Thursday, July 31

Hep Vaginas!

Warning: These are real pics of real women who went under the knife. Any resemblance to you or anyone you know is purely co-incidental!

It seems that the latest trend in Hollywood is Designer Vaginas. Yes you heard me right. Now there's Plastic surgery where women can go and acquire themselves a new and supposedly 'rejuvenated' Vagina. Read here, with actual accounts. My friend LaVida too recently wrote about this in her blog. Apparently the ladies who'd gained themselves a supposedly 'celebrity-like' Vagina *Paris Hilton's 'Can Can' label?* are having better and long-lasting orgies *how long I wonder!*. And their partners are apparently saying it's like that they have a brandnew woman, and that sex is great after surgery. Also, the doctors say they are aiming to gain an 'optimum structural architecture' of the Vagina *I didnt know that the Vagina was a building*.

Anyways, first it was Breasts, now it's Vaginas. What's next, designer Fallopian Tubes? Designer Ear-drums? Designer Lungs and Arteries? What the...??!! I mean all that money and time spent on doing that can be spent on something that we may get to SEE, what say? Who bloody cares what your Vagina looks like or curves like. This is a pretty evident symptom of serious Cranium-deficiency in some humans. At the rate this world is going, next thing we'd come across would be designer dick-heads and people would be going for it with all their might, trust me! Gynecologically speaking, a Georgio Armani Vagina might gain you some false confidence, but certainly not good health! So what do these women say when their friends ask what they shopped for today. It would be 'I just bought a new Vagina'. And if these women ever give birth, the babies might come out saying 'Are we on a ramp, are we on a ramp!'. And what would happen when these women grow old..their plastic Vaginas might fall off when they get up to get some water! *ooops my Vagina just fell apart...Im no longer a woman*. It seems that this world is on a one-way ticket to Plastic land. Everything is now 'designed' and 'delivered' and 'fake'. What about the natural gifts, qualities we humans and the Earth have? We seem to be forgetting about them, slowly but surely.

We each got a body and soul. Why can't people just be happy with what they've got, unless ofcourse it's necessary for health reasons. It's something I can never day, when I grow old, and all my hair is grey and my teeth are loose, I'd still be happy...cos I'd still remain a human, not some plastic mean-cat looking bimbo, with a metal Vagina. *animals are laughing at us humans, yet again!* Men/Women beware, you could be committing to a 'plastic' relationship!

Question: If ANYTHING could be 'designed' and provided to you, what would you prefer it to be? What's your take on this? I'd like to know.

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Wednesday, July 30

Social Animals

Yesterday I called my cousin bro a Donkey, cos he did a stupid thing in my car. He changed the gear to Neutral while I was driving! *maybe he was trying to kill us both and claim insurance in Heaven?*. The last time I was angry at him, he was being a Chimpanzee. Cos he scratched his crotch right infront of me eeeeeeeeks! *some Baboon qualities won't die even after Evolution*. And I remember he once called me a Duck LOL! Cos I was 'quacking' away when he didn't turn up on time for a party. Once my uncle T, called my aunt G a Cow cos she was irritating the crap out of him *mooooooo!*. My friend G thinks his co-worker is a Dog...cos he goes around spreading shit and doing nasty things to people *woof woof bite!*. My friend N is well-known as kinky Kitten *she loves to purrrr and meowwww!*. Most women, including me are total snarling Bitches *stop looking so surprised, it's true...if you're not a bitcth you're not a woman, get over it!*. And most men are vagabond Bastards *'pappa was a rolling stone' music plays at the back..figure it out yourselves*. Sometimes I have seen myself as a graceful Swan that moves in style, a bloody Monkey that annoys my mum, a playful Rabbit enjoying life, a hungry Kitten that cries in a corner, a venomous Snake who hisses out the hurtful truth, a cuddly Bear who gives you a hug, a killer Tigress who'd chase you around, a funny Kangaroo who loves to tell jokes, a silent Shark who waits for it's prey, a chattery Bird who flies in glee, a blood-sucking Leech who'd make you suffer, a dancing Peacock who loves to showoff, a mischievous Squirrel who steals all the fruit, a scheming Panther who pounces on you, a lazy Badger who sleeps all day, a grumpy Horse who refuses to move, an innocent Deer who gets eaten alive etc etc.

