they r all very cool!


Bev the porn queen is here! LOL!

**there is no hope of getting them thinking about anything else

wut happened to em? did they go to the loo and did not return? I so know the male species!


btw wuts ur title babez?


Keshi said...

So Phos' title wud be

"Roo chicks rule!" ?

:) tnxx mate!


Keshi said...

What a great bunch of smart n witty titles here...all r extremely good. I dunno how to choose :( Anyways lets give it some time...cos there r few other regulars yet to comment.

tnxx all!

Jim said...

Come hither

Jim said...

Dont be afraid
i am vegetarian

i dont eat men

Jim said...

if u look longer
u will be squint eyed

Jim said...

if u smoke
be careful where u drop your ashes

Jim said...

it gets better every Thursday
see u next thursday

Jim said...

if u gott it
flaunt it

Jim said...

see, no wonder bra

Jim said...


Jim said...

look all u want
but dont touch

Anonymous said...

i bet i am going to win the blog goddess award now

saby/jim dont have a chance

Anonymous said...

i am sure to get laid now

Jim said...

May 23rd
proud parents

he must surely be a stunner
post his pic

he gott good genes Margie

Menchie said...

Come away with me....

That's my title. :P

Jim said...

, Margie u been tagged
next thursday is yours

Anonymous said...

and the winner is ......

Keshi said...

heyy Jim!

**if u look longer
u will be squint eyed


Be patient Saby. There r few others yet to comment. I'll announce the winner soon :)


Menchie thats a cute one tnxxx!



Ashley said...

hee hee... You are torturing your male readers, you know that, right?

I love it. I will have to do half-nekkid Thursday sometime!

Tarun@RC said...

For a change no post just a photo :) I mean a beautiful one ;)

OK, here is my title "Between the Lines"

Blessed said...

Okay my turn---
"Just a hint of me"

Very nice Miss Keishi.
Beauty and brains.

jitendra said...

k 2 more entires

1. keshilicious
2. boobs dont fly ;)

Jay said...

You know you can't stop staring!

Keshi said...

Ashely I cant wait to see ur HNT. way to go girl!

**You are torturing your male readers, you know that, right?

LOL no I don't know. Im sooo innocent u see.


Tarun heyy ty! yeah for a change I stopped yakking...cos I got tired of my own banter PHEWWWWWWWW! :)

**Between the Lines

ooh lala nice one! ok so wuts between the lines?

o Im such a bad girl! just ignore me.


Blessed hey hows u darl?

**Just a hint of me

Nice entry there, ty missy!

Im not sure abt Brains tho...I cant find mine these days :)


heyya Jit!

**1. keshilicious

aww ty!

**2. boobs dont fly

boobs = pigs?



Really Jay? :)


Drama Div@ said...


p/s: Can there ever be enough?

Jim said...

hey u guys stop watching keshis boobs

India becomes a trillion dollar economy

read about it on IMNUTSINCAPS

Anonymous said...

who is the winner?

Keshi said...

Diva nice one!


Jim wait on u impatient dumbass LOL!


SamY said...

"choli kee peeche kya hai, nutty kee dhil mee kya hai" :P

why r thursdays about bring half naked? the pic almost luks like an invite to someone prrrr ;) ... god save that soul who's gonna fall for nutty ... he he

chocolteluva said...

what lies beneath?

a to z rhyme with me? ( my friends came with rhymes for boobs from a to z for eg "luscious lobes, glorious globes" ... it part of a drinking game - dont ask).


naughty or nice? either way you get to play twice!!

sorry im a perv, i tried to keep it all clean O=) ..

jitendra said...

boobs = pigs?"

nope. wrong :D

Keshi said...

Samy u know I dun u'stand Hindi :(

Mere ko hindi nahi aati hai!


LOL Chocolte u r cute! I know ur a perv but not bigger than me :)

**what lies beneath?

nice one ty sweetie!


Jit ok then what is it? :)


:P fuzzbox said...

How about, 'Yes, they are hypnotic.'

Keshi said...

Fuzzy u mean my lips? ;-)


messys musings said...


i dont know.. hehe... how bout 'bootyliscious'? but then mayb someones already suggested this...

oh.. n i tell u... i so wanna goto the blue mountains.... i've heard abt it from my frnd... n he says i have to b there... maybe someday... :)

Keshi said...

ty m000nie it's cute :)

yep the BMs r just amazing!

U should get here soon sweetie.


Poo said...


Keshi said...

Poo few more ppl yet to join waiting for em :)

How r u?


Keshi said...

I guess I should close it then...cos Thursday is over. :)

Will come back with the winner soon!


ra said...

can u mail me ur id?

ra said...


I have been reading ur blog from long time...may be since u started it..

always wanted to chat with u..

hope to chat with u today.

Keshi said...

hey RA ty!

ra ra ra :) ok I will write to u soon.


ra said...

why not now!!

Keshi said...

k Im here talk :)


ra said...

buzz me! if u dont wanna send an email...

grant my wish na

Keshi said...

na I dun chat on msn/ym anymore. Im so over that. I hate chatting btw.

talk here :)


ra said...

how abt emails thn?

