Thursday, April 10

I Have A Doll

Hi guys my name is Loshi and I'm 3yrs old. I can sing, I can dance, I can laugh non-stop and I'm crazy about BRATZ dolls. I'm posing like a model here just cos Aunty Keshi asked me to...I know she loves me alot *smilez eternally*. Aunty K, take me take me! How do you like my pretty pink shirt?

owww Aunty K give me a break! Now it's that Choc time of the day yeyyyy! Thank you, let me help myself...let me take alot in one go hmmm...

What, you want some chocs too? U notty notty girl! Wait till I finish gobbling it all ok. I can't open my mouth cos I've got the whole plack in there!

This is my beautiful lil 3yr old niece Loshi. She's adorable to the core! She's not only cute but also a very smart lil girl. She listens to her parents, hardly throws tanties, does as she's asked to do, watches Tamil/Hindi movies when bored, when asked why Aishwarya Rai is crying in a movie she says 'cos her boyfriend left her and went to a faraway country' LOL!, has an ear for good music, always greets you with a cuddle and a long and very cute 'hayyllllooooww' when you visit her place, smiles abundantly, is full of questions starting with a 'why' for anything you say (and those 'why's never end!), will try to make tea for you, will go and tell her mum that Aunty K is here and that we should start the party (yes she thinks I'm a Party on legs!), dances to Bratz music and assigns each person a Bratz' doll name. And Loshi doesn't know that Aunty K has a doll too...yes I still have a doll and I love her to death...and her name is Loshi! She decorates my life and makes me forget all the blues...just what a doll does anyways. I miss my doll so much cos she's on holidays in Singapore right now. This one's for you sweetheart MWAHHH!

So, do you have any dolls in your life? Cmon, share your dolls with me!

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KAYLEE said...

OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KAYLEE said...

and thanks for your comment on the last post to my sad comment i am just not doing Well!

KAYLEE said...

sent you an email ok?

Shionge said...

Only 3?? She is such an adorable child, love her smile :D

Menchie said...

She is adorable! And a smart one too! The best kind. LOL!

Anyway, when I was a little girl, I didn't like playing with dolls. They actually creeped me out with their blank stares. Then my youngest sister came along and she was crazy about Barbies. My other sister and I loved to cut her Barbie's hair off! *we were evil that way*.

Now, though, I have my very own doll and she talks back too! I love dressing Faith up and fixing her hair and listening to her voice. She's like a little mini-me. :D

Anonymous said...

wow!!! Keshi.. she is sooooo cuteeeeeeee!

OMG! I lov her.. "my-mouth-is-filled-up-with-cookies but is till wanna smile" smile :D

shooo shweeettt

as of now.. in my house.. all r grown ups :-|

and well i m the eldest.. i guess.. i shud ahve a baby :))

and well my mom is my doll....she is sooo cute :))

wow.. Keshi...yu r feeling good n happy.. thts wat counts bebeh :)



Keshi said...

haha Kaylz isnt she a doll!

*HUGZ* u TC now.


Keshi said...

I'll check my email now.



Keshi said...

yup Shionge she turned 3 last Nov.


But she talks like she's 7. lol!


Keshi said...

hey Menchie tnxx hun!

**My other sister and I loved to cut her Barbie's hair off! *we were evil that way*.

LOL u evil evil sisters!

** I love dressing Faith up and fixing her hair and listening to her voice. She's like a little mini-me

I can see that thru ur pics. She's so adorable! I love dressing up lil girls too :):) I think it comes from my childhood Doll days hehe.


Keshi said...

hey Veenz tnxx hun MWAH!

yeah I get clucky when I see lil babies :P

**and well my mom is my doll....she is sooo cute

aww wut a beautiful thing to say! I just realised even my mum is a Living Doll..she def decorates my life and takes away my blues.

*HUGZ* to ur doll!


Ankur said...

oh wow... she is so cute n pretty...

Kids are always smart n intelligent, full of life... i have a 4 yr old cousin who is like my JAAN, he calls me dada... and whenever i go back home, he always has a list of demands with him...

haha... he instructs me not to enter the house if i dont bring him what he wants... :D
he is so adorable tat when u try to pull his leg, he says wit a sad face..."Dont irritate me na" :P

I'll put up a post abt him sometime... but the only problem with kids is, they dont let u watch tv... coz they have their own channels and programs *sigh*

but its fun fighting with them... all for fun!!!