So, we all know that being Human is also being Animal. Maybe the most intelligent animals of all, as we'd like to believe...but amidst our so-called great Humanity, we are still Animal. Deep down, underneath the pretty smiles and all that Sense and Beauty, we are just 2-legged, yak yakkety yakking, super gorgeous, hairy animals. We do stupid things, we do smart things, we scratch, we are fierce and competitive, we get angry, we calm down, we eat meat and plant, we throw hissy fits, we love and make love, we breed, we kill, we pounce, we observe, we sleep, we go in search of greener pastures, we protect our loved-ones, we leave our loved-ones, we are born, we grow old, we die etc etc, just like animals do...and it all boils down to Survival. Man and Animal are no different from each other...just that we wear clothes and animals don't hehe. Some animals have started to wear clothes my friend's lil dog Snowy and he's quite a fashionista! *pictures the future...a dog wearing a suit and a naked man walking it*. Anyways, sometimes I feel that we humans are weaker than animals. Cos it's humans that breed's humans that are stuck in a mad rat's humans that worry about looking good and chasing's humans that betray, lie and's humans that form groups and's humans that bomb each's humans that fail their own race. Atleast the animals have an excuse to be less self-damagingly competitive in life...they are not as intelligently gifted as we are, we say. And to prey on other animlas for survival is their natural instincts - surely they don't have much intelligence as we do to figure out what's good/bad, logic etc. They just do what they are supposed to do. But what excuse do we have, for the destruction that we have caused on our own, and on this Earth? I guess the excuse is being human?

We may hunt down animals and put them in cages in the zoo. But what we don't realise is that we have created our own cages for ourselves. Our own prisons in where we remain as slaves. Some religions/people consider some animals as 'dirty' and 'unholy'...but if they believe in a God who created this World, then why did that same God create those animals? And some people kill each other in the name of God. Aren't humans plain boring *yawwwns*. Maybe the animals should call their mates 'Human' when they do something stupid. LOL! So, tell me...what similarities/differences between man and animal have you observed? Share your wisdom, along with 'animalistic' experiences that you've come across among 'humans'.

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Tuesday, July 29

No Stinging Strings Attached!

Nah I wasn't attached to a G-string...neither was I doting on my Hamstring :). Now you may think I'm being string-ent here, but hey just keep on reading my string of thoughts below, you'll get there soon ok.

Some strings limit you...
As humans, we are all bound and tied up by strings...strings of emotions. We are somehow attached to them, no matter what, however much you may deny. As a pathetic human myself, I was tied up to some strings that limited my movement...the free movement of my spirit. Last few days, I let those strings of expectations, reasoning, doubt, pain, disgust, anger, ego and humiliation tie me up and make me dance to their tunes. They played the music, I danced. Look at this pic...see how my emotions were playing the music for me...they never gave up! They haunted me day and night, made me depend on them and be a slave to them...

So I danced and danced...the way they asked me to...the way they expected me to. I tried to stand up when my knees were hurting...I bled, I nearly gave up but I kept on getting up, smiling and continuing to dance. And then my spirit got tired...cos I was letting those tight strings rule me and control my mood. They limited my free and happy spirit. I got exhausted, sweaty, uncomfy, short of breath and blood tears were starting to roll down my cheeks...I collapsed and I started to cry. That's when I realised I was letting them use me...that I was letting my own emotions abuse my spirit. I somehow had to help myself...cos no one else could...

Though I know, that these same strings will come around again and tie me up on another day, on a different experience, I just had to cut them off right now...I had to save my spirit. I somehow had to get rid of those strings and stop being their puppet. So I did. I took out the sharp scissors of my fighting spirit...and I snip snip snipped those strings and set myself free! All I know right now is that I'm free of those strings that hurt me. Right now I'm detached, Im on ground and I'm resting. I know that this may be just for a short while, before I hit another tiring spot in this cycle of strings of emotions and attachment...but I wanna enjoy this fresh feeling while it lasts. So I said Goodbye to those strings that had my spirit all bound and gagged for a couple of days. C'est la vie!

Some strings set you free...
While some strings of emotions like the above, limit us, some other strings of emotions set us free. Amidst chaos and confusion, hurt and anger, I was also holding onto the strings of hope, trust, courage and understanding. I was tied to these strings too and believed in them somehow. I was attached to them, yet they didn't limit me. Instead they set me free like how a kite can fly high when it's tied to a string. These strings didn't make me dance to their tune til my spirit got tired...instead they just let my spirit soar high up in the sky, making me believe that somehow I will be in one piece after the storm...these strings gave me hope that somehow those who know me, shall know me...and those who didn't know me from the beginning, won't know me anyways. And yeah, I won't get rid of these strings, cos they are the ones who kept my spirit alive and moving ahead...they are the ones who gave me the strength to cut the strings that limited me.
C'est la vie!


Thanks all for your time, efforts and interest in taking part in my last post! All of you did pretty well, had some clever logic behind whatever answers you gave (right or wrong) and all I can say is I have some very smart people in my blog and I'm proud of it. So well-done ALL of you! Now, to the winners. There were more than one who chose #6 as the right answer, so well-done all of you, but I only choose 6 winners (to go with #6), based on how very close your given reasons were to my thoughts. So, congratttz Donn, Parul, Solitaire, Mirage, Deepti and Outdoorsy_girl! woohoo! you just won the Most Amazing Psychologist Award from Keshi! cos you all read my mind pretty well and understood it too, without much evidence given. You did very well! btw I don't have pics of all the 6 winners, so these pics are of Donn, Parul, Solitaire and Outdoorsy in that order.