Keshi said...

wut r u gonna say in emails that u cant tell me here? :)


alex said...

The title of the song-Come into my world. :P

Keshi said...

r u being too naughty now Alex? :)


fergal said...

"if only computer monitors displayed in 3 dimensions!" ;-D


ra said...

ntn like tht bt nyways.

PrAcHi said...

Hay kesh.. how r u? Me too busy these days. Had to complete all the work in the office before I leave for vacation! Today my last day in the office :)!

The title "Deep down in my heart!" :)

ღ lil_kath ღ said...

ahem!! what's happenin' here huh? i was just away for few days and this pic. shocked me when i open ur blog? awwwwwww.... ^_~ u look perfectly daring sweetie, soo beautiful! and damnn! i hate that lips... soo jealous of that cleavage too hmmmm!! *wink* ^_^ hehe....

... ok! i hope im not that late for the title... what about?.... Touch me... don't! woohoooo.... sounds tempting right? muaahhh!!

whateva... iloveyou babe! and thanx for the text u've sent last time! enjoy weekend!


Parag said...

not necessary to do is beyond all this !! and you are a beautiful person...

Kumar Chetan said...

still no title?

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

Keshi Uncovered....

Cazzie!!! said...

Wonderful Keshi girl, you are lovely and it shows... you ooze loveliness :)

Jeevan said...

Angel in black!! Something different, always angel comes in white dress na;)

Karthik B.S. said...

My suggestion for the title is:

Seeing through the lines :P

Anonymous said...

the winner is

choli kee peeche kya hai,

Aanoon said...

Hi Keshi,

after a long time, i'm checking ur blog, that's a pretty hot post :-))

first thing that striked my mind was, wat if ur former friend/lover Mr.Darcy react/feel seeing this picture? i'm sure he will be deeply deeply regretting to miss such a beauty who was so close to him :-) in opinion he was a most unfortunate asshole :-))

and coming to ur post title, wat can i say, in my opinion , A picture makes a louder/stronger impact that this case your hot picture speaks volumes... i think the title "UNTITLED" is the apt title :-)) no need for any title...n besides who would look/read the post title against the picture posted :-)


Vest said...

Keshi: Alright change it to.

Like words spoken at the right moment, they lay like two golden apples on a silver dish.

Mayaavi said...

been here a couple of times before...but this is the first time im commenting...So here it goes:

I can only see the missing pendant(i gifted!!!...:P)

so it can be something like:
"The Missing Pendant"

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

you're a looker!!
and i must say exceptional picture. loved it!
too bad youre not in bangalore. I could have asked you out to a set. :)

Bhavesh said...


wallycrawler said...

"Glad ta meet ya two" !

"D'OH" !

katch photo said...


Helen said...

Hey keshi (crazy gal) I'm going with:

"keep watching, they do tricks"

but I like Rama g's "The Heart Within," too.

Little Miss Muffet said...

wow! hot pic ;) am not suggesting a title coz i think everything possible has already been suggested ..i liked booby trap and keshilicious :) so have u decided which one ur gonna choose?

Sugababee said...

thought i got the wrong page for a second

the_ego_has_landed said...

hey keshi...

um.. how's

"This is just the tip of the iceberg ;)"

..btw.. why this sudden revealation of sexiness? :)

KK said...

uhmmmm.... Speechless :D

Trundling Grunt said...

Sorry - took me a while bacause I was standing up trying to peer down the front of my monitor.

ramasadagopan said...

'D-Cup Syndrome'
Nothing gets bigger than the World cup..Well, apparently Keshi's D cup does :P

Arm Pitt said...

The comment by ramasadagopan is mine

Shionge said...


Kekeke...nice pix you sexy babe :D

Anonymous said...

so who's the winner keshi?

Ash said...

Wow - you're hot!

shnaggy said...

because...the photog should've inlcuded the real beauty which is the owner of that lips!!! heheh

Anonymous said...

beautiful woman

Princess Banter said...

Oooo-er :) You look awesome :) You know, you probably don't have to pay for any of your drinks anymore for the rest of your life *winks*

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

lol missy ... am not being naughty .. lotta people have already suggested some hot hot titles ... I would say 'HNT' ... those simple three alphabets mean a lot .. and everyone keeps guessing what the nekkid part is gonna be ;p

btw chk out my new hot haircut on my blog

Anonymous said...

yep im sato! sato means suger in our language lol
so which title u chose, keshi-chan??

gautami tripathy said...


What got over you?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hoohah! Never get tired of looking at that!!

lee said...

Oh keshi -please forgive me for what I'm about to write here -haha. I will say (because it's honestly what it reminded me of)

Plumber's Crack.

krystyna said...

Have a wonderful Sunday, Keshi!

Sharad Mathur said...

! am wot ! am ...


ghee said...

im not that late,right??hope so..hmmm,let me think...

the best title would be...tadaa!!
"Cleave,Crave and Bleed(your nose!)"..

yay!am i the winner?LOL!

ghee said...

heyy,i got another one Keshi!
"A Dangling Angle!" its hot huh,LOL!