Give Loshi my love....


Iceman said...

hehe... cute doll...
really sweet... :P

tulipspeaks said...

aww... adorable cutie!!!


Jay said...

awwww .. what a cutie!

La vida Loca said...

have a bunch of nephews and nieces..but S really gets my heart...shes a lot like me..maybe thats why lol

La vida Loca said...

Loshi is sooooo is a nice fat cheek pull

Keshi said...

tnxx Ankur!

** he instructs me not to enter the house if i dont bring him what he wants... :D

lol yes I hv another niece n nephew who taxes me for wanting to enter their house.

**he is so adorable tat when u try to pull his leg, he says wit a sad face..."Dont irritate me na"

haha so cute!

yes they dun let us watch TV cos all they wanna do is watch their kids' shows LOL!


Keshi said...

hey Iceman tnxx :)


Keshi said...

ty Ammu!

And ur doll is? :)


Niyara - Asian Rocxs said...

my doll in an original indian barbie one my frends bought me from her trip to india last year. Shes so realisit: blonde hair, white skin. haha no but really she has a dupatta though :)

Keshi said...

Jay tnxx!


Keshi said...

LaVida I like S too then :)



Keshi said...

haha Niyara!

but I've seen the Indian Barbie in Toys R Us...with a saree, black hair and bindi n all :) VERY PRETTY.


Vest said...

Yes she is a sweet cute little girly and with her other attributes I hope she stays that way in the future.
Being born male, dollies were off limits until I became interested in real live dolls at 15, but of course only the prettiest and the best for vest.
Never kissed an ugly girl ever, some have kissed me, yuk, no more need now contentment is ruling my life, plus eight gorgeous Granddaughters and er indoors, my Goddess.

Keshi said...

Vesty u doll lover ;-)

WOW u hv 6 Granddaughters? Cool!

And the Goddess is THE best ha!

tnxx mate *HUGZ*


Lena said...

so adorable she is. and very very verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cute! Beautiful little doll!! I am sure saying that aunty keshi loves her a lot is underestimation. She surely deserves all the love in the world!!!! :)

Macadamia The Nut said...

Aww Keshi! She's unbelievably cute!!
And what a coincidence! I had written about two little men in my life this evening and was wondering if I should post or not... guess I will :D

anits said...



Cinderella. said...

Girl she is sshhooooooooo darn cute !!!

Completely molly-cuddlable !!!!!

About my doll,eh ?
You rem'ber my 'Smitten' post ? About my cuzin baby sis in Texas ?

She is such a doll...!!!

Also my brother. He's 20, yet I cant get over molly-cuddling ! He's so adorable...
Then my mum....she's another one.
One of "dollops' post said how I snuggle up near her in lazy winter afternoons and go off for nedless siestas.....

Here I go ! Getting nostalgic all over again.

And Loshi is such a cute cute name. I wanna give her a big bear hug..and a big kisseee....

**muaaaahs for Loshi**

(Aunty K will get next time. stocks over....he he)

Happy LOL Day said...

So cute!!!!
I love Bratz too!

(the person who did the cover pic on the site is from Australia too!! ) :)

jitendra said...

hey kesar.. longtime! how have you been?

The Phosgene Kid said...

What a princess!! Almost as cute as my grandson!!

Sweetstickychewy said...

Oooh adorable Loshi is really really near me.:) Hope she enjoys her little holiday here.:)

nice pink shirt.:)

***So, do you have any dolls in your life? Cmon, share your dolls with me!

Yupsy i have quite a number of dolls in my life.:)

For starters, are my two nieces.

most recently a girlfriend of mine.

She has got a great smile! and a ball of energy that neva fail to energize me much. Such a doll seriously!

τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя said...

kooochii koooo
say my hayllloooooooo to er too and give her a kichii from me
she is jus so adorable :)

I have a cute nephew too..will upload his pic soon..he is also so adorable...but he is naughty brat..he has a cute tendency to brk everything I adore..last time he broke my phone charger ;))
but still he is so lovable :)

d SINNER!!! said...

she is cute...

doesnt look three et al...

Keshi said...

aww Lena tnxx hun!

U seem to adore lil ones alot, just like me.



Keshi said...

hey Macadamia tnxx babez!