Donn said: I'm going with 'Strings' because it is something constructive and tangible that you have control over that will change your life in a positive way...
(this is very similar to my thoughts in this post)

Parul said: Strings..thats because may be u realized that hanging on to ur past does nothing but hurts u...
(exactly what I realised in the last few days)

Solitaire said: Strings...easy to get rid of a bunch of strings
rather than the whole yarn...
(this is exactly what I'm trying to say in the first half of this post)

Mirage said: A bunch of strings u were attached to, so that u got a peace of mind & a sense of freedom now...
(this is how I truly felt after cutting them off...)

Deepti said: Strings...cause its better to cut off certain strings that tug so hard and cause nothing but pain...
(spot on about the revelation of it all!)

Outdoorsy_girl said:
Strings...because cutting some strings to unhealthy things in your life sounds just like something a smart girl would do...
(I felt good after cutting them yes, it's just a better and quicker way to deal with them)

btw this song is for the way I feel right now...we can try and delete people from our lives, blogrolls, phones, emails etc etc...but we can't really delete those people from our minds, can we? Once we know someone, we can never un-know them. Hence, I just choose to cut the strings that sting (not the people, but my emotions that rule my spirit), and move on. But if you cut me off from your life, then knowing me, knowing you is the best I can do...I don't tread on unwelcome territory.

Once again, thanks ALL and have a great day guys!

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Sunday, July 27

Bye Bye Bye!

In this post, what/who am I saying Goodbye to? Have a go at it. Answer is one of the following:

1. A pair of old shoes
2. A friend who's leaving to Dallas, US
3. A song I hated but was in my iPod
4. An association that was a Chameleon
5. To Blogville
6. A bunch of strings that I was attached to
7. My longing heart

Let's see who's good at this :) So c'mon tell me, what am I deleting, cutting off, throwing away, shooting down, saying Adios to? You can only choose 1 answer, and tell me WHY you chose that answer all the best! There's a surprise for the person who guesses it right, as well as give the correct reason why. So remember you have to get both parts of the answer right.

I'll come around to all your blogs soon. Extremely busy weekend here. And Thanks for your Understanding in that last post (those who DID understand that is). Take care and have a good one!

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Friday, July 25

Big Mouths, Empty Minds

The other day, a dear friend of mine here shared with me a story of how one of her so-called friends backstabbed her big time. That made me want to write about similar pesonalities that I've come across in my life. There have been countless Wolves in Sheep's clothing in my life and it's such a joke, cos these are the same people who go around pretending that they are the best thing that ever happened to this world. This only goes to show that most people can only talk talk and talk about how supreme they are, but when it comes to action, they themselves FAIL. Cos it's all just empty speech coming from an empty mind. Big mouths, but empty minds. Most people just float around like zombies, careless and heartless, trying to always avoid Living, than reallly Living. So when something happens that questions their credibility, they go around giving Einstein theories about it rather than admitting they failed. So remember that only very few people can leave footprints in your heart...only the ones that have a heart too. And if you're in the middle of a fireball, you are LIVING, not just EXISTING. And that's great btw. So here is a list of empty minds that I have come across in my life:

- Backstabbers
People who feed me sweets on the face, but hack me to death when I turn around...
I felt your stab but it only proved I'm 'bigger' than you. So get over it.

- Liars
People who keep saying they're so great and others are terrible, but never demonstrate those qualities...
Your lies were sweet but actions were bitter. So keep them to yourself.

- Pretenders
People who tell me that I should give a fuck about the world when shit happens to me, but falls apart when shit happens to them...
It's so much more easier said than done, isnt it. Stop acting like it's a piece of cake.

- Score Keepers
People who take out the Accounts Journals to check if I'm worth their time and help, depending on how I've handled their brittle egos in the past...
Settling scores is a shrewd way to live but certainly not a beautiful way. You need a soul makeover.

- Mask Wearers
People who wear one mask when they meet me, but wears a totally different one when they meet someone else...
Spying is a huge thrill but not when the mask falls down. You become the joke.

- Time Servers
People who just hang out with me to kill their time, for their own gain but not because they recognise what friendship really is...
When it came to the real test you failed. Next time, TRY.

- Jealous Whingers
People who cant stand it when I seem to be having a good time, so they label me as FAKE...
Jealousy can be cured too, by letting go of what you can't be. You are who you are and they are who they are.

- Lost Kids
People who claim that they are the only ones who have problems and that I don't deserve as much love as they do...
I may look as if I'm constantly on a bed of roses but the truth may well be that it's a bed of attitude to life is what makes the difference. You carry your cross, I carry mine.