Anonymous said...

hellloo superstarrrrrrrrrr!!!!hope u had a beautiful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keshi said...

lol Fergal!


Ra hows u?


Prachi thats a very sweet title ty sweetie!


lolz Kath ur soooo sweet HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

n ty :)


gee tnxx Parag :)


Kumar its comin up soon - stay tuned ;-)


Ganesh I really like that one!


Caz u too babez HUGGGGGGGZ n ty!


Jeevan thas a clever one, ty!


Nice one Karthik! :):)


Anonymous I dun get that.


Arun hi!

Mr.Darcy likes other spending time with momma pappa n sis.

hey Untitled is nice too, wow ty!


ooh lala Vesty sexy number ;-)


Mayaavi hey WC sweetie!

**"The Missing Pendant"

lol thats a real clever one! TY :)


Toothless ty and wut do u do in Bangalore?

(apart from being tootheless that is :))


Bhavesh Roundabout as in? LOL!


hahaha Wally!


WC Katch n ty!


Helen thats a beauty LOL, ty! Indeed they do tricks and often Im amused by em myself! :)


ty Miss.Muffet they r indeed very cute titles arent they :)


Suga stopppppp its me Keshi..come back!


lolllz Ego nice one...Im bringing SEXY BACKK! ;-)


KK is that ur title?


Trundz why dun u turn ur PC upside down? ;-)


Arm_Pitt nice one there WOW!

**'D-Cup Syndrome'

love it!

btw its actually DD LOL!


Shionge heyy!




DJ it'll be announced shortly :)


ty Ash I know ok Im just kidding!


awww ty Shnaggy!


Rick thats sweet n simple, ty!


Banter Im not that lucky...cos I have jerk-magnet genes u know.


Cheesy HUGGGGGGGG! I cut my hair too...jusy yday...was gonna post pics today but will do tomorrow...cos I didnt have time to upload em to the pc. I'll be in ur blog soon!

HNT = Hot Naughty n Tasty?


Niki 'Sugary' sweetie it's comin up soon babez.


Gautami I just got horny LOL!


Phos if looking cud build a stairway...wud u come ard and take me away? :)


Lee I love it girl! :):)

**Plumber's Crack.


But I wonder if some handsome plumber can 'crack' into it lol!


Krys ty!


Sharad u ok?



Ghee ur not late at all hun.

**Cleave,Crave and Bleed(your nose!)"..

love that one! HOTTTTT :)

tnxx for taking part, u rock!


Shammu I did...Im sporting a nice new haircut...:)


Anonymous said...

and the title is "melons"

ghee said...

yeheyyy!! I won!!! Im glad i made it!haha!im just happy!! :)

at least i can sense a hot woman ;)

have a great week ahead,Keshi!
hugs a lot to you!!

ghee said...

btw,im looking forward to a lucky guy whos gonna win that gorgeous boobs of yours,LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ghee won ?
no way

i demand that the selection be done by a panel comprising of Jim, Saby and Sex Counsellor

Keshi said...

Anony thats not quite true...cos melons r Pam's LOL!


Ghee CONGRATS sweetie! :)

The guy who wins em ha? LOL!


ok Saby u tell which one u liked the best?


Anonymous said...

cholli ke peeche kya hai
is the best

Dalicia said...

woo hoooo

Keshi said...

wuteva peach that is Anony :):)


WOOHOO Dalicia!


SamY said...

** Samy u know I dun u'stand Hindi :(

I thought otherwise :) ... at least in bits and pieces ... those verses were from a very famous hindi track for which madhuri dixit danced in traditional rajasthani clothing ;) ( ... I presumed u'd have known :p

** Mere ko hindi nahi aati hai!

lol ... reminds me of a friend of mine who wanted to say "I went home, got the money and gave him" as "mei gaya, aaya, aur diya" :))

Keshi said...

Samy cut the crap and tell me what that meant...I mean the title u gave b4 for this post? LOL!


alex said...



Bhavesh said...

1. Roundabout (n): Large mechanical apparatus with seats for children to "ride" on

-Need I say more!!

2. Roundabout (adj): Marked by obliqueness or indirection in speech or conduct

-Such a roundabout way to generate self-praise!!

3. At the end of the day it is really ABOUT something that is ROUND in shape, no? ;-)

Anyway. good pick BTW. But it could have been better.. JK :-)


Within Without said...

Marvellous Mouth, leading south...

KK said...

ofcourse that was my title :( you didnt select mine :P

Keshi said...

Alex :):)


Bhavesh LOL okkkkkk I got ya now!

Round n about!


WW heyy!

**Marvellous Mouth, leading south...

COOL title mate!


awwwwwwww KK huggggggggggz!


Tarun@RC said...

** ok so wuts between the lines?

Keshi said...

:):) Tarun!


Dan said...

Keshi, thanks for your super sweet words on my HNT. Sweetie, you're a hottie yourself! Beautiful shot Kesh! Love it! Hugs.

Keshi said...

tnxx Dan :)