**about two little men in my life this

awwwww I'd love to see who they r!


Keshi said...

haha Anits not really...I think Loshi is the real cute one here :)

*HUGZ* n ty!


Keshi said...


**Completely molly-cuddlable

haha u love pampering kids na? me too! thats cos I myself am a kid stuck in an adult's body. Let me out let me out! :)

*cuzn sis

aww yes...adorable is the word!


a 20yr old doll isnt too bad either. LOL cute one!


definitely a doll! My mum is my world!

btw Loshi's real name is Loshantti. :)

ty sweetie and HUGZ!


Keshi said...

hey HappyLOLDay WC n ty!

I liek Bratz too..even tho Im a lil big for em LOL!


Keshi said...

Im doin pretty good ty Jitterz and urself? :)


Keshi said...

Phoso arent lil kids so adorable!


Keshi said...

ty Amy MWAH!

**Loshi is really really near me

oyes! Her grandparents live there so she always goes there for holz. She's only 3 and already travelled quite alot. :)

** are my two nieces

yeah I know adore em.

**new GF

how nice! Always great to be ard ppl like that.

*HUGZ* n ty sweetz!


Keshi said...

hey Sourish! :)


lol that was cute!

**I have a cute nephew too..will upload his pic soon..

I wanna see him I wanna see him!

**but he is naughty brat..he has a cute tendency to brk everything I adore..last time he broke my phone charger

LOL omg!

I hv a 4-yr old nephew too..always asks for my mobile phone to play games...he doesnt even know how to play..he keeps pressing the middle key until he hears a sound and he goes 'yessss I won!' :)

**but still he is so lovable

definitely! All kids need to be loved.


Keshi said...

yes Sinner..she's way beyond her age :)


Jeevan said...

So sweet and adorable Loshi :) have a wonderful time dear keshi, take care.

Pri said...

awww...shes soo cuttteeee! really adorable...
ur doll is the bestest!! :)

and heyy 'loshi' is a sweet name...something ive never heard before it short for her full name or something??

keshi...loshi...rhymes too :P

Keshi said...

hey Jeevan ty!

is ur PC ok now?


maverick said...

wow...shes so cute..u ve got a very smart n cute niece..i hope she gives u competition after a few yrs... :D

well i miss my nephews..they are an amazing bundle of joy...pack of mischievous kids...n the 2 younger ones are big time casanovas :D

Keshi said...

hey Pri tnxx hun!

**something ive never heard before it short for her full name or something??

her full name is Loshantti (pronounced 'Loshanthi'). And we all affectionately call her LOSHI.

Now tell me abt ur Dolls Pri :)



SwAtI said...

Awwww!!! She's so so so cute!! Realy very adorable .. :)

Thanks for puttng up this really cheered me up..

Well, I dun have a Doll!! But I have two cute lil boyfriends.. ;)
One is my 12 year old its been a long relationship.. :D
we are quite attached to each other..
but now tht he's a bit grown up..he thinks m a bit too old to be his gf.. hehehe.. i have the most amazing time with him..
The other boyfriend is my 10month old nephew.. he's really too cute..can't wait for him to start talking & playing.. :)

My love to Loshi!!
Thanks for your comment in my post..It really meant a lot to me!!
Lots of love

Keshi said...

Mav she's already HIGH competition. haha look at her!

And she's way too day she called another cuz of mine 'u drama-queen'...and that girl is abt 25yrs old LOL!

aww I'd love to see ur nephews..I simply adore ALL kids.

**n the 2 younger ones are big time casanovas

haha like their uncle, may I say? :)


Keshi said...

Swati thats so nice to hear abt ur 2 BFs :) Had me chuckling!

**but now tht he's a bit grown up..he thinks m a bit too old to be his gf..

lol awww...

**The other boyfriend is my 10month old nephew

how sweeeeeeeet! only 10months?? omg...I love lil babies.

U must be such a superb aunt to them...they r very lucky to have ya in their lives Swati!


Sweetstickychewy said...

Hello Keshi..:)

***new GF?

She ain't new sweets. She has been around for a very long time this friend of mine.:) Its juz that recently she has been such a doll to me esp with the recent stress at work.:)

Keshi said...

oh ok Amy..sorry I somehow thought she was new :)


maverick said... their uncle?? no way near them...they ve an entire train of girls to carry with them..i ve none :(


well i ll fulfill one of ur wishes..chk ur mail..