- Two Timers
People who basically tell you one thing but tell an entirely different thing to someone else...
Behind-the-scenes Playing won't get you too far in life. Drop the lowly habit.

- Emotion Evaluators
People who put my emotions on scales and weigh them to see if my emotions are heavier or lighter than what they SHOULD be...
Feelings and my person can never be measured or compared. Put your scales in the bin.

- Tax Agents
People who tax me for their presence in my life...
Some emotional costs are involved when you blindly place trust in people. I'd rather freeze that Trust in future.

-Sympathy Seekers
People who give excuses for their repetitive and very obvious mistakes...
A mistake is a mistake...nothing more, nothing less. Accept it.

- In-denial Dwellers
People who never want to accept when they have made a huge blunder, but they give me an Einstein explanation to defend themselves...
Making a mistake is human but accepting it and apologising for it is divine, and less of a mockery. Say Sorry and move on.

- Fence Sitters
People who sit on the fence not wanting to get 'involved', just so that they can be safe...
Yes go on be neutral, as long as that fence supports you for God knows how long! You're your own fence that blocks you from Living.

-Shit Spreaders
People who can't keep their minds controlled cos it's full of poison, so they go around making attempts to hurt others by their crashing conscience...
Futile is you. Give up on hurting your own self.

My momma taught me to live...not just get by. I don't believe in stagnating...I believe in flowing. I give out the best and I want the best. Nothing less, nothing more. And I'm not here to write write and write, but I'm here cos I have tasted all of that and know what I'm talking about. I'm not here to gain fans or attention...I'm here to share my life experiences with people who deserve it. I'm not here to blabber about how much I know and how much of a philosopher I am, but I'm here to give out the vibes of my real emotions. So if you are not upto my standards, leave. Finding a genuine person is like looking for water in the middle of a desert. Don't you think? So, tell me about your life experiences too, with that species called humans.

I dedicate this post and song to a rare, genuine humanbeing that I have come across in life and that is Silvara...over the years she has been a genuine mate, a natural teacher of life, an honest sport, a fearless traveller, a quiet mouth with a rich mind and a real heart. I luv ya hun and thanks for always showing me what it is to LIVE, cos your blog is the most REAL blog I've ever read, HUGS! (this is gorgeous Silvara with her husband)

And now about my weekend plans, I have my lil niece's bday party to go to tomorrow evening - I'll try to take some pics and put them up here next week. Hoping to have loads of fun :). You all have a great weekend too, see yaz!

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Thursday, July 24

Secrets Of Life

I'm gonna make you puke of roses! So here are ALOT of pics of the actual flower arrangement I sent to my sis on her b'day. I was mesmerised by it when I went home after work and set my eyes on these very tall, elegant, pink beauties, carefully placed in a cute box and cleverly arranged with fresh green leaves of various plants. My mum said that when she first saw it, she thought a whole garden had been delieverd and she wondered if there're any birds and reptiles in there LOL! When I saw the pic of this arrangement in the Roses Only website (the pic in the last post), I never knew it was gonna be so big, tall and heavy in real. So my sis had a huge burden to bring it home safely in her car without wrecking it. Even though she loved it, I promised her not to order an Amazon forest next time! :) Enjoy the beauties and don't forget to check out the titles for each slide (place cursor on slide), cos there are some SECRETS in there..;-)

Now, to some random news from my life at the moment. My 7yr old niece (cousin's daughter) is turning 8 this Saturday. So yeah, there's a huge b'day party happening at her place on Sat. She has just got her first email account and it seems like she can't stop sending emails to me LOL! I'm her first spam victim. And she always sends one-liners like 'hi keshi aunty'...and in the next one 'how r u today?'...and in the next one 'I got a merit card today'...and in the next one 'here's a joke'...and in the next one 'ooops forgot to add the joke'...haha! Aren't kids so innocent, honest and adorable. They teach us some great secrets of life that even some adults don't seem to know of. This is her..the lil brat. I love ya hun, you make my day!

Now, remember my Uncle T who called me few weeks ago (read here)...the one who's daughter (my cousin D) gave birth to her first baby. Well I sent her a card last week, and her baby boy's name is Divesh (that's him in these 2 pics just after he arrived at his new destination Earth). Well guess what? Today, lil Divesh sent me a TXT! Yes, this is the first txt that I got from a 4-week old bubs :). It read "Dear Keshi Aunty...thank u so much for the cute card that u sent...I'm really sorry I cudnt thank you sooner, mummy has been feeding me alot, therefore I hardly get to txt. Luv Divesh". Now isn't that the cutest thing ever! I felt so overwhelmed with love and joy when I received it this morning. My cousin D knows how to make me smile :). I can't wait til I go to Auckland next, to carry the lil one in my arms and tell him about some secrets of life. I txted back to Divesh, saying this: "ty sweet-heart and HUGS...wait til I come and visit u, cos u need the K-touch to grow into a hot boy some day ;-)". The boy has no idea what a maniac of an aunt that fate has given him! *poor baby*. Babies convey one big secret of life...and that is freshness and keep our minds fresh and free of baggage, no matter what.