Nirmal's Blog said...

hey shes very cute......

aunty pe gayi hai....

oops but aunties hot..lols....

unfortunately no dolls in my life....:-(..

may god bless her..

Keshi said...

aww ty Nirmal!

**aunty pe gayi hai....

ok translate plz :)

haha @HOT!

btw I just came bak from ur blog and I see ur comment here. Telepathy?


Keshi said...

And Nirmal u do hv a doll in ur life..ur mum :)


SwAtI said...

Please chk out my reply to ur comment in my blog.. :)
M so glad n honored to be part of your blog world Keshi.. :D

Keshi said...

Swati tnxx hun MWAH!

And I replied in ur blog. u r so very kind my dear :)


Nirmal's Blog said...

aunty pe gayi hai..

***she looks like her aunty..***

bout doll ya my mum sweet....
but got a sis too ...but she makes me a doll.

and i dont think boys play with dolls....we used to feel tats so uncool....ha ha lols...

Keshi said...

haha MAv really? awww...

and tnxx! I'll check it now.


Keshi said...

Nirmal Im sure ur sis is lovely! :) And ur mum too awww.

**and i dont think boys play with dolls

r u sure? wut abt when u get married? LOL!


Nirmal's Blog said...

ha ha who said after marriage one remains cool...lols..

PREETI said...

Only 3 and yet so profound in her knowledge on relationships...?!??! :O u should Aunty K doesnt have anytin to do with it...??? hehehe... ;)

SOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Man, she certainly is a livin doll...n u knw wat? Keshi n Loshi sound soooo cute...!

I have a doll sister DOLLY! :D

(She shud read tis comment. Shez already recoverin from her mild attack from my previous post, tis wud certainly kill her! haha)

Kalpana said...

you got a wonderful smiley DOLL...!!!

Alok said...


You made my day!! Hehe.

I want chocolates too!! humph! x( x(

Chocolates! Chocolates!

Enjoy your doll! I have none right now, though I have a teddy bear (my ex-roomie, current neighbour, best friend). :P

Anonymous said...

my nephew!!!/// he is a absolut joy to be with... n when i go there i sem to forget all bad that ha s happened in busy playing with him and his ation figures..hehe..cute lil niece u got there... :-).... god bless her...n god blesss u

cheerz maam...

general_boy said...

She's a sweety Keshi =)

Yes, I have a little doll... my 6 y.o. niece. She cracks me up, reminds me of her mum at the same age!!!

Anjuli said...

she is so cute :)

I also have a niece...will turn 3 coming June...she is equally naughty, cute and smart...and she indeed is my doll :)

Vrij said...

Kids r always soooo cuuute ! And this one's poing for the cam. Model material already?

wisdomstuff said...

She is a little dolly. I'd love to just scoop her up and cover her with kisses.

Ms Smack said...


KP! said...

keshi....nice to meet ur doll...P:).
she is cute..:).

sorry kesh...guy and doll dont go to gether...:).

Donn said...

She is a PERFECT little Doll..
what a gorgeous little imp.
I would be putty in your hands and spoil her rotten...what a great age.

Miladysa said...


I have a whole family full of them ;-D

vishesh said...

lol...she looks very similar to you ...:)

Pavi!!!! said...

OMG! soooooooooo cute....she is such a doll! look at her modellin or better still gobblin up her choclates...awwwww..i wanna hug her and a peck on her cheek!
n of crse she loves aunty K..isnt that doing the obvious :)

The doll in my life is Rishab..Sister's 2 yr 4 mths old son. I last saw him when he was 1 yr old and how adorable he is! u knw..i had prayed sooooo hard that my sis shld have a gurl..but she had a boy n thnx to him..i loooooveeeee boys:))
u shld hear him on the fone.. "hello chitti(aunt in tamil)..I love u,i miss u, come soon in plane" followed by a flying kiss....on how much i adore li'l angel!
n all reports on him confirm that he is a super brat :))))) n im so proud abt that! 2 weeks back, his school celebrated "annual Day"..our man dressed up as rock-star n was initially shy to get on stage..But once he was on it..he refused to get off it and kept dancing ..much to my sister's embarassment!

Seeing n hearing abt these li'l ones ..makes me want to have a baby sooooooooo badly ;-)

Ria said...

Oh!! she's so so cute....Love the innocence of small children!!As of now i m the youngest in my no dolls around, mum doubles in as a doll though!lol....i guess i shud get married asap to hav a doll of my own. *shud start pestering my bf to marry me soon!!* :D

black coffee said...

thats so cuuuute!
i have a neice too who is just 3 months old! i cant wait to have akki chitthi moments(thats me, i am her chitthi oh well u know what it is!)

and dolls? i wasn a girly girl really! so no dolls here!

Mansi Trivedi said...

very very very very cute

just mad said...

such a lovely kid !

say my "hi" to her :)

Paul said...

I really miss kids, since that was my work till I became too disabled in 03.

One of my favorite memories of cute kids was I think in that same last year, 03... a couple third grade girls from Miss Wilson's room kept asking to see me at lunch. Most of the time I just didn't have extra time to meet with kids without a reason, but they were so persistent we ended up meeting probably once a month when I could squeeze them in.

As the weeks went by, they kept adding another girl or two from their class - kept saying they were having friendship problems, arguments...

It became pretty clear, however, that it was mostly an excuse to have lunch together! Once in a while there really would be something to sort out, but they were all really nice girls - not one mean one, which, actually, at that age, was a little surprising.

It was also surprising one day after lunch recess when the girls were in my office and I looked up to see Miss Wilson's class coming in from recess. I was watching the line filing in... boy, boy, boy... I realized that it had reached a point where all the girls in the class were having lunch with me, lol! They were so much fun, would laugh at next to nothing. And of course, working in the schools, I'd mastered the fine art of making kids laugh without having them get so hyped up that they'd be trouble when they got back to class, since that would have meant "Mr. Martin" got in trouble!

Arthur said...

Hi Keshi, my niece, who is 4 years old, is also a doll herself. Everytime my cousin visits me, he brings my niece and she runs toward me and gives me a very lovely hug.

And thnks to her, I knew American Hi-5, and we both enjoy watching Amercian Hi-5 on TV.

Once, I sang an American Hi-5 song to her, and she said I sing beautiful. And we love to dance the American Hi-5 choreographies together.

You know, my niece's favorite Amercian Hi-5 is Kimee, and my favorite is Curtis.

Thanks Kashi, for sharing this post with us.

Big greetings and big hugs

Sweet Dreams, from the bottom of my Heart:

Ghost Particle said...

I got 3 nephews who are noisy brats, dumbo's and sometimes cute all at once. So its kinda like a funfair that never ends, and Im the kid who never gets on a ride coz everyone else is hogging the rides...get me? They bug me to death and I dont get along well with boys...unless theyre less than 1 year old. Boys!!!

I hope someone gives birth to a girl Ill b d bestest uncle ever.

Loshi...if ever Aunty Keshi don't buy u the chocs, I'll build u a candy store and make u the manager and u can eat all you want. Hugs girl! :)

Chiniiz Mom.. Swati said...

She is so adorable! can understand her natural curiosity of 'why's... my little one is stuck to 'ka' (what) now :)

carolinagal said...

You know who my doll is right? four-legged, hairy monster, Spencer!!!

I also have two nephews- 1 and 4, and my fiance' has two nieces- 4 and 6. They are all soooo wonderful!! Makes me smile every time I think about them :)

Tarun said...

Hmmm ...
Kids ... always cute ... I remember i was cute too ........ hahahahahaha
anyways ... I had a teddy bear when I was cute,opps when I was a kid.
Well I am waiting to catch hold of my nephew,brother is in UK right now, I am still to see my nephew :(

Solitaire said...

I had lots and lots of dolls growing up. All cousins who were younger. Now they are all grown-up. Some even have boyfriends! How time flies!

krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
Very cute post as your cute and beautiful doll. She is very smart and really a beautiful model.
And she looks very happy/sure, because of Aunty Keshi/.
Big hugs to you both!

krystyna said...

I lost my commets, so I have to start again about my dolls.
I have two dolls.
My lovely grandsons - Kevin and Kyle.
In June, Kevin will reach 3 yrs old,
and Kyle 1 yrs old./both this same month/
Now, Kevin is 6 months after chemotheraphy treatment.
They love each other very much.
Now, Kyle is crowling on all fours.

Wishing you a beautiful day Keshi!

priya said...

I love her smile and beautiful eyes Keshi. What does Loshi mean by the way?