I got another txt this morning...a close friend of mine went to Sri Lanka last week cos her mum was seriously ill. This morning her txt read "Keshi, my mum passed away this morning...". I was deeply saddened by that message and txted back telling her how I felt and that I'd call her soon. Death conveys another great secret of life...and that is - to live is to die..and to die is to live. The Sun rises and it sets's all a part of it's LIFE.

And I was in one single day, so many things can happen. Someone celebrates their b'day...someone else gives birth...someone rocks her newborn baby...someone else dies...someone buys shoes...someone else meets an accident and loses his mobility...someone cries...someone else laughs. Life is full of ups and downs, good and bad, tears and joy. Life is like a huge box full of secrets, both sweet and sour. One by one, those secrets surface to the top of the box and unravel themselves each new have to take them as they come...but you can never hurry the secrets at the bottom to surface to the top. Neither can anyone tell you what they are. Every secrect has a time for it to show up. Til then, you've got to take them as they come, face them fully and LIVE to see what the rest of the secrets are. Cos you gotta LIVE to KNOW.

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Wednesday, July 23

Illogical Eulogical Greetings!

Disclaimer: Please note that this post does not intend to ridicule any dead person. This post was based purely on the humorous side of death.

The other day, a friend of mine was telling us how someone who attended her Granma's Funeral had told her this after shaking hands with her and smiling:

"Keep it up!"

huh? I thought this was a Funeral, not a Graduation. When someone just received a one-way ticket to heaven, the last thing you should say to their loved-ones is 'Keep it up'. LOL! How often do we say the wrong thing at the wrong time/occasion? Some people don't know what to say...some people are clueless when it comes to expressing how they feel. That's really ok, but it's best to keep silent then. I have always believed that if there's nothing to say or if you don't know what to say, it's best to keep quiet. 'Keep it up' at a Funeral? I laughed so hard! It's as if my friend killed her granma and that she's being commended for it :). So here are some very odd/abnormal/wrong things that can be said if you're not willing to keep silent, when in doubt or are clueless:

At a Funeral, to the family:

*He'll be pretty LATE for the next GNR concert *The Late Mr.James*
*Sexy coffin ooh lala!
*Can I bring a Date for the Wake? *winks*
*o man crap flowers!
*Death can be expensive WOW!
*Who 'killed' him? Sorry, I mean 'what' happened?
*Do you have a Michael Jackson CD? *does the MJ crotch-move*
*Didn't he write a Will? bastard!
*OMG he seems to be breathing?? *trembles while biting ur nails*
*There's a discounted Crematorium that I know of...

*Can I take these flowers home afterwards, cos it's my friend's bday
*Thank God it happened this week cos next week I'm away phewww!
*I looked for flowers but couldn't get a $2 deal *mumbles swear words*
*Can I skip the Service and come back for Tea and bikkies?
*His trousers seem a little short..not that it matters anymore hehe *smiles, frowns, smiles*
*It's logical to be Eulogical at this time haha! *urrgggg!*
*She looks a little blue in the face *touches and sniffs*

*How long did he camp at the Mortuary?
*I wonder if the Embalming was a hot experience?
*Is there gonna be any kind of Dancing? *does a lil booty shake, smiles, gets serious*
*Bullshit! *during the Eulogy*
*I got some Popcorn and Coke to keep us busy *munch, munch, gulp, munch*
*I wanna sign my name on the Coffin
*I'm bored, when is this gonna finish? *makes a highly annoyed face*

*Wonder if he ever found out about our secret nookaaay! *whispers to the wife's ears*
*Can I borrow his car now that he's dead?
*I wonder who's gonna be next *looking around the room with quizzical brows*
*He's 95yrs old? Wow then he asked for it, didn't he! *and serves spearmints*
*Did you inform Centrelink - they'll pay for petrol expenses
*In Life he just bludged big time, I wonder if Death will cure it *rolling eyes*
*Anyone want KFC?
*I wanted to wear my best clothes but hey what the heck he's not gonna hit on me anymore, is he!

Feel free to add to this notorious list...let it RIP! Today, I just wanna laugh people. And I know that one day, even as I'm dying, I'll be laughing my ass off...or maybe I'll die laughing? LOL! See what I mean. :)

off topic: btw yesterday was my sis' bday. And I ordered these exact same arrangement of 24 long-stemmed pink roses from Roses Only and got it delivered to her office today. She rang me just now to tell me how much she loved them. Arent they gorgeous! Flowers keep you alive...stop to look at and smell 'em when you can. And my mum was telling me I'm wasting money :(. Now she's being real motherish! *rolling eyes*. Do you think it's a waste to make someone happy with such beautiful things? Once in a while we have to do sweet things like this to let our loved-ones know how much they are appreciated in our lives. When words don't come easy and deeds are a few, expressions can mean alot. Money is not important...gestures are. I dedicate this song to my sis...she has helped me unconditionally when I needed her the most, without saying a word...we've had our many ups and downs, fights and arguments...but at the end of the day, she's my sister and I'm her's...and we are always there for each other no matter what...sisters have a special bond that can never die...and I know that I can always count on her like she can count on, my sis, even at the cost of my life (if it ever came to that), I'll protect ya and help you keep smiling. LOVE n HUGS always! *damn it I'm crying now!*

Now don't forget the first part of the post. Have a good day guys!

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Tuesday, July 22

Lights To Refuge

When you're on board an aircraft, you get all the safety instructions prior to taking hardly pay attention cos you think you know how to handle such a situation if the need arises, and you continue reading the on-board mag. The flight takes off, and an hour into it, you feel some heavy turbulance and the Captain instructing you to fasten your seatbelts. You panic and you can't remember a thing the stewardess told you about emergency evacuation procedures and you blame yourself for not paying attention. Suddenly the aircraft is full of smoke and the Cabin crew instructs everyone to get to the back of the plane. It's all getting quite foggy and dark inside due to the intense smoke and right now you only have the on-board floor lights as your guide to the back of the aircraft. You depend on those tiny trail of aisle lights to take you to safety...take you where you feel you're somehow gonna make it. And what do you hope against hope here? That those aisle lights wouldn't die on you! That they are gonna keep litted and aid you until you reach your refuge. That doesn't mean that you expect the lights to shine any brighter than just want them to be there without flickering and dying away at your time of need.

Have you been a guiding light to someone who needed you in their darkest moments? Or did you just flicker and die on them, leaving them in pitch darkness? As far as I'm aware, I have never (and I mean it) let anybody down in their moments of hurt and despair. Sometimes all people ever need is just a hug and the realisation that their feelings were understood, not a validation of them. But I realised that that's not how everyone would handle it when it comes to my moment of need. But aisle lights don't need guidance do they? They just do their job. They just get on with what they're supposed to do...what they are made to do. And that is, to provide light (understanding and guidance) to evacuate people to safety (comfort) during an emergency (darkness) no matter what. So, I'm comfortable and happy being the aisle light that I am. It's at a time of despair that you can find out who really CARES. Have you been a guiding light to someone who needed you in their darkest moments? Or did you just flicker and die on them, leaving them in pitch darkness?

My cousin who's on the Right in this pic is a darling...she's always been there for me...not by words or by reason...but by her aura. She's definitely an aisle light to many people in her life. I dedicate this post to her. Thanks T, HUGS!

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Monday, July 21

Everything That Glitters...

The musical show last night was a total hit! A very famous Sri Lankan band was on tour in Aus and they sang popular English, Spanish, Sinhalese, Hindi songs that rocked the night away. I was on my feet dancing all night long and managed to shake my weekend blues away. It made me realise that people who don't deserve my love and attention can go to hell...I'm not gonna let fakesters rule my state of mind. Yes, at first, we all get upset by so-called friends behaving like plastic. It hurts and I'm not gonna hide that. If it ain't hurting, it aint real. Trust me, if you have an answer for everything, if you try to make sense out of everything, if you're always chirpy and positive, if you always advise others but can't FEEL a thing, then you're living a LIE. I find alot of people like that both on the net and outside. They just seem to live in this pink bubble where they think they know everything, and that they are the best thing that ever happened to the world. In that illusion, they try to win everyone's love and appreciation, but fail to make one real FRIEND. When a friend is hurting, they brush it off saying 'o get over it, this is life'...but when it's their turn to hurt, that same friend is supposed to understand their feelings? It's called double standards. But one day that pink bubble is gonna burst. Anyways, I realised all of this over the weekend, and I also realised that Everything that glitters is not gold indeed. It's true to the core. Like this beautiful necklace I wore last night to the Show. It glitters so elegantly and exudes radiance and beauty. But it's not made of real Gold. It's just artificial. It looks Valuable on the outside...but is worthless on the inside. Looks Enigmatic on the outside...but is empty on the inside. Looks Shining on the outside...but is dull on the inside.

People can be like that too. They can be present in your life, but without a 'presence'.