George said...

Hi Beauty ... as I mentioned in my last post posting had become more of a chore than a pleasure. I had been posting every weekday for months and sometimes on a weekend as well. I didn't lack for post to publish, I just reached the point where I felt that I had to post by 10:30 because I knew that some people visited in the morning. If I didn't have something ready by noon I felt that I was letting people down ... I am a person of habit and my habit was becoming a state of ignoring much of my day until I had something up. While I could get away with it most of the time at work there were many times when meetings, deadlines, volume just prevented me from giving posts the attention they deserved.

Rather than drift into a haphazard posting schedule or sticking to my daily posts with less attention to producing a good post ... the work effort made it feel like an obligation.

That is the simple truth of it, sweetie. I still get around to read a few blogs regularly and a few others maybe once a week but I won't be posting anything for a while.

I am starting to pick up my photography background (something that I have not done seriously in 30 years) and just today picked up a new camera and a couple of lenses and left an awful lot of money on the counter at the camera shop. I will be spending a lot of time taking pictures, manipulating them in Photoshop and perhaps there is a small chance that I will start a new blog with strictly limited posts, maybe twice a week. It will be a photography themed blog if I do decide to start anew.

That's it kiddo. You have my e-mail address so anytime you want to pick up on that level I'll be more than happy to hear from you.

There are a few bloggers that I both enjoyed and liked ... you are one of them even though I am twice as old as you.

Be good, sweetheart and I do hope to hear from you from time to time while I continue to drop by and leave comments (or answer e-mail if you send me any).


Beach Bum said...

Loshi and my daughter Miss Wiggles would have a lot in common. My daughter is wild about anything that has to do with BRATZs. I'm a fairly good dad but if I have to see one more BRATZ movie I may run off into the woods screaming. By the way Loshi is a knockout, she will break some boys hearts down the road.

Keshi said...

lol Nirmal u smarty!


Keshi said...

haha Preeti yes Aunty K has something to do with lil miss Loshi's wide knowledge and dancing genes LOL!

aww I rem ur post for ur sis Dolly.

*HUGZ* to both of ya dollies!


Keshi said...

Kalpz tnxx hun!


Keshi said...

aww Alok tnxx!

And u hv a cute lil teddy bear? how sweet :)


Keshi said...

Samby tnxx mate!

aww I'd love to see ur lil nephew who makes u forget ur blues..

My HUGZ to him!


Keshi said...

hey Boy tnxx!

**She cracks me up, reminds me of her mum at the same age

haha I'd love to see her. Yes kids remind us so much of what their parents were like when they were lil.



Silvara said...

heya Keshi! My comments don't seem to be posting!

I had left a comment saying that my pet name at home is 'Gudia' which means doll in hindi :D

So I guess I am the doll in my parent's life...

btw - she is GORGEOUS! You're both very lucky :)

Keshi said...

aww Anjuli she sounds like my kinda cutie-pie doll :)

My kisses to her!


Keshi said...

hey Vrij yes she's a model already, but only cos Aunty K wanted her to pose so :)


Keshi said...

haha Wisdom I feel the same way each time I See her. Sometimes I just pull her cheeks or cuddle her cos she looks like a lil bunny :):)


Keshi said...

ty Ms.Smack!


KAYLEE said...


carolinagal said...

Oh I forgot to mention their names.. Nikhil (4), Kavin(1), Neve (4) and Jasmine (6).

Suma said...

she's a darlin' with an attitude!!!

my dolls? my lil niece..all of 3..adorable and neigbor's lil girl...with absolutely pinchable cheeks...

Keshi said...

k KP :) tnxx!


Keshi said...

Donn hey tnxx!

**what a gorgeous little imp

lol yes! Sometimes she reminds me of a cute lil bunny hopping abt. She's so active..always upto something..her pockets full of toys n loliies lol! She's so very busy all the time!


Keshi said...

how lucky Milady!


KAYLEE said...

Now, Kevin is 6 months after chemotheraphy treatment.//

Wait krystyna knows what i am going through then? are those her sons?

durjoy datta said...

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmlyyyyyyyyyy cute!!!!!!!
i have a doll too!
might sound funny but that is my 10 year old female dog( i prefer it that way)..........!!!
by the way, i am back!
and back to stay!!!!!