No matter what I aint gonna stop my music and my dancing. I aint gonna let their existence of a mirage make me a mirage too. And a big THANK YOU to those who understood how I felt in the last post, and for just being there without giving me one big lecture on life and how it should be. It's always better to be a FRIEND than be RIGHT all the time. Happy week ahead guys. Come on, shake your body baby, do that Conga! I danced to this number last night like a if the dance-bug bit my bootaaay! ;-)

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Saturday, July 19

It All Fell Apart

Yeah I'm smiling in this pic but right now I'm smiling in sheer frustration and disappointment. Yes, cos I had expectations. Somehow expectations lead to disappointments. So people keep telling us not to expect, but it's not easy to do it. Especially when you give your 100% to your mates but they give you back only 20%. And I mean mutual understanding of needs between friends. Some friends just Give...some just Take...and some know just how to Give and Take. I think I Give more than I Take. And alot of mates here do Give too...all the time, more than they Take. And I appreciate that. People coming here to my blog, spending their time, making an effort to make me happy as much as I make them happy. But very few friends here just Take only. And I'm really getting bored and tired with their attitude of just WANTING always but not GIVING. And no I don't mean some friends not coming to my blog anymore...I've long gotten over that issue. I don't care anymore if some friends don't wanna be's their choice. What I mean here is friends who expect me to fully take part in their blog activities, but don't take part in mine. It makes me sad when that happens. I give 100% in their blogs and all I get back is 'I don't wanna take part in this post'...'I don't know'....'This is not my cup of tea'...'Not my area'...'It's wild and dirty'...'Don't know what to say'...'Not interested'..etc etc. Well guess what...everything that you post in your blogs is not my area either! Neither do I know about everything people talk in their blogs..but I TRY my best to take part. That's the difference. I just don't go there and say I have nothing to say. It's like saying 'your post sucks...I have better things to talk about than you do'. When people say things like I don't know...I don't understand your posts etc etc, it really makes me wonder if they are really trying or just don't wanna be bothered at all or are trying to tell me that I'm shallow and they are smart. All I'm saying is that some people here don't know what GIVE means...they only TAKE.

So, I made up mind. I've had enough. If you want me dancing to your music in your blog, then come and dance to mine too. It's not a crime to Give more than you can take. If you can't think outside your 4 walls or get out of your comfort zone like I do in your blogs, then I aint gonna be bothered about your interests either. I'm not gonna waste my time and energy to give my 100% next time. Not like I have all the time in the world either. I don't wanna swing way over what you deserve. Ok now that I'm done with spewing venom out of sheer disappointment, I'll visit all your blogs when I get some time. Thanks and Welcome all new-comers (from last post) to my blog! HUGS all!

Yeah, I tell it like it is. If the hat fits, wear it. btw sorry to 'disappoint' ya. It all fell apart.
Giving only and never receiving takes it's toll in the end.

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Friday, July 18

My Mobile Superstars!

A Love Of Popemobile...

Would you believe it I saw Pope Benedict XVI pass right infront of me last night! Out of all the City streets in Sydney, Pope's Motorcade went down my office street last night around 5:30pm and I was so delighted to be there and see him waving at us so closeup, from his cute Popemobile *no he wasn't visiting me for a s/w deal*. The Pope is in Sydney right now for the World Youth Day (WYD) celebrations and I'm glad I got to see a Pope in my lifetime. All I had to do was look through my office-floor window when he was arriving from afar, and run down and stand infront of the building entrance...though there were loads of people, I got a fantastic view of the cute man cruising down the street, smiling and waving at all of us. I wanted to holler 'Hey Pope I love ya mate!' but I thought I might get arrested, so I didn't. It was History in the making, and Keshi was right there woohoo! But one bad thing about this WYD mania is...the City and trains are over packed these last few days and slow foot traffic is bloody annoying. All sweet Pope had to do was to scream 'Rome is way hotter than Sydney woohoo!' and this massive crowd from all over the world would have gone home *grins*. Nevertheless, sweet Pope is my current superstar!

Now to my usual 'unholy' and 'sinful' talk...

A Lust Of Batmobile...
I so wanna go see
The Dark Knight(Batman 2008). I have a thing for caped crusaders. Trust me, there was a time I wanted to marry Batman! When I went to Queensland's Warner Bros. Movie World few years ago, I went on the Batmobile and I even took photos with the 'acting' Batman in Gold Coast LOL! I so drooled on his hot black outfit and like some of you already know, masks are a huge turn-on for me. I can get married to a caped and masked man and keep him that way all my life! *pictures my caped and masked husband going to work like that and getting dirty looks from people on the train*. It doesn't long as he's back home just like that aha. Have you ever heard of Batman Devouring, Spiderman Kissing, Superman Spanking? LOL try and tell me what you think they are, even if you haven't heard of them before. Batman, hey man you are my all time superstar!

Now to few things that I have been noticing in Blogville...