Keshi said...

haha Vish u mean the way she poses for the camera ha :)


Keshi said...

hey Pavi ty! Isnt she adorable!

**The doll in my life is Rishab..Sister's 2 yr 4 mths old son.

awwwwwwwww he sounds terribly cute!

**rock star on stage

hahahaha he sounds so cute! Sounds like my 4yr old nephew who's very shy but once he gets a chance he's crazy for attention LOL!


Keshi said...

hey Ria tnxx hun!

**mum doubles in as a doll though

lol so does my mum!


Keshi said...

hey Black_Coffee tnxx!

**i cant wait to have akki chitthi moments

aww I can imagine how sweet the lil voice wud be!


Keshi said...

ty Mansi :)


Keshi said...

hehe ty JM!


Keshi said...

Paul HUGZ! That was touching.

** not one mean one, which, actually, at that age, was a little surprising.

yes some kids r mean. But I hvnt quite lost faith in all kids. cos there r some very nice ones like the ones u mentioned.


Keshi said...

Sounds very cute Arthur!

**Once, I sang an American Hi-5 song to her, and she said I sing beautiful. And we love to dance the American Hi-5 choreographies together.

lol so adorable!

ty n my HUGZ and a Hi-5 to her! :)


Keshi said...

haha Ghosty sounds like u hv a BRATZ team to take care of :)

**They bug me to death and I dont get along well with boys

lol why not?


Keshi said...

Swati tnxx hun!

**my little one is stuck to 'ka' (what) now :)

haha so cute!


Keshi said...

hey Carolinagal both ur nieces n nephews sound so very cute!

**my four-legged, hairy monster, Spencer!!!

haha I knew it! aww...he IS a DOLL!



Keshi said...

hehe Tarun yes :)

ur nephew sounds like a darling!


Keshi said...

yes Solitaire I agree..I hv a much younger cousin who's all grown up now and is dating too. She was like my baby sis.

Time sure does fly!


Keshi said...

Krys aww tnxx hun!

**My lovely grandsons - Kevin and Kyle.
In June, Kevin will reach 3 yrs old,
and Kyle 1 yrs old./

My many kisses n hugs to both lil dolls! God bless!


Keshi said...

heyy Priya tnxx!

Her full name is Loshantti. So we call her Loshi. There's some Sanskrit meaning apparently..when she was born the auspicious letters for her name had to start with 'Lo'...u know all that drama :) Well so yeah..I dunno wut it really means tho..I hv to ask my cuz :)

And her middle name is Devika.


Keshi said...

aww George ty so much for that update on ya! I appreciate it that u came n told me why u stopped regular blogging. I can u'stand now. Dun what u feel like. Blogging shouldnt never be a chore or an obligation. So yeah, do as u feel George. Sometimes I feel like just stopping it for a while too...I really do.

** It will be a photography themed blog if I do decide to start anew.

that sounds great! U know how much I like photos na :)

*HUGZ* will keep in touch! TC n God bless!


Keshi said...

LOL BB Miss.Wiggles sound like she's a hoot! I wanna meet her :)

**I'm a fairly good dad but if I have to see one more BRATZ movie I may run off into the woods screaming

haha! Whenever I go to Loshi's place, she puts on the BRATZ dvd and asks me to act like those dolls. sometimes she brings her mum's accessories and tries to dress me up as a BRATZ doll lol!

MWAHZZ to ur lil girl from me!


Keshi said...

ty Silvara hun!

I didnt receive that comment :( Pavi said the same..her comments went missing too. I wonder why.

**that my pet name at home is 'Gudia' which means doll in hindi

aww U R SUCH A DOLL yes!



Keshi said...

hey Carolinagal tnxx hun!

**Nikhil (4), Kavin(1), Neve (4) and Jasmine (6).

Wut beautiful names! I like the sound of Neve...cute one.


Keshi said...

Suma tnxx and yeah she really does hv an 'attitude' :)

**my lil niece..all of 3..adorable and neigbor's lil girl...with absolutely pinchable cheeks...



Keshi said...

Kaylz, Kevin is Krys' grandson..


Keshi said...

Durjoy hey after a long time! Hows u? :)

**might sound funny but that is my 10 year old female dog

not funny at all..I adore pets!

and hey WB!


Kaylee said...

Kaylz, Kevin is Krys' grandson..//

LOL Okay i am sure she still knows what i and my family are going through though!

Anonymous said...

aww I'd love to see ur lil nephew who makes u forget ur blues..

My HUGZ to him!

Keshi. *********

what about hugs for me :( :( :(

The Grunt said...

Look out, Cliff!!!

She's cute as a button.

I have a cute niece as well. I guess that can be my little doll.

anuj said...

loshi is cute ..and m sure she is quite innocent, you made all those stories up .. about loshi not sharing her chocs .. :D

well, I guess I dont have any such doll in my life .. but there are big bears like keshi :P .. hehe

at some point of time there was a lil boy living in the neighbourhood. the very first day they moved in .. he came to the house, with his eatables, and sat on a comfy chair and started watching tv .. he was so jovial and mixed so easily .. we taught him a lot of stuff .. tried to make him a man .. hahahaha :D .. but he was a talented awesome guy ..

Keshi said...

hey Kaylz :)


Keshi said...

Samby now r ya the kid? awwwwwwwww lolz hugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggz!


AmitL said...

Hi,Aunty Keshi...Loshi's soo cute-and,just reading about her antics and her lovely nature reminds me that kids are so innocent and solucky- can you imagine me trying to take a whole lot of chocolates,with Aunty Keshi watching?I bet not.hahahaha.Happy Friday.I've got an off day as usual,so,in a pretty light mood,after my serious post of yesterday!!!

I love that Cliff Richard song,btw..must search my CDs for it,now!!

Keshi said...

aww Grunty Im sure she's a pretty lil doll!


Keshi said...

Anuj aww u think Im a bear? LOL ok!

**he came to the house, with his eatables, and sat on a comfy chair and started watching tv .. he was so jovial and mixed so easily

how very sweet n friendly is that! Where is he now?


Keshi said...

AmitL enjoy ur day-off! :)

**imagine me trying to take a whole lot of chocolates,with Aunty Keshi watching

I'd actually give u all of it..cos Im not so crazy abt chocs. LOL!

TC :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy early weekend!!

gunj said...

so cute
loshi really is a v cute kid!
i dont hav any dolls, but my mum has many, all d kids dat she teaches are like her dolls who brighten her life up!

Tys on Ice said...

aww...wht makes u think tht i dont come here no more?...been reading all tht has been going on but hvent been commenting...its just a stupid phase iam going thru rite now :)

after becoming a father, i notice kids a lots more...and feel more connected to them somehow...they are all the same everywhere arent they...adorable lil critters...

i find metrodad's peanut a living doll...ur neice is just a total munchkin :)

maverick said...

hey...wasup...howz ur day going on??

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

For some reason I think you used to look similar when her age ;p
She's so cute and esp the expressions!!!

I don't have a doll .. but I have a teddy bear .. my nephew Tintin (aka Pruthvij) .. you've seen enough of his pics on my blog .. haven't you :D
He's soooo adorable my Goddddd! And he's got huge tanties just like his maasi (aunt) ;p

di.di said...

What a little darling! she looks great in pink!

Nora said...

So cute - just like her Aunty. :)


Brian in Oxford said...

How soon until she gets her own blog, Aunty Keshi?

AVIANA said...

The preciousness...

Ravi said...

Awwwww!! Cho Chweeeeeeeeet n such a cutiepie :)

May God bless her & her sexy aunt K!



Keshi said...

hey Phos :)


Keshi said...

Gunj tnxx hun!

Ur mum sounds like a very lovely lady!


Keshi said...

haha Tys its ok :) was just trying to get ur attention hehe.

**they are all the same everywhere arent they...adorable lil critters

lol so true!


Keshi said...

hey Mav :)


Keshi said...

tnxx Cheesy!

nah I looked very different to Loshi when I was a kid..gotta put some childhood pics up soon ha. :)

**And he's got huge tanties just like his maasi (aunt

LOL aww..I LOVE TINTIN! He's just an ADORABLE lil bubbzy bub!


Keshi said...

Didi ty sweetz :)

Girls look the best in pink hehe.


Keshi said...

aww tnxx Nora MWAH!


Keshi said...

haha Brian u never know...she might start it pretty soon :)


Keshi said...

yes Lisa, very well-said.


Keshi said...

haha Ravi tnxx!


indicaspecies said...

What a beautiful doll!!

Keshi said...

isnt she now @Indica :)