A Hate Of Judgemobile...
*this is a pic of me, yes Tarun I have fleshy thighs, so what LOL!* Yesterday I was at a friend's blog and I saw someone in his blog saying 'your posts are always about girls and it's becoming redundant'. I was puking at that statement. Seriously, what's wrong with people that they try to manipulate others' blogs and get them to write what they prefer seeing than what the owner of the blog wants to write about? A blog is owned by the writer and though the posts may come across as boring, dull, redundant, shallow, unclassy etc to you, it's his/her blog, not your's. And neither does everyone in this world have equal interests and it's best we let people be who they are...not what we want them to be. No one is right/wrong...we all just have opinions, that's all. So stop judging others from your own views of life and how it should be. And if anyone here thinks I'm going overboard with my posts/pics here.. too bad mate...Welcome to Keshi's world! In your blog, you're your own superstar!

Weekend plans. I'm going to yet another musical show on Sunday yeyyyy! Yep, dancing and alot of hunk-watching included. Jealous anybody? Guess not. Have a good one yourselves my Superstars! And don't forget to answer the question in the Batman section of this post ;-), be creative and use your imagination - you don't have to be accurate, just have fun. Thanks guys and see yous later!

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Thursday, July 17

Tits And Bits

FYI this is not my pic. It was taken from the net. *rolling eyes* @ people who thought this was me.

Ok now that I've got your curiosity riding high, I'm gonna tell you a story about Tits. Yes nipples. Get over it. Boys, don't go cross-eyed and pass out yet, there's more to this than just the word 'Tits'. *slaps, sprinkles holy water on your face, bites*. Concentrate! Ok. Men are crazy about Tits. We all know that. It's nature and it's Male genetic design to get attracted to Tits. But I believe men have Tits too, though not at the ends of 2 beautiful fleshy bouncing breasts. Men are flat-chested, but they still do have a pair of Tits (I believe they work as expected when aroused, unless they need super charging with 3 Energizer batteries maybe?). So then, why the hell are you guys unable to take your eyes off a woman's Tits even if she's not wearing a low-cut/thin top that protrudes her Tits? Why don't you go stand infront of the mirror bare-chested, ogle at your own titties, feel them if you want to, caress them if it makes you feel so horny? I know that you're not a woman and feeling your own Tits may not be all that exciting, but what's the mega deal about a woman's Tits that you seem to be totally lost staring at them that we might need to call a Rescue team to save ya or install a GPS system in your head to get you back on track? What is it about Tits? Tell me, cos I so wanna know what makes men's eyes get super-glued on to a woman's Tits that it seems like Counseling/Therapy is the only way to get them back to this world? This happened to me today on the train...a good-looking, blonde and blue-eyed guy couldn't take his eyes off my Tit Bits. I didn't frown or make a scene. I just let him watch...cos I knew that inside his head, he was probably having a massive 30-min long orgasm! Didn't wanna disturb that process ya know. Didn't want his certain Bits to go soft all of a sudden. Maybe he went to work this morning and stayed pretty 'hard' the whole day. *cough*. See how a woman's Tits can make some men's Bits go into rigid Tit Bits!

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Wednesday, July 16

Dumb Blonde Moments #45567681 - 85!

*I kept pressing Level-10 in the Lift, and it wouldn't move at all. The lift was refusing to take off. WTF! I pressed Level-10 again, and again, and again. Since the Lift was acting like a motherfucker, I for once looked at the button I was pressing. *major dumb blonde alert people!* It was the OPEN button that I was apparently pressing right along!

*Last week, in the middle of the night I wanted to go to the loo. It's too cold right now and I hate getting out of the bed at night just to go to the loo, but I had no choice *bed-wetting is not an option at this age!*. So I took off in the dark and in mid-slumber, and I realised the place I went to was not my toilet. I had gone to the Living Room and was wondering where I was. For a moment I was stunned I had a TV and a sofa in my toilet!

*I have a weird habit of not wearing too many clothes even in Winter. My body is naturally warm, so wearing sleeveless tops and shorts even in Winter is not such a big deal to me. Last night I was in shorts and went to bed like that, forgetting to change into PJs (it does get very cold at night). Suddenly around 2am I was awaken by my extremely cold and shivering body. I was nearly dying and was wondering if I was climbing Mount Everest. I was cursing my PJs and called them a massive low-quality BIYATCH for not keeping me warm. *I was one psychotic PJ offender!*

*I asked my mum to remind me to call my Accountant (to do my Tax return). She obviously forgot about it. But I remembered it yesterday and instead of calling him straight away, I kept asking my mum to remind me to remind her to remind me to call him! *yeah sometimes I'm a blockbuster dumbass*

*Few days ago I lost my mobile phone for about 10mins. I was looking for it everywhere, I even dialled my number so that it would ring and I'd know where it was. No sign of it at all. I was so devastated, so I went down to my car to check if it was there. It wasn't there either. I was on the verge of killing myself *yes I experience a near-death situation when my cell goes missing* and I wanted to hit the shower before killing myself (incase I stank bad infront of God!)...and there it was on the Vanity and in Silent mode! What's my cell doing in the bathroom and how did it get there? Maybe it needed a makeover or was looking for tampons? *Keshi bimbo alert!*